Star Falls

Continuing Saturday / 9:00pm Nickelodeon 25 min.
Determined Sophia convinces a movie star and his family to live in her house with the hopes of setting him up with her mom. Everyone's lives are hilariously shaken up as the kids struggle to help their parents find love and adjust to their new life.

Season 1

5 Episodes

May 05 2018
Apr 28 2018
When Craig's assistant quits, Sophia and Diamond get uber-competitive as they both vie for the job.
Apr 14 2018
When Sophia sees that Diamond gets whatever she wants whenever she wants, she hopes for the same treatment from Beth. Instead, Craig sees the error in his ways and tells Diamond she has to earn her own money.
Apr 07 2018
When Sophia rescues the dog of Hollywood star Craig Brooks, she seizes the opportunity to set her mom up with him. When that doesn't work, she takes things a step further and has the star and his three kids move in with them!
Mar 31 2018