State of Mind

Ended Sunday / 7:00pm Lifetime US 60 min.
Therapist Ann Bellowes is in need of a therapist of her own. Part of her problem, though, is finding her husband having an affair with their couple's counselor. Ann works at the New Haven Psychiatrist Associates out of a converted Victorian house that is now the offices for her and her colleagues. With her husband gone she must find someone else to fill the office space and rents it out to lawyer Barry White. Barry soon adjusts to being the only lawyer surrounded by therapists who enjoy teasing him about his name. Other therapists in the office include a specialist in child psychiatry Dr. James Le Croix who sometimes resorts to methods of therapy which can be considered radical. The office is not free of romance as Dr. Cordelia Banks engages in trysts with the married Dr. Taj Kalid. Amidst all the chaos Fred Smedresman can be found trying to keep the flow of the surroundings on an even keel as the office manager. Close Full Summary [-]

Season 1

8 Episodes

James is the one to face his father- he is kicked out of his retirement home for being a nonpaying annoyance. Barry takes on a paralegal from Cordelia's Sunlight Program. Ann's divorce comes through, but she gets some shocking news along with it. Series finale.
Sep 09 2007
When Ann has another family crisis- her sister comes to visit unexpectedly- she turns back to Phil for comfort. Taj agrees to family counseling with his daughter, and James is working with an electively mute boy.
Aug 26 2007
Barry's father comes for a visit, as do the agents pursuing him; Ann agrees to raise a friend's daughter should he die, but then has doubts; and Cordelia's patient becomes much more persistent.
Aug 19 2007
Taj's daughter may have an eating disorder and Ann tries to figure out how to bring the condition to his attention. Cordelia tries to convince Taj that his wife knows of their affair. Lesbian parents fight for custody and Barry tries to assist in the situation.
Aug 12 2007
Dr. Bellowes and her estranged husband Phil are disagreeing over the division of their marital assets. She is beginning to get on with her life, though, as she goes on a date with Cordelia's ex-husband.
Aug 05 2007
Ann doesn't take seriously her patient's need to contact her son, whom she gave up for adoption at birth. One of Barry's shadier clients decides to film the reunion, to Ann's dismay. James reunites with his second ex-wife, who has shocking news.
Jul 29 2007
Despite their failing marriage, Dr. Bellowes and her estranged husband are brought together when her mother comes to visit. At the office, Ann has a particularly interesting case, and Taj seeks Barry White's legal advice.
Jul 22 2007
Pilot 1x01
Dr. Ann Bellowes is a therapist who may need some therapy of her own when she discovers her husband is having an affair with their couples' counselor. Her husband Phil is also a psychiatrist. When Ann kicks him out of their shared office, Ann must get a new tenant in the space.
Jul 15 2007