The O.C.

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The O.C. is an idyllic paradise, a wealthy, harbour-front community where everything and everyone appears to be perfect. But beneath the surface is a world of shifting loyalties and identities, of kids living secret lives hidden from their parents, and of parents living secret lives hidden from their children. Cohen, Cooper, Nichol families, and Ryan Atwood, a troubled teen from the wrong side of the tracks, who is thrust into this world, and who will forever change the lives of the residents of The O.C.

Season 4

16 Episodes

Six months after Mother Nature grabbed everyone by the neck and shook, events return to normal. Very normal. But complacency is never the Cohen or Cooper way. Time to follow the head and heart to what's right.
Feb 22 2007
Everything's okay. As okay as anything can be after a major earthquake. Now come coping, staying calm, helping...and somehow getting Ryan to the hospital before he bleeds to death.
Feb 15 2007
Make a movie: Summer challenges Seth's passivity. Make a move: Taylor wants to hear Ryan's profession of love. Make a mess of it: Kaitlin floats rumours about Frank and clown porn. Make way for Mother Nature...everyone!
Feb 08 2007
Julie and Gordon? Or Julie and Frank? Summer and Seth? Or Summer and George? No, make that GEORGE. Mysteries of the heart (and the meddling of others) unfold as Valentine's Day nears.
Feb 01 2007
Free Newport Chuck! Che - with more than activism on his mind - enlists Seth in a plan to spring a groundhog from it's Feb. 2 rites. Kirsten has a 40th birthday party...and reveals another reason to celebrate.
Jan 25 2007
Take her, I want her. Ryan overcomes his indecision and competes with Henri-Michel for Taylor's affections. Che leads Seth on a trek of spiritual renewal. Embrace your inner otter, Seth!
Jan 18 2007
Taylor's ex-hubby writes a hot-selling wrotic novel. Who's the lead character? Three guesses and the first two don't count. Seth seeks Neil's permission to marry Summer. Kirsten uncovers Julie's biz scam.
Jan 11 2007
Warm hearts, cold feet: Seth and Summer each look for a way to call off the wedding. Who will crack first? Ryan's biological father plays the Big-C Card in hopes his son will see him.
Jan 04 2007
Seth is clueless about what to do for New Year's Eve. Solution? Crash the Ryan-Taylor road trip to Vegas. Now add pregnancy tests, a space alien rave, thefts, misunderstandings, pursuits and a marriage proposal and it's time to welcome 2007!
Dec 21 2006
Sandy is married to Julie. Kirsten is Mrs. Jimmy Cooper. Summer is engaged to Winchester. Seth is in full geek mode. It's a parallel Newport. And Ryan, stuck there after a conk to the head, must change it.
Dec 14 2006
Love is a funny thing: Che handcuffs himself to the newly expelled Summer. And a sexy thing: Ryan fantasizes about Taylor. And a tender thing: Sandy and Kirsten share a recommitment ceremony.
Dec 07 2006
Taylor is sure the remedy for Ryan's sleeplessness is...Taylor! Plus: Summer is set up to take the fall for lawbreaking activism at Brown. And Kailtlin and Julie eye the same himbo.
Nov 30 2006
Great news, Seth: The real artificial Summer is back! Her eco-activism is just a way of coping with Marissa's death. Or is it? Ryan isn't ready to be Ryan the Rescuer again. But Taylor needs rescuing.
Nov 16 2006
Julie is no longer invited. But guess who is coming to dinner: Homeless men, recruited by Summer, show up for the Cohen Thanksgiving. Ryan will be there, too - if he doesn't first commit murder when he learns where Volchok is.
Nov 09 2006
South of the border...Ryan slips away to Mexico to search for Volchok. Seth rides shotgun. And worried parents Sandy and Kirsten soon follow. Meanwhile, Summer has a surprise dorm visitor at Brown.
Nov 08 2006
Marissa is gone but not forgotten. Definitely not forgotten: Julie has hired a detective to find Volchok, who caused Marissa's death...and she wants to make sure the P.I.'s report ends up in the hands of angry Ryan.
Nov 02 2006

Season 3

25 Episodes

Graduation: A time for friends, family, celebration, remembrance, letting go, and moving on to tomorrow. Odd man out in all the events is Volchok. Then, it happens...
May 18 2006
Sandy's picture will be on the cover of Riviera. Or, if the DA has his way, on a mug shot. More troubles: Volchok blackmails Ryan into a crime, Kirsten is drinking, and Seth burns down his dad's office. Didn't mean to. Honest.
May 04 2006
Right dress. Wrong date. If you can't go to prom with the person you like, go with someone who makes the person you like jealous. There'll be many memories for the Core 4 after this prom. Not all of them will be happy.
Apr 27 2006
Some go East, some stay West for freshmen orientation weekends. Ryan and Marissa arrive at Berkeley, and Summer and student/poseur Seth visit Brown. Familiar faces also surface. Anna is at Brown. And doesn't Theresa's baby look like...Ryan?
Apr 20 2006
No party, no surf. It's a different Dawn Patrol: Ryan's off to Albuquerque to invite his mom Dawn to graduation (maybe). Seth quits Summer (oops). And, at Volchok's party, Marissa sees something secretly poured into a drink (uh-oh).
Apr 13 2006
The Sweatshirt Bonfire is the party where all the seniors wear the sweatshirt of the college they'll be attending. Hey, Seth's not wearing a sweatshirt. What's up with that?
Apr 06 2006
A race to the bottom: Marissa's ties with Volchok may send her into substance-abuse free fall...but not before she gathers herself enough to save the Ryan-Sadie match. The Newport Group events turn violent.
Mar 30 2006
Trouble's at the door. It's Jess, Trey's sometime girlfriend, and she's coming on to Ryan like Little Miss Vulnerable. Seth and Summer discover a, uh, wheelbarrow. And all those burning Volchok-Marissa glances ignite a bonfire.
Mar 23 2006
A little Cohen arm-twisting convinces Ryan that, yeah, he should do something special on his 18th birthday. So who's he going to invite to the party at The Bait Shop? Sadie? For sure. Marissa? Well...
Mar 16 2006
Ryan road-trips with Sadie. Strip poker, anyone? Summer learns - ew! - about her dad and Julie. Kirsten worries that The Newport Group is corrupting Sandy. And Marissa is a suspect in Johnny's death.
Mar 09 2006
Life goes on. Love goes on. But how can anyone focus on Valentine's Day after Johnny's tragedy? Well, maybe love and understanding are the medicines everyone needs now. Even so, nothing will be easy.
Feb 09 2006
The Johnny-Kaitlin-Marissa-Ryan situation finds closure, perhaps, and tragedy for sure. Summer may be running out of forgiveness for Seth's half-truths. And Dr. Roberts makes a startling admission to Julie.
Feb 02 2006
Little sister. Big problems. Kaitlin feels she's spent her whole life in Marissa's shadow - maybe now it's time for some payback. Seth, meanwhile, may be seeing his college plans go up in smoke.
Jan 26 2006
Mini-Cooper isn't so mini now. Kaitlin, Marissa's younger sister, return to O.C. - and she carries lots of emotional baggage. Plus: Kirsten-Julie dating biz is blackmailed into setting up a date for Veronica.
Jan 19 2006
One semester to go. Wouldn't it go better if Marissa returned to Harbor High? Seth, Ryan, Summer and even Taylor campaign for her readmittance - and Johnny steps out of the way. For now.
Jan 12 2006
Seth's a man with a holiday plan: Hold an honorary bar mitzvah for Ryan and donate the funds to Johnny's surgery. Now try to convince Ryan to do it...and persuade Johnny to accept it. Also: Julie + Summer's dad? Stay tuned!
Dec 15 2005
Maybe Seth should accompany Summer to college. She's the one who (surprise!) aces the SAT. Another surprise: Sandy's right-hand man jeopardizes a Newport Group account by hanging out at a strip-club.
Dec 08 2005
Time to think about the future - college applications are due. Seth's eager, especially if the school is as far away from Newport as possible. Will Summer go with him? Marissa has another plan: She won't apply.
Dec 01 2005
Divide and conquer. Taylor schemes to separate Summer and Seth. Volchok tries to goad Ryan into a fight. Julie upends Charlotte's charity scam.
Nov 17 2005
Party by night. Surf by first light. The Dawn Patrol beach blast is the backdrop for a developing Marissa-Johnny attraction. Meanwhile, Taylor has a crush on...Seth?! And Ryan again lets his fists do the talking.
Nov 10 2005
Is Ryan shipping out? Sandy's mind-meld persuasion skills fail to convince him to stay. But where there's a will, there's another Cohen way. Charlotte now zeroes in on Julie; Summer outwits Taylor.
Nov 03 2005
Public school? No problem. Marissa's glad to be at a school where no one knows about her. Oops. Everyone knows. Charlotte closes in on Kirsten. And Summer spies on someone lip-locked with Taylor.
Sep 29 2005
Ryan. Marissa. A romantic beach hut. You do the math. Meanwhile, the math in Caleb's will is easy: Julie gets zilch, Kirsten gets nada. Caleb was broke - and that adds up to a new dynamic for the Cohens, Coopers and The Newport Group.
Sep 22 2005
Senior year. But not for everyone. Marissa is expelled. Julie scrambles for cash, Sandy scrambles to make sense of Kirsten's rehab and, to top it all, Ryan loses his cool and gets himself expelled too.
Sep 15 2005
Trey's in a coma, Marissa pulled the trigger, who's going to take the fall? Ryan? But maybe there's a way out for Kid Chino.
Sep 08 2005

Season 2

24 Episodes

Familiar faces show up for a final farewell to Caleb. Meanwhile, Sandy takes action to help Kirsten. And when Ryan learns about the Trey-Marissa incident, a showdown - if not a tragedy - is inevitable.
May 19 2005
Heads: Seth takes Summer to the prom. Tails: Zach does. Whoever's dateless takes a meeting with George Lucas to discuss Atomic County. That'll settle things, right? The Julie-Caleb union ends...not the way anyone expected.
May 12 2005
Dynamite with a lit fuse: Kirsten goes on a bender now that Carter's gone, Ryan can't figure what's up with Marissa, Caleb hits Julie with divorce papers, and the Seth-Zach rivalry turns into War of the Weirds.
May 05 2005
Nana's getting married - news that has Sandy, Seth and Ryan off to Miami. Back at the OC, Zach wows Summer with a home-cooked meal, Kirsten sorts out her Carter feelings and Trey's feelings for Marissa take a terrifying turn.
May 05 2005
The evidence adds up. Trey is likely to do time for drug violations. But Sandy, Ryan and Marissa know he's innocent and develop a plan to catch the real culprit in the act. Seth meets a marketing...genius.
Apr 21 2005
Marissa throws a birthday party for Trey - an event that may or may not smooth things between the two Atwood brothers. Julie gets cozy with Lance, her long-ago lover and recent extortionist.
Apr 14 2005
A yard sale sans yard - aka The Oc Charity Yard Sale! But it does offer many items, including the crystal egg from Risky Business. But wait...the egg is missing, and Ryan and Seth must scramble to get it back!
Apr 07 2005
T is for trouble. And for Trey, Ryan's brother, who's out of prison and trying to go straight while staying temporarily in the pool house. The tape no one was supposed to see is seen by all of Newport.
Mar 24 2005
$500,000 is still the going rate to keep Julie's porn past off the net. Meanwhile, Seth plays matchmaker, suggesting that Ryan help Marissa plan the school's spring bonfire. Someone's gonna get burned.
Mar 17 2005
The Seth/Summer plan to help Ryan shake his Lindsay blues is...a mall visit? Hey, it can work. Because Marissa comes along. And everyone gets locked inside the place. An extortionist targets Julie.
Mar 10 2005
Rain - and it seems there are as many problems as raindrops. Kirsten, Sandy...and Rebecca. Julie, Marissa...and Alex. Lindsay, Ryan...and Chicago. Summer, Seth...and Italy. Can't rain forever, can it?
Feb 24 2005
Did they or didn't they? Seth can't stop thinking about Summer's and Zach's stay in San Diego. Will he or won't he? Julie plants doubts that could derail Caleb's decision to adopt Lindsay.
Feb 17 2005
Happy Valentine's Day! Seth's feelings for Summer destroy their comic-book pitch meeting, Ryan turns pool-table hustler in hopes of winning approval for his romance with Lindsay, and Kirsten distrusts Sandy.
Feb 10 2005
Try try again. A cardiac crisis gives Caleb a new outlook. Seth and Summer struggle to deny their attraction. And if, as Sandy says, Rebecca is dead, why does Kirsten find her in Sandy's office? Uh-oh.
Feb 03 2005
Ryan tries to smooth things over between Caleb and Lindsay, Alex and Marissa grow closer, Seth uses his life as inspiration for a comic book and Kirsten is uneasy when Sandy is asked to help find his ex-fiancee.
Jan 27 2005
The ABC's of Love. When Alex wants to spend time with her ex, Seth says "X" must make room for "I" and "U." But there's something Seth doesn't know. Julie has a makeover idea for the Newport Group.
Jan 20 2005
Sandy didn't forget his 20th anniversary. Honest. Just ask him. And just watch him squirm as he tries to make things right. Also, Seth and Ryan are grounded; DJ calls it quits with Marissa.
Jan 13 2005
Time to move on: Jimmy decides to relocate to Maui. Time to make a move: Ryan and Lindsay wonder about a first kiss. Time to bust a move: Seth turns bad boy in an attempt to impress Alex.
Jan 06 2005
Friends, festivities, 8 days of gifts, another day with a whole lot of gifts. Seth's formula for the perfect Chrismukkah may come undone when Caleb's confession rocks the Cohen world.
Dec 16 2004
The winter dance is near and a Ryan-Lindsay hook-up is off, on, off, on, off like a light switch. But all will be smoothed over by the time of the big Newport social event. Or not. Plus: Caleb's secret - revealed!
Dec 09 2004
It's not a date, it's a group hang. So Seth goes with Lindsay, but looks for Summer. Ryan goes with Alex, but would rather be with Lindsay. And Julie... well, stay tuned. That new CEO has a style of her own.
Dec 02 2004
Seth pulls off a magnanimous gesture for Summer, then blows it. Lindsay and Ryan become physics lab partners and share some romantic chemistry. Embattled Caleb names Julie as Newport Group's CE-uh-O.
Nov 18 2004
The boys are back. Every status is quo. Except: Summer won't kiss and make up, Ryan catches Marissa in a clinch, the DA busts Caleb, Hailey bails and the remodellers are like a wrecking crew. Home sweet chaos.
Nov 11 2004
Come home, Seth! If Sandy can't persuade his alienated son to return to the family perhaps Ryan can. Meanwhile, Theresa realizers her relationship with Ryan is on life support. Time to pull the plug?
Nov 04 2004

Season 1

27 Episodes

Summer is near and that means sun, surf and rejuvenation. Or to Ryan, Seth and Marissa, it may mean none of the above as each faces a critical crossroad. Just the same, Newport society rises to the occasion when Caleb and Julie do the "I do."
May 05 2004
"I love the Vegas," Seth says. But Seth is a player who's played when he, Ryan, Sandy and Jimmy hit the gambling town for what's presumed to be Caleb's bachelor bash. And claws are out when Julie and Hailey attend the Newport bachelorette party.
Apr 28 2004
Kirsten, Marissa. Neither is the hostess with the mostest. But they reluctantly host Julie's wedding shower just the same. Seth's get-acquainted lunch with Summer's dad is a FEMA-sized disaster.
Apr 21 2004
Engagement announcements are joyful news, right? Not when it means the one person Kirsten despises will become her stepmom. And not when Marissa will have a new family arrangement she doesn't want.
Apr 14 2004
Operation Protect Marissa didn't work. Marissa knows about Julie/Luke and vanishes. Ryan finds her at Theresa's engagement party, where he's not a welcome guest. Meanwhile, cranky, opinionated, California-loeathing Nana Cohen arrives at Newport and she's strangely...nice.
Mar 31 2004
Operation Protect Marissa! Seth and Ryan plan to keep Marissa from finding out about her mom's affair. It also becomes Operation Rescue Hailey when they inadvertently attend a Hollywood party where she's a stripper.
Mar 24 2004
Anna is leaving. Theresa is staying. Seth thinks he's the reason for Anna's planned return to Pittsburgh. And Ryan knows he's why Theresa is staying. But what is either guy going to do about it? Caleb is Riviera's Man of the Year (uh-oh).
Mar 03 2004
The Ryan-Marissa thing is more iffy than ever when Theresa hangs in Newport. The telenovela-like suds-o-rama overflows with the Seth-Summer follies, the Luke-Julie fling and an insider who may be a threat to the Caleb-Kirsten biz.
Feb 25 2004
Time to forgive and forget - or so Marissa thinks. But Ryan isn't ready, and the presence of former love Theresa at the Valentine Dance adds to Marissa's concerns. Summer and Seth work on the, um, mechanics.
Feb 18 2004
Julie wears out her welcome with Caleb: true. Seth thinks Summer's hot: true. Oliver is crazy-mad about Marissa: true. Now sure of it, Ryan races against time to keep Oliver from hurting himself or Marissa.
Feb 11 2004
People who won't be on each other's Christmas-card list: Ryan and Oliver. Their rivalry for Marissa intensifies, with Ryan risking his standing at Harbor to unmask Oliver's true character.
Jan 21 2004
He says he's a friend. But who can believe a word Oliver says? During a group getaway in Palm Springs, Ryan is sure he's wise to Oliver's game. Marissa is just as sure Oliver is a friend who needs help.
Jan 14 2004
Ryan doesn't know much about Oliver, Marissa's therapy friend, but he knows he doesn't like him. Yet, Ryan still assists Oliver when he runs into trouble with the law at a Rooney concert.
Jan 07 2004
As the New Year looms, Ryan doesn't know how to respond when Marissa says those three meaningful words. Sandy and Kirsten are wallflowers at a swingers' party. And at home, Seth thinks of what might have been.
Dec 17 2003
It's part Christmas, part Hanukkah and totally a Cohen-family way to celebrate the holidays. But a time out for the holidays doesn't mean time away from Marissa's personal problems or Caleb's business tactics.
Dec 03 2003
No one was supposed to see what happened. But Luke did. And so did Ryan. Now, somehow, all Newport knows that Luke's dad has been living a lie. And subsequent gossip raises questions of secrecy and trust.
Nov 26 2003
Used to be Seth couldn't find a girl. Now he has two - Anna and Summer show up for Thanksgiving. Ryan also has double trouble, as he and Marissa visit his old neighborhood and encounter an ex-flame.
Nov 19 2003
Work keeps Sandy and Kirsten apart, Rachel makes a play for Sandy, Julie's secret lover is revealed and - omigod! - Summer realizes she likes Seth (but don't ever tell anyone).
Nov 12 2003
Calculus. AP Enlgish. History. The ways of the human heart. Not everything learned at Harbor High is on the schedule of classes. The Cohen casa is a house divided when Sandy takes an environmental case against Kirsten's father.
Nov 05 2003
It can't stay in Mexico. Not after heartbroken Marissa took all those pills. And not with Marissa's mom trying to have her institutionalized - something Ryan, Seth, Summer and Marissa don't want to happen.
Oct 29 2003
What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico. But the secrecy surrounding a summer's-end teen trip to Tijuana can't stop Marissa from feeling the way she feels when she sees Luke with Holly.
Sep 16 2003
Every Newport guy needs a Newport girl. Seth finds a way to impress Summer; Luke and Marissa share a night of passion, and the mid-20s girlfriend of Kirsten's father has a predatory eye on Ryan. Julie drops the D-bomb on Jimmy.
Sep 09 2003
Ryan hangs out with a youth not from the moneyed Newport set, causing Seth to feel blown off. Jimmy's family faces hard choices because of his business crimes.
Sep 02 2003
Ryan promised to stay out of trouble. But trouble finds him as he, Seth, Marissa and others take part in one of the biggest events on the Newport social calendar: the Debutantes Ball.
Aug 26 2003
Luck is in the house during a Vegas night fundraiser; Seth becomes Summer's lucky charm and Marissa reconnects with Luke. In the aftermath of events involving Ryan's mom, Kirsten takes a chance and opens her home to the boy.
Aug 19 2003
When Ryan is faced with being shuffled into the child-services system, Seth comes up with a plan: Ryan can secretly live in an unfinished home owned by Seth's mom. It's a foolproof plan - for a while.
Aug 12 2003
Pilot 1x01
Just a freeway's drive away. And yet worlds apart. Rejected by his parents after a brush with the law, Ryan Atwood moves temporarily into the pool house of his attorney's posh Newport Beach home...and finds both friends and foes among the privileged O.C. youth.
Aug 05 2003