The Business

Ended Friday / 7:00pm IFC US 30 min.
The team that created IFC’s comedy series “The Festival”, takes us on another misadventure in indie film-land with their new IFC series, “The Business” . We first met Vic Morgenstein (Rob Deleeuw, “My Five Wives”) at the Mountain United Film Festival (MUFF) where he picked up Rufus Marquez’s (Nicolas Wright) award winning film “The Unreasonable Truth of Butterflies”. Vic, infamous for his soft-core smut DVDs, is now trying to make a reputable name for himself in the indie film industry. Vic persuades Julia Sullivan (Kathleen Robertson, “90210”, “Scary Movie 2”) to quit her job at IFC and produce a new indie-thriller for his production company Vic’s Flicks. Will they be able to pull it off with a cast of characters including - a porn starlet, vapid PR execs, self-absorbed B-movie stars, eccentric Japanese investors, and an unstable director? It’s highly unlikely, but will prove to be an outrageous ride.

Season 2

8 Episodes

The gang try to fit in at the Spirit Awards.
Sep 23 2007
Vic and the gang head to the Independent Spirit Awards.
Sep 16 2007
Julia is down on her luck as Nancy gets a big break.
Sep 09 2007
Secrets from the past have Vic on edge.
Sep 02 2007
Twofus 2x04
The past seems to catch up with Vicki, Vic and Rufus as they are confronted with secrets of their lives.
Aug 26 2007
After a masterful story-telling Irishman makes his brilliant film pitch about an IRA bomber on a politically motivated hunger strike, the team at Vic's Flicks lets the weight of it all set the tone for the remainder of the day. Convinced that this script idea is Oscar-worthy, Julia, against her better judgment, calls Lance Rawley into the office to offer him the title role. But Lance rolls in having undergone sizeable changes, leaving the others flabbergasted and speechless. Video from this episode
Aug 19 2007
From the moment French director Kiki de Charentais (Simone-Elise Girard) makes her first appearance, she exudes a lingering sexual energy, powerful enough to corrupt the purest of souls. Indeed, something has come over the team at Vic's Flicks: buttons are undone, hair is flipped, body parts are exposed, soldiers are erect, fantasy flirts with reality and the magnetism in the air is practically palpable. Will the imprint left by Kiki's alluring presence be permanent?
Aug 12 2007
Making the most of the box office success generated by their indie-thriller House of Fear, the team at Vic's Flicks moves up the ladder and into new offices. Interior design face-offs aside, Julia's main goal is to apply her carefully crafted 5-year business plan and find a follow up hit. But will the rest of them comply? One thing is for certain: the gang is back in The Business.
Aug 05 2007

Season 1

8 Episodes

The Closer (Clive Walton) has things under control until Scarlet refuses to do the love scene under the direction of anyone but Rufus.
Sep 22 2006
Now with Rufus gone and the lead actor in a mental institution, completing the film seems impossible. But will the hiring of a new and eccentric director turn the production around?
Sep 15 2006
T-Day 1x06
They’ve all seen her act but will they see her topless? The clock is ticking and the cameras are in place to capture Scarlet, once porn star, now lead actress, in all her glory.
Sep 08 2006
When a check from Kenji comes unsigned and for less than the full amount, production comes to a halt and Vic goes on a wild quest to get his money. On the set, Rufus’ attraction to Scarlet has Lance (James A. Woods) feeling like he’s “B-list” for the first time.
Sep 01 2006
The crew is sure the movie is doomed when a famous porn star, Scarlet Saint-James (Karen Cliché), is cast as the lead actress of their legitimate indie-thriller. They soon learn all porn stars are not created equal.
Aug 25 2006
Strings 1x03
Things continue to spiral out of control at Vic’s Flicks as demands made by the new outlandish investor Kenji Nakamura (Nobuya Shimamoto) forces Vic, Julia and Rufus to make concessions including, upping the blood, guts, product placements and nudity; all the element of a Hollywood blockbuster.
Aug 18 2006
Losing your cool at the birthday party for your investor’s kid may be the easiest way to lose money on a film; just ask Vic. Desperate to raise a million dollars, Vic discovers his only option for a new investor may be a bottle of sake away.
Aug 11 2006
Pilot 1x01
High off the success of the low budget film he picked up at MUFF, Vic attempts to produce an indie-thriller and shed his reputation as a soft-core smut peddler. Will converting to Judaism, adding a “-stein” to his last name and enlisting the help of an experienced producer be enough to gain Vic Morgenstein the respect he craves from his peers?
Aug 04 2006