The Millers

Ended Thursday / 7:00pm CBS 25 min.
Will Arnett stars as Nathan Miller, a recently divorced local roving news reporter looking forward to living the singlesí life until his parentsí marital problems unexpectedly derail his plans. After Nathan finally breaks the news of his divorce to his parents, Carol and Tom, his father is inspired to follow suit and stuns the family when he leaves his wife of 43 years. Already in shock, Jack is even more aghast when his meddlesome mom decides to move in with him. Meanwhile, his absent-minded dad imposes upon Nathanís sister, Debbie, her husband Adam and their daughter Mykayla. Nathanís best friend and news cameraman, Ray, was excited to be Nathanís wingman in the dating scene, but Carol manages to even cramp his style. Now, as Nathan and his sister settle in with their truly impossible parents, they both wonder just how long the aggravating adjustment period is going to last.

Season 2

11 Episodes

Hero 2x11
Jul 18 2015
Jul 18 2015
Jul 11 2015
The Millers decide to spend Thanksgiving apart for the first time ever, but they rethink the new family tradition when each of their individual Turkey Day plans hit snags.
Jul 11 2015
When the Pope is scheduled to come to town, Nathan's planned week-long series of reports hits a snag when Ray gets a job offer to become the cameraman for a rival field Reporter.
Jul 04 2015
Kip encourages Carol to be bolder by confronting her former nemesis, Miss Pam, at Pam's retirement party.
Jul 04 2015
Nathan is assigned to cover a Sci-Fi Fest for his workplace and runs into a famous book author who has hated him since grade school. Meanwhile, Adam has an identity crisis when he learns that much of what he was taught on the commune was based on the mythology of Star Wars.
Nov 17 2014
When Ray points out that Nathan has a history of being the worst wingman ever, Nathan embarks on a mission to be a better friend by becoming less self-involved. Also, Debbie and Adam disagree over whatís best for their familyís livelihood.
Nov 10 2014
Nathan lands the biggest interview of his career with professional basketball player Metta World Peace, but when karma catches up with him, he risks ruining his professional reputation.
Nov 03 2014
Debbie and Nathan fear that their parents are reuniting when Carol and Tom feel hesitant about formally ending their marriage.
Oct 27 2014
Nathan and Debbie try to help carol find a new apartment--as far away from them as possible; Carol makes a new friend named Kip Finkle.
Oct 20 2014

Season 1

23 Episodes

Carol has the worst Mother's Day ever when Nathan forgets to get her a present.
May 15 2014
Nathan introduces his boss, Ed Dolan, to Tom in hopes they'll hit it off and hang out together, but surprisingly, Dolan only has eyes for Carol.
May 08 2014
0072 1x21
When Tom proudly tells the family he's dating a much younger woman, Nathan goes undercover to spy on him and make sure his father isn't being scammed by a gold digger.
May 01 2014
Nathan pitches a Saturday morning children's program inspired by Tom's imagination to his station manager.
Apr 24 2014
Nathan tries to hide his relationship with his mother's dentist, who angered Carol with a $75 charge for being late to an appointment; Tom keeps waking up with gum in his hair.
Apr 10 2014
Nathan gets more than he bargained for when he befriends a hapless coworker. Meanwhile, Tom and Adam argue over who is smarter and take an online test to settle the matter.
Apr 03 2014
Nathan's excitement at scoring a ticket for himself and a guest to a dinner with President Obama turns to dread when he has to pick one of his family members to be his "plus one".
Mar 13 2014
Just as Nathan begins to unwind on his vacation in the Bahamas, Carol's surprise appearance gets him riled up all over again until they meet Ganja Pete. Meanwhile, Debbie is upset with Adam when she learns that he used to write love songs for the special girls in his life when he was younger
Mar 06 2014
Nathan asks Tom to spend the weekend with him in the hopes of finding something they have in common. Also, while Debbie and Adam are out of town at a vegetarian convention, Carol stays with Mikayla and accidentally turns her upraising upside-down.
Feb 27 2014
Nathan is determined to finally, just once, surprise the "unsurpriseable" Carol on her birthday.
Feb 06 2014
When Nathan gets frustrated after he's forced to drive Carol around town for errands once again, he demands that she either learn how to drive or find another chauffeur. But when Debbie volunteers Adam to drive Carol, everyone's surprised when they form an unexpected bond.
Jan 30 2014
Nathan learns to appreciate Carolís incessant rants after he mimics one of them at work and is rewarded with his own news segment to complain on the air. But when his tirades lack the flair and fervor of his motherís, he secretly devises ways to keep her irritated in order to get new material.
Jan 09 2014
When Debbie suspects Nathan and Carol of secretly reading her diary, she and Adam plant a fake entry about Tom in order to prove it.
Jan 02 2014
When Carol's overbearing mother and father announce theyíre coming to visit for Christmas, Carol recruits Nate and Tom to cover up their failed relationships and present a happy facade. However, Nate begins to believe the lie, and considers getting back together with his ex, Janice.
Dec 12 2013
When Nathan learns why Debbie is Tomís favorite child instead of him, he decides itís time to fill his parents in on some of Debbieís childhood secrets.
Dec 05 2013
When Nathan helps Carol set up her profile on an Internet dating site, he and Ray get so excited about one of her potential suitors, they start corresponding with him, pretending to be Carol.
Nov 21 2013
When Carol finds out that Tom never had ďthe talkĒ with Nathan about the birds and the bees, she insists itís not too late to gather the family together and do it now.
Nov 14 2013
Stuff 1x06
Nathan hatches a plan to get his parents back together by showing them all of their sentimental family possessions in the hopes it will make them remember the good times they've had.
Nov 07 2013
It's Halloween, and Nathan, Debbie and Adam take Mikayla trick-or-treating to the house of an old woman who everyone in the neighborhood thinks is a witch. Meanwhile, Nathan and Debbie are furious when they discover Carol lied about what really happened to their pet parrot they thought flew away when they were kids.
Oct 31 2013
When Carol finds out that Nathan is seeing a therapist, she secretly makes an appointment for herself in order to find out what's going on.
Oct 24 2013
Nathan and Debbie trade parents when they each think the other sibling has it easier.
Oct 17 2013
When Carol dictates that itís time to rearrange the familyís positions in the Millers cemetery plot because of the two divorces, Nathan needs to approach his ex-wife, Janice, to ask her to sign back her space to the family.
Oct 10 2013
Pilot 1x01
Nathan and his sister, Debbie, are upset when their parents announce theyíre divorcing after 43 years of marriage. However, thatís nothing compared to the panic they feel when Carol, their intrusive mother, announces that sheís moving in with Nathan, while Tom, their easily distracted father, is moving in with Debbie.
Oct 03 2013