Sister Wives

Continuing Sunday / 10:00pm TLC 45 min.
Kody Brown, with his four wives Meri, Janelle, Robyn and Christine and their combined 17 children, attempt to navigate life as a "normal" family in a society that shuns their lifestyle. From their unconventional family structure and living arrangements to financial challenges, each half hour episode exposes the inner workings of a polygamist household, revealing the unexpectedly tight-knit and loving relationships between Kody's wives. The series also captures the intense dynamics surrounding a man juggling three wives while attempting to keep it a secret from the outside world- but the general public is not the only challenge that the Brown family unit is facing.

Season 9

2 Episodes

Mykelti, her moms and her fiancé, Tony, go wedding dress shopping, and he's very opinionated. Then, the Sister Wives go see the B&B Meri wants to buy in Utah, but worry it will pull her away.
Jan 14 2018
In the season premiere, Mykelti brings Tony's family home to meet her parents, but there's one small problem: they don't speak English. Then, Meri and Christine's mom, Annie, go to Utah for a potential business opportunity.
Jan 07 2018

Season 8

12 Episodes

The Brown Family sits down to discuss this season's celebrations, confessions and best moments, from weddings, to catfishing, and stories of coming out.
Jan 29 2017
The Brown Family sits down to discuss this season's celebrations, confessions and best moments, from weddings, to catfishing, and stories of coming out.
Jan 22 2017
The Brown family decides to play a game to see who knows each other better: the newlyweds, the newly-engaged older kids or Kody and his four wives.
Jan 15 2017
Meri's only daughter, Mariah, makes a stunning announcement; the whole family heads to a mountain resort where Meri struggles to connect with Mariah, who remains angry about the catfishing.
Jan 08 2017
Meri meets another woman catfished by Sam, and her new details lead to a reckoning with Kody; Mariah makes a huge announcement.
Jan 01 2017
Dec 25 2016
Madison Brown is getting married! This is the first wedding of all the Sister Wives' children and it's absolutely stunning.
Dec 18 2016
t's the week before Maddie's wedding and Mykelti and Tony are announcing their engagement! The whole family has to get to Wyoming, and when the mother of the bride, Janelle, talks about going fishing in the nearby river, Maddie melts down.
Dec 11 2016
This is not your average polygamist bridal shower. A windstorm wreaks havoc, Madison receives the embarrassing gifts her mother dreaded, and wedding preparations go awry.
Dec 11 2016
Madison lays out the plans for her wedding. Janelle and Meri's therapist pushes them to take a terrifying next step in their struggling relationship, and the biggest news of all; and the Brown's family may be growing again after a special proposal.
Dec 04 2016
Madison and Mykelti race to the altar; Kody tries to convince Mariah to forgive Meri for the catfishing incident; Janelle and Meri's therapist pushes them to take the next step in their struggling relationship.
Dec 04 2016
As the Browns are busy prepping for Madison's wedding, Mykelti drops a bomb of her own; while Kody tries to mend fences between Meri and Mariah, he realizes that his own relationship with his first wife is still in a shambles.
Nov 27 2016

Season 7

8 Episodes

This is not the idyllic Hawaiian vacation the Browns were expecting. They fight about parking cars, then beach umbrella placement turns into another battle.Later Kody takes Meri aside to take a step towards improving their struggling relationship.
Jun 19 2016
The whole Brown family is preparing for an epic trip to Hawaii, but Robyn is nervous about travelling with a newborn. Meanwhile Meri and Janelle continue their therapy. And all four wives turn their focus on Kody and reveal some of his biggest secrets.
Jun 12 2016
Robyn's baby is due, but she worries about the possibility of a breech birth, so she and Kody go for one more ultrasound. Meanwhile, Madison gets fitted for her wedding gown.
Jun 05 2016
Meri gets a present for Kody to make amends for the catfishing catastrophe. Meanwhile, Madison goes shopping for a wedding dress; and Mariah displays her independent side.
May 29 2016
Meri and Janelle, fresh out of their first therapy session together, attempt another step forward in their effort to get along better by decorating for the big Thanksgiving family dinner together. But their first planning session starts off rocky.
May 22 2016
Meri is not at all over the trauma of the recent catfishing incident and yet decides to attempt a therapy session with Janelle, hoping to work through conflicts from long ago. Janelle is very nervous that the therapy might open up old wounds.
May 15 2016
Meri and Kody try to get back to normal life after their recent face off about the catfishing incident. Meanwhile, Christine's daughters Mykelti and Aspyn are leaving the apartment they shared. Aspyn is moving back home, but NOT to her mother's house.
May 15 2016
In the season premiere, a therapist helps the family deal with the aftermath of Meri's scandalous catfishing incident. Meanwhile, Madison prepares to move to Montana to be with her fiancé, Caleb; and the Browns get ready for their newest member.
May 08 2016

Season 6

13 Episodes

After a season of change, conflict, and stunning confessions, the Brown family comes together to set the record straight. From Robyn's pregnancy to Meri's catfishing bombshell, nothing is off limits in the most revealing Sisterwives tell-all yet.
Nov 22 2015
The Browns are in Alaska dog sledding and deep sea fishing. And in one of the most stunning and emotional twists ever on Sister Wives, Meri admits to her family that she's been involved with a man online, but this person is not who she thought he was.
Nov 15 2015
The Browns go to Alaska with an entourage that includes Logan's new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Kody and Robyn reveal their baby's gender.
Nov 08 2015
Nov 01 2015
Oct 25 2015
Oct 18 2015
In an attempt to move forward with their new life, the Brown's celebrate by burning the bag Kody used daily to go between each house. Meanwhile, Janelle hits a plateau with her weight loss and Kody and Meri make a decision on Robyn's surrogacy offer.
Oct 11 2015
The Sister Wives race in a cardboard boat regatta at a pirate festival in Las Vegas.
Oct 04 2015
This one's all about Christine! She reveals the things she never wanted to talk about at all and what she was really thinking during the most memorable moments of the past five years.
Sep 27 2015
An anniversary trip to Texas turns into couples therapy for Christine and Kody. Meanwhile, the process of adopting Robyn's children begins as the family meets with their lawyer.
Sep 27 2015
Meri gets emotional when she tries to tell the kids about the marriage-license shift to Robyn. Also: Kody wants to adopt Robyn's children from a previous relationship, but he wonders what her ex will have to say about it.
Sep 20 2015
Kody prepares to marry Robyn now that he's legally divorced from Meri, but no one is sure of the protocol for inviting the other wives and their children.
Sep 20 2015
In the season premiere, Kody and Meri's divorce takes the family into uncharted territory. Also: Kody, his wives and their kids answer viewer questions.
Sep 13 2015

Season 5

15 Episodes

Divorce 5x15
Mar 01 2015
The Browns begin to worry about whether the anthropology students will see them as a healthy family or completely dysfunctional. And on top this stress, Meri makes a momentous decision that will change the Brown family forever
Feb 15 2015
The Browns have agreed to do something they have never done before -- allow total strangers to move into their houses! Two anthropology students will live with the Browns for several days to get an unfiltered look at their polygamist lifestyle.
Feb 08 2015
Christine’s two oldest daughters, Aspyn and Mykelti, are moving out, while her mother Annie is moving in! How will Kody handle having his mother-in-law around all the time? Later, Meri comforts Robyn about her ongoing struggles with her ex-husband.
Jan 25 2015
The blow up between Kody and Christine continues as they approach their final destination. Can Kody get to the root of the problem? Later, the Browns meet another polygamist family, the Colliers and discuss the idea of the Colliers courting another wife.
Jan 18 2015
The Browns begin a road trip to meet another polygamist family. They check in on Christine's mother who has plans of moving to Vegas. Next, they visit their old home in Utah and are overwhelmed by past emotions. And Kody does something to upset one wife.
Jan 11 2015
Janelle sees a therapist to discuss a sensitive matter involving her and one of the other wives. Meanwhile, Mykelti and Madison prepared to graduate from high school; and Dayton has surgery to repair an eyelid damaged in an ATV accident.
Jan 04 2015
The family compile photos and videos that demonstrate the strength of their relationships.
Jul 20 2014
A Christian couple in Missouri tell the Browns about their decision to become polygamists and how it has affected their lives.
Jul 13 2014
The Browns take a road trip for Spring Break on Route 66 to Missouri to visit a non-Mormon polygamist clan, but cramped quarters in two RVs create tension among the traveling companions.
Jul 06 2014
How the Brown teens are handling dating, college and the uncertainties of their futures as potential polygamists; Janelle hits a plateau on her weight loss quest.
Jun 29 2014
A surprise party for Kody with a Las Vegas theme is planned by the family to show gratitude for their patriarch, but some members of the clan have a hard time keeping it under wraps.
Jun 22 2014
Meri goes to Utah to reunite with a childhood friend. Meanwhile, Janelle's weight-loss journey continues; and the Browns' attempt to secure investors for their jewelry business could be doomed due to one wife's mistake.
Jun 22 2014
Robyn and Meri hit a critical point in their relationship as the Browns pitched their latest business idea to investors.
Jun 15 2014
In the Season 5 premiere, the Browns meet with a potential investor for their jewelry line; Christine's daughter Mykelti brings a boyfriend home; and Meri's revelation could ruin her relationship with another sister wife.
Jun 08 2014

Season 4

18 Episodes

After months of planning there’s just 48 hours to go; the dresses are not ready, the lights are not strung, and 200+ guests are on their way. A surprise organized by the teenagers caps a unique event; a celebration of four marriages in one giant family.
Feb 23 2014
A dress rehearsal goes awry when the Browns are getting ready for their commitment celebration, and Kody and his wives wonder if all their hard work and planning will pay off.
Feb 16 2014
Another family tragedy, the second in two months, interrupts the Browns' efforts to plan a party for their commitment celebration.
Feb 09 2014
Truely becomes seriously ill and requires immediate hospitalization, which puts Mariah's farewell party on the back burner.
Jan 26 2014
The wives take a road trip to San Francisco, where they work on their relationships by shopping for dresses for their commitment celebration. Meanwhile, Kody stays at home with all 17 kids.
Jan 19 2014
The Browns throw a party to celebrate Mariah and Aspyn's graduation from high school, but Meri has a hard time thinking about Mariah leaving for college. Meanwhile, a fortune teller sees a fifth wife in Kody's future.
Jan 12 2014
Kody rekindles a bro-mance with his old friend Brett. Meri's panic about her future empty nest grows as Mariah's graduation approaches.
Jan 05 2014
On Mother's Day, Kody is visited by all nine of his. Meanwhile, the wives discuss college costs.
Dec 29 2013
Kody and his four wives travel to a couples retreat to tackle their relationship issues head on. After a meditation session that barely eases the emotional stress, Browns finally make a discovery on the root cause of their internal conflicts.
Sep 22 2013
The sister wives face anti-polygamists in a public forum.
Sep 15 2013
To move forward with their new life, the Brown’s burn the bag Kody used daily to go between each house. Janelle hits a plateau with her weight loss. Kody and Meri make a decision on Robyn's surrogacy offer.
Sep 08 2013
The Browns answer viewer questions. What do the teens really think of the family dress code? Which mom is the strictest? Get all the behind-the-scenes details in this special episode of Sister Wives.
Sep 01 2013
The family buries a time capsule to symbolize putting down roots. The Browns hold their first church service since moving in. Robyn reveals a shocking secret from her past.
Aug 25 2013
The Browns celebrate Christmas a week later to give everyone time to move into the new houses. Kody challenges his wives to a contest. Robyn has a special gift for Kody.
Aug 18 2013
With builders putting the finishing touches on their new homes, closing on their mortgages remains a major hurdle for all four wives.
Aug 11 2013
Snags in the building process threaten to ruin the Brown's dream of being in all four houses by Christmas. Aspyn and Mariah discuss college plans. One wife considers jump ship on the family business.
Aug 04 2013
Since leaving Utah, the wives have settled into separate lives. Janelle continues her weight-loss battle. Robyn fights to keep the family business afloat. Meri works to repair her relationship with Mariah and Christine rethinks her career.
Jul 28 2013
The Browns take the first walk-throughs of their four adjacent homes. The family business continues to struggle, creating tension among the wives. Robyn asks Meri about her surrogacy offer.
Jul 21 2013

Season 3

19 Episodes

As the Browns prepare a proper send-off for Logan's graduation, Kody and the wives push hard to get moved into their new homes before Christmas. Will all the pressures of moving and decorating for the holidays get the better of them?
Dec 30 2012
The wives plan a dream pilgrimage across country to Nauvoo Illinois, the birthplace of American polygamy. But the three-day road trip turns into much more than they bargained for as tempers start to flair and relationships get tested.
Dec 23 2012
With the Sister Wives living separately for over a year now, the Brown family structure is falling apart. After stressing out over finances, the wives try hard to start a web business, and Christine makes another attempt to pass her real estate exam.
Dec 16 2012
Tensions rise as the Sister Wives fight for the bonus features they want for each house. Who stays in budget and who goes way over? Later, the Brown family digs deep when the family pet is ailing. A compromise leaves them all in tears.
Dec 16 2012
The dark side of polygamy is uncovered when the Brown teenagers volunteer for an organization that helps people escape from abusive polygamist families.
Dec 09 2012
The Browns plan a vacation with their polygamist friends, the Dargers as they headi to the beach for some polygamist fun in the sun. For the first time we'll meet another polygamist family and discover how they're the same, or different from the Browns. Runtime: 44 minutes
Dec 02 2012
The teachers are in for a big surprise when Kody and the wives all attend Parent/Teacher conferences for their kids. Later, Logan graduates from college, but not without some family mayhem. And Kody demands an answer from Meri about having another baby.
Nov 25 2012
Desperate to get their family back together, the Browns put money down to hold land in order to build homes altogether on one cul de sac. But the shockingly bad credit of one wife could hold back the entire family.
Nov 18 2012
As high school graduation nears, Logan finally decides on which college he will attend. Meanwhile, Kody and the wives are on the verge of fulfilling their dream of bringing the family back together. Will they finally make their dream come true?
Jun 24 2012
The Brown family is bringing it home! The Browns invite viewers into their home to answer more in depth questions about their plural marriage lifestyle. But this time, they invite their teenagers to join the discussion.
Jun 17 2012
Kody makes good on his promise to Meri escaping to Mexico for a romantic getaway. They climb ancient temples and swim with dolphins But despite all the romance, the conversation turns serious when Kody asks Meri about Robyn's offer of surrogacy.
Jun 17 2012
Logan, Mariah, Madison, and Hunter head back to Utah to visit their family and friends, but more importantly, to visit the happy home they left behind. How will they feel about being back and will they have any resentment or regrets since leaving?
Jun 10 2012
The Brown brothers are coming to town! Kody ditches his four wives for his three brothers as they hit up the city of sin. They're cruising on motorcycles, hanging out at a biker bar, and shooting guns.
Jun 10 2012
What's the most awkward day of the year for a Polygamist? Valentine's Day! And how do the Browns handle monogamy's biggest holiday of love? This year, Kody takes his young daughters to a daddy-daughter Valentine's dance at their school.
Jun 03 2012
The Browns apply for separate mortgages as they dream of getting their family into adjacent homes. Meanwhile, Janelle is still determined to open a gym, but will Kody support her plan? Later, Meri discloses the details of her past fertility problems.
Jun 03 2012
Everyone has questions about Polygamy. Today the Browns answer the toughest questions submitted by viewers. From Contraception and gay children to Kody's favorite and least favorite traits of each wife, nothing is held back.
May 27 2012
As the Sister Wives prepare for Kody's birthday, Christine tries to reconcile with Robyn by opening up about the problems she's had since Robyn joined the family. How will Robyn handle this brutally honest conversation?
May 27 2012
Date Night is important in a plural marriage and Kody needs to bring his A-game to keep his wives happy. From hitting the slopes to releasing pent up aggression shooting paintballs, all four wives are expecting Kody to bring the magic and some romance.
May 20 2012
It's the Browns' first Christmas in Vegas and the wives are separated in four rental homes. Desperate to get the family back together, Kody has his hands full chopping down a Christmas tree and finding the home that will bring them altogether again.
May 13 2012

Season 2

23 Episodes

Robyn's first contractions generate a range of emotions about a new baby from the rest of the Browns, and not all of them are positive.
Nov 27 2011
Kody tests his wrestling skills against a mixed martial arts fighter; the wives help setup Robyn's new nursery.
Nov 20 2011
The sister wives head to the strip and come face to face with the adult entertainment Vegas has to offer.
Nov 20 2011
A religious professor invites the Brown family to talk to her students in Boston.
Nov 13 2011
A couple visits from Utah; the Brown's respond to questions surrounding courting another wife and dealing with jealousy.
Nov 06 2011
The Brown family's vacation to Big Bear for the is marred by teenage rebellion.
Oct 30 2011
The wives open up about their attempts to lose weight, and later, they head to the gym for a body-fat analysis.
Oct 23 2011
Kody and his wives finally return to his hometown for the first time as open polygamists. How will his childhood friends receive him? Later, after revealing the sex of the baby, Robyn and Kody finally decide to announce the name.
Oct 16 2011
Kody moves each day to the house of a different wife; how his family and relationships with his wives has changed since the move; learn the sex of Robyn and Kody's baby.
Oct 09 2011
Robyn and Kody rush to their midwife; the wives are on a mission to make over one room in each house.
Oct 02 2011
Kody, Christine and Janelle experiment with working in real estate; the teens are going out with new friends in Las Vegas; Robyn and Kody receive a scare.
Oct 02 2011
Robyn finally announces her new pregnancy; the older teens' discontent over their new life starts to bubble to the surface.
Sep 25 2011
The Brown family starts to build their new life away from Utah; one of the wives has news to announce to the family.
Jun 05 2011
Kody must tell the younger children that they will be leaving Utah forever; plans turn to panic when the media gets news of the move.
May 22 2011
Kody, Meri and Robin realize that there are no polygamist houses to be found in Las Vegas; a surprise birthday party for Meri.
May 15 2011
The Sister Wives struggle to accept that this will be their last Christmas in Utah; a massive change to the family dynamic.
May 08 2011
The Browns go to a cabin in the woods to get away from the pressure of the police investigation.
May 08 2011
Meri goes to the doctor for a cancer screening, but will the results be more than she bargained for? Meanwhile the wives are doing something they've never been able to do before: invite their monogamous friends over for dinner!
Apr 17 2011
It's Wife #3's turn with Kody! Christine and her kids head to Vegas so they can spend time some alone time with their dad in her favorite vacation spot. Meanwhile back at home, Meri decides to take the rest of the family out for a bowling night.
Apr 10 2011
Candy, pumpkins,and Polygamy: The Brown family celebrates Halloween with 16 trick or treaters, 21 colorful costumes, and 24 great pumpkins.
Apr 03 2011
Kody and Janelle plan a private camping trip that results in a discussion about family finances. Meanwhile, Robyn opens up about her insecurities of not wanting to be a burden on the family financially.
Mar 27 2011
The Browns visit Kody's family in Wyoming, hoping to find some tranquility in the wake of the police investigation involving the family.
Mar 20 2011
The Browns head to New York to appear on national television for the first time as open polygamists in the Season 2 opener. Back at home, the kids attend their first day of public school.
Mar 13 2011

Season 1

7 Episodes

The big day is finally here! Follow Kody and his wives as they make Robyn officially wife number four. See this extraordinary family as they celebrate the newest additions to their family and prepare to embark on a new chapter in their lives.
Oct 17 2010
As the wedding day nears, the three wives help fiancée Robyn pick a wedding dress, a cake, and a venue for their unique polygamist wedding reception. Meanwhile, it's Janelle's birthday and Kody has a special trip planned just for the two of them.
Oct 17 2010
While the three wives buy a friendship ring for Kody's fiancée Robyn, Kody prepares to celebrate his 20th Anniversary with his first wife, Meri. But when nothing goes as planned, will Kody end up in the dog house?
Oct 10 2010
Robyn helps out with the children while Kody and pregnant third wife Christine go to the hospital
Oct 10 2010
Kody and his teenage daughters throw a birthday party for his new fiancee Robyn, while first wife Meri struggles with feelings of jealousy
Oct 03 2010
Kody heads south to court his potential fourth wife, Robyn. Meanwhile back home, the wives express their true feelings about their new possible sister wife as they make preparations for Christine's new baby.
Oct 03 2010
Following the Browns, a polygamist family comprising of a husband, three wives and 13 children that is on the verge of a change that could transform its dynamic.
Sep 26 2010