The Breaks

Ended Monday / 7:00pm BET 45 min.
The 2016 film chronicled the story of three friends, hustling for a chance to leave their mark in the competitive hip-hop industry. The TV series will continue that same storyline and showcase the ups and downs of artists fighting for a chance to shine in New York City.

Season 1

8 Episodes

N.T. 1x08
Barry Fouray and Mattie race to sign Ahm; Nikki and DeeVee have to make difficult choices that will impact their lives forever.
Apr 10 2017
Nikki returns to New York with a new plan involving Mattie Taylor and Imani X; Barry moves forward to expand his company; Damita interviews 2 Live Crew; Ahm is under pressure; DeeVee is pursued by his crew.
Apr 03 2017
Runaway 1x06
Fouray goes on a partying binge; Nikki spends time with her mother; Ahm and DeeVee create a track together; DeeVee seeks revenge.
Mar 27 2017
A tragedy causes the members of Fouray Management to go into panic mode; Barry gets help from a lawyer.
Mar 20 2017
Nikki travels to Philadelphia to save a rapper's tour; Damita interviews Barry Fouray; Ahm deals with a personal crisis.
Mar 13 2017
Nikki tries to sign rapper Imani X (Teyana Taylor) to Barry's new label, but her mother (Kim Wayans) stands in the way. DeeVee competes in a DJ battle while Ahm and his crew retaliate.
Mar 06 2017
Nikki is tasked with getting rapper D-Rome on stage with Keith Sweat while Barry aims to get face time with label exec Mattie Taylor.
Feb 27 2017
Nikki begins her first day as Barry Fouray's new assistant, planning a listening party for rapper Special Ed. Ahm demands his tape back from DeeVee.
Feb 20 2017