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"This is the true story of seven strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. The Real World, Austin." How many times have we heard those words? The Real World was the first reality show on tv, premiering in 1992. It is still on the air, currently airing its 15th season, set in Philly, and filming its 16th season in Austin. When TRW was created, it created a new genre of television that years later would be copied by other networks and become almost an obsession around the world. MTV originally wanted to make a soap opera, but the costs were too high, so they thought "what if we could get rid of writers, and scripts, and sets?". That resulted on the first Real World, set in NY neighborhood of SoHo, Manhattan, where 7 people that had never met before had to live in a house together for some time. As the years went by, The Real World slowly gained its shape and space. New York

Season 34

6 Episodes

Kevin lays it all on the line. The roommates learn the answers to some long-held questions when a pair of surprise guests come to the door. And as they prepare to leave the loft for the second time, the original seven strangers reflect on their past. Air Date: Apr 7, 2021
Apr 07 2021
Norman reveals the highs and lows of being one of the first openly gay people on television. As talk of Becky's possible return fills the loft, Julie finds herself playing the role of mediator, and the roommates attempt to find closure. Air Date: Mar 31, 2021
Mar 31 2021
While adjusting to an unexpected new reality in the loft, the roommates rally around Norman as details of a personal crisis are revealed. Air Date: Mar 24, 2021
Mar 24 2021
Listen 34x03
A charged conversation about racism sends shockwaves through the loft, and Eric opens up about traumatic events from his past Air Date: Mar 17, 2021
Mar 17 2021
As the roommates open up, surprising secrets emerge and discussions about the past reveal old wounds. And revisiting a heated conversation from 29 years ago puts the entire loft on edge. Air Date: Mar 10, 2021
Mar 10 2021
The original seven strangers from the first season of MTV's groundbreaking "The Real World" move back into the same New York loft where it all began, but a shocking announcement threatens to derail their reunion before it starts. Air Date: Mar 3, 2021
Mar 03 2021

Season 33

12 Episodes

As move out day approaches, Clint faces the consequences of his reckless behavior. Dondre plays a cruel prank on Meagan causing a major meltdown.
Aug 29 2019
Clint’s new single life spirals out of control as he tries to get over Tovah. Dondre goes out on his first date in Atlanta in search of Mr. Right.
Aug 22 2019
Clint’s new crush stirs up controversy, while Tovah worries she might be pregnant. Arely’s undocumented mother visits Atlanta, forcing Dondre to reconsider his position on immigration.
Aug 15 2019
The roommates take a road trip to the beach where Dondre confronts Tovah about her accusation that he was physically aggressive towards her. Arely fights for respect in her relationship when her boyfriend visits the house.
Aug 08 2019
After a serious fight, Clint and Dondre face the consequences of their bad behavior. Yasmin does something surprising when her insecurities surface.
Aug 01 2019
Jul 25 2019
A vicious allegation by Clint threatens Meagan’s good reputation and leads to a major battle in the house. The father of Arely's child makes a serious threat that forces her to seek legal advice.
Jul 18 2019
Clint is falling for Tovah, but when Tovah reveals something traumatic from her past, it changes their whole relationship. The roommates discover an old Instagram story by Justin that causes major drama.
Jul 11 2019
A hookup makes things very complicated for roommates, Clint and Tovah, when one of them starts acting clingy. Arely, an undocumented immigrant, must stand up to Dondre when his comments on immigration make her feel dehumanized.
Jul 04 2019
Toxic masculinity issues lead to a major beef between Clint and Dondre. Tovah wonders if she should ever hook up with Clint after seeing some major red flags with his temper, while Meagan questions her faith.
Jun 27 2019
The roommates visit a famous Atlanta strip club for a wild night. Justin's comments about white people divide the house, while teen mom, Arely, receives a devastating call from her ex-boyfriend.
Jun 20 2019
The groundbreaking docuseries returns, as seven strangers move into their new Atlanta house to have their lives recorded and streamed across Facebook 24/7. Viewers can follow the fun and drama through daily, interactive content like never before.
Jun 13 2019

Season 32

12 Episodes

Jan 04 2017
Dec 28 2016
Surprise! 32x10
Dec 14 2016
Dec 07 2016
Nov 30 2016
A hookup between Jenn and Peter has major repercussions; Tyara is her own worst enemy in her relationship with Theo.
Nov 16 2016
The Anna-Katrina feud intensifies when Peter begins sleeping with Anna; Orlana reveals a secret about Jordan; Jenn seeks closure from her ex, Robbie.
Nov 09 2016
Nov 02 2016
Oct 26 2016
The housemates are haunted by broken relationships when they suspect people from their pasts will be visiting soon.
Oct 19 2016
Oct 12 2016
Oct 12 2016

Season 31

12 Episodes

A racial slur nearly causes a physical confrontation between Jenna and Ceejai; the roommates prepare to leave Las Vegas; Dylan makes a revelation.
May 26 2016
The roommates face escalating racial tension in the house following a fight; Sabrina meets her biological mother to get answers.
May 26 2016
After a wild night, Dylan and Jenna must figure out the next step in their budding relationship. Sabrina and Jenna debut their new song, and an epic meltdown by one roommate leads to a physical fight with CeeJai.
May 19 2016
A potential eighth roommate, Dylan, shakes up the entire house! Dylan pursues two female roommates in a juicy love triangle, while the newly-divorced Dean must flaunt his stuff on stage at a male strip club.
May 12 2016
Dione’s ex-girlfriend makes a surprise visit to the house with revenge against his former flame, Kailah, on her mind. A shocking accusation by Jenna leads to an emotional and explosive night for Dean and Ceejai.
May 12 2016
After a trip to the gun range, Ceejai struggles to keep her cool when Jenna triggers painful feelings from her past. Dean’s surprise divorce party leads to an awkward hookup between two roommates, while Sabrina chases her dream.
May 05 2016
Apr 28 2016
The Leak 31x05
Apr 14 2016
Jealousy sparks for Kailah when Dione meets another girl, and a scandalous internet post shocks the entire house leaving one roommate to wonder who she can trust in the house.
Apr 07 2016
After a scandalous night with male strippers, Jenna clashes with CeeJai over a regretful decision. Dione stirs up major girl drama after sleeping with Kailah, while an injury threatens to send one roommate home.
Mar 31 2016
The second mission, dress in drag, is just for the guys in the house and has one of them doubting if he can go through with it. Dione and Kailah's flirtation heats up and takes an unexpected, and wild turn.
Mar 24 2016
Mar 17 2016

Season 30

13 Episodes

Season Finale
Mar 10 2015
Mar 03 2015
Feb 24 2015
Feb 17 2015
Feb 10 2015
Feb 03 2015
Tony's attempts at playing three women backfires with them sharing a home; Violetta's conflict with Madison turns physical.
Jan 27 2015
Tony is shocked when two of his Skeletons move in, creating a battle for his affection between them and Madison.
Jan 20 2015
The first Skeleton ambushes the roommates; Sylvia's past returns to haunt her; Tony and Madison restart their romance.
Jan 12 2015
Jan 06 2015
Three Way 30x03
Tension between the housemates rises over wild parties and scandalous hookups; a battle between Jason and Violetta results in the revelation of another secret.
Dec 30 2014
When the roommates clash with Madison, she reveals a haunting secret; Bruno and Sylvia's romance is jeopardized by jealousy.
Dec 23 2014
On “Real World: Skeletons,” seven strangers will move in together as per the show’s typical formula, but soon, shared chores and shower schedules will prove to be the least of their worries as a brand-new twist comes into play: They’ll each be forced to confront the last person on Earth (or sometimes, the last people) they want to see.
Dec 16 2014

Season 29

14 Episodes

Reunion 29x14
The seven original housemates are brought back together with their exes for one last free-for-all and to find out where all their relationships stand.
Apr 07 2014
Apr 02 2014
Ex-odus 29x12
The producers separate Cory and Brian after the fight in the van. The next day, Brian and Cory decide to be cordial for the rest of their stay in the house. As time winds down in the house, Jamie and Thomas discuss whether or not, they should get into a long-distance relationship. Jenny decides to never to get back together with Brian, because she doesn't know who he is anymore. After the cast gets drunk on their last night, Brian goes crazy and attacks his fellow cast members. He is forced to spend the night in a hotel. The next day, the roommates pack their bags and reminisce about the season before going their separate ways.
Apr 02 2014
Arielle prepares to make a horror film while her relationship with Ashley continues to grow. Jenny grows worried because she has no money to pay her bills, which makes Brian angry because he feels it is beneath her. The cast goes to the Folsom Street Fair and are surprised by the amount of fetish. They also go to Napa Valley for a spa day and wine tasting and Jenny is upset about Thomas' classless ways. Brian grows jealous when Jenny and Cory seem to grow closer. The guys grow tired about Brian's complaining about Jenny. At a club, Cory grows furious when Brian goes after his sloppy seconds leading to a brawl during the ride back home.
Mar 26 2014
Thomas's twin brother visits the house and comforts Hailey, who regrets what she did the other night. Hailey decides to go home in order to salvage her friendship with Thomas. Tired of Brian being around her 24/7, Jenny decides to spend a night out on the town with former roommate Ashley, which doesn't sit well with Brian. Jenna has to choose between doing what everyone wants her to do and breaking up with Jay or giving him another chance.
Mar 19 2014
Hailey grows frustrated with the state of her and Tom's friendship, leading to a physical brawl one drunken night. Jay discovers a video of him that the producers put online and hides it from Jenna. Jamie decides to tell Jenna about the video and when she sees it, Jenna is forced to make a decision about her relationship. Brian and Cory develop a bromance which the rest of the roommates view as fake. Brian also has a problem with the divide in the house between the originals and the exes.
Mar 12 2014
Brian contemplates telling Jenny that he kissed another girl. When he does, Jenny decides to break up with him and seeks revenge by hooking up with another guy at the club. Brian and Jenny later have a physical altercation after Cory boosts Brian's ego. Jamie creates drama between Jay and Jenna, by telling him that Jenna isn't happy with their relationship. Thomas desperately wants Hailey to go home.
Mar 05 2014
The Test 29x07
Lauren tells Cory she is pregnant, and he immediately gets angry especially after realizing that it's not his baby. Lauren decides to go home in order to deal with her situation. Arielle has to confront her self-identity issues after learning that some people on the Internet think she may be transgender due to her androgynous clothing and Ashley has an issue with Arielle feeling like she can't be herself around Ashley. Brian and Jenny are finally in a good place, until Brian kisses another girl while hanging with the guys.
Feb 26 2014
Thomas grows confused over his feelings for Jamie and Hailey and contemplates breaking up with Jamie in order to be single. Jenny's outlandish behavior embarrasses Brian, leading to a huge argument between them. Jenna begins to annoy Jay with her antics. Cory and Lauren are in a good place and have unprotected sex. Soon after, Lauren finds out she is pregnant.
Feb 19 2014
In a shocking twist, the roommates return from their trip to discover their exes have moved into the house, which bums the majority of them out. Jenny and Cory decide to stop hooking up in order to work things out with their significant exes. Jamie grows worried that her ex will show up to the house, which makes Thomas suspicious. Jamie thinks Thomas' ex, Hailey has a secret agenda.
Feb 05 2014
Arielle takes the roommates to an erotic dinner in order to relieve the sexual tension in the house. Jay worries that Jenna will be able to see the things that he does with girls at the club. The roommates go on a two-day boat trip. Ashley retrieves her belongings while the roommates are gone. Hours later their exes finally arrive at the house to deliver the shock of their lives.
Jan 29 2014
Jay tries to figure out who ripped his paper with all of his phone contacts and later receives word that his mother passed away due to her cancer. Ashley's drunken behavior returns and due to all the stress in the house, she goes missing. She later calls the house and asks the gang to make a decision on whether or not, she should return. Things explode between Jenny and Cory, when he grows jealous of her talking to another guy. A sexually frustrated Arielle is excited about the arrival of her ex-girlfriend, Ashley.
Jan 22 2014
The line between sex and love becomes blurred for budding couple, Jamie and Thomas, when a shocked Jamie learns that Thomas has only slept with three women and Thomas later grows disgusted after learning that Jamie has slept with sixteen people. Jenny and Cory's secret sexual relationship grows, but hits a dead end when Cory, Arielle and Jay are involved in a street brawl, leading Cory to act out.
Jan 15 2014
Seven single strangers move into their San Francisco home and immediately begin checking each other out for hook-up potential. The girls decide not to tell the guys that Arielle is a lesbian yet, when she catches Thomas' attention. West Virginia transplant posing as San Francisco native, Ashley's drunken behavior offends the roommates on two different occasions. Jenny takes a liking to Cory, who unfortunately reminds her too much of her ex-boyfriend. Jamie and Thomas grow closer.
Jan 08 2014

Season 28

13 Episodes

Jun 12 2013
Jun 12 2013
Jun 05 2013
Jessica and Tyler's relationship hits a snag; Marlon has a crisis of faith; Averey and Johnny's relationship takes a sour turn.
May 29 2013
All hell breaks loose when Anastasia's boyfriend visits, forcing her to consider leaving Portland. Meanwhile, tension in the house rises among the roommates and Nia keeps overfeeding Daisy and making her fat.
May 22 2013
Nia loses a fight with a sex toy. Jessica and Nia confront Averey and the chaos that ensues afterwards doesn't end until Johnny's pants hit the floor. Nia gets fired.
May 15 2013
In the aftermath of Jordan and Nia's explosive encounter, the whole house gets worked up once again and it's surprising who ultimately comes to Jordan's defense. Johnny's drunken rantings drive a wedge between him and Averey, and Jordan's best......
May 08 2013
Nia continues to mess with Jordan's head, culminating in a knock-down, sexual and ultimately, bizarre confrontation.
May 01 2013
The house is uneasy in the aftermath of Jordan and Nica; a wild night drives a wedge between Averey and Johnny; Jessica struggles with letting Tyler into her heart.
Apr 24 2013
The new roommate is drawn to Jordan; Marlon and Nia flirt, making the roommates believe there is another couple in their midst.
Apr 17 2013
Jordan angers everyone; the roommates interview for jobs; one roommate wants to leave; Johnny struggles to keep up with Averey's appetites.
Apr 10 2013
Jordan fights with Jessica after getting into it with Anastasia; Averey and Johnny's relationship comes to a head; Marlon reveals a secret.
Apr 03 2013
Mar 27 2013

Season 27

13 Episodes

Sep 12 2012
Sep 12 2012
Sep 05 2012
Aug 29 2012
Aug 22 2012
Aug 15 2012
Aug 08 2012
Aug 01 2012
Jul 25 2012
A prank goes horribly wrong, causing in-house fighting and landing one roommate in the hospital.
Jul 18 2012
Trey has to come to terms with his feelings for Laura; Marie and Robb push their flirtations to the next level.
Jul 11 2012
Laura and Trey's romance starts to heat up, but he worries things are moving too quickly; Robb and Marie continue to flirt with each other even after they both find other dates; the roommates try to make Brandon feel like less of an outsider.
Jul 04 2012
A preview of the upcoming 27th season.
Jun 27 2012

Season 26

14 Episodes

Dec 21 2011
Dec 14 2011
Dec 14 2011
Dec 07 2011
Dec 07 2011
Nov 30 2011
Nov 16 2011
Ashley and Zach's birthdays are approaching, and the roommates are curious about why they haven't taken their relationship to the next level. Then, Sam's meddling makes Zach snap. Meanwhile, Priscilla's first love, who left her broken hearted, reenters her life.
Nov 09 2011
Frank falls for a guy he meets at San Diego Pride; Nate gets involved with suicide-prevention charity work
Nov 02 2011
The roommates start working at the House of Blues; Sam receives upsetting news from home; Zach makes an offensive comment that causes a rift among the roommates; Ashley and Zach grow closer
Oct 26 2011
Alexandra's boyfriend visits; a raucous, drunken night with Priscilla's family leaves one roommate in tears; Priscilla gives Frank a haircut with disastrous results.
Oct 19 2011
Frank brings a guy home and upsets the other roommates by hooking up all over the house. The next night, a huge fight breaks out
Oct 12 2011
Sam and Nate prank the other roommates; sparks begin to fly between Ashley and Zach; Frank parties too hard and is forced to deal with the consequences.
Oct 05 2011
Seven sexy strangers settle into their posh new pad in San Diego and start getting to know one another in the Season 26 premiere. The cast includes Alexandra, an aspiring singer-songwriter who was born in Zimbabwe; Zach, an arena-football player; and Sam, a self-described "stud lesbian" who's passionate about gay rights.
Sep 28 2011

Season 25

15 Episodes

Jun 15 2011
Jun 08 2011
Jun 01 2011
May 25 2011
May 18 2011
May 11 2011
May 04 2011
Apr 27 2011
Apr 20 2011
Apr 13 2011
Apr 06 2011
Mar 30 2011
Mar 23 2011
Mar 16 2011
Mar 09 2011

Season 24

14 Episodes

Sep 29 2010
Reunion 24x13
Sep 22 2010
It's the roommates' last week together and in New Orleans, which means it's time to get nostalgic. As Jemmye wonders whether or not she and Knight can go the distance he decides it's time for one more crazy day. The roommates head down to The Creole Creamery and cheer on Eric and Knight as they try to down 8 scoops of ice cream in one sitting. If only it weren't for Eric's weak stomach and Knight's lactose intolerance, they might have actually been able to pull it off. For Eric, Knight and McKenzie, it's their last day at Habitat for Humanity and they celebrate putting the last coast of paint on the house and handing the keys to the happy owner. Back at the house, Pablo sends an apology to the roommates and Sahar in fruit basket form. When Sahar gushes over the Edible Arrangement, Preston takes her outside and tries to knock some sense into her. Fruit does not make up for that behavior, but Sahar doesn't know if she's ready to end things with Pablo, she has to think. The next day, as the roommates get themselves pretty for an MTV photo shoot, their dreaded ex-roommate comes for a visit. Everyone steers clear of Ryan as they put on fake smiles and try to make it through the day without any drama. And with everything that's been going wrong with Preston and Ashlee's radio station internship, they finally find a piece they want to go live with. At the radio station, Ashlee and Preston go on the air with a piece on New Orleans cuisine and it goes off without a hitch. It's the last night in New Orleans and the roommates and their NOLA friends celebrate with their own crawfish boil. But when Preston tries to give a heart-warming speech, Knight interrupts him. There's no crying in the Real World. The roommates return home and try to stay awake as long as possible. When Preston chooses to unwind in a relaxing bubble bath, Knight decides to throw everything not nailed down to the floor in the tub with him, including a life-size female statue. Preston's first woman! The n
Sep 15 2010
With the dark cloud known as Ryan out of the Real World house, it's nothing but blue skies for the remaining roommates as they enjoy some bonding time in a gator ridden boat ride. And as Jemmye and Knight act more "coupley" than ever, Ashlee decides it's time for wedding. For sober or for drunk, till liquor do them part! The roommates have fun planning Knight and Jemmye's faux wedding, but when the groom gets wind of the situation he wants nothing to do with it and Jemmye feels like she's been left at the altar. Continuously ragging on Jemmye, the Bridezilla decides enough is enough and storms in on Knight, cuddling with Preston no less, and gives him a few good knocks in the face. Knight's black and blue is something new and it seems like the abused has now become the abuser. At The Mission, Loretta throws a curveball the roommates' way when she asks them to live as the homeless for one day. So the gang packs up their overnight sacks and head over to The Mission for their homeless sleepover. When Knight and Ashlee get bored of camping outside, they decide to run away and hit up a bar. But when Loretta catches them, they've got some answering to do. With Sahar's boyfriend, Pablo, coming to visit the same weekend she's set to perform with a local band, Flow Tribe, she's got a full dance card. When Pablo comes to the house with two of his buddies we learn a few things about him that we didn't previously know, like his name is actually Elie, he has groomed eyebrows, wears adorned t-shirts, drinks like a fish and according to one of his bro-buddies, "gets more ass than a toilet seat." But really, he can't be all that bad and he proves this to the roommates when he boys a bottle of vodka for the roommates to share over brunch, the morning of his girlfriends fated gig. As the day goes on Pablo/Elie doesn't slow down one bit and continues to drink until he can barely walk, talk or remember which girl in the house he's supposed to be showing affection to... and that's st
Sep 08 2010
As Ryan continues to isolate himself, the roommates realize how much fun they can have without him. The roommates enjoy the day golfing while Ryan sleeps in again; when they return home to a messy house, Ryan once again separates himself from the rest of the house and refuses to clean. Cute and cuddly McKenzie has had enough of the other blonde in the house and thinks the roommates should have an intervention with him, but when Eric talks to him one on one all seems to be understood... or is it? As tensions grow in the house, Ryan's brother and cousin, dubbed Brother & Cousin come to NOLA for Ryan's birthday weekend. Hoping the older and possibly more matured family members will be able to talk some sense into their eccentric roommate, the other Real Worlders are in for more than they bargained for when Brother & Cousin are even more rambunctious than the blonde bombshell. Love is in the air in New Orleans as Preston might have found his match in Marty, a cute nerdy boy that he takes out for ice cream. Eric, having already struck out with Sahar, finds a similar looking cutey in Michelle, a girl who he woos and takes back to the house for a slumber party. Eric's only mistake, he leaves her alone in his bed for 5 minutes in which time Ryan climbs into bed with her and asks her for her friend's phone number, effectively cock-blocking Eric. Michelle leaves and Eric is left feelings frustrated with only Ryan to cuddle with. It's Ryan's birthday and in good fashion, Ryan, Brother & Cousin hit Bourbon Street and drink like prohibition is coming back. The only drawback to their day filled with fun? They leave the house car somewhere on Bourbon Street. Sleeping the previous day off, Ryan leaves finding the lost car to Eric and Preston, who take to the streets of New Orleans in search of the lost automobile. The pair finds the car and with it a parking ticket and no thanks or apologies from Ryan. With the lack of respect from Ryan, Eric holds back his anger as long as poss
Sep 01 2010
Fired 24x09
It's a double serving of weird, when a pet fish dies, Ryan and Knight fry it up and feast. As Ryan goes throughout the house offering the exotic delicacy to the roommates, his eccentric behavior seems to be bothering them more than usual. All he did was cook and eat a dead pet fish! Later that night, the roommates go out for some well-needed party time and we get to meet drunk Ryan, a fun-loving guy who only wants to hit his head into the car window and punch the back of a seat. Back at the house, while he beats his head into the headboard, Ryan confesses to Sahar that he has an extreme case of obsessive-compulsive disorder. She offers her support to him and things begin to look up for Ryan. That is until we see him creeping around the house in the middle of the night via night vision cameras. The next morning, Ashlee realizes that all her Percocet are missing. After giving one to Ryan, she asks him where he thinks they might be. Ryan gives a shrug and suggests that the former prescription pill junkie, Knight, might have something to do with their disappearance. Amidst rumors flying around the house about who stole the Percocet, Eric decides to perform standup comedy, his subject, the "Peeing on the Toothbrush Incident." Too soon. As Sahar watches Eric perform, she begins to feel the stage pulling at the strings of her heart. Sahar invites some local musicians over the house to jam and decides to sing one of their songs at an upcoming open mic night. But after another playful conversation between Sahar and Knight turns heated, she finds herself questioning her singing ability. Knight, surrounded by rumors and once again caught in conflict with Sahar, goes to the sage Loretta of the New Orleans Mission for some advice. Loretta sets him straight and he goes back to the house, once again apologizes to Sahar and they are friends once again... sort of. To satisfy the roommates, but mostly himself, Knight takes a drug test and shows it to Ashlee. It tests negative for
Aug 25 2010
It's Saint Patrick's Day on Bourbon Street and Knight is looking to pee green. As half the roommates spend the holiday helping others at the New Orleans Mission, Knight, Jemmye, Preston and McKenzie celebrate in the traditional style of drinking until they get lost, get in a fight with a telephone, cry, run away and black out. And boy do they! McKenzie accidentally strays from the pack, and is left wandering the streets of New Orleans. With some well-needed alone time, Knight and Jemmye continue to celebrate and have a relationship conversation ending in Knight deciding to have sex with other women, but Jemmye that night. Back at the Mission, Ryan has an eye-opening conversation with a twenty-one year-old homeless man, Carlos. Feeling the good deeds done, the roommates return to the house to get ready so they can join their friends. However, they're in for a surprise when they come home to find the house in shambles after Hurricane Jemmye stormed through, flipping over coffee tables and ripping the phone out of the wall. Meanwhile, McKenzie is still lost, but has found comfort in the arms of a sexy stranger, Grant, who promises to keep her safe, as long as she continue to hang out and drink with him. Looking to call it a night, McKenzie and Grant go back to Hell House. Upon finding the phone dismantled and no way to call a cab (because cell phones don't exist yet), McKenzie and Grant have nothing else to do but make out... all over the house. Now able to walk, Jemmye decides that she wants to go home, so she throws on some over-sized sweats, no shoes and heads east towards Mississippi. When Ashlee talks her off someone else's stoop, she brings Jemmye home and tucks her into bed. The next morning, everyone is a little dazed, to say the least. Blackout Queen McKenzie and Emotional Wreck Jemmye go grocery shopping and talk about the issues that Jemmye is clearly not dealing with. After the night she had, Jemmye decides that she must confront her issues with domestic
Aug 18 2010
Lady Gaga fever is hitting New Orleans hard as Ashlee, Sahar and Preston dress up to attend a theme party. But when Knight sees Preston in a drag, the testosterone fueled Hockey Boy fires insults left and right. The next day, the roommates take the Katrina Tour and see just how much of New Orleans was devastated and how much needs to be rebuilt. Wanting to give back, McKenzie asks the roommates to help her build a house with Habitat for Humanity. All the roommates are eager to help... except for Ryan, a true giver, who thinks he'd be better suited helping the victims of Katrina by doing hair. When Sahar begins to feel the love pangs pulling at her heartstrings, she calls home to find out that Pablo hooked up with another girl. Being in an open relationship, they both enjoyed their right to hook up with other people, but with Pablo so far away and jealousy setting in, Sahar is beginning to rethink her decision. After a successful day working with Habitat for Humanity, the roommates go out to celebrate. Knight begins to see McKenzie in a different light, perhaps it's her bright, shining compassion, and thinks maybe she, not Jemmye, is the girl for him. But while McKenzie is willing to indulge Knight in some harmless flirting, she draws the line at that. With Knight putting the moves on McKenzie and McKenzie playing hard to get, Jemmye is left watching this all unfold before her eyes, and wonders that maybe Knight isn't the trustworthy, gentleman she once thought he was. With Sahar boiling from the Pablo Situation and the McKenzie/Knight/Jemmye Triangle brewing, she tells Knight he's being disrespectful. Taking no prisoners, Knight immediately goes in for the kill and rubs salt in the Pablo-inflicted wound. The next day, with Sahar still plotting his demise, Knight avoids the situation altogether by going to watch a hockey game with Preston. During their man-date, Preston opens up to Knight about the pressures he feels to be a man and how his sexuality sometimes g
Aug 11 2010
The Cold War heats up when Eric tattles and tells Ryan that Preston scrubbed the toilet with his beloved electric toothbrush. After having wiped Preston's cigarettes in his Grand Canyon, Ryan decides to pay Preston back even more by destroying his favorite hat. Knight urges Ryan to settle his war the Hockey Boy Method, waiting outside the house and punching Preston in the face, (but more so just threatening to.) Sahar, or "Hollywood" as the roommates call her, feels inspired by being in New Orleans and wants to use the opportunity to pursue her music. Later, Knight fuels the fire between Preston and Ryan by telling Ryan that Preston, in addition to using his toothbrush as a toilet bowl cleaner, also peed on it.To avoid the chaos about to ensure in the house, Sahar takes the girls out to see Theresa Anderson, a local musician and one woman show. After the show Sahar meets Theresa and hits it off with her, perhaps she will get the tutelage she needs after all. The next day, Jemmey's mother, Alice, who affectionately refers to her daughter as "The Little Slut Puppy," pays the roommates a visit. Knight, ever the classy gentleman, takes mother and daughter out on Bourbon Street for a romantic horse & carriage ride and, of course, a round of shots. Ryan decides to get back at Preston one final time by calling the cops and explaining The Toothbrush Situation. The cops come to the house and interrupt the criminal Preston, who they find red-handed lying on the couch and reading. All the roommates hold back laughter as the cops ask Preston and Ryan to come down to the police station and give their statements. A heart to heart between mother and daughter reveals that Alice thinks Knight is good for Jemmye and that he can help break down her barriers and begin to trust men again. Meanwhile, on the other side of town Theresa invites Sahar over to jam. With her new found mentor and filled with inspiration, Sahar makes a vow to get on stage before she leaves New Orleans or die
Aug 04 2010
Mardi Gras is in full swing as the roommates trade beads for fried chicken on one of the Tucks Parade floats. As the Tucks Parade dies down so does the feud between Preston and Ryan as they "squash their beef" and decide to play nice, but still reserve the right to hate one another with a fiery passion. At the Tucks Ball McKenzie's drunken alter ego, Mary, shows up in army fatigues and she's got a penchant for beer and 40 year-old men in plumbers uniforms. Later, Knight questions Jemmye's feelings as they cuddle next to a photo of her and her towering, basketballer boyfriend, Kodi. Jemmye begins to question her own motivations with Knight, maybe he's turning into more than just friends with benefits. "Team Knight or Team Kodi?" That is the question! The next night leads to even more confusion when Jemmye, who had been toying with the idea of going to see Kodi play basketball, sees Knight flirting with another random girl right next to her. As Knight sees it, Jemmye needs to go to Kodi's game so she can stop messing up his. On a happier romantic note, McKenzie gives Mary the night off when she meets Travis, a cute, spring-breaker who is more into talking that drinking. With Knight exploring his options, Jemmye is left with the need to go to Kodi's game, so she and Ashlee venture to Baton Rouge, where they not only run into Kodi, but twenty of his closest family members. With somewhat of a shrug off from her baller boyfriend, Jemmye is more confused that ever as the roommates go into the final Mardi Gras celebration, Fat Tuesday. At the bar, McKenzie runs into Travis and she learns that, like herself, he is a fellow blacker-outer. But while they might be a match made in foggy-memoried heaven, Travis has to return home, leaving McKenzie without a man but with a valuable lesson: if you blackout a lot, you might want to cut back on the drinking. Fresh off her encounter with Kodi, and filled to the brim with Bourbon Street's finest booze, Jemmye confides in Knight th
Jul 28 2010
The animosity between Ryan and Preston escalates to a place that shocks everyone. The roommates fear for McKenzie's safety when she gets black out drunk on Superbowl Sunday.
Jul 21 2010
Tired of McKenzie's games, Ryan sets his sights on her best friend and Knight makes his move on Jemmye.
Jul 14 2010
Knight graciously offers to help Jemmye lose her "white-boy virginity." Sahara and Eric share a kiss. And the roommates become increasingly skeptical of Ryan after a night out sends him to the hospital.
Jul 07 2010
The Real World heads back to New Orleans just in time for Mardi Gras. Eric crushes on Sahar, and Ryan and Preston set the stage for a season-long feud.
Jun 30 2010

Season 23

15 Episodes

Mar 31 2010
As the roommates prepare to leave DC, Callie puts together a gallery to showcase her, Andrew and Emily's work and Mike's dad comes to support him at the HRC National Dinner.
Mar 31 2010
Mar 24 2010
Ian's visit makes Erika even more certain that she wants to leave the house. Or is she just crying wolf again? And Andrew lands a gig that gets him into the White House.
Mar 17 2010
Andrew falls in love. And time it might be real. With her music career at a dead stop Erika questions her place in the house, and a frustrated Callie calls her out on her lack of drive.
Mar 10 2010
Emily reaches her breaking point after Ty drops Andrew off the balcony, and the roommates must decide if they feel safe letting Ty stay in the house.
Mar 03 2010
Feb 24 2010
Mike opens up to his mom and siblings about his sexuality as jealousies arise when Josh and Erika both look to form bands in DC.
Feb 17 2010
The fur flies between Erika and Ashley causing Erika to think about going home; Mike hangs out with his D.C. fling, but their relationship is tested by Mike's bisexuality.
Feb 10 2010
Ashley opens up about her abusive past after getting into a fight with Andrew. Also: Callie looks for a job.
Feb 03 2010
Josh's girlfriend visits, and each confronts the other about cheating rumors. Meanwhile, Erika gets a big break with her singing career.
Jan 27 2010
The sexual tension between Mike and Ashley leads to hostility. Meanwhile, the ladies decide to help Andrew work on his game.
Jan 20 2010
Ty's feelings for Emily continue to grow until he learns she's not looking for anything serious. Later, he insults Callie in the worst way possible.
Jan 13 2010
Attraction and tension begins to emerge between Ty and Emily. Mike explores his attraction to both Ashley and to other men. Andrew expresses his attraction to an unreceptive Callie, and his subsequent recourse provides conflict between him and Ashley. Emily enjoys a visit from her older sister, who disapproves of Emily's lifestyle choices
Jan 06 2010
The Real World takes on Washington, DC, where eight strangers are eager to make their mark on the nation's capital. The roommates waste no time diving into politics, religion, race, sexual orientation...Just another day in DC.
Dec 30 2009

Season 22

14 Episodes

Reunion 22x14
Cast members reminisce about the season.
Sep 16 2009
Sep 09 2009
Season 22 ends as the roommates say their good-byes and leave Cancun.
Sep 09 2009
One cast member has been sent to jail. Emilee incurs Bronne's wrath after destroying his prized magazines.
Sep 02 2009
Ayiiia begins to miss her boyfriend Ryan and sets her sights on Jonna, which ends in a threesome between Pat, Jonna, and Ayiiia. Tension rises between Jonna and Emilee over Jonna keeping the threesome a secret from her.
Aug 26 2009
Jasmine hooks up with Pat's cousin, JR, which drives Jonna and Pat closer together and Jonna breaks up with Matt. Also, Bronne's antics get him banished from the ME hotel.
Aug 19 2009
When she is rejected by Pat, a devastated Jasmine turns to alcohol to cope with her emotions as Jonna and Pat get closer. The roommates raise money to help DIF, a local Cancun children's charity.
Aug 12 2009
Peak Week 22x07
Joey misses another shift at work but claims that it's not his fault and is sent home. Jasmine tries to reveal her true feelings for Pat but feels insecure when it seems Pat may like Jonna.
Aug 05 2009
One roommates job and stay in Cancun may be in jeopardy due to irresponsible behavior. Also, Jonna receives a visit from her boyfriend.
Jul 29 2009
Tension within the Cancun house has reached an all-time high when Joey attempts to send Ayiiia home.
Jul 22 2009
Jasmine has her eyes set on Pat, a StudentCity boss; and Derek receives a visit to the Cancun house by his ex.
Jul 15 2009
Things between Ayiiia and Emilee heats up. Meanwhile, the guys vent over their frustrations concerning Ayiiia.
Jul 08 2009
Jonna and CJ find themselves getting close, whereas Ayiiia and Joey's feud continues. Also, the roommates meet up with their new boss and are told what job they will be doing.
Jul 01 2009
This season takes The Real World across the border into Cancun, Mexico. Eight new strangers move into their ME Suite in Cancun, Mexico and get to know each other. CJ seems to be the heartthrob of the house, but after snuggling with Emilee, his previous relationship comes to an end. Joey is quick to sow his wild Cancun oats and hooks up with a local girl while Bronne makes out with the girls mom
Jun 24 2009

Season 21

14 Episodes

Reunion 21x14
The program, hosted by Maria Menounos, featured all eight housemates. Ryan, whose appearance was a surprise to the other seven, is set to leave for Fort Bragg, North Carolina before leaving for Iraq. Sarah and J.D. returned to San Francisco and Miami, respectively, while Kat has gotten and job as an I.T. specialist at the University of Montana, and Baya has been producing music and deejaying. Among the topics discussed are how life has changed for the cast, the argument in the season finale, Sarah and Kat's unresolved issues with J.D., the gender conflict in the house, with Ryan and Chet taking issue with what they saw as Sarah's lack of sincerity and prejudice, and the cast's feelings about Ryan's recall. It is revealed that Ryan and Belle broke up, and that he and Baya are in a relationship
Apr 01 2009
The housemates prepare to move out as their stay in the house nears its end. Scott, Baya and Devyn plan to stay in New York, and move in together as roommates. Ryan prepares to report for active duty as part of Operation: Iraqi Freedom, but not before getting into an altercation at a bar. The women engage in one last war of pranks, with J.D. caught in the middle, and Ryan reacting with outrage. Despite the conflict, the group bonds one last time over Ryan's guitar music on their last night together, and enjoys some emotional exchanges as they each leave the loft the next day.
Apr 01 2009
Mar 25 2009
As election day 2008 approaches, Ryan discovers he has been called back into duty in Iraq.
Mar 18 2009
Katelynn thinks seriously about quitting the show and heading home.
Mar 11 2009
Mar 04 2009
Feb 25 2009
The Brooklyn house receives a visit from Devyn's "semi-fiance" while still stringing along another guy. Meanwhile, Devyn receives payback for her cheating ways when guys pull a prank on her.
Feb 18 2009
Ryan wants to know the secret which Katelyn has been keeping from him.
Feb 11 2009
Ryan is upset over a late-night prank which was pulled by JD.
Feb 04 2009
Jan 28 2009
Jan 21 2009
Jan 14 2009
Season 21 opens with eight strangers this season (not seven), moving into a home in Brooklyn.
Jan 07 2009

Season 20

14 Episodes

Jul 12 2008
The roommates say good-bye to Hollywood and to each other in this 20th-season finale.
Jul 09 2008
Mexi-Loco 20x12
The roommates vacation in Cancun, Mexico, and Will and Brittini go too far and jeopardize their relationships. Meanwhile, Sarah and Kimberly harass Brianna.
Jul 02 2008
Making It 20x11
Brianna decides to record a demo; Kim, Nick and Sarah get internships at a movie Web site.
Jun 25 2008
Two new roommates move in, and Will is attracted to Brittini but determined to stay true to his girlfriend, Janelle. Meanwhile, Dave starts hosting comedy shows.
Jun 18 2008
Joey struggles with sobriety and wonders whether returning to the house was a good idea; Brianna works harder on her music and gets a gig at the Hard Rock.
Jun 11 2008
Joey returns from rehab, and the roommates perform their improv show.
Jun 04 2008
Get It On 20x07
Greg plays another prank, and Will and Dave are furious; the roommates visit Joey in rehab.
May 28 2008
Greg causes trouble when he invites promiscuous women to the house. Meanwhile, Sarah gets irate when someone steals her panties, Will woos Greg's girlfriend for revenge, and Sarah's boyfriend Ryan visits.
May 21 2008
Dave brings another girl home, jeopardizing his relationship with Kim. Meanwhile, Sarah can't understand Brianna's promiscuity; Will works on his music; and Greg gets a modeling job and misses Improv for the second time.
May 14 2008
Joey hits rock-bottom and the other roommates want to stage an intervention. Brianna must return to Philadelphia to face the pending charges against her.
May 07 2008
Dave and Kim hook up and try being friends with benefits. The roommates start an improv acting class. Joey reveals his struggle with addiction, and Brianna dumps him.
Apr 30 2008
Kimberly and Sarah confront Brianna about the way she uses her body; Dave and Kimberly get closer; and Sarah tries to set some boundaries with Will.
Apr 23 2008
It's the twentieth season of The Real World and this time, seven strangers move into a house in Hollywood!
Apr 16 2008

Season 19

25 Episodes

Jan 09 2008
Jan 09 2008
Jan 02 2008
Tourism 19x22
Dec 26 2007
Dec 19 2007
Dec 12 2007
Dec 05 2007
Nov 28 2007
Nov 21 2007
The Birds 19x16
Nov 14 2007
Nov 07 2007
Oct 31 2007
Oct 24 2007
Oct 17 2007
Oct 10 2007
Oct 03 2007
Sep 26 2007
Sep 19 2007
Sep 12 2007
Sep 05 2007
Aug 29 2007
Aug 22 2007
Aug 15 2007
Kelly Anne is not pleased when she hears Parisa and Shauvon talking about her behind her back and it looks like the four girls are going to be facing off against each other. Shauvon and Isaac end up flirting at the beach and share a make-out session in the confessional. Shauvon and Kelly Anne make up and Kelly Anne tries to smooth things over with Parisa as well. Looks like things in the Sydney house have settled down for the time being.
Aug 08 2007
The gang finally arrive in Sydney, Australia! Trisha, Cohutta, and KellyAnne are the first group introduced to the viewers. Isaac and Shauvon, follow. Finally, Dunbar and Parisa are the last to arrive at the house. Tension starts to build between Parisa and KellyAnne and Trisha. The gang later has their first night of partying at a bar. Later, Dunbar and KellyAnne flirt in the hot tub.
Aug 08 2007

Season 18

30 Episodes

May 30 2007
May 23 2007
During their last week in Denver, Jenn and Stephen become closer and begin flirting with one another. Stephen realizes he is uncomfortable with this since both of them have relationships back home. Davis' sexual encounter with a man named Josh is observed by Jenn and Colie, though he later denies having had sex with him. Davis later admits that he "just wants to be straight" but he later comes to terms with his sexuality. The roommates leave Denver one by one, and Brooke, the final one to leave, thanks Denver for changing her life.
May 16 2007
After the group arrives in Thailand, Colie begins hanging out with an Australian man, and has sex with him, annoying her fellow roommates as they are now unable to sleep in their room. During a boat ride preceding a snorkeling trip, Colie becomes drunk and later cuts her toe, however when Brooke falls on her coccyx, the roommates give her more attention, despite Colie actually being the one who's bleeding. Alex becomes annoyed with Colie for her selfishness. Meanwhile, Jenn and Stephen begin to get along.
May 09 2007
After another date with Adam, Colie invites him to sleep over at the house, but he declines the invitation, after which a drunken Colie ends up sleeping in the same bed with Alex. She later brings home a male model named Justin in front of Alex. Meanwhile, Davis' mother and sister visit Denver to celebrate his birthday. Later, the roommates are told they are going on a trip to Thailand.
May 02 2007
During the final week of Outward Bound, Brooke's fear of heights is tested when the group rappels down a cliff. Colie becomes sick once again, and is sent back to the Denver house to prevent her from contaminating the others. When the group finishes their hike to the top of the mountain, Brooke reveals how the experience of Outward Bound has changed her. Chris tells the roommates they will be taking a vacation soon as a reward.
Apr 25 2007
Jenn's boyfriend from home, Jared, comes to visit. When Davis tells Jared that Jenn had been cheating on him, he is upset with her for not telling him the truth. However, after she tells him about a one night stand that she had, he finally forgives her for being honest with him. Meanwhile, Brooke gives her phone number to a guy she met at a restaurant named Kyle.
Apr 18 2007
Davis expresses his opinions of the female housemates' appearances, and after he makes a negative remark about Brooke's appearance, she reacts furiously by wrecking his bed. Meanwhile, Tyrie enjoys being single after he and Jazalle break up.
Apr 09 2007
Stephen returns from his sister's wedding after his roommates finish their excursion with the Hurricane Katrina victims. When all of the cast but Stephen is praised for their Outward Bound work, Stephen comes into conflict with Tyrie and Colie, whom he blames for this, though he later makes amends with both of them.
Apr 04 2007
Tyrie tells the Outward Bound boss, Chris, that he is thinking of quitting, but Chris convinces him to stay. Despite having had a argument with Stephen, he and Colie go to pick up young boys who were affected by Hurricane Katrina at the airport. As the rest of the roommates are driving to the campsite, they make a wrong turn and end up being over three hours late. After the group is done climbing the mountain, Stephen tells them he has to leave early so he can make it in time for his sister's wedding, which annoys his fellow castmates.
Mar 26 2007
Locked Up 18x20
Tyrie is arrested by police for public urination, requiring Jazalle to post bail for him. Meanwhile, Jenn and Jared break up for good when he decides that he cannot trust her. Tyrie and Jazalle then talk about their problems and resolve to move on. However, Jenn, with whom they discuss this, still feels bad about Tyrie's behavior, and considers leaving Denver.
Mar 19 2007
Jenn tells her boyfriend, Jared, she cheated on him with Alex. While he tells her he has been faithful, Jenn's sister tells her that he has seen kissing other women back home. Upset, Jenn starts pursuing Stephen's visiting friend, Darnell. Meanwhile, Tyrie and Jazalle begin to get serious, but his former flame, Ashley, shows up again since she happens to be a waitress at the bar they are at. Jazalle becomes upset with this, leading to a fight with Tyrie back at the house that the other roommates try to break up
Mar 14 2007
While at a bar, Davis suggests that he and his boyfriend, P.J., have a threesome with Brooke. Instead, she begins making out with Tyrie. On his last night in Denver, Davis apologizes to P.J., who was bothered by Davis' attraction to Brooke and says that nothing will come between them. The Outward Bound boss, Chris, calls to inform Brooke, Davis and Stephen that they still need to finish their Outward Bound training. While on a hike, Davis and Brooke get into a heated argument stemming from the PJ situation, making the completion of the trip difficult for them and Stephen, though they later make amends.
Mar 07 2007
Colie and Cory have sex upon his arrival in Denver, as do a drunken Jenn and Alex. Brooke, annoyed at the lovemaking going on in her bedroom, calls her mother, who advises her to address issues of conflict right away before they escalate. Jenn and Brooke make amends over their prior conflict. Ty advises Colie that she would be better off by not trying to be with Alex. After Cory returns home, he calls her and breaks up with her because he feels he was holding her back from enjoying other relationships
Feb 28 2007
After a night of drinking, Alex has a sleepover in Colie's bed, right before her ex-boyfriend, Corey, with whom she was planning to break up, comes to visit. Brooke comes into conflict with Colie and Jenn over household cleaning duties. Alex's friend, Brett, comes to visit and tells Colie that Alex wants to keep their relationship platonic. A discussion on group driving plans to a local attraction results in an enraged Brooke screaming at Jenn and storming out. During a day out together, Alex and Jenn once again become intoxicated and begin making out.
Feb 21 2007
During a visit to a local gay pride festival, Davis finds a church that is accepting of homosexuals, and visits it with Stephen the following day, though the fact that Davis is both Christian and gay perplexes Stephen. Davis subsequently relates to Stephen how his family rejected him because of his sexuality. When Davis' boyfriend, P.J., visits and shares a sexual interlude with Davis, Stephen sequesters himself from the bedroom he shares with Davis. The couple later double dates with Stephen and his girlfriend, Mercii.
Feb 14 2007
Alex brings home a local girl, Stacy, to the house, of whom Colie does not approve. The following day, Colie goes on a date with Adam and brings him to the house. When he asks her about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Cory, Colie tells him their relationship is platonic, even though he is coming to visit Denver soon. When Alex subsequently brings Stacy to the house again, he asks Colie about how she would feel about his having sex with her, and Colie gives him her approval. Alex later admits to Colie that he does have feelings for her, but does not wish to be in a relationship with her.
Feb 07 2007
While Alex, Colie, Jenn and Tyrie are hiking up a mountain for their Outward Bound training, the group becomes closer. However, Tyrie has to stop when he gets an asthma attack. Back at the Denver house, Brooke, Davis and Stephen go out for a drink and while Brooke decides to go to a spa, Davis decides to rejoin his other roommates and goes back to Outward Bound. Alex, Colie and Jenn make it to the summit of the mountain with their instructors, Chris and Raleigh. When the roommates return to Denver, Brooke greets them at the door in her bathing suit, disappointing Colie and Jenn.
Jan 31 2007
The group goes on another camping trip for their Outward Bound training. Colie is told that she is not allowed to talk to Adam because he is an employee for Outward Bound, but after he informs her that he quit the job in order to be with her, they go on a date, during which she tells him she has an open relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Cory. Brooke sprains her ankle and with a doctor's note, she is exempt from the trip, much to her satisfaction. Stephen and Davis become sick and their boss sends Brooke, Stephen and Davis back to Denver so they can recover, much to the pleasure of all three of them.
Jan 24 2007
Stephen flirts with women at a bar, despite a prior agreement that Jenn would look out for him to prevent him from cheating on his girlfriend, Mercii. Davis and Brooke become closer, though Brooke tells him she does not wish to sleep with him because of his sexuality. Later, when Stephen and Alex bring home several girls to the hot tub, Jenn is upset at Stephen for cheating on his girlfriend, and he becomes enraged at Jenn when she mentions Mercii. Alex advises Stephen to retaliate by finding Jenn's sensitive spot for their next confrontation. After Davis relates this to Jenn, she confronts Alex, and they make amends.
Jan 17 2007
Tyrie and Brooke have difficulty with an abseiling exercise with Outward Bound, but while Tyrie manages to complete it, Brooke refuses to participate in it. She later declines to help Alex clean dishes, and repeatedly violates other rules, irritating their boss, Chris, who warns her for her behavior, and Alex, who admonishes her to accept responsibility for her behavior. Colie's illness relegates her to a camp with a man, Adam, to whom she is attracted
Jan 10 2007
The housemates meet their Outward Bound trainer, Raleigh, who will teach them mountain survival skills, such as stepping into a mountain lake and navigating an obstacle course, which poses difficulty to Brooke, who is embarrassed at the anxiety that these activities cause her. Despite this and her fear of heights, Jenn encourages her into climbing Turtle Rock with her housemates.
Jan 03 2007
The roommates receive two cars that they will be allowed to drive for the rest of the season. Jenn brings home a man named John, despite the fact that she has a boyfriend named Jared back home, and when the housemates tease her, she asserts that she did not sleep with him. During their argument, Alex suggests that the two of them have sex for a second time, but Jenn says that their night together was a drunken mistake that she will not repeat. The housemates learn they will be working for Outward Bound, which displeases Brooke.
Jan 03 2007
Colie become ill and is diagnosed with mononucleosis, which she learns she contracted from kissing multiple people. Brooke gets lost while looking for a nail salon, and suffers rude comments from men. When she relates her experience back at the house, Tyrie takes offense to her characterization of the neighborhood she walked through as a "ghetto". Brooke herself becomes upset when later relating her experience to her mother over the phone, and tells Jenn that she suffers from severe anxiety attacks, but thinks her attacks would be ameliorated if she formed a stronger rapport with her housemates. Brooke and Tyrie later make amends.
Dec 27 2006
Bus Brawl 18x06
Jenn tells Tyrie that he reminds her of her ex-boyfriend, whom she dislikes. Jenn, Tyrie, Alex, Davis and Stephen ride a party bus, and by the time they pick up the rest of the roommates, Jenn is already intoxicated, leading to an argument between her and Tyrie, and Jenn's leaving the group. When the housemates later tell her that they believe she has a drinking problem, Jenn, who parties at least four times a week, reveals that alcoholism runs in her family, and that she consumes at least one alcoholic beverage per day. After her problem continues following this, she apologizes to Tyrie about the incident, and tells Davis she wants a fresh start.
Dec 20 2006
Dark Kent 18x05
After a night at the bar, Tyrie finds himself trying to balance two different women, Ashley and Jazalle. When he agrees to meet both of them at the same bar, on the same night, Stephen helps him by stalling Ashley, while Tyrie socializes with Jazalle. Davis, Alex and Stephen bond while on a ski trip. To celebrate the passing of June 6, 2006, the housemates (except Stephen, who abstains due to his religious views) attend a bar's "sin party", where Jenn, Brooke and Davis dress up in lingerie and costumes, but soon find out they're the only ones there who are dressed up. A man at the bar questions Davis' sexuality, but Tyrie stands up for him. Leaving the bar, Tyrie sees Jazalle and brings her home.
Dec 13 2006
Tension arises between Davis, Stephen and Tyrie following a bartender's address of Stephen with a racial slur, leading to a heated confrontation in which Tyrie physically threatens Davis. Davis subsequently states his intention to leave Denver, and furthers the conflict after he refers to Tyrie as a "nigger" when explaining the incident over the phone to his boyfriend. After Davis spends a night in a hotel on the advice of the producers, he apologizes to Stephen and Tyrie, who accept his apology. He decides to remain in Denver, but admits he may be an alcoholic.
Dec 06 2006
After Jenn's dalliance with Alex, she tries to avoid Colie, but Colie soon learns what happened. They make amends and decide that their friendship is more important than a man. After a girl's night out, Colie brings home a guy, Nick, whom she starts making out with in front of Alex. After Nick leaves, she goes to Alex, and they make a pact that they won't sleep with other people for the next 24 hours. However, because Alex is drunk, he says the next morning that he did not remember agreeing to this.
Nov 29 2006
Colie tells the girls that she is interested in Alex. Davis comes out about his sexuality to the house, but Stephen does not accept the fact that Davis is both a Christian and homosexual. Alex makes out with Colie, but is afraid Colie is becoming too emotional attached. A drunken Alex and Jenn later have sex.
Nov 22 2006
The seven roommates arrive at their Denver home. The roommates are surprised that there are no gay roommates, however, nobody is aware of Davis' sexuality. Stephen and Davis bond over their religious views. Davis confides in Colie about his sexuality, and she easily accepts it. When Tyrie sees Jenn and Brooke make out in the hot tub, he tries to join in, but they rebuff his advances. Colie and Jenn bond over their mutual love of partying.
Nov 22 2006

Season 17

28 Episodes

Aug 29 2006
Aug 22 2006
The roommates bid farewell. After being postponed by Hurricane Wilma, the roommates finally go to Fantasy Fest and enter costume contests. John ends up encountering trouble with the gang's parade float.
Aug 15 2006
Fantasy Fest, which was postponed because of Hurricane Wilma, finally takes place. The roommates participate in costume competitions as John struggles to get the Mystic Tan float ready in time for the parade.
Aug 15 2006
Svetlana's looking forward to her boyfriend visiting for her birthday, but she doesn't know that Tyler is planning a surprise for him. And as Paula's therapy ends, she reflects on how she's changed.
Aug 08 2006
Tyler plans to run a marathon, but wants only three roommates---Jose, Paula and Zach---to be there in person to cheer him on, which offends the others in the house.
Aug 01 2006
When Janelle's ex-boyfriend Kasib visits, the couple get into a fight and he's thrown out of the house with nowhere to go.
Jul 25 2006
Tyler obsesses over arranging a publicity visit with Olympic gold-medal-winning swimmer Amanda Beard, causing friction with the other roommates and an argument with John.
Jul 18 2006
The roommates vacation in Spain, and John's out every night cruising for girls. Meanwhile, Svetlana is mad at Tyler and Janelle, so she mopes in her room.
Jul 11 2006
The roomies return to Key West and survey the hurricane's impact on their house and business. Elsewhere, Svetlana gets angry with Tyler when she finds the burn book.
Jun 27 2006
Hurricane Wilma forces the roommates to evacuate to Fort Lauderdale, but the storm follows them.
Jun 20 2006
John and Tyler work on a float for Fantasy Fest as a hurricane approaches. And Janelle is cross with John after he jokingly removes her top.
Jun 20 2006
Zach is torn between three women at once; Svetlana goes home to be with her boyfriend, Martin, after hearing his father is terminally ill.
Jun 13 2006
Svetlana tells John about Tyler talking trash behind his back. They make up and make a burn book against Svetlana; A possible visit by Paula's abusive ex-boyfriend causes a reaction among the roommates.
Jun 06 2006
Janelle questions Jose's work ethic, and he doesn't take kindly to her remarks.
May 30 2006
The roommates open the tanning salon, and Paula is angry at John for sleeping on the job.
May 23 2006
Tyler has a one-night stand with a hottie, who Svetlana doesn't think is gay, but starts to wonder if her boyfriend is.
May 16 2006
Paula knows she has issues but is afraid of therapy, and Zach begins a relationship with a local.
May 09 2006
Hurricane Rita's arrival forces the roommates to evacuate to West Palm Beach, where they have fun partying until John and Tyler start arguing about John's insensitive remarks regarding gays.
May 02 2006
Hurricane Rita spoils the housemates plans for the opening of their tanning salon. Elsewhere, Paula interferes with John's date, and he accuses her of being a lesbian.
Apr 25 2006
John brings home two women, and Jose ends up playing wingman; Paula reveals a startling secret about her ex-boyfriend.
Apr 18 2006
The looming deadline for the store is causing everyone's true personalities to shine and conflict.
Apr 11 2006
Svetlana wants to manage the tanning salon, but she gets competition for the job from Zach.
Apr 04 2006
Svetlana has a spat with her boyfriend and considers dumping him for John.
Mar 28 2006
The roommates prepare to open the tanning salon; Tyler doesn't want to work with Svetlana, who he says is immature and irritating.
Mar 21 2006
Tyler introduces the others to Key West's gay nightlife, but John prefers chasing girls. Elsewhere, the roommates urge Paula to get help dealing with her issues.
Mar 14 2006
The roommates try to have a little fun before their job starts. The roommates believe that Paula has an eating disorder. John comments about Paula's weight causing her to confide in Zach about her insecurities. She appears to experience an anxiety attack and Janelle and Svetlana calm her down.
Mar 07 2006
The seven house mates come to Key West after waiting out Hurricane Katrina in separate locations. Paula tells the girls she thinks all of the guys are attractive, and John and Zach are drawn to Svetlana, who has a boyfriend.
Feb 28 2006

Season 16

26 Episodes

Nov 29 2005
The gang says goodbye. Danny and Melinda contemplate their future. Elsewhere, Wren slaps Wes for bragging to the roommates about having sex with her. In turn, Wes confronts Rachel, who told Wren about it.
Nov 22 2005
The roommates have to post bail for Nehemiah who is arrested for assault.
Nov 15 2005
The housemates meet Ondi Timoner, the director of the documentary “Dig!”; and she gives Nehemiah professional advice. Also: Wes and Johanna flirt at a bar, which makes Wren jealous.
Nov 08 2005
The housemates vacation in Costa Rica, where they enjoy the beach, take a canopy tour; surf; and go whitewater rafting. Also: Wes pretends to be Prince Harry to impress some women; and a drunken Danny misunderstands something Melinda says and leaves her at a bar.
Nov 01 2005
With the deadline on the documentary looming, the housemates leave the editing to budding filmmaker Nehemiah. The night before the film is due to premiere at the Austin Film Society, however, he heads out to a club, and Lacey and Melinda take turns editing the project. Also: the housemates learn that they will be vacationing in Costa Rica.
Oct 18 2005
Rachel's boyfriend Erik visits with her dog Reese in tow. Also: Danny helps the police search for the guy who sucker-punched him.
Oct 18 2005
The local music festival is in full swing and the roommates are getting their footage together.
Oct 11 2005
The group must have a cut of their film and Danny's feeling for Mel get stronger.
Oct 04 2005
Jo has serious feelings for Leo, but Leo doesn't seem quite as interested. Jo tries to get Wes' opinion on the matter.
Sep 27 2005
Johanna steals a rose from a homeless man. She is arrested for public intoxication.
Sep 20 2005
Mel gets the gang on a dude ranch. While there, Danny continues to question his relationship with Mel. After another night out of drunken debauchery, Wes and Danny begin to feel like they could be missing out on the most exciting time of their lives by trying to maintain their respective relationships.
Sep 13 2005
Nehemiah's portrait work is criticized by their editor but takes it all in stride. Later at a bar, Nehemiah tries to start a fight after a drink is spilled on him but Wes stops him from becoming to violent.
Sep 06 2005
Wes meets a girl, Wren, at a bar and brings her home to meet the rest of the housemates. Jo begins to second guess her decision to blow Wes off and later, Wes and Jo share their first kiss. Rachael opens up to Danny about her experiences in Iraq
Aug 30 2005
The housemates receive their next film assignment and Danny returns. Instead of hanging out with Mel, Danny goes out with the guys instead which upsets Mel. Mel gets drunk and Danny ends up taking care of her.
Aug 23 2005
Jo and Leo go on a date and Leo tells Wes that he thinks Jo is just leading him on. Wes tells this to Jo, who isn't happy about it, and then tells Wes she isn't speaking to him for a long time.
Aug 16 2005
Danny goes back to Boston for his mother's funeral. Mel worries that Danny won't come back to Austin and Nehemiah worries his mother won't make it out of rehab. Lacey's boyfriend, Ryan, visits.
Aug 09 2005
Danny plans a date with Melinda for Valentine's Day and spends the day shopping with Nehemiah for the right shirt and tie to wear on the special day. When they return from shopping, Danny gets a devistating phone call that his mother died earlier that day from a heart attack.
Aug 02 2005
Finally recovered, Danny wants to emulate Wes and Nehemiah's lifestyle.
Jul 26 2005
Rachel meets a hot local bouncer who may be out of her league. Wes and Nehemiah reach into the groupie drawer to invite over some local girls.
Jul 19 2005
Danny is upset when Melinda kisses Wes. Nehemiah and Rachel argue over Rachel's experience in Iraq.
Jul 12 2005
Danny's dad travels to Austin for Danny's surgery. Rachel develops feelings for Wes but he is more interested in Johanna.
Jul 05 2005
The roommates receive information on their job while in Austin and Melinda receives an upsetting phone call from home.
Jun 28 2005
The roomies spend some time trying to get to know each other. Later, they go out on the town and Danny and Wes get into a major street fight with some locals.
Jun 21 2005
Meet the seven strangers picked to live in a house and have their every move taped on the season premiere of The Real World Austin. The cast features three guys (Danny, Wes, and Nehemiah) and four girls (Lacy, Rachel, Johanna, and Melinda).
Jun 21 2005

Season 15

27 Episodes

Mar 15 2005
The roommates go to Shampoo with Willie and when a drag queen comes out on stage, MJ looks shocked and proclaims ""I'm straight."" At lunch the next day, Willie tells Mel that he thinks MJ and Landon think of Willie as a character, not as a person. Willie does admit that part of that is his fault because they haven't spent a lot of one-on-one time together. So Willie has a drink with MJ, Mel and a friend and opens up about how his parents are not accepting of his lifestyle. It's clear that through this conversation, MJ comes to understand Willie better and even looks at him differently. With only a day or two left, the roommates pack their things, but most say they are in denial that they are actually leaving Philly. Landon explains that since Fiji, it has been hard for him to resist Shavonda. He now worries that when they go their separate ways they won't be left with anything: a friendship or a physical relationship. Meanwhile, Shavonda just wants to hook up with Landon, but that's it.
Mar 08 2005
Sarah admits that since she was 15 or 16, she has had an unhealthy attitude towards her body, which has lead to eating disorders. At dinner, the roomies tell Sarah she needs to eat and they worry about her negative body image. The roomies do their best to support Sarah but they know there is only so much they can do to help. Later, at the gym, Sarah works out and narrates that she has been working out really hard to try and lose some weight she gained in Fiji. When Sarah's sister Rachel calls to tell her that their mom thinks Sarah should start the South Beach diet again, Sarah is crushed. Sarah's mom thinks Sarah has been eating and drinking too much, but doesn't know how to tell her, so she has her other daughter deliver the message. Way to go mom. Sarah already has plans to see her mom and dad that night in Philly, but changes her mind. When Sarah's mom calls to find out what happened to Sarah, Melanie answers the phone and gets an earful. Sarah calls her mom right back and tells he
Mar 01 2005
Previously, MJ didn't want to be ""walking on egg shells"" wondering if something he did in Philly would hurt his gal Ashley, back home. Now, MJ has come to the realization that no one compares to Ashley and he is willing to give up the Philly nookie so that he can be in a committed relationship with her. ""I cannot wait to make out with you,"" MJ says to Ashley, anticipating her arrival in the City of Brotherly Love. Turns out the same time Ashley is going to be in town, one of MJ's best friends, David will also be in town. David is just ""blowing through"", while Ashley has planned a trip. Does anyone see where this is headed? Ah, Landon does. ""It just doesn't work very well to have your buddy and your girlfriend in the same place,"" Landon warns. After a serious of unfortunate events, Ashley finally arrives and she and MJ have some quality kissy time together before David arrives. The first night David is in town, Ashley is beat from all her traveling and just wants to go to bed. Meanwhile
Feb 22 2005
Willie is still committed to Dan even though they have a long distance relationship and technically aren't exclusive, but recently it's been harder for Willie to stay away from other hot guys. On the phone, Dan tells Willie that he wants him to be able to date other people if he wants to and get the most out of his Philadelphia experience. Willie is a bit hesitant, but Dan is never around and Willie is getting lonely. Cut to the club where Willie hits on a curly headed boy named Neil and they exchange numbers. ""He's hot,"" a drunken Willie mumbles to Sarah. ""I think I need to get laid."" Willie has dinner with Neil and tells him about Dan and while Willie thinks he is being honest, he says he and Dan are not together. This could be interpreted in a few different ways and Neil takes it to mean that Willie and Dan are not currently dating. Willie calls Neil a ""sexy, guy, guy"" and Sarah notes that everything she's heard Willie say about Neil has been about his looks. Sarah and Shavonda both
Feb 15 2005
At dinner, the roommates gossip about Mel. ""She is one of the most self-righteous people I've ever met,"" Sarah says. Shavonda says Mel's personality is abrasive and annoying but isn't sure how to tell her this. Mel narrates that she likes a bar setting more than a club setting and she likes the people who go to Drinker's a lot because they have tough exteriors and soft hearts. When Mel comes home drunk from Drinker's and repeatedly tells everyone how much she likes the people at her bar, her roommates want to ring her neck. MJ wants to know why the rest of the housemates aren't ""allowed"" in her bar. Mel says she never said such a thing. Meanwhile, Shavonda wonders why Mel doesn't try to bond with her roommates and would rather bond with guys at Drinker's. Mel gets in Vonda's face and claims she has done everything to bond with Shavonda. Shavonda busts out with straight up honesty, saying that the reason why she doesn't ask Mel to hang out is because Mel won't let her get a word in edge
Feb 08 2005
After their amazing adventure in Fiji, the roommates are adjusting to life back in Philly. Once back at the house, it doesn't take Karamo and Mel to start gossiping about Landon and Shavonda. Karamo believes that Shavonda's actions are disrespectful to her kinda-sorta boyfriend Shaun. Shavonda calls Shaun and uses her cute voice and he is so excited to hear from her. Too bad, he's about to get some really upsetting news. ""Did you think about me a lot; did you miss me; do you still love me?"" Shaun quizzes. Shavonda tries to deliver the bad news with a soft touch, but that only freaks Shaun out and gives him a stomach ache. Finally, she admits to kissing and hooking up with Landon. ""You seriously just threw away everything that we had,"" Shaun cries. Shavonda tries to explain that she still loves him, but she is confused by these new feelings she has for Landon. Meanwhile, Landon believes that Karamo doesn't approve of Landon's relationship with Shavonda because Landon is white. Karamo de
Feb 01 2005
The roomies continue to enjoy their time in Fiji by jumping off waterfalls and frolicking in the ocean. The romance of the islands seems to have finally gotten to Landon and Shavonda, as they dance in the restaurant. ""Landon really cares for Shavonda deeply,"" Sarah observes. ""He looks at her like she is a goddess."" While Sarah goes topless on the beach, Shavonda tries to muster up the courage to get naked, but she can't quite do it. Landon decides he should get some sun on his ass, and suddenly, Shavonda begins to pay closer attention to Landon's hot body. Landon plops down on the sand bare-assed and Shavonda sprays him with oil. Back at the hotel, the roommates play truth or dare. Shavonda and Sarah French kiss. Shavonda and Landon make out for 30 seconds and Landon drops trow. Karamo does not approve of the lust that seems to be boiling over between Shavonda and Landon. Eh, Karamo's probably just bitter that he isn't getting any. On a boat out the ocean, the roommates dive into the d
Jan 25 2005
Fiji 15x19
As the roommates pack for Fiji, Shavonda asks Shaun via phone what he would think if she and her roommates all went skinny dipping together while on vacation. He is not pleased, but it doesn't matter because Shavonda narrates that while in Philly she is living her life as Shavonda, not as ""Shavonda with Shaun."" ""What happens in Fiji stays in Fiji,"" Landon grins The roommates finally arrive on the beautiful Robinson Crusoe island. Shavonda wrinkles her nose at this ""rustic, primitive"" resort that does not feature hotel rooms or individual bathrooms. It sucks to be on a private island with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. Boo hoo. Sarah wastes no time flirting with some British guys staying at the resort. Willie notes that she is on a mission to get some kind of action from the most willing cutie. While the roommates watch a Polynesian show, Sarah brings British cutie Freddie back to her bungalow. Sarah cannot believe it when he tells her that he doesn't want to have sex. Whe
Jan 18 2005
Melanie discovers little red, itchy bumps all over her body and has no clue what they are. She supposes she might be having an allergic reaction to working in the weeds at Northern Home. Dr. Landon advises Mel not to wear a bra or underwear for a day to, like, ""air it out."" Brilliant advice. Remember this later when Landon says Mel is always talking out of her ass. Mel goes to the doc and learns she is stricken with scabies, a.k.a. body lice. Mel just wants a little sympathy, but the roomies are enjoying making fun of her way too much. Plus, they become concerned about their own risk of developing scabies. Because they all live in close quarters, Mel's doctor comes over to the house to examine the other roommates and give them some treatment lotions. Willie is freaked out and does not want to get body lice, while Sarah thinks that scabies is the best thing that has ever happened to the house because this will finally motivate everyone to clean up. The roommates wash all of their beddin
Jan 11 2005
Landon and MJ head out for a guys night out and stop by Mel's favorite bar, Drinker's Tavern, to watch the game. As soon as they walk in, they get heckled by other patrons, so they decide to leave. Back at home, they tell Mel of their experience and she is bummed that they invaded her special place where she goes to get away from the other roommates. Shavonda is offended that Mel even needs to get away from them and Landon thinks Mel just flat out doesn't like him. MJ and Landon head out to party and Landon explains that the reason why he goes out so much (i.e. drinks SO much) is that he wants to enjoy his time in Philly to the fullest. MJ narrates that Landon doesn't seem to know when to stop drinking and that is becoming a problem. As MJ and Landon get home that night, they encounter Mel's friends from the Drinker's Tavern and Mel and Landon have an altercation in front of the house. Mel maintains that she is just playing around, while Landon utters a powerful ""step the f-down."" One
Jan 04 2005
Sarah and MJ get into a heated discussion about Mel Gibson and The Passion of the Christ. She feels the movie is anti-Semitic and becomes frustrated that MJ does not appear to be informed on the subject. Meanwhile, MJ is frustrated by Sarah's frustration. Sarah believes MJ is taking the conversation too personally and can't appreciate hearing someone else's views. This makes for some major tension between the two. Angry, Sarah narrates that she thinks the ideal woman for MJ is a blond who doesn't have much of an opinion because she doesn't believe MJ has respect for strong females. In da club, MJ meets Kim, a girl who knows some of the girls he went to college with. MJ says goodbye to Kim, but struggles with whether or not he should hit on her further. He decides to go for it and buys her a rose, but he leaves before she can even say thank you. In the cab, he is proud of himself for being able to resist Kim, since he has recently decided to remain committed to being with Ashley. Back a
Dec 28 2004
Gone Sour 15x15
Karamo tells Dorian that he doesn't have any ""real"" white friends due of his upbringing. His distrust of white people has caused him not to pursue friendships. While Karamo enjoys having deep discussions with Dorian, Karamo narrates that he needs a mate who embraces the hip hop culture and isn't so...Banana Republic. It's clear that Karamo is losing interest in Dorian. Sarah's mom has been diagnosed with CLL, a type of leukemia. She is currently going through chemotherapy, yet seems to be in good spirits. Sarah explains to MJ that her eating disorder started when her mom got cancer. Sarah's sister Rachel calls unexpectedly to let Sarah know that she and Sarah's mom will be in Philly shortly. Sarah is afraid to see her mom so soon after she has completed chemotherapy, so she tells them she is not sure she'll be able to see them. Sarah says being in the Real World house is kind of like being in a bubble which allows her to keep things out that she doesn't want. With her family in town, t
Dec 07 2004
On the way back from watching a Philadelphia Soul game in NY, Landon gets to know Gina, the team accountant for the Soul. Unfortunately, there is a ""no fraternizing"" rule in their intern contract, but that doesn't stop Landon from flirting or inviting Gina back to the house. The question of the day is: What exactly does fraternizing mean? Does it mean you can't have coffee with a Soul staffer? Or does it mean you can't dance seductively at Glam with a Soul staffer and then kiss her? The gang learns they will participate in the Easter Seals walk-a-thon, but Shavonda is not happy because since she was little, she has been uncomfortable around disabled people. The Special Ed kids were mean to her when she was a child and she still carries this discomfort with her. Soul staffer Laura tells her to give the walk-a-thon a shot and see how she feels. Sarah also educates Shavonda on what cerebral palsy is so that she goes into the experience more informed. Of course Melanie weighs in with her j
Nov 30 2004
Sarah is very vocal about how she is in desperate need of some good ol' sexual pleasure. She's not looking for a soul mate; she's just looking for some fun. Sarah becomes attracted to a guy from the club, Jason, and warns him that she is picky. It's a moot point because he's gay. When Jason and Sarah talk about what they like in a partner, Sarah says she should respect Jason's homosexuality, but he is just too cute to resist. Jason says he would never sleep with a woman, while Sarah secretly hopes that Jason is bisexual. Meanwhile, Landon and MJ are at glam hitting on girls. MJ notes that when he gets drunk, he views girls differently. MJ slobbers all over one blonde girl and she invites herself back to the house. MJ takes his gal-pal Nicole into his closet and Shavonda suspects some canoodling is going on. After their romp in the closet, poor Nicole doesn't have enough money to get back to Jersey. To make matters worse, she writes her number down even though it seems clear MJ won't ev
Nov 23 2004
Willie claims that if wasn't for him, the house would be much more dirty than it already is. This neat-freak lists off the names of roommates who don't clean and Landon hears his while in the hot tub. Upset, Landon prefers that Willie come to him if he has a problem with him. Sarah decides to clean the house because it has become too disgusting for her to walk around in. It is spotless when she is finished and she retires to her bedroom. When MJ and Landon arrive home at 3 a.m., they proceed to be loud and Sarah wakes up. Instead of piping down, Landon complains that Willie kept him up until 5 a.m. the previous day. Landon chose not to say anything about that incident it because ""It's not him"" to confront like that. Landon doesn't handle the situation with Sarah any better and tells her to ""F-off"", which leaves her in tears. MJ notes that Landon lets a lot of things built up when it comes to people or problems in the house. The following day, the roommates head to Northern Home to work
Nov 16 2004
On the phone, Shavonda continues to fight with Shaun, while Landon requests the usage of the phone. Instead of getting off the phone, Shavonda bitches at him. Landon doesn't understand why Shavonda continues to call Shaun and talk with him for hours even after they are broken up. Landon surmises that while Vonda may have a crush on him, Shavonda is scared to give up things between her and Shaun. It's MJ's birthday and Sarah brings him breakfast in bed. Apparently, he had a traumatic experience when he was in fifth grade. He invited 25 kids to the roller rink for his party and only five came. MJ appreciates the effort, but doesn't have the heart to tell her that he's not hungry. Turns out MJ has been dubbed Muja Star by his roommates because of his giant star tattoo on his back. Willie came up with ""Muja"" and then MJ created a super hero out of this term. This alter ego tends to come out late at night. The gang eats at Dave & Busters for MJ's birthday, but while they are eating dinner,
Nov 09 2004
Landon tells Sarah that he wishes he was in love again and recalls how his ex-girlfriend Becky treated him with such respect. Landon and Becky were high school sweethearts and they dated for seven years, but now Becky is dating his old roommate who Landon does not approve of at all. Shavonda says that even though she and Shaun are still broken up, they still love each other. Shavonda is okay with Shaun dating others, as long as it's not his ex-girlfriend. Shaun still talks to his ex all the time and it's a touchy subject for Shavonda. Shavonda emailed Shaun a ""cuddle card"" and since he didn't mention receiving it during their conversation, she decides to log on to his email and see if he got it. What she found were a bunch of travel confirmations and she soon came to the conclusion that his ex-girlfriend had bought a ticket for him to go to Texas that day. Shavonda immediately gets on the phone and casually asks Shaun what he's been up to and when he doesn't come clean she tells him wh
Nov 02 2004
Normally a prude, Shavonda is learning that she enjoys reading the books in the house on Eroticism. So much so that she calls Landon into her bedroom to read him some passages. When she is finished, Landon walks out feeling more sexually frustrated than ever. It's been quite some time since Landon's had sex and believes that things are pretty close to breaking down between him and Shavonda. Pretty soon their relationship it's going to go one way or the other. ""He ain't getting' nothing from me,"" Shavonda narrates. Meanwhile, Karamo is counting down the days until they sleep together, while Sarah and Mel think Shavonda won't cross the line. The guys and gals hit Pure, a gay club. Landon drinks a few two many martinis and becomes wild-frat-party-boy and dangerously flings Sarah around the dance floor. ""Landon doesn't act right when he's drunk,"" Shavonda says ""And it's starting to get old."" Could her crush be fading? The next morning, Landon says he doesn't remember the walk home where he
Oct 26 2004
Karamo tells Willie that he is sexually frustrated, but things are looking up when Karamo notes that he might have a crush on Dorian, who signed the housemates up for the nearby gym. On the job front, the roommates will be building a playground for kids who are part of the Northern Home for Children programs. The organization is a non-profit that works with kids in the community, so the gang meets their new bosses and gets to know the kids there. In the car on the way home, Melanie orders Landon around. Landon is not pleased and Melanie doesn't understand why he gets so ""pissy"" with her. Later, Landon tells MJ that he is mad at Mel because of the way she attacks him sometimes. Admitting hes more sensitive then the Average Joe, Landon wonders how he should handle the situation. MJ narrates that he and most of the others are fed up with Mel and wish she could just go with the flow a little better. That night at a club, Karamo runs into Dorian. Karamo is surprised because originally he d
Oct 19 2004
Sarah and MJ flirt in the kitchen, yet MJ narrates that while thy have fooled around while intoxicated a couple times, there are no true feelings between them. Sarah is on the same page. Sarah gets into the Jacuzzi in a white bikini and a furry white and calls herself Ivana, her Swedish alter ego. Melanie notes that Sarah is wild when she is sober, but her drunken exploits are over-the-top. Sarah knows she has good reasons for her issues for sex and explains to Melanie that she was once raped. After gaining this knowledge, Melanie now has a better understanding of Sarah and her actions. Meanwhile, Shavonda and Landon enjoy each other's company and flirt. Landon narrates that he is trying to figure out exactly what is between him and Shavonda. He definitely has a crush on her, but he also knows she has a boyfriend back home. Shavonda tells Shaun on the phone that she might be crushing on Landon. Bad move, honey. Honesty is not always the best policy. She wonders if they could take a bre
Oct 12 2004
Still reeling from the other night's events, MJ still doesn't understand why Karamo feels like MJ has turned his back on his boy. Back at home, Karamo tells a friend about the incident with the police. Karamo relates that he can't believe MJ thought he was overreacting. All Karamo was looking for was a little understanding from MJ. Besides, Karamo is convinced that this incident would have never happened to any of his other roommates. As Landon and MJ walk the streets of Philadelphia, people yell out ""you suck"" and throw plastic bottles and CDs at them. While at a bar, a guy throws a stool at MJ. It appears the city of Philadelphia isnt treating any of the roommates that well. Back at home, Landon relates the chair throwing incident and Karamo laughs it off. Still hurt, he is finding it hard to be empathetic. ""Some people will say Karma's a bitch,"" Karamo suggests. Differences are temporarily put aside when the gang receives their job assignment and learns they will be working for the
Oct 05 2004
Karamo knows that his father might have influenced him in some ways that he's realizing now were not right. While playing pool, Landon tells Karamo that when he was younger he said the ""N"" word on a school bus and learned really fast that he shouldn't be uttering words like that. Landon narrates that he was brought up not to have prejudices against anyone. Karamo narrates that Landon makes what he would consider offensive comments and he lets them slide. Karamo opens up to Shavonda about being out of his comfort zone here in Philly and he is feeling like he is about to shutdown, but Karamo knows he doesn't need to be bullying anyone or causing any false problems. While Karamo talks to his mom on the phone in private, MJ wonders if everything is okay with his road dog and he hopes they haven't done anything to upset Karamo. Karamo tells his mom that things are not going well and he needs to reactivate his mind before he goes crazy. Shavonda calls her dad to tell him about her experience
Sep 28 2004
""My breasts are an expensive accessory,"" Sarah purrs. Melanie likens Sarah's ""graduation gift"" to parents buying their kid a car and makes it clear that she does not believe in plastic surgery. Sarah narrates that Mel has a bad habit of telling other people in the house what to do or how what they are doing is wrong. During the same conversation, the roommates are shocked to hear that Sarah has had an eating disorder since she was 17 and was bulimic as recent as six months ago. Willie explains that he hasn't been romantically involved in the last two years. The roommates stumble onto a gay festival while they are out and about in the city and Willie bumps into Daniel, a guy he used to kiss, hug and talk with, but not date. When they steal a moment away together, both admit that they liked each other and Daniel even says he felt stupid that he didn't realize how great Willie was two years ago when they met in NY. Back the house, MJ wakes up from a nap and jokes that he suddenly has ""gay
Sep 21 2004
Sarah feels comforted when she is around MJ and as the both walk home from the gym, she grabs his hand. MJ definitely thinks Sarah is hot, but is confused about what she wants from him. Meanwhile, Shavonda already has a crush on Landon. She doesn't want to disrespect her boyfriend, but admits she'd totally go after Landon if she wasn't in a relationship. Landon even admits to crushing on Shavonda. This could get mighty interesting. Via phone, Shavonda tells her boyfriend she is worried that she might do something he might not approve of. He's like, long as you don't hook up with someone, we're cool, babe. That isn't good enough for Shavonda so she comes up with the brilliant idea that they should take a relationship break. But they are already apart, isn't that enough of a ""break,"" he wonders. Shavonda narrates that she'd like to ""date around"" while she is in Philly and then shell know if she and Shawn are meant to be together. After she gets off the phone, Shavonda tells MJ t
Sep 14 2004
The new roommates head straight to the hot tub when they return home from the club and Sarah flirts with MJ, while MJ looks slightly uncomfortable. Sarah explains she thinks like a guy and wants sex without the emotional ties. Outside, Willie tells Melanie that he thinks there is a possibility that Karamo is gay, but he's not sure. Karamo narrates that he doesn't feel the need to come out to everyone just yet. MJ narrates he is very intuitive and would be able to tell if he was living with someone who was gay. MJ and Sarah stay up late talking and flirting. MJ explains he only likes blondes, not redheads, but admits Sarah is hot. ""If there is a blonde girl in the room, I will probably approach them, even if they are really not that pretty,"" MJ narrates. Now MJ is a challenge and it's game-on for Sarah. Karamo talks to a friend back home and tells him that he is afraid MJ and Landon will turn on him when they find out he is gay. Landon and Shavonda look at pictures of MJ and Ashley and
Sep 07 2004
MJ from Nashville is the cute all-American football player. Melanie is the girl who always has the boyfriend, but wants to find her independence. Karamo is a buff guys' guy from Houston. Sarah, the redhead from Tampa, FL likes a sexual relationship without the emotions. Landon from River Falls, Wisconsin, claims to get a little crazy sometimes and he dubs himself as ""off the hook."" Shavonda from San Diego works at Hooters and is in an interracial relationship. Willie from New York City is gay and hopes to find a hot, fantastic, fabulous, sexy relationship while in Philly. Take these seven completely different people, add cheese steak, a gigantic house, and two hot tubs and you've got the 15th season of The Real World. MJ and Landon meet first and they are wearing the same pair of shorts and both have curly hair. Too cute. MJ explains he left a girl back home, while Landon just got out of a seven year relationship. When the boys meet up with Shavonda, she notes that it looks like the bo
Sep 07 2004

Season 14

28 Episodes

We see the deleted footage from RW:SD.
Jul 13 2004
The eight cast members reunite and discuss their experience. Some unseen footage is also shown, such as an unaired trip to Mexico during the time that Charlie was part of the cast.
Jul 06 2004
""It's our last day in the big blue house. Tomorrow night, seven people who have grown close are going to be scattered all over the country again,"" Randy. Things are winding down in San Diego. A week before they move out, Brad says he already feels like he is losing something. The roommates agree that Cameran has learned a lot while in the Real World house, but Brad is walking away unsure about what he learned. Jacquese thinks they have all learned something about life and people and how to deal with certain situations. Cameran says Jamie has taught her that she can stand up for herself in a classy way, while Robin has taught her, ""if all else fails, hit"". Cameran's joking of course, but she is referring to the very real incident with Cameran and The Marine who didn't take too kindly to getting a girl's knuckle in his bicep. Brad notes that Robin's personality has really mellowed a lot since she got to San Diego. Brad, Cameran and Robin decide to go out to a club to get their party on o
Jun 29 2004
Charlie's ""girlfriend"" Laura comes for a visit and Charlie decides to spend his time with his lady rather than go to work. All the roommates need their bonus, so they actually make a concerted effort to get to work on time, only to find out that Troy is going to penalize them because Charlie has apparently skipped out on work that day without clearing it with the boss-man. Apparently, Charlie has told Jamie that he talked to Troy and asked for his permission not to work while his gal pal was in San Diego. Troy claims this is not true and the roommates are pissed. While the roomies are at work, Charlie and Laura spend their valuable time together by wrestling on the Love Sac. Cameran confronts her wayward roommate when they get home, but Charlie still maintains that he told Troy he would not be at work. When Charlie calls Troy to clear up the misunderstanding, Troy says he was really never clear if Charlie was coming to work or not. Brad could tell by Charlie's tone of voice that he nev
Jun 22 2004
Jacquese explains that he didn't meet his dad until he was in second or third grade and they are currently estranged. His mom played a significant role in his life and Jacquese really looks up to her; and strives to make her proud of him. At dinner with Jaime, Jacquese breaks down because he has so much built up anger from not knowing his dad and not being able to learn from his dad. He feels like he missed out on a lot by not having a father in his life. When Jacquese's mom arrives for a visit, the roommates instantly love the young, hip lady. Jacquese and his mom talk about his father. Jacquese notes he has never had a chance to tell her father how he really feels about him. Jacquese's mom recommends he open up to his dad and begin to let go of his anger. ""Forgiveness is not for the person you are forgiving; forgiveness is for you,"" she wisely tells her son. Jacquese doesn't see how he could ever have an opportunity to tell his dad how his feels anyway, but when his mom leaves San Di
Jun 15 2004
With Frankie gone, the six housemates wonder if another roommate will arrive. Cameran would rather it just be the six of them from here on out, while Brad wonders if their seventh roommate might be an ape. Brad is on the phone with his kinda, sorta girlfriend Andrea when Cameran calls out to him asking if he is coming into the hot tub. Andrea is not pleased and thinks that Cameran is a shady chick even though Brad tries to tell Annie that there isn't anything going on between him and Cameran. The housemates finally get word that they will, in fact, be getting a new roommate and three candidates will be arriving at the house today so they can interview them. They current housemates will collectively decide who their new roomie will be. Bobby a dude with a neatly quaffed fro arrives for his interview looking too cool for school. He tries to be funny, while Jacquese slouches in his chair thinking about how he doesn't like this ""kat."" And when Bobby says he wants to be ""part of something b
Jun 08 2004
Frankie asks her young sister, Mamie, what she would do in her situation and Mamie says she would stay in San Diego, even if she was unhappy, but that's what makes her different from Frankie. Frankie hopes that she will be told by the producer that she can go home, clear her head and then come back to San Diego. She really doesn't want to give up and is anxious and nervous to learn about her fate. Kevin, the producer, says they want her to stay, but he understands if she has to leave, BUT she won't be able to come back if she leaves. ""I just don't see myself getting happy here,"" Frankie says in response. Kevin asks her to sleep on her decision. Frankie fills her roommates in on the situation and explains that each of them have found a really good friend in someone at the house; someone they can be their self around. She believes the six other roommates have bonded on a much different level. Jacquese is hurt by this comment because he feels like he has been there for Frankie time and ti
Jun 01 2004
Frankie says it took her a while to realize that her roommates are not her friends and she doesn't need them anyway. ""When I'm fed up, I'm a huge bitch,"" Frankie threatens. Cameran notes that Frankie clearly cannot make herself happy in San Diego and Robin says it seems like Frankie just doesn't want to be happy. Frankie admits that being an outcast and not having friends was the hardest thing for Frankie growing up. Frankie's mom, stepdad and sister are all coming to visit and while Frankie is really excited, at the same time, she is sad and doesn't know why. Frankie says her mind is a mess right now and is searching for someone close to her to help her out with these inner battles. When her family arrives, Frankie narrates that her sister, Mamie, is like her second mom even though she is ten years younger than her. Frankie is telling her family that she can't stand living in the house anymore and she doesn't like her roommates. It's hard for her to be the outcast of the group. Meanwh
May 25 2004
Mike and Robin cuddle on the deck and Robin narrates that she is at the point in her life where she is ready to get serious about someone. She notes that all she has ever done with Mike is kiss. Randy continues his streak of dispensing bad advice and tells Robin that if she waits too long to do the booty dance with Mike, he might take his business somewhere else. Randy's friends (Nick, Sean and Jessica) from Boston arrive for a visit. Randy explains that he and Jessica have worked together and as long as they've known each other, there has always been sort of a connection and attraction. Mike, Robin, Randy's buddies and the rest of the roommates get their drink on. Jacquese notes that Mike doesn't really know Robin and how much of a drama queen she can be. When they go out to a club, Robin has a few shots and apparently tells Mike that she loves him. ""It feels like we've been together forever,"" Robin slurs. Next thing we know, Robin is telling Mike that she wants to spend the rest of h
May 18 2004
Frankie has issues with Robin and Cameran. Both of them irritate her. Mix in a 10 day trip to the Greek Isles and stir. It's not gonna be a pretty picture. Frankie immediately separates herself from the group once they arrive in Greece and this begins to ruin the enjoyment of the trip for the rest of the group. ""I don't want to be here with these people,"" Frankie growls. She adds that she is going to be so bitchy that no one is going to want to talk to her for the next 10 days. The roommates visit the Acropolis and other famous sites. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Let's get to the juicy stuff. In Santorini, which Cameran describes as ""something out of a book"" and ""the most beautiful place she has ever seen in her entire life."" Frankie is still frustrated that she is not on this trip with her honey, Dave. This frustration is bound to make her pop. While they party at a club, Robin tries to get Brad and Cameran to kiss again, but when Brad goes in for the kiss, he is denied. He narrates that he w
May 04 2004
Brad admits to Randy that he regrets his one night stand Jackie and wonders how he should handle that with his girlfriend (actually, they are on a break) Andrea. Randy advises him to not tell Andrea, while Brad explains that Andrea has been sending him poems and telling him he's the one for her. Ah, the guilt. Randy gets everyone together for a camping trip, but Frankie is not interested in spending a night out in the wild so she stays home. Randy is convinced the rest of the roommates will have a blast and meticulously plans the trip. When the group arrives at their campsite, Cameran jumps out of the car and runs right into a cactus. Brad helps her pull one of the stickers out of her leg and can't help but laugh. Once the tent is set up and the food is cooked, it becomes apparent there isn't much to do except sit around and talk, so they decide to drink and play truth or dare. The game is all about who would kiss who and who would do the booty dance with who. Cameran is shocked to lea
Apr 27 2004
Brad grills Frankie about her relationship with Adam. Frankie calls Adam a hipster with hats and lingo and she is not down with that. ""I wish that Dave would come out here so you guys would know what I'm about,"" Frankie sighs. Ms. Hello Kitty pleads with Dave to come out and he agrees because he doesn't want to give up on their relationship too easily. Frankie also wants to know if Dave is committed to helping her fix her screw up. On the day that Dave is supposed to arrive, Adam practically whines on the phone when he Frankie says she can't see him today. His recent behavior irritates Frankie, but she knows it's not the time to tell him to bug off because that might jeopardize her visit with Dave. She decides to not be nice and not be mean. Adam achieves stalker status when he just happens to show up at the Hustler store at 10am after Frankie had mentioned to him that's where she and Jaime where headed. Shows his admiration for the Frankster by giving her a Hello Kitty beaded coin pur
Apr 20 2004
The girls talk about what their guy roommates would be like in bed and wonder who the first one to have sex in the house will be. Cameran reiterates that she likes guys who have manners and are gentlemanly. ""You gonna tuck it in?"" she drawls when asking Brad what he's going to do with his neatly pressed shirt. Just like your trucker hats is trendy, it's also cool to leave your shirt untucked, Cameran. Come on, get with it. Out at a bar, Brad hits it off real well with a blonde named Jackie who is into fast cars and bikes. Cameran has her own opinion and narrates that Jackie seems to be a little ""loose"". Brad flips out when Jackie shows him her ""ride"" and they decide to go back to the house together. Meanwhile, Cameran is ranting and raving at the house, saying she hates boys. Then, she takes to eating peanut butter ""Puck style"". Frankie narrates that Brad has poor taste in women, except for Cameran. Brad seems to attract dumb, easily influenced girls. Now at the house, Blonde decides t
Apr 13 2004
This episode of The Real World deals with the problem of self-injury or cutting. It contains behavior which some may find disturbing. Unfortunately, this is a behavior that occurs amongst America's youth and it's a sign of the severe emotional distress under which many of them live. A great deal can be learned by looking honestly at this problem. Frankie doesn't exactly know how she should handle the fact that she kissed Adam. She decides to call up Dave to tell him that no matter what happens, she loves him more than anything. While the sentiment of that statement may sound sweet, Dave is suspicious that something is up and he's right on target. Frankie confesses to kissing Adam and Dave ""kinda has a problem with her making out with that dude."" Frankie insists that it was only one drunken mistake. Dave thinks that she might do it again and believes she should have her freedom and decides not to visit her in San Diego. Dave pages Frankie while she's out with Jamie and they drive home s
Apr 06 2004
The roommates learn that they have an opportunity to earn some extra money on the boat and they are psyched, but the way it works is that they all have to participate--if one person screws up, then none of them will get the money. The roommates notice a growing tension between Frankie and Robin. Brad thinks he has the two figured out. Frankie is the chill punk rock chick who hates cheerleaders and Robin is the high energy cheerleader that chill punk rock chicks hate. Jacquese says he would like to see Robin and Frankie get out their aggressions by wrestling…not for his personal enjoyment, but so Robin and Frankie can try and be friends. Robin seems clueless to the fact that Frankie dislikes her and says there has never been a time in her life when someone hasn't liked her. The girls go to the pet store to where Frankie looks for a pet. She checks out a Burmese python and Cameran is not happy. The pet store owner brings out his full size Burmese python that weighs 220 pounds and the gir
Mar 31 2004
When the alarm clock goes off in the Real World house, most of the roommates are puzzled by this unfamiliar sound and are slow to get up. Cameran explains the slowness. Most of them don't like their job on the sailboat. Cameran hates it and dreads it. Every time they have to go to work, Jamie gets stressed out and frustrated. She wants to be on time and is tired of the other roommates' attitudes. When they arrive at the harbor, they are scolded for being 45 minutes late. Frankie notes that due to her Cystic Fibrosis, she has difficulty doing some of the things on the boat because she gets out of breath easy. And by the way, she hates the job too. Brad thinks that the main reason they don't like their job is cause of their boss Brian. Brad says Brian treats them like little kids who don't know what they are doing. The roommates consider about planning a little mutiny. Randy calls up his new friend Erin and invites her over to the house. Turns out she has a fake front tooth that she is m
Mar 16 2004
Brad's ex-girlfriend Andrea is headed to San Diego for a visit. Frankie is certain that Cameran is going to freak out when his ex is around. Brad has mixed emotions about Andrea's visit, but doesn't linger on them long and decides to go party with his roommates the night before her arrival. Brad sets his alarm clock for 9:30 a.m. so he can pick up Andrea at the airport, but that won't matter if he never makes it home to hear it ring. That night Brad goes through every drunk cliché in the book. His roommates note that he has zero self control when he gets drunk. It's 3 a.m. and no one has any clue where Brad has ended up and it turns out he spent the night in the ""drunk tank"" again. Cameran can't believe that he's almost 23 years old and he's still ending up in jail. She also can't figure out if Andrea is incredibly dumb for putting up with Brad's antics or incredibly nice. When Brad finally makes it to the airport, Andrea is very cool when he tells her what happened last night. Back at
Mar 09 2004
Robin is wondering why she ever had a crush on Randy. The roommates go to a beach party and Robin explains that when she goes out, she is not interested in dating anyone else. When they are ready to head home, the roommates can't find Robin and it turns out she's hanging out with Mike, a Marine who she met at the party. When she gets into the taxi, Randy goes off on her about how she shouldn't have wandered off by herself with a strange guy. Cameran says she has trouble meeting guys because she thinks they are somewhat intimidated by her. Ryan, who she met in da club the other night was one of the first guys who ever approached her first. Ryan invites Cameran and her roommates to the ""most amazing Playboy mansion style house."" He will come by the next day with a limo to pick everyone up. Upon hearing this story, Jacquese thinks that Ryan is somehow involved in the porn industry and the other roommates laugh and giggle about what kind of a situation they girls could be getting into. Cam
Mar 02 2004
While they're working on the sailboat, Cameran and Robin talk about how they can't believe Frankie kissed Adam the night before. What's more, they don't like the weird lookin' dude (Adam). Robin's tired of hearing how much Frankie loves Dave when she's kissing on Adam. Later, on the phone, Adam assures Frankie that she hasn't done anything too terrible in San Diego, but she still worries her honey Dave will be upset. Oh, he won't be happy. That night, as the roommates begin their evening of going out, Robin tells Cameran that if anything happens to her, Robin will be there for her. Randy explains that the other roommates feel like they have to baby-sit young Cameran because of her naiveté. Cameran meets a guy and they pal around the club together until Cameran realizes that some people there might be doing drugs. When she looks around for Robin, she can't find her. The roommates are pissed that all Robin can think about is herself. But Robin doesn't like feeling responsible for Cameran
Feb 24 2004
Frankie meets up with her ""friend"" Adam. Jacquese thinks that she should be careful because one thing can lead to another and Boom, Bazooka Joe, you're in a sticky situation. While Frankie innocently bats her eyes, Adam tells Frankie he can hook her up with some free tattoos while she's in San Diego, but she explains that she has to okay any tattoo artists with her boyfriend Dave, since he is also an artist. Frankie thinks that Dave would be more upset if she got a tattoo from someone else, than if she slept with someone else. The girls ask Frankie about whether or not she likes Adam and she claims they are just good buds. The girls don't buy it for a second. Meanwhile, Brad and Randy talk about how Cameran is a ""stand up"" girl. Brad isn't sure if he can picture them getting romantic. Randy maintains that Cameran has an innocent crush on Brad. Robin's friend comes over to the house with a bunch of other ""friends"" and everyone gets a little silly. Brad meets one of the houseguests named
Feb 17 2004
Robin thinks that she and Randy have a connection (they can, like, talk about the nightclub industry) but their relationship hasn't crossed that boundary yet of getting more intimate. They playfully snuggle, while Jacquese and Cameran can't believe the two of them haven't even kissed yet. Randy explains that both he and Robin need a certain amount of attention from the opposite sex, but he's not looking to get into a relationship and he hopes that Robin won't hold that ""no strings attached"" edict against him at some point. Frankie asks her mom on the phone if she would ""kill"" her if she just came home. Her mom tells her to buck up; it's only four months out of her life. But Frankie worries that by coming to San Diego she screwed everything up. Frankie complains that she has no friends here and she's not like any of her roommates. Her mom reminds her that she's smart and can figure this out herself. Cameran notices that Frankie seems upset and depressed, so she invites her to come out w
Feb 10 2004
It's 3 a.m. that same night and Jacquese tries to wake up Frankie to tell her that both Brad and Robin are ""locked up."" Jacquese and Jamie see if they can pool their money together so they can go to a bail bondsman to spring Robin from the clink. Frankie wakes up and calls her boyfriend David, who can tell she is feeling guilty about something. Frankie claims she has no recollection of the evening's events, but she does feel a nagging twinge of guilt. Hmm, maybe that's cuz she was rubbing Randy's stomach and blowing on his neck. Meanwhile, Robin calls the house because she does not want to be in jail overnight. Through this conversation, Jacquese learns that Robin hit a Marine. Jacquese tries to help her understand that she's probably going to spend the night in jail cuz they don't have $800 to post her bail. Jacquese then calls Robin's father to give him the lowdown on the situation and explains that she is in need of some funding in order to get out of jail. Turns out Brad will just
Feb 03 2004
Jacquese is 19 years old, carrying a fake ID. Never a good idea, bro. He's turned away from a club that some of the other roommates easily get into. Inside the club Brad and Randy press the female flesh and get their drink on. And get their drink on. And get their drink on. Meanwhile, Jamie calls home to warn Cameran that the doorman is being strict with IDs. When she gets to the club Cameran is denied entrance as well. While Cameran and Robin are standing outside the club, some guys behind the girls starting ragging on them. This behavior pisses Robin off, especially when they say, go back to the ""fake world"". This insult prompts her to cock back her right arm and slug one of the guys in the arm. Afterwards, even drunk Robin knows she shouldn't have hit him, but the guy is laughing at the situation, so she figures everything is kosher. She puts Cameran in a cab and then goes into the club. Soon after she gets comfortable, the bar manager tells Robin someone is looking for her outside
Jan 27 2004
The boat crew trainees learn that after only three days on training they will be given a test to see how much they have digested so far. As soon as their instructors say ""test,"" Jaime starts to ask a lot of questions and really puts an effort into learning everything about sailing. The seven strangers are told that if they pass the test, they will earn their salary for the last few days, which will work out to be about $200 each. Star student Jaime is concerned that Robin is going to fail the test because she has not been showing much interest in the sailing. But Robin comes to Jaime for some study help and Jaime is more than willing to tutor her. It's the night before the test and Cameran, Brad and Randy have not studied and decide to put that off until after they go out and party. Besides, Brad is pretty confident that he already knows the ""bull---t terms"" that they've been asked to memorize. In the car on the way home from the bar, someone said something about how Cameran and Jaime
Jan 20 2004
Randy and Robin shoot some hoops. Randy thinks Robin is sweet. Robin thinks Randy's a big teddy bear. Randy thinks Robin has a great personality. Robin says she is drawn to him because they have similar backgrounds. But they are roommates. When has being roommates ever stopped anyone from hooking up. Looks as though pretty soon they are going to be swapping schmoopies, while they coo like love birds. When the roommates' conversation turns to sex, Randy says he is not into casual sex. If he likes some body he ""can't hold nothin' back."" The roommates receive some information about their job. All they know is that it involves water and a boat and the rest is up to speculation. Jacquese is not happy because he doesn't know how to swim. Frankie is not happy because she is deathly afraid of large boats. When she spots a big cruise ship in the harbor, Frankie gets a panic attack and explains to her confused roommates that basically she has a phobia of large metal structures, especially large
Jan 13 2004
While the roommates party in the hot tub, Robin asks Jacquese if he is from the ghetto and he wonders ""what does someone from the ghetto look like?"" He thinks Robin's opinions about people from the ghetto are based on things she has seen on TV and not in real life. Jacquese talks to his cousin Calvin about the incident in the hot tub and explains that respect is really big with him. When Jaime and Jacquese are together, they talk about how the two of them and Frankie are not in a clique in the house, but the others have formed a clique. Jaime wants everyone to be one giant clique, but it's not quite working out that way. Jacquese is upstairs using the computer and no one tells him they are going out and he's upset that people aren't including him. Cameran thinks that Jacquese is very sensitive and doesn't think anyone meant anything by not telling him they were going out. Randy notes that Jacquese is a little more introverted than the rest of the group and is being left out because of
Jan 13 2004
Jacquese wants to know what happened with Frankie and teases Brad about last night. Brad notes that he has a great relationship with his girlfriend back home and he's never felt that way about a girl. Randy, the observant artist, suspects that Brad has some unexpected trouble headed his way while in the house. Frankie calls her boyfriend Dave and he asks if there are cute boys in her house and he wonders if she made out with any of the boys while she was drunk. Frankie says she doesn't remember exactly what happened last night. On their second night in the house, Cameran notes that Brad is everything she doesn't like in a guy, but for some reason, she is attracted to him. Jamie, the sharp cute chick, smells a hook up. Boisterous Brad causally mentions that he's got a large manhood and suggests they call his girlfriend to verify. Too drunk to realize he's calling her at 6:45am, Brad calls while Cameran listens in. She confirms that Brad has a right to brag about what's in his bag. Durin
Jan 06 2004
Brad, a sleeveless-shirt-wearing dude from Illinois says goodbye to his girlfriend of four years, jumps on his motorcycle and heads to beautiful San Diego to pick up his new roommate and the keys to the Real World house. He's hoping it's a chick because he doesn't want some dude riding on the back of his bike. Cameran, a 19 year old from South Carolina, waits near the harbor to meet her new roommates and stresses how much she does not like Yankees. No, not the baseball team. This southern belle is talking about the loud people from ""up north"" who wear sleeveless shirts and ride motorcycles. Frankie, a massage therapist from Kansas City, Mo., is 21 and is drawn to skinny, tattooed white boys. Guess there's no chance of a hook up between her and buff Brad. Robin, from Tampa, Fla., is a 23 year old looking to have a good time. Brad rides up to a scenic lookout near the beach and he meets Jaime, a petite girl from San Francisco, and she is immediately struck by his cuteness. She gets on th
Jan 06 2004

Season 13

25 Episodes

Seven months after the cast left the Real World house, six of them, except for Simon, who was there via telephone, appear to discuss their experiences both during and since their time on the show. Hosted by La La Vazquez.
Nov 11 2003
What do you get when you combine an argument over who ate who's pizza and a super-sized order of sappiness unleashed at a fondue restaurant? Why, you get the season finale of Real World Paris. All-American Ace sums up his experience in Paris by packing his things in a box that reads: ""Going back to Normalville."" Felling a little sappier, Christina writes ""Bye Bye Paris"" and includes a frown face to get her sentiment across. Once the packing is done, CT and Ace hit the hot tub and talk about how they miss gas stations and how great it will be when they don't have to see anymore croissants and girls who don't speak English. Ace is looking forward to southern belles, Georgia peaches, waffles and bacon--not necessarily in that order. Leah coos over pictures of her and Giuseppe. She says she does not expect much from their relationship since she lives in NY and he resides in Italy, but it was a very romantic and fun time that she'll never forget.
Nov 04 2003
Ever since Kate visited Ace in Paris, they have been having a hard time. When All-American Ace calls his sweetheart, he either gets an answering machine or she only wants to talk for a few minutes, so he's finally putting two and two together and is pretty sure that their time is up. To make matters worse, Kate sent Ace a strongly worded email that upset him so much that when Adam comes over to play around while Ace on the computer, Ace tells him he needs a second. Seriously. Unfortunately, this is not the first time a girl has ditched him that he really liked. So what does Ace do to cheer himself up? He spends a $1000 at the strip club and had a grand ol' time. Ace says he got 10 lap dances from a girl from Kansas. He told the strippers he was a multi-millionaire. After bragging about his escapades to the girls at the chateau, Ace crawls into bed with Mallory and asks to snuggle with her. The weather is nice in Paris, so they all sit on their front lawn and get some sun.
Nov 04 2003
Adam is on the prowl again. Christina says Adam is such a pimp because he brings new girls in the house all the time. He has recently met a nice girl named Lamyae who is a German, studying ""tourism."" She doesn't speak English that well, but maybe that's for the best. Adam and Lamyae make their way back to the chateau and crawl under the covers. Despite previous failed attempts at exclusivity, Adam confesses that he thinks they are getting closer to that exclusive type of relationship. When Adam turns into Nelly and tells her she's so hot, he wants to take her closes off, she says, ""Never."" Whoa! That throws him for a loop, but of course that makes her more desirable. At the Frommer's office, Brice tells the roommates that their next assignment involves reviewing hotels and they need to make a reservation at one of them and all seven of them have to stay there so they can review it. The group arrives at a hotel in Paris to get a feel for the establishment.
Oct 28 2003
CT is on the s-t list again. Simon tells his roommates about how CT put him into a headlock while they were taking a picture. It wasn't a friendly, brotherly headlock, it actually hurt. Adam said CT was clearly aggressive and going after Simon, but thought Simon had himself handled because he walked away from the situation after telling CT to screw off. That wasn't good enough, though, because Simon wondered why Adam or Ace didn't back him up and tell CT to stop being such an idiot. Leah makes it known that she would have stepped in and said something to CT if she was there. Suddenly, the conversation turns to the incident in Switzerland where Mallory brings up the fact that people in the house have a problem with Leah. Apparently, Leah hasn't been able to let go of this, so she storms out at the room. Mallory tells Simon she is pissed that Leah can't let anything go, so Mallory speaks with Leah in the bathroom and asks why she brought up the incident in Switzerland again.
Oct 21 2003
Leah thought she lost that loving feeling, but with Giuseppe in her life, she realizes it's not gone, gone, gone, wooooh. For a long time, Leah really thought that no one was going to love her as much as her ex-boyfriend. Then she went to Florence and met Giuseppe. Then she is summoned back to Florence to spend time with the cutie-patootie (didn't he have a girlfriend?!) They smooch on the streets of in Italy. Leah says that with Giuseppe, she can let her guard down and be herself. He says he loves her and Leah says ""that's fun."" Ah, amore at its best. Apparently not feeling a bit nostalgic about her trip to Paris, Jamie calls CT after she arrives home and asks him if he has been talking more s-t about her since she left. He said he felt like she was playing games with him. ""I said some dumb things,"" CT admits. Jamie says those ""dumb things"" hurt her feelings, but CT just wonders which one of his roommates ratted him out.
Oct 14 2003
CT and ex-girlfriend Jamie tour the sights of Paris and he says having her here is making his trip more enjoyable. He admits that he doesn't want to let her go because he feels less alone when she's here. Christina learns that CT told Jamie's friend Wendy that he feels very alone in the house. This makes her sad, but Christina says she doesn't feel like she knows CT at all. She can't predict anything that he does, ever. Simon explains they are tired of getting their buttons pushed by CT. Mallory says she sees a good person in CT, especially when Jamie's here, but it's still hard to deal with him. The rift between Mallory and Leah also continues. Mallory is tired of feeling like she's always being judged by Leah. Christina advises Mallory to decide whether her friendship with Leah is either worth saving or not.
Oct 07 2003
The guys of the house venture out to play basketball and Adam notices a lot of pent up anger and aggression in CT. CT complains that Adam is hacking the entire game and they argue. Later Adam confides in Ace that it's getting more and more difficult for him to be around CT because he ""acts like a pompous jerk all the damn time."" Meanwhile, CT is on the phone with his friend Knuckles telling him how Adam acts like a ""clown."" Where is the love? CT says he wasn't brought up the way everyone else in the house was brought up. Meaning he was brought up to be a ""pompous jerk?"" Not sure what he's getting at. Adam continues his rant and tells Ace how CT was wearing a pair of Adam's socks and trying to pass them off as his own; he theorizes that CT is a pathological liar. He may be right, he may be crazy.
Sep 30 2003
The roommates return to a messy house after their trip around Europe. Ace feels like he cleans the house more than anyone, but it's a thankless job and no one every notices his good deeds. On a recent cleaning escapade, he picked up Christina's clothes and put them in her closet, not realizing that some items were clean and some were ready to be washed. Christina unleashes her wrath, even though he meant no harm, and Ace tries to apologize. She retires to her closet to let out a yelp of frustration. Mistakenly thinking he was helping out again, Ace put Leah's clothes in the dryer which shrunk a good portion of them. Now she is not happy and Ace is feeling like no matter what he does, he's not helping. Feeling bummed about the tension in the house, Ace chooses not to show up to their Frommer's meeting, so CT and some of the other roommates, thinking they can get away with it, try and cover for him.
Sep 23 2003
The roommates are excited to be in Rome and they tour the city with Leah's friend Matt from college and go out at night. ""CT's so dumb,"" Leah says to Matt, loud enough for CT to hear. ""I'm telling you, we live with seven people and six of us hate him."" CT looks sad, but barely bats an eye because he knows to expect this from Leah. CT has an unexpected defense attorney in Matt who tells Leah that CT has been nothing but nice and he doesn't understand why she would say such a thing. By the end of the evening, even this guy Matt is embarrassed by her actions. Growing more and more pissed at Leah, Mallory thinks her comments about CT were ""completely out of line."" Christina has been avoiding being in Leah's presence because she is so loud. And Simon thinks Leah doesn't care about what other people think. After a night of obnoxiousness and drinking Leah has a tough time getting up to leave for Zermatt, Switzerland.
Sep 16 2003
The roommates take the train to Florence, Italy and step off into the Italian city de amore. They divide into groups to explore the city. Leah and Simon represent the shop-o-holics, while Ace, CT and Adam are the eating at a café exhibiting shop-o-phobic symptoms. Christina and Mallory fall somewhere between as they walk the streets of Florence while men flirt with them. They are surprised by how straightforward the Italians are. Over lunch, Leah admits to Simon that if a guy she met didn't drive a fancy car, the chances of him talking to her were ""slim to none."" When she met her boyfriend, he changed everything. Nothing else mattered except that she had him. They dated for three and a half years and it was the happiest and most confident that she's ever been. She says that she now feels that she is being held captive by this feeling of wondering whether or not she'll have that again.
Sep 09 2003
The roommates receive information about their upcoming vacation and learn that they have the power to plan the entire trip. Prophet CT believes that this trip has the potential to either bring them all together or tear them all apart. Ace is excited to see the French Riviera for his birthday. Leah is psyched to go shopping at all the outlets in Italy. And the boys are looking forward to snowboarding in the Swiss Alps. But before they leave for their trip around Europe, they have another Frommer's assignment to complete. They are assigned to write about nightclubs and bars, which should be a piece of cake for these nightly party-goers. Christina is the point person and Brice encourages them to budget their time wisely and be in the office everyday so they can finish their work on time. Unfortunately, Mallory's cousin and aunt have come to Paris for a visit, but she's frustrated because she won't be able to spend much time with them.
Sep 02 2003
Ace is ready for a visit from his girlfriend Kate. ""The roommates in the house are getting hotter and hotter,"" he jokes. ""By god, Simon is starting to look good to me."" His attraction to Simon aside, Ace is fairly confident that the drunken kisses he's shared with Mallory and Christina don't count and will not be an issue with Kate. He talks about how serious his feelings are for Kate and tells his roommates that, not only is she the prettiest girl he's every dated, she's the only girl he has dated that he can see marrying. Ace and Kate share an awkward greeting at the airport and he brings her back to the chateau to introduce her to the roommates. On the train ride to the house, Kate describes Ace as ""kind of a boyfriend"" which upsets Ace and sets the tone for the entire visit. Meanwhile, back at the chateau, Mallory tells Simon that she was supposed to clean Ace's room for 20 Euro, but since she's busy (doing what?), she asks Simon if he can fill in for her. Before he can say ""Tkisco
Aug 19 2003
The roommates gather at the Frommer's office with advisor David, and in a conference call with boss man Brice, they learn they won't receive a bonus due to their incomplete assignment. CT puts on his best ""What did I do?"" face. Simon complains about the ""all or nothing"" rule and tells Brice that they actually gave CT all the ""Tips & Finds"" -then an argument ensues. Brice reiterates the need for them to communicate, while he probably has his secretary get the cast of Road Rules on the horn. Poor David tries out his best travel cheer to bring the group together, but there is too much tension in the air, and the roommates need more than a scribe to help them sort out their issues. Raising his voice, David chants, ""Can we say that our energy is going to get positive now?"" Leah shoots back a quick ""No"" and storms out, grumbling about not getting her 250 Euro bonus. Still reluctant to add the word ""forgive"" to her vocab, Leah wonders why she should let someone off the hook when they do somet
Aug 12 2003
After the night of the rowdy pool game, the roomies must get their assignment done and emailed to Brice by 6pm. No one, not even the goldfish, has confidence that CT (the point person) will get their reviews in on time. Christina continues to give CT the cold shoulder and is still bristling about the consequences of having a bed one floor beneath the pool table, so she talks to Adam about moving into his room. Of course, Adam welcomes the idea of having a hot chick as a roommate, but doesn't want any bad blood between him and CT as a result of the switch. Ace confides in Leah about Christina's issues with him and admits that sometimes the only person he thinks of is himself. She closes the conversation with what some might describe as excessive kissing and straddling of the Ace-miester who looks extremely uncomfortable. With an hour and thirteen minutes to go before the assignment is due Leah and Christina turn their reviews in and leave the chateau. Turns out, the group is short four
Aug 05 2003
Christina concludes that although they live together and work together, the roommates don't really know a lot about each other on a personal level. Ace illustrates her point by quizzing Christina on his little sister's name. She has no clue, yet CT informs her it's Kathleen. She is disturbed that CT knows a bit of information that she doesn't, but Ace lets her off the hook by telling her he doesn't really have a little sister. As punishment for the prank, Christina begins a flirty ketchup fight with Ace that ends with some huggin'. Ace admits he'd try and kiss or hook-up with Christina, but he'd never date her. Wasting no time, Ace crawls into bed with Christina to snuggle and asks for a kiss. She obliges, but when he asks if he can kiss her stomach, she denies him of the privilege. She boosts his ego by telling him that he's the best roommate she's ever had, though. Between flirting and partying, some work has to get done. CT does not attend a meeting at the Frommer's office, which pr
Jul 29 2003
Mallory is tip-toeing around the house lately because she's afraid of Leah's evil looks and her wrath that ultimately follows. Mal confides in Tina about Leah's brashness and wonders what she should do about it. When the two get locked in the Frommer's office, Leah theorizes that they just wanted to get out of cleaning the house. Back at the house, Leah is orchestrating a massive clean-up of the chateau in preparation for her brother Pascual's visit. Leah gushes over her brother like he is the best thing since sliced baguettes. Among the things she calls him: her hero, a good soul, and her favorite person in the whole world. Behind her back, Leah calls Mallory lazy and dirty. Ace defends her honor by saying that Mallory is still young and will learn eventually. To Mallory's face, Leah isn't much nicer. ""Mallory, I love you and I don't want to pick on you, but when there's a dish of candy out could you not put your apple core in it."" Mallory does not appreciate the public humiliation. B
Jul 22 2003
Adam is still trying to pull chicks wherever he goes. Here a chick; there a chick; everywhere a chick-chick. The roommates are still wondering what Adam is trying to prove by meeting so many women. He says he is in constant search of ""that feeling"" that he gets when he's around girls. He claims that he is at his personal best the first 15 minutes people meet him, then it's all down hill from there. Adam meets Talayeh at a Paris club and is quickly smitten. He invites her back to the chateau and into his bed, but she informs him that she has been in Paris for six months and hasn't hooked up with anyone yet and she's not going to sleep with him that night. Adam's response to her confession? ""It's hard cuz you're really, really hot."" On their second date Adam spends the night at her house, but as they get closer, he's wary of the word ""exclusive,"" so he goes out another night and kisses some chick named Anna. On the work front, Christina is worried about what Brice thinks of her reviews.
Jul 15 2003
Valentine's Day is near and if amour with a side of drama tickles your fancy, then there's plenty of that at The Real World chateau on this lover's holiday. Pre-V-Day, CT knocks down the girls' straightening iron in his morning stupor. Leah tells him to pick it up. CT makes fun of Leah because she's telling him what to do. Leah thinks CT has no regard for other people's things. Christina chimes in that CT is the most difficult person to live with in the house. Despite Leah's insults, CT refuses to pick up the straightening iron. Ah, love is in the air. CT says he feels like the girls have been on his case too much and he doesn't understand what he needs to do to get them to like him. Ace suggests that he should just be a little more understanding and considerate of his roommates. Leah calls her mom for comfort and complains about the difficulties she's been having with CT's hygienic care, or lack thereof. She wonders, ""Should I still be nice to him even if I don't mean it?"" Still be ni
Jul 08 2003
The roommates receive their first assignment for Frommer's. They must review different shopping districts and stores in Paris. Brice instructs them that he must receive all of their assignments together by a 6 p.m. deadline. Adam wonders what the odds are that they will get their assignment done on time. ""Zero, zilch, slim or none?"" Adam votes for none and it looks like his prediction will come true. Most of the roommates are seen procrastinating on getting started on their projects. Princess Leah has been crowned as the point person, meaning it is her job to collect the roommates' completed assignments and email them to Brice before their deadline. A phlegmy Mallory and Simon get an extension on their shopping reviews since they are both terribly sick. They manage to keep their spirits up by goofing off at home. If you're a woman in Paris, watch out, Adam's on the prowl. Actually, if you are within a 50 mile radius of Adam, watch out; he could be throwing his digits your way. It reall
Jul 01 2003
Wondering when things were gonna get petty in Paris? How about, like, right now. ""You know, I haven't taken a hot shower since I've been here,"" Leah barks at CT. CT doesn't seem to show much consideration for his roommates and Leah just loves bossing people around. Still pleading ignorance, Mallory tells Leah that she had no clue how disrespectful she was the other night. Ace says that it's the best time he had since scarfing down a Quarter-Pounder at Mickey Dees. OK, not really. But he did say it was the best night out that he's had since he arrived in France. This makes Mallory happy and she temporarily forgets about how out of control she was. Some of the roommates get ready for the opening of the club, which means Ace will be donning his monkey suit for the occasion. Leah is now barking hair styling orders at CT while he fixes Ace's hair. Ace looks embarrassed to be in the middle of such a fuss. Leah chooses this as her opportunity to unload all of her frustration onto CT. CT says
Jun 24 2003
Ace and Mallory frolic in the snow like two lovebirds. Mallory later insists to Simon that she will not act on her feelings for Ace. Translation: She's not going to act on her feelings while she's sober or while the cameras are around. Unhappy with the tension that's building in the house, Ace decides to bring some of his Southern home to France and that apparently involves a garbage can and an ""ass-load"" of alcohol. Being a professional bartender, one would expect that Ace could mix a drink in a large IKEA garbage can with the best of them. He doesn't disappoint. The Trash Can Saloon is open for business and Ace challenges Mallory to a drinking contest. Others soon join in, but Mallory is confident she can drink everyone under the table. Adam steals Leah away for a moment to apologize to her. A stone-faced Leah does not make it easy for him, plus she explains that in ""real life"" she would just cut him out of her life and not feel bad about it. She has never forgiven anyone for anythin
Jun 17 2003
Christina insists that she'd much rather date a guy who can cook her eggs exactly the way she likes them, rather than a guy who's good in bed. It's got something to do with attention to detail… Yeah, the roommates don't buy it either and faster than you can say ""Egg McMuffin,"" sexual tension begins to sizzle between Christina and CT. Christina says CT has the hottest body in the house and we all know what CT thinks of Christina's bangin' bawdy. Oh my Gawd. Christina takes her analogy a step further and demonstrates to CT exactly how she likes her eggs fried. CT gets the distinct impression that she's giving him a step-by-step manual on how to get to her heart. CT enjoys flirting with Christina and admits he's been practicing making her egg…just in case. Meanwhile, southern-fried Ace is having a hard time adjusting to the Parisian lifestyle and cuisine. He'd much rather be driving a SUV while sinking his teeth into a Royale with Cheese that's ""super-sized with America."" He looks like he
Jun 10 2003
The new roommates are out partying until the wee hours of the morning at a club called Le Paris. The girls get wild by dancing on the bar and Leah, puffing on a cigarette, flirts with Ace. She informs him she wants to bite his butt, but probably should kiss him first. Ace makes it clear that he's not into girls who smoke and rebuffs her advances. Meanwhile, Adam flirts fruitlessly with Mallory. His ""subtle"" advances are not winning her over. Back at the chateau, Ace reveals to Leah that his mother died of breast cancer a few years ago, which prompts Leah to make a decision to quit smoking. She tells Mallory that she feels like she's spitting in Ace's face every time she lights up. Ace is proud of Leah for trying to quit. Adam finally comes to the realization that he doesn't have a ""snowflake's chance in hell"" with Mallory, so instead of being mature about it, he proceeds to act bitter and angry towards some of his cast mates. Mallory shrugs off his antics, but later it's Leah who ends
Jun 03 2003
This season, The Real World cast members find themselves jetting off to Europe for a stay at a chateau in the romantic setting of Paris, France. We first meet Mallory, an 18 year old virgin from Chicago, who finishes packing her bags while her mom worries about her new adventure. This athletic girl gave up a soccer scholarship to do something spontaneous, like say, for instance…live in Paris for five months. Next we encounter CT who is from a suburb of Boston. Mallory's initial impression of CT is that he seems little bit full of himself. The two greet and then attempt to find the Paris trains. Mallory looks embarrassed as CT brazenly approaches many people asking directions to the Paris trains. The duo finally finds the train to the Le Vesinet neighborhood, where their chateau is located. On the train Mallory talks about visiting the Louvre, while CT uses the ride as an opportunity to hit on her. First to arrive, CT and Mallory bound up the steps of the chateau and they explore the ma
Jun 03 2003

Season 12

28 Episodes

The group is packing up as their experience is coming to an end and it finally hits home that they are all about to leave. Arissa realizes how much she has changed but is scared that she'll revert back to old habits if she returns to Boston. These feelings are reconfirmed when her mother calls the suite drunk and harasses her. Irulan, too, is concerned about leaving Las Vegas because she doesn't want to say goodbye to Alton and she doesn't know where their relationship is headed. It's time for the final dinner and the roommates all cry and tell each other how much they love each other. Trishelle suggests that everyone should kiss and Steven admits that he has never kissed a black woman and wants to try it out with Arissa. Arissa says Steven is stunned by it all and Steven admits she's a really good kisser. After dinner, Arissa speaks to Michelle, a bartender and friend from Ghostbar, who invites her to live with her while she figures things out.
Apr 01 2003
Arissa is broken up with Dario but continues to talk with him. He is her best friend and she still needs his support and the connection he brings to her old life. He also is putting on the full-court press to get back together with her and it's making her reconsider her decision. When Irulan's best friend Dina arrives in town, however, things change. Dina knows Dario from school and she has a secret. She informs Arissa that Dario slept with another woman and got her pregnant and then proceeded to parade Arissa around the other woman without Arissa knowing who she was. Arissa is heartbroken by the information and calls Dario to get his side of the story. When he denies everything she tells him that she's slept around on him as well and hangs up. The next day, Arissa confesses to Dina that she lied when she told Dario that she had slept with someone else. She's been faithful but she wanted him to hurt like she was hurting. Dina suggests that she tell him the truth and Arissa agrees.
Mar 25 2003
After saying he wasn't going to sleep with Trishelle and then going back on his word, Steven realizes again that sex is the only thing he wants from her. He admits to Frank that he doesn't know when it went horribly wrong with Trishelle. He doesn't love her or want to date her but doesn't want to tell her any of this because he knows he'll hurt her feelings. Frank tells him he has to come clean. Meanwhile, Trishelle is convinced that Steven is just confused. When Steven finally decides to tell Trishelle how he's really feeling and that he likes ""being friends,"" Trishelle gets upset and says that she's not going to take what he says to heart. While Trishelle and Steven are seemingly breaking up again, the other house relationship is hot and heavy. When Brynn is on the phone with Austin, she hears the sounds of sex coming from the muted walls of the confessional. Irulan and Alton come out and pretend like they were just having an innocent ""conversation.""
Mar 18 2003
Even though Arissa broke up with Dario weeks ago, he is still a big part of her life. The two have an intense phone call where Dario says that Arissa is the biggest problem in his life and that she sucks. They get into a yelling match where Arissa tells him that she won't let him say these things to her and that she won't talk to him about it until he realizes what he has said. Despite how upset she is, her lack of faith in men is restored when she meets Alex. She thinks he's the finest man she's ever known. Back in the suite, Brynn is suffering emotional distress and is having a lot of anxiety and panic attacks. When she tells her mom she's going crazy, her mom informs her that she went through the same thing and that it's hereditary. Brynn thinks she could be schizophrenic and is convinced something is seriously wrong, but her mom tries to reassure her that it's just nerves.
Mar 11 2003
Trishelle and Steven still don't know where they stand after the visit from Brian, but Steven is starting to realize that he might actually care about Trishelle and is finally speaking his mind. With his feelings out in the open, they decide to remain just friends, but Trishelle loves him and doesn't know how to deal with it. She wants to touch Steven and be intimate, but is unsure of where the boundaries are. Similarly, Irulan is having trouble accepting her feelings for Alton and letting go of her relationship with Gabe. Clinging to the security that Gabe has provided, Irulan tries to get in touch with him, but he's not buying. While out on the town, Alton and Irulan share some insights into their relationship. Before they can delve deeper, Alton gets a little out of control and knocks over the drinks of one of Frank's friends. Alton blames the woman for spilling the drinks and when another guy enters the situation, he ignores Frank's attempts to ease the tension.
Mar 04 2003
With tensions mounting between Trishelle and Steven after his not-so-nice confession that he likes the sex but just wants to be friends, Trishelle decides it's time to start dating again. She does just that with Brian, a guy she met right before coming to Vegas. The night Brian arrives, the love triangle chooses to go out to dinner together. At dinner, the similarities between Steven and Brian are obvious even to Trishelle. Brian can tell that there are unresolved feelings between the two. She tells Brian that she and Steven are just friends, but he knows better. Meanwhile, Arissa and Irulan would like to be making more money. Irulan offers up the idea of becoming cocktail waitresses at Skin, a new poolside bar scheduled to open in just a few days. The girls decide it would be fun--an opportunity to wear a bathing suit, get a tan, and make some quick cash.
Feb 25 2003
Alton and Irulan don't like each other. She hates him. He doesn't hate her but he hates that he loves her. Get it? They really can't stand each other. But, apparently, they love hanging out with each other and kissing other people in each other's presence. It's very mature and adult of them that they can deal with each other being in new relationships so soon after their breakup. Except that it's exactly like 9th grade when you broke up with that one girl and then started kissing this other girl that she hated just because it would make her jealous. Alton dating Denise and Irulan dating Davin is just like that. Meanwhile, Arissa is realizing that in order for her to stand on her own two feet she's going to have to give up a lot of what she's used to at home in Boston. That may mean breaking up with Dario.
Feb 18 2003
As Frank realizes that Emily is perfect and how much he misses her, Trishelle admits that she's jealous and wishes she had someone to be there for her like that. The sexual tension mounts as Trishelle, Frank and Steven leave for L.A. so that Frank can interview for business school. Meanwhile, the roommates get their next job assignment and it's to assist in a photo shoot for Stuff Magazine. They have to interview women, ask sexual questions and find locations in the hotel that can be shot for the spread. While Arissa and Brynn work back at the Palms, the three arrive in LA and have a fun night out on the town that includes a mechanical bull and plenty of drinks. Trishelle is all over Frank and when they get back to where they are staying they go swimming and temptations erupt. Frank resists, though, and the next day, after having the interview and getting accepted to USC, the three fly back to Vegas.
Feb 11 2003
Just as Arissa is making improvements in her life, her mom gives her a call and stirs things up. After yelling at Arissa and informing her that a woman who Arissa filed a restraining order against has filed one back, Arissa tries to reasonably explain to her mother that she has done nothing wrong. Arissa and her mom fight and so she gets off the phone and starts crying. Steven thinks that Arissa's family is ""toxic"" and that she should cut them off but Alton tells Arissa that she'll need them in the long run. While one roommate is upset, another is ecstatic. Frank complains to Brynn that he can't find anyone he's attracted to in Vegas and realizes he misses his ex-girlfriend Emily who is coming to visit. Instead of treating her like a friend like he planned, he is immediately romantic and the two seem to want to rekindle their relationship. The next day Emily leaves and Frank thinks about whether he should follow his heart or not and pursue something with Emily again.
Feb 04 2003
Knowing that something happened in Australia and not wanting to be played, Irulan has packed her bags and is ready to go home. Alton questions the roommates about why she's leaving and Brynn explains that it's probably something that Alton did. Alton can't believe that she'd leave because of him and he claims he hasn't done anything wrong. He says everything that everyone is saying about him are all lies. Arissa, however, pulls Irulan aside and convinces her that she will look better and be happier if she doesn't let this get the best of her. She explains that they all have done something crazy in Vegas and they just need to accept it and walk out with their heads high. Begrudginly, Irulan agrees to stay. That doesn't mean that it's all good, though. Brynn and Arissa tell Irulan that Alton told Steven that he had a threesome in Australia and Irulan is so upset that she confronts him asking him to simply tell her the truth.
Jan 28 2003
The gang is still in Australia and enjoying Australian life. Whether it's partying hard, parasailing or going topless on the beach, the Real Worlders are having a good time. Well, almost everyone is having a good time. Irulan is upset with Alton because he chose to room with the boys and has been flirting with girls while Down Under. She claims that she's done with him and doesn't want to spend time with him but after a night of partying she tells her roommates that she wants some big, fat *beep* from Alton. Alton has other ideas, however, as he tells Steven that that very same night he was giving big, fat *beep* to two women at the same time. Meanwhile, Arissa is having an incredible experience. Her time in Australia has been fruitful as she now realizes how enjoyable life can be. She has a new outlook and it doesn't seem to be changing, even when she returns to the hustle and bustle of Sin City. Irulan, however, having forgiven Alton again is also regretting her decision.
Jan 21 2003
Jean surprises the cast with the revelation that they are going to Australia to do some promoting and performing for the Palms. Everyone is very excited as they realize that this will be an amazing vacation. They have to hustle to get ready and prepared for the trip, although Jean is not happy with how they are taking their job for granted. He reminds them that he can fire them and that there are serious repurcussions to getting kicked off the show! Meanwhile, Steven tells Trishelle that he loves her. He's drunk and they are lying in bed together though, so it doesn't count apparently. Trishelle, however, thinks it does count and Arissa agrees. ""A drunk mouth speaks a sober mind"" she says. Frank completely understands what Steven means, though. He surmises, ""You love Trishelle like you love the sky.""
Jan 14 2003
It's Irulan's Birthday and she starts the day with tons of presents from her family and friends back at home. Her friend Mikey is in town and he's amazed that her mother would send her thong underwear. Lots of thong underwear and a set of roller blades. Irulan has an interesting family. She and Alton immediately go out to test her blades and it's still obvious that the two are much more than friends even if neither one wants to admit it. The roadblocks seem too large, the stakes too high, and so Alton is resigned to protecting his heart while Irulan continues to protect her relationship with Gabe. That night, though, Alton brings Irulan flowers and she's impressed and amazed with the gesture. They share a few quick kisses and proceed to celebrate her 22nd year with copious amounts of drink and gyration on the dance floor. The drunker Irulan gets, however, the more Alton's eyes start to wander.
Jan 08 2003
Dario's coming to town and Arissa couldn't be happier. The smile on her face when he arrives is brighter than the lights on the strip. She finally seems to be enjoying her time in Vegas. All that changes, however, when a woman calls her a bitch in Rain. Arissa feels threatened and goes after the name-caller, drawing blood and the possibility of being fired from her job. Meanwhile, Irulan has pitched a tent in the middle of the living room so that Dario and Arissa can have their privacy in the bedroom. Alton sees this as an opportunity to take his relationship with Irulan to the next level. Steven warns him about falling for her because Irulan is obviously committed to Gabe and while their ""open relationship"" might work for them it probably won't work for Alton. Alton agrees and says he's being careful but it's obvious that he's sprung on Irulan.
Dec 17 2002
Brynn's been spending a lot of time with Mo. Mo'a a cool guy. The rest of her roommates like him. It should be happy happy fun time. The problem is that Brynn's also been talking a lot with Austin, a boy she met a week before coming to Vegas. Brynn likes Austin too. He's really chill, he smells nice, and he makes her feel special. When Austin comes to visit, Brynn's caught in a kind of love triangle. As she explains, ""She's going out with two boys and she can have both of them."" Meanwhile, Trishelle still hasn't taken a pregnancy test to find out why she is late and nauseous. The girls pled with her to take the test but she keeps putting it off until Steven buys her one. Steven is ready for whatever may come. He thinks he'd make a great dad and while being a father wasn't something he planned on doing right now, he'd be happy about it.
Dec 10 2002
In an attempt to help the roomies work together better, their boss, Mark, sends them to an all-day team-building workshop with the overly perky, ""Awesome Ann."" Forced together for a whole day of old-fashioned bonding and some self-improvement techniques--the roommates end up with more than they bargained for. Throughout this day of learning, Arissa begins to open up. She learns to trust others and herself. ""I am headed on a road of self-discovery, ready to trust,"" she says. Having fought just a few hours earlier, Steven and Arissa end the night with a hug and an agreement to help each other and be friends. Meanwhile, Alton and Trishelle come to grips with their feelings concerning loved ones they have lost and Steven feels content exactly where he is. The exercises performed at the workshop have only confirmed for him all he has learned over the past few years. "
Dec 03 2002
All Frank wants is a good girl. But when you're hanging out with Steven in Strip Clubs and spending all your time performing and promoting in sexy clubs, the ""good girls"", at least in Frank's mind, are hard to come by. That is until he meets Melanie, a nice southern lady in town for Spring Break. The two hit it off and have a great time together. They end up back in the suite searching for a little privacy. Not wanting to disturb Alton, they go into the confessional for some closed door kissing. When Brynn enters the dark room, she sees what she thinks is a naked ass and proceeds to tell her roommates that someone's having sex in the confessional. Arissa, having had enough of the public displays nakedness by Alton, proceeds to go ballistic. Yelling throughout the sweet, ""whoever is in the confessional having sex better get their skank out of there."" When Frank comes out, she's shocked.
Nov 26 2002
Steven's best friend from back home comes to visit. John's a great guy, a lot of fun and gets along well with everyone. John is also gay. Having someone in the loft who is gay is making Alton more than a little uncomfortable. He explains that he was almost molested when he was younger and that his perceptions about homosexuals have been negatively shaped by a few tragic incidents. Brynn, whose father is also gay, pulls down her usual walls and has an open and honest conversation with Alton in an attempt to discover why he feels the way he does. The revelations she shares about her father and her past gives Alton reason to rethink his fears and beliefs. Later at the Ghostbar, where the cast is promoting an event, a random guy grabs Alton in the crotch. Alton's initial instinct is to punch the guy but instead he calms down and decides to talk it out. As he explains to the embarrassed offender, ""You can't grab my balls, brother.""
Nov 19 2002
Gabe arrives in the loft the day after Irulan attempted to get it on with Alton. Irulan is just happy to see her man, while Alton worries about whether she will inform Gabe of what's gone down. After a few days of bliss, Irulan finally reveals her secret to him. After talking with Alton and having a number conversations with Irulan, Gabe tells Irulan that he's cool with what went on, but that the situation ""was still bothering"" her and Alton. Gabe, being a pretty perceptive guy, senses that Alton is still silently pining for her. Alton doesn't want to hurt Gabe or get hurt himself but he consistently talks to Frank about his attraction to her. Thankfully, Alton's mother Molinda is in town to distract him. The roommates love Molina and are seem happy to have a grown up around for a few days. But he visit is not all fun and games.
Nov 12 2002
The girls think Trishelle has a problem. She doesn't eat much or she'll eat a whole lot and then dissapear to the bathroom. They think that she has ""issues with food."" Irulan and Arissa, having both dealt with eating disorders in the past, want to help Trishelle deal with the situation but they don't know exactly how. And hey, maybe it's all conjecture and Trishelle doesn't really have a problem. Frank doesn't seem to think so and thinks that it's just about people needing drama in their lives. Arissa, however, has a heart-to-heart with Trishelle and they talk it out with both feeling better after the conversation. Meanwhile, Alton definitely has a problem. His ""wood"" has gotten so long that, apparently, he can no longer wear pants. Irulan is so mortified by this turn of events. If ""mortified"" is defined as horny and aggressive. Even with Gabe on his way to Sin City, Irulan pursues Alton who already has a crush on her. The two have a weak moment but Alton backs off.
Nov 05 2002
""I love her and I feel that I shouldn't,"" Alton says about Melissa, his ex, and that is their relationship as succinctly as one could put it. With the pregnancy scare and lingering doubts about her fidelity, Alton is confused as to why he is still holding out waiting for her. In the midst of his frustration, Alton goes clubbing and ends up meeting, and hooking up with, a girl who won first place in the Ghetto Fabulous Bikini Contest. They get naked in the communal bathtub which leaves Arissa with a bad taste in her mouth. Arissa confronts Alton and lets him know that she has lost respect for him. Alton apologizes and the two later discuss how he's going to deal with the ""Melissa"" situation. Alton ends up calling her to confess his sexual conquest and she reveals that she did, in fact, cheat on him when they were together. It's news that serves to end the relationship. Meanwhile, Brynn is broke.
Oct 29 2002
In case you didn't already know, with this group, It's good to be bad. After successfully walking the catwalk, the Real Worlders get to be devils or angels for Rain's ""Good To Be Bad"" event. Brynn and Steven are decked out in devilishly delicious attire, while Irulan and Alton are perfect little angels. But, instead of the traditional guy-girl dance partners, Brynn and Irulan decide to sex it up a bit and do a sensual ski dance with each other, while Steven and Alton do some very heterosexual man dancing. Alton has to deal with some of his fears about appearing ""gay"" and battles with Jean over the outfits he wants him to wear. While Alton has to be dragged kicking and screaming to the performance, Brynn is all about it. ""I like to be the center of attention,"" says Brynn. ""I'm not always, but I like it when I am.
Oct 22 2002
Trishelle and Steven have a connection. She loves the way he makes her feel. He loves the way her breasts feel. It's a match made in heaven. Unless, you're Brynn. She wants Steven and can't have him. She shares a room with Trishelle and that is the room in which the couple most often knocks boots. It's not the most ideal situation. Hey, Jealousy! But perhaps that's a little unfair. The level of kertanking between Steven and Trishelle has reached such high proportions that Frank can't sleep and Irulan must encourage them to not spread their bootissy juices throughout other areas of the house. Frank even goes so far as to suggest that Brynn switch places with Steven so that the couple could have some privacy. Brynn doesn't like that idea. In fact, she doesn't like a lot of what's going on and after an exchange of words with Steven, throws a fork at him.
Oct 15 2002
There's something going on between Marc and Irulan. Their not-so-subtle flirting is turning into them spending a lot of time together and some pretty heavy physical interaction. Because Marc is her boss, Irulan doesn't really know how to let him know that its going to far. And maybe, she wants it to go a little farther. While she doesn't find him hot, he is smart and funny and she's feeling a little lonely and missing Gabe and so the playful touching might be okay, they might even be able to sleep in the same bed together but she doesn't want anything more. When Marc tries to take it there, she is upset about it and the girls in the house start calling him a 'molester.' Alton, not wanting Marc to get a reputation he might not deserve, encourages Irulan to deal with the situation rather than spread rumors about him. Meanwhile, Frank, again, has put his foot in his mouth. While talking to a friend back home, he jokes about and with Arissa and its funny for awhile.
Oct 08 2002
This year, The Real Worlders' job is to throw parties. Sounds tough, right? Actually, it is, as they are responsible for providing much of the entertainment for the Palms' signature club, Rain. Everyone is very excited about the prospect of getting to promote and plan these kinds of events. Everyone, that is, except for Brynn who is less about the job and more about dancing and having a good time. Brynn is all about fun...and fun means hanging out until the wee hours of the morning with a bartender and then vomiting in the middle of orientation for the new job. Yay, fun! She informs her roommates that they need to kick her in the butt to keep her motivated or else she's going to end up screwing up work because she doesn't really care about the gig. Meanwhile, Arissa is missing her boyfriend. Missing his touch, missing sleeping with someone else in her bed and now, all of a sudden, she's finding Steve kind of cute. Steve?
Oct 01 2002
Trishelle is a good girl. At least she was until she landed in Vegas with a young man named Steven. The intensity and excitement of being in this situation has had an unexpected effect -- our southern girl has gone wild! When she makes out with Brynn, she realizes that she may have stepped outside the bounds of what people at home expect of her and decides to soften the blow. She calls her stepsister and confesses to her sins and then asks her to inform her father. She hopes to avoid dealing with him directly but when he calls back he reprimands her and reminds her that she's not only representing herself but her family and that kissing girls, especially when she's not gay, is not the right way to go about it. Trishelle feels like crap after the call. All she wants is his approval and love but she seems unable to attain it. Meanwhile, Alton receives news from his ex-girlfriend that she might be pregnant. He's so not ready for that news.
Sep 24 2002
As the boys work out in the hotel gym, the subject at hand is girls, girls, girls. Steven is still trying to convince Frank that he has it all sewn up with Trishelle while at the same time informing everyone that he's not attracted to Brynn. He'd ""stick her"" if the opportunity arose but he's not squirreling for her nuts. Meanwhile, Trishelle asks Brynn what she thinks about Frank. ""What do YOU think about Frank?"" Brynn retorts. Trishelle states that he has certain qualities that she looks for in a guy, but that she also finds herself physically attracted to Steven. ""I really don't want to get involved with one of my roommates, but if it happens, it's out of my control,"" explains Trishelle. Later, a discussion takes place concerning Steven's wedding and bride, who he is newly separated from. Brynn could care less about Steven's nuptials. What's that got to do with her and her getting with him?
Sep 17 2002
When seven strangers are picked to live in a city famous for its showgirls, gambling and partying at all hours of the day-anything can happen. This season on The Real World, Steven, Trishelle, Irulan, Alton, Frank, Arissa and Brynn are livin' it up in Las Vegas. Steven and Trishelle are the first to arrive. They scope out their new living arrangements on the 28th floor of the recently built Palms hotel, and continue to chat it up while they wait for the rest of their roommates. Trishelle, a seemingly naïve, sweet girl from Cut Off, Louisiana, is excited for the new friendships and experiences that await her. ""I'm excited to get the chance to live with people of other races,"" she informs her new roommates. Brynn, the final member to show up at the hotel (and someone who claims she gets whatever she wants), is a little disappointed to discover that she has to share her living space-and the guys-with three attractive women.
Sep 17 2002

Season 11

25 Episodes

Jul 16 2002
While the rest of the gang starts to get sentimental about leaving the loft and Chicago, Tonya's ready to go. She gleefully packs up her boxes and is excited about getting home to Justin. She hasn't made any strong friendships in the house and doesn't understand why everyone is getting sappy sentimental. She tells Justin that she can't stand all this 'mushiness.' Everyone else is all about the mush though as Cara sets up a night in a coffee house with her friend Matt to sing a few songs and sing one, in particular, for her roommates. When Tonya and Chris blow off the event to go to the gym, Cara and the rest of the roommates are very upset. Chris, who had debated not going before hand, realizes he's made the wrong decision and immediately apologizes to Cara. Tonya, however, puts up her usual defensive walls and refuses to say she's sorry. Cara, unwilling to take it anymore, calls Tonya on her attitude and asks her to move away from her so that she can enjoy the evening. The roomies lea
Jul 09 2002
Kyle's younger brother, Austin, watches the Halloween performance and stays at the house for an overnight visit. It's a sweet moment, but Tonya and Keri think that it's being done for the cameras. They rarely think that Kyle is sincere, and as their time gets shorter in the house, it's getting harder for them to keep up appearances for his benefit. Kyle's actions don't help much as he worries that he's used his time in Chicago poorly and worries more about how he will be perceived if he participates in a charity fashion show. The rehearsal process makes Kyle feel like he is ""gay,"" but he learns to enjoy the ""acting"" element of modeling, and because it's for a good cause, he participates. Everyone in the house shows up at the fashion show to support Chris and Kyle's successful walks on the runway. However, all isn't sunshine and roses between Kyle and Keri. When the parks manager calls Keri asking her to drop off the week's timesheets, she warns Keri that parking is extremely difficult
Jul 02 2002
After years of repression, Aneesa feels her father should learn her true sexual orientation. Aneesa asks her mother to set up and mediate a phone conversation, but her mother refuses to get involved. Aneesa gets upset and admits her mother's immature attitude has emotionally destroyed her. Desperate for help, Aneesa seeks refuge in Chris, who confesses his parents were appalled when he revealed his sexual orientation. With time, however, Chris's parents warmed up to their son's homosexuality, and learned to love and accept his lifestyle. However, Aneesa's problems go beyond her parents. She's torn between the two women she's been dating, Danielle and Latonia. On the one hand Danielle is physically attractive and outgoing, but Aneesa is fed up with her pretentiousness. On the other hand, Latonia is fun and down-to-earth, but doesn't interact well with Aneesa's personality. Aneesa fears the single life, and doesn't know if she can deal with an emotional breakup with either women. Inundat
Jun 25 2002
There are just a few days until the gang begins their Halloween performances for the Chicago parks program. Things seem to be running smoothly except for one thing, Keri hasn't finished her skit, 'Bloody Mary' and Cara and Kyle are giving her grief because of it. Keri's feeling a little off put because Cara keeps remarking that Kyle is the playwright for the other two skits when they both worked on them. There is also something else going on between Cara and Kyle and the new coupling seems to be adept at keeping Keri on the outside looking in. When it gets down to the wire and Keri's skit isn't where Cara wants it. She asks Keri if they can cut it. Keri, who seems to let things roll off her back with ease, agrees, although she thinks that it is going to have to happen anyway because their job requires them to do three. When Cara explains to Laura, their boss, that she wants to cut the skit, she claims that one of the major reasons is that Tonya is going into surgery. Tonya is unwilling
Jun 18 2002
While the rest of the gang is in Boston visiting haunted houses, including 'Spooky World,' Tonya is in Chicago working on their assignment there. Neither party seems to missing one another very much. However, Kyle feels pangs of guilt for not staying in contact with Tonya and Chris feels bad that he has been participating in the Tonya bashing. Cara then reveals that the only reason she defends Tonya is because she thinks 'someone has to'. Everyone is tense as they return to the house, not knowing what to expect from the relationship between Tonya and the rest of the gang. When they return, they all come to the realization that they have very little time to get their performances together. When they see the space they are going to be performing in, it's a shock. They expected something like spooky world and instead its just a very 'not-so-spooky' tent. They hanker down, and begin practicing with Cara taking the lead as the director. While all this is going on, tensions rise in the house
Jun 11 2002
As time passes in the Chicago house, Tonya becomes more removed from the group. Her illness has kept her from group trips, from participating fully at work and from becoming a part of the close-knit group of friends. When she informs them that she can't go on the trip to New England, the gang wonders whether or not she is using her sickness as an excuse because it just so happens that Justin is coming to Chicago at the same time. While everyone else makes fun of Tonya when she's not there, Theo has had enough and lets her know what he and everyone else thinks about how she's handling things. The argument brings Tonya to tears. When Justin arrives, he confronts Theo about the incident. The two have an intense discussion and come to some agreement. Justin tells Tonya that she needs to avoid interacting with Theo and she gets defensive. Later, when the gang leaves, Tonya and Justin argue about Tonya's friend Darren and her relationship with him. Justin thinks it's weird that Darren calls
Jun 04 2002
While discussing her relationship with Jared to Kyle, Cara realizes that she needs closure with him. He was her 'true love', her 'fairy tale romance' and she wants to know that she's doing the right thing by pursuing her dreams instead of spending her life with him. The roommates then all decide to join Cara on a trip to St. Louis to meet her family and support her while she spends some time with Jared. Chris can't go because he has a family emergency and Tonya chooses not to go so she can work. The roommates are annoyed that Tonya would rather spend her time alone in the house than spend time with them. The time away from each other provides ample opportunity to be 'chatty.' Tonya spends much of her time on the phone completely railing on Cara, Aneesa, Keri and Kyle to Justin. It's not to unfair though, considering how the others spend much of their car ride to St. Louis ragging on her. Once the gang arrives in St. Louis, Cara meets up with Jared and the two deal with how they broke u
May 28 2002
After the events of 9.11, some of the roommates' priorities have changed, Kyle's in particular. He's realized that he wants to be with Nicole and he is trying to get back together with her. Part of that means changing his relationship with Keri. Even though their relationship supposedly ended a few weeks ago, Keri reveals that they still hook up pretty regularly and that Kyle is always interested in her after she comes back from going out on dates. And sure enough, after Keri goes out on a blind date with a friend of Cara's, Kyle is all over her again. Meanwhile, after going out on a date with Danielle, Aneesa loses the keys to the minivan. Everyone is looking to her to take care of the problem and Aneesa stresses out about it. She cries to her mother about how much it's going to cost. She whines to her brother that getting it fixed won't happen fast enough, but eventually she gets it done. After Keri tags along with Kyle to a friend's party, Kyle starts to feel suffocated by her atten
May 21 2002
09.10.01 – It's the day before Aneesa's birthday, late at night and she's hoping to get some phone time to talk to friends and family so that she can celebrate her birthday a bit before going to bed. Tonya, as usual, is dominating the phone with phone calls from Justin who is calling her from a tanning salon. The two argue about the phone and Tonya wins this round, refusing to debate the issue while she talks with Justin. Kyle encourages her to get off the phone so that Aneesa can use it and Tonya begrudgingly agrees to do so…in a little while. 09.11.01 – The cast, like most of the rest of the world, is glued to a television set watching the tragedy of the day. They go from supporting each other to desperately trying to find friends and family to trying to find meaning amongst the senseless violence. Kyle is desperate to find Nicole and his sister, both of whom live in New York near the World Trade Center. After several hours of busy signals, he gets a message from his sister who expla
May 07 2002
It's the last day of working with the Summer Parks Programs. Kyle, Keri and Chris are bummed that they are done lifeguarding. Kyle is really going to miss it because he doesn't think that the next job is 'going to afford him a lot of peace.' Its also the last night with the kids as they present their mural for their parents. Theo is worried that Nelson won't show but he does eventually and even participates in the presentation. The roommates decide to celebrate the end of their jobs with a night out with drinks. Chris isn't interested in celebrating that way and heads home to the chagrin of Kyle. Kyle doesn't know how to deal with someone who's battling alcoholism and is struggling to understand. Kyle asks if he can attend an AA meeting with Chris and Chris is very excited to have the opportunity to share that with him. The meeting proves to be a revelation for Kyle. He tells Chris that 'he was planning on clubbing and getting wasted that night but [he's] glad [he] did this.' The gang
Apr 30 2002
Things seem to be okay with Aneesa and Tonya. They aren't the best of friends by any stretch but they are at least talking and sharing and being nice roommates to one another. Aneesa, however, does seem to be annoying everyone else. She won't do the chores when its her turn, taking days and days to wash the dishes. Theo wants to ‘ground' her but Cara decides to just wash the dishes for her instead of confronting Aneesa about it. Kyle asks Cara, 'When am I gonna see you pissed off?' Meanwhile, all isn't well in Walla Walla. Tonya passes a kidney stone and has to return to the hospital. She's scared to go though because she's already in tremendous medical debt and doesn't want to get deeper in. Plus, she's worried she's going to lose her waitressing job. But she's sick and the roommates take her to the hospital so she can get well. They are all very concerned for her. Theo even writes her a note and goes to visit her while she's there. But Aneesa keeps putting off going. She claims she's
Apr 23 2002
Aneesa's openness is becoming a problem for Tonya. Everyone loves a beautiful body, but Tonya is a little tired of seeing Aneesa's all the time. Aneesa's open door policy for the bathroom and frank discussions about sex put Tonya over the edge, and they have a conversation about it. Aneesa is immediately defensive, refusing to understand how her nudity could be a problem for someone else. Tonya begrudgingly agrees to try to learn to be more accepting, while Aneesa compromises as well, saying that she is ""sorry if Tonya was made to feel uncomfortable."" Meanwhile, Cara's ex-boyfriend Ali comes to visit. He's ""evil."" He's ""the boyfriend from hell."" He's…cute! Cara is a very forgiving ex-girlfriend, apparently. Though Ali supposedly ""crushed"" her the last time, she doesn't hold any ill will, and after a brief tug of war, they are touching and groping. They spend a night together, which results in two things for Cara: orgasm and closure. While her body said yes, her mind and heart still sai
Apr 09 2002
The gang is continuing to work with the kids in Humboldt Park with varying degrees of success. The kids think Tonya is like a drill sergeant, always nagging and never playing. One of the kids most at risk, Nelson, isn't coming around as much as he should. Theo is worried and lets Nelson know that ""he should be working on the mural again...instead of getting into trouble."" Meanwhile, Keri is having the post-Kyle blues and is getting homesick. When she gets the opportunity to go home for the weekend, she jumps at it. She wants to feel some closeness and intimacy with people who didn't go to Princeton and get her head together. While Keri's away, Kyle and Cara get closer. Cara admits that though she and Kyle are just friends, if Keri weren't in the picture, she and Kyle might ""share a drunken kiss."" When Theo's friends come into town, he parties like crazy. They hang out until the wee hours of the morning and Theo oversleeps, leaving Tonya to deal with the kids. It's not a good situation;
Apr 02 2002
The gang all heads up to Kyle's lake house for a weekend of sun and fun. The couples--Justin and Tonya and Chris and Kurt--find time for sex and other activities, while the single roommates hang together. Even with Nicole out of the way, however, Kyle won't give in to his urges and hook up with Keri. They sleep in separate rooms and don't spend much time together over the weekend. Kyle explains, ""I have a great time with Keri and I really like being with her...but Nicole is still very, very with me."" When everyone is back in Chicago, the happy romances and the cautious flirting turn sour. Chris realizes that Kurt wants a lot more out of their relationship than he is able to give. Chris wants to focus on his recovery and on trying to stay sober while he bartends, but Kurt wants a commitment. Chris calls Kurt and ends it. Meanwhile, Keri is starting to realize that Kyle isn't treating her fairly. She talks with Tonya about her frustrations and decides that unless Kyle is willing to put h
Mar 26 2002
Just as Justin is planning to visit Tonya in Chicago, she relapses with her kidney problem. The situation is so bad that Cara rushes her from work to the emergency room. Tonya is in an incredible amount of pain and explains to Cara that this was the reason that she went home the first time. After getting treated she decides she should stay home for the rest of the week, which happens to include the time that Justin will be there. Theo thinks that ""Tonya's illness is absolutely real…she's not faking it. But…her not going to work has more to do with sex with her boyfriend."" Meanwhile, Kyle is planning a trip to his father's lakeside cabin. Everyone is planning to go and it seems like couples are forming--Tonya & Justin, Chris & Kurt…and Keri & Kyle. Kyle is concerned about how this might appear and begs Theo and Aneesa to come up early with him and Keri so it doesn't look like he's going on a ""romantic retreat"" with her. They initially agree but back out when they realize that they are b
Mar 19 2002
They've had the fight to end all fights but Veronica is still on Aneesa's mind. Aneesa looks for sympathy and understanding from everyone but no one is interested. Her mom doesn't want to hear any more bad news, Tonya and Chris think that Aneesa should just be glad to be rid of her. But Aneesa really wants Veronica to call. Cara empathizes with her, saying, ""I don't blame Aneesa at all for still having feelings for Veronica. Sometimes when people push you away, it makes you that much more likely to attach yourself to them."" Cara may know a thing or two about this phenomenon. Her dad comes in for a quick visit and takes everyone out to dinner. Cara reveals that her dad is now living in Indiana while the rest of her family is in St. Louis, which isn't ideal. She had never felt close to her father until recently and is very appreciative of his love. After her dad leaves, she's also really appreciative of Kyle's friend Djordje. She's so intrigued by him that they have a very public one nig
Mar 12 2002
Aneesa and her mom continue to struggle with issues during their phone calls. Aneesa's mom wants Aneesa to try and not be ""gay"" while she's in Chicago and to just have a good time. Aneesa, however, just wants to be free to be who she is…especially when she meets Veronica at gay night at Red Dog. They make an immediate connection and end up hooking up in the elevator of the loft. Meanwhile, it's the first real day of work for the non-lifeguards. They meet the kids who are going to be painting the mural with them along with Lara, the Chicago Parks District Manager, who is their boss. They get the kids to start brainstorming on the mural and they all start to realize, especially Tonya and Theo, the impact that they might have on these kids lives. As Aneesa starts to get more involved with Veronica, the rest of the roommates want to know more about her. Theo wants to meet her and see what makes her so hot. When he finally does, he doesn't see what the big deal is. Chris, however, thinks th
Mar 05 2002
It's the first official day of work for everyone. Keri, Chris and Kyle are on the beach with their lifeguarding duties while Cara, Tonya, Aneesa and Theo are working with the Chicago Parks program helping to design and paint a mural with a children's program. Everyone seems happy with their jobs, although Kyle notes that being a lifeguard mostly means having to be a jerk. Kurt comes down to spend a week with Chris. At first, Chris seems a little overwhelmed with the amount of time and attention Kurt wants. Chris is about moving slow and Kurt is about being in a relationship and falling in love. Tonya tells Chris that she would be ""sketched"" if a guy was acting like that towards her. But Tonya is also sketched by the idea of two guys being in love with each other so what does she know about it? While Kurt is in town, there's a Human Rights Campaign Benefit Dinner and Chris and Aneesa encourage all of their roommates to attend. They all decide to go except Theo who feels like he would be
Feb 19 2002
After arguing with Kyle on the train, Keri decides she should start dating other people instead of pining for Kyle. She meets and makes a date with Tyler, and surprise, surprise, Kyle is more than a little bit jealous. His not-so-veiled negative remarks about the boy aren't lost on the other roommates and are definitely not lost on Keri. Which is fine, because she still really likes Kyle. After the date, she decides that Tyler's a nice guy but that playing the pseudo-dating game with Kyle is more fun. Meanwhile, Theo's finally gotten comfortable in the house…maybe a little too comfortable. He's taken to inviting large groups of people over to party, annoy everyone else, and puke in uncool places. The roommates aren't amused, especially Chris and Aneesa, who call Theo out for his actions. Theo refuses to apologize and says he'll ""be damned if these people come down on [him] like [he's] a kid."" When Tonya returns to Chicago, she gets back in her most familiar position--on the phone. Whil
Feb 12 2002
It seems pretty obvious to everyone that Keri likes Kyle and Kyle likes Keri, but there's a problem. Kyle has a long-time girlfriend at home that he really loves, Nicole, and he's trying really hard not to do anything to jeopardize their relationship. He says, ""Nicole and I met two and a half years ago and we jumped into this fairy-tale love."" Apparently the fairy tale includes Keri because Kyle seems to enjoy spending a lot of time in the same bed with her, flirting. While Kyle, Keri and the rest of the cast members are bonding in Chicago, Tonya is back in Walla Walla with Justin and her doctors. When she lands, it's pretty clear that homesickness was as big a factor in her coming home as her physical illness. Tonya says that she ""realized that Walla Walla is an incredible place with amazing people that is the closest to a home that [she's] ever had."" Keri and Kyle's flirtatious relationship isn't always wonderful. When Kyle's friends come into town, he gets stand-offish with Keri. He
Feb 05 2002
Everyone's bonding…except for Tonya. She's not about going out, she's about sitting at home talking on the phone with Justin. The rest of the gang is frustrated that she doesn't spend time with them and thinks she might be making up excuses and drama when things get hard. Kyle remarks, ""My relationship with Tonya is very much a labor of love. Occasionally, with a heavy emphasis on the labor side of things."" Meanwhile, the cast finds out that they will be working as lifeguards for Illinois State Parks and Recreation. They are all excited about the prospect of being on the beach all the time until they realize that they actually have to pass certification. Theo wants to be a lifeguard but doesn't know how to swim very well. Cara's dad is overjoyed that his daughter is following in his footsteps as a saver of lives, but the idea really scares her. She doesn't try very hard because she doesn't want the responsibility and eventually declines getting certified. After all is said and done, on
Jan 29 2002
Its summertime in the city and our seven strangers are chilling on the sandy Chicago beaches. Newly single Cara is lonely and on a mission…the Boy Hunt is on. First up is Jason, a guy she eyes across the sand castles and through the hard-bodies. She gives him the digits and they plan to make a date out of it. While Cara is excited about the date, she doesn't seem to really know what she wants. She still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend Jared, who apparently wants to marry her. She feels lonely when she's not with someone and needs physical affection to feel good about herself. This week she must feel absolutely great as she spends the night with a ""rock star"" and her friend from home, Nick. As she tells Theo, ""Friends can sleep together."" While Cara is busy finding where the boys are, Chris struggles with telling his roommates that ""finding the boys"" is also one of his favorite activities. Everyone seems pretty aware of his sexuality except for Theo, who tells Aneesa that he's surpris
Jan 22 2002
After the roommates' time in the hot tub, the group wonders what Chris is hiding-they think he must have a secret. Most of them decide that Chris must be the house virgin. Chris shoots that down and shocks them all when he explains that he was deflowered by his baby-sitter when he was 12 years old. Aneesa, however, deciphers the clues and figures out the truth. Her understanding gives Chris a lot of comfort. Kyle also guesses that Chris is gay but only discusses it with Keri--he doesn't want to put Chris on the spot, especially with Theo in the house. While Theo is comfortable with Aneesa's lesbianism, he finds the idea of two men together disgusting. His constant comments about it anger Aneesa while Chris silently listens in. However, Aneesa has an interesting way of showing her unhappiness--instead of telling Theo how she feels, she gets in the shower with him and sleeps naked in bed with him. Despite all of the mixed signals, Theo apparently does understand their dynamic. He writes
Jan 15 2002
We're going to Chicago! Well, at least Aneesa, Cara, Chris, Keri, Kyle, Theo and Tonya are, and we get to tag along for the ride. We meet Theo and Tonya first and immediately there is tension because Tonya--who is from Walla Walla, Washington--doesn't have much experience with people who are different from her, and Theo happens to be a black man. But they get past the tension without much of a hitch and arrive at the bright orange door of their new home. Aneesa is the next to arrive and Theo is immediately attracted to her. Her vibrant personality and free-spiritedness (that means she likes to walk around naked) has Theo in player mode from their first handshake. When Aneesa reveals that she's a lesbian, Theo is thrown an unexpected loop. But in his mind, the fact that she's not attracted to men seems only a minor hurdle and he continues to flirt shamelessly. ""We're going to be here for four months, anything can happen,"" he reasons. The rest of the gang arrives and Chris, Kyle and Keri
Jan 15 2002

Season 10

22 Episodes

It's the last few days in the house and everyone is reminiscing about the times they've had together. Coral and Mike have lunch together to discuss their tumultuous relationship. They reminisce about how they started off on the wrong foot, from Mike's comments about race to Coral's attacking him for the way he talks about his friends. From that difficult beginning, they've grown to trust and truly care about each other. When Coral opens up to Mike about her father leaving her when she was 9 because he had to do jail time, Mike realizes that ""this girl really trusts [him]."" Rachel, meanwhile, is delighting in making fun of Mike's alter ego, The Miz. She lets her friend Stubu wear Mike's toy belt and takes pictures of the kid and all his 40-pound glory. Mike responds by drenching Rachel in the shower and giving Stubu the Atomic Wedgie. The gang gets together for a final meal and party. Mike gives everyone T-shirts that he designed for them and Lori brings four bottles of red wine. The co
Dec 04 2001
It's the last week working at Arista and the gang has one huge final project. They are responsible for getting Arista's new rock band, Adema, added to the playlist at New York's world famous K-Rock. The gang is unprepared for the task ahead of them. When they get to K-Rock and make their pitch, they are bombarded with questions that they can't answer and seem totally underwhelmed by the whole situation. Malik notes, ""None of us are really feeling the music and it shows."" Surprise, surprise, K-Rock doesn't choose to add the song to their roster. While the group's musical career is coming to an end, Lori's is just beginning. Nicky, the Arista producer whom Lori met earlier in the season, wants her to come in and try singing on a track for him. She's nervous about the whole process and invites Mike, Coral and Nicole to come along with her. Lori's excited about getting in the booth and singing, but it's not happening the way she wants. When she gets frustrated by the whole thing, Coral is
Nov 27 2001
As we've already established, Nicole wants Bobby. But he's not sure if that's what he wants. As he says, he's ""not ready to be had."" The other girls don't see what Nicole sees in Bobby. She seems to be a different person with him. For someone so assertive and in control, she lets him boss her around. Coral thinks she's way too into Bobby and she worries that Nicole ""will make a fool out of herself."" While Nicole's foolishness is in question, there's no doubt that Jisela is acting a fool while she's in the Hamptons. Jisela brought her own video camera and spends large amounts of time making fun of the guys, especially Kevin and Malik. When Malik sees the video and shares it with the other roommates, Coral gets pissed. She doesn't appreciate Jisela talking about people when she's an invited guest. She lets Jisela know that Kevin, Malik and Mike are like brothers to her and that ""if [she] was making a joke, it wasn't funny...[she] needs to clear it up."" Jisela tries to explain herself to
Nov 20 2001
The Real Worlders are going to the Hamptons! As an added bonus, they're each allowed to bring someone from Casting Finals along. That's no problem for Malik, who'd been trying to get Jisela back for a visit anyway. Malik is in love with Jisela and he's letting it show. He tells Mike, ""We both really fell for each other really quickly. We both really love each other. That's just honest and true."" The other person in love in the house is Nicole. Her dream boy, Bobby, was supposed to visit at the same time as the trip, so she gets to invite him along. Lori tries to get Nicole to define the Nicole-Bobby relationship and she can't. This time, however, she doesn't have a secret plan to take advantage of him; she wants to lay it all out on the table and tell him how she feels. He's her best friend and she wants him to know how much she cares for him. Jisela arrives before everyone else and she and Malik are the cutest together. But it's obvious that while Malik is looking for a serious relati
Nov 13 2001
Rachel's youth is starting to show. She and Coral get in a tiff about house cleaning. Apparently they've set a schedule in the house for cleaning and Rachel's the only one that can't seem to follow it. She's used to her mom taking care of her, and it's tough getting used to being responsible for yourself. But it's even tougher when you're trying to figure out who you are while worrying about how your mom is going to react. When Mike challenges Rachel about her mom, Rachel shuts him down: ""We're not having this discussion."" Meanwhile, the whole RR gang is in town and the RW crew is excited to see them. Malik is especially psyched to see Jisela. There is always a lot of sexual tension when they both are in the room. Malik says, ""Jisela brings a lot of fun-loving spirit. A lot of energy."" And apparently that energy spreads to everyone else as Rachel finally joins in the fun when they all go out to the West End. Lap dances, girl-girl kissing and drinking are the activities of the night. Ra
Nov 06 2001
The boys have made a pact that they won't get involved with the girls in the house. They are going to treat them like sisters. Not surprisingly, this pact has helped improve the Lori-Kevin relationship. Lori's no longer enamored with him and Kevin has his eyes on Beth, a model he met at Nell's. Kevin and Beth connect almost immediately and quickly start dating seriously. Kevin likes her ""because we can finish each other's sentences. It's very rare when you have that with someone."" Unfortunately, it's the roomies' last month in NY and Kevin doesn't think it makes sense to get serious with someone when he's going to be leaving soon. While Kevin deals with the trials and tribulations of love, Lori is busy preparing for her final show with the Bostonians, her college a capella group. This final performance is so important to her that she's willing to get involved in a hum war with current arguing champion, Coral. Lori's frustrated because she can't pick a final song to sing or find a place
Oct 30 2001
Believe it or not, there is still peace in the house. The tension and conflict seemed to have disappeared. Coral and Mike are hugging, Coral and Kevin are having serious talks, and the guys and girls are actually hanging out and enjoying it. Coral even admits that she has been going down the wrong path and intends to make a change. What happened? Meanwhile, Nicole is consumed by the fact that her dream boy, Bobby, will visit her in New York. The only problem with Bobby, Nicole says, ""is that he doesn't like me."" So Nicole devises a plan to ""get some"" from him. She will pretend that she's feeling saucy from the alcohol and will make a move on him, blaming it on the booze. The plan seems to be working at the beginning of their date, as they sip expensive champagne before heading out to a club. However, Nicole forgets that she is a ""lightweight."" After several glasses of champagne, two martinis and a body shot, Nicole is not feeling too well. Her perfect evening with Bobby turns ugly when
Oct 23 2001
The roommates are excited to find out that they get to compete in a window display contest as part of their job at Arista. They are split up into two teams. Rachel, Mike, Nicole, and Malik must build a display for Dido. Kevin, Coral, and Lori must create a display for Outkast. Each team gets to work with a BMG representative who will help them execute their ideas. Nicole comes up with an idea for her team and gets upset with Mike when he tries to give a suggestion. It is clear to the entire group that it is ""Nicole's way or no way."" Things get even worse after Nicole and Mike have a screaming match on the streets of New York, just because Mike took the van without telling Nicole. Nicole's attitude affects the team spirit and subsequently they lose to the Outkast team. Nicole tells Coral that she ""is glad that her team lost."" Everyone is pretty annoyed with Nicole at this point. Meanwhile, there is a strange shift in the house. Coral and Mike are actually getting along! Mike has decided
Oct 16 2001
The girls are fed up with being single. During a ""Girl's Night In Virgin Margarita Party,"" they make a pact that they will each try and get a date by the end of next month. Lori decides to work on getting her date immediately. As a result of her daily walks to and from work, she discovers a cute doorman standing outside of Harry Winston's. She gets up the courage to approach him and they end up having a very flirtatious conversation. He invites her back later in the week for a tour of the store, and Lori thinks this one is in the bag. On tour day, Lori gets the full princess treatment, including the opportunity to try on expensive one-of-a kind jewels, one of which was worn by Madonna on her wedding day. After the tour, Lori asks out the cute doorman. He replies uncomfortably that he is busy. Then he adds, ""I am practically married."" Thoroughly embarrassed, Lori mumbles goodbye and heads towards Arista. So much for that! Meanwhile, the girls are annoyed that the guys are such kiss-asse
Oct 09 2001
The tension in the house is diminishing these days, except between Nicole and Malik. They still aren't speaking, although Malik hopes that they can all be friends someday. Most of the roommates seem to think that Nicole should just let it go. Meanwhile, Malik and Mike are expecting visits from their families. Mike is surprised to learn that his separated parents are coming to visit him ""together."" The roommates find that Mike's parents are different than they expected. Coral describes Mike's mom as ""a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader."" As Kevin joins them for dinner, Mike gets embarrassed by his dad's comments about black culture in Cleveland. It is obvious that Mike is experiencing a tremendous amount of growth during his stay in New York. Meanwhile, Malik prepares to meet his father's family for the first time. Malik explains to Mike that he never knew his father, who left the family when Malik was just six months old. Malik is anxious to meet his new extended family but wonders whether the
Oct 02 2001
Lori's band is not going as well as she had hoped. The practice sessions have not moved past jam sessions. They don't have any real songs or even lyrics. Lori tells Rachel that she is ""a recording artist"" and that she is shifting her focus in that direction. As luck would have it, Lori and her roommates get the opportunity to tour the Arista offices and meet the president of Arista and Arista recording artist Usher. They also get to sit in on a real recording session with a new Arista recording artist named Lennon, who happens to be a 19-year-old girl. Lori is excited as she watches Lennon record. The following day, Lori, Mike and Rachel decide to explore the Arista offices some more. They meet a music supervisor named Nicky, who shows them some of the music he is working on. Lori tells him that she is a singer and that she would love to give him a demo CD. Several days later, Nicky calls Lori into his office and admits that he was really surprised at how well she sings and that he w
Sep 25 2001
The roommates are back from their trip to Morocco with a new appreciation for New York and a new attitude towards each other. Mike has vowed to be himself at ""a level 10 rather than a level four."" Mike is also excited for a visit from his friend Sarah from Ohio. He describes their relationship as ""friends with privileges"" and notes that Ohio girls are much more fun than the girls he has met in New York. Fun, indeed--Mike gets the self-proclaimed honor of being the first in the house to ""get some ass."" The girls are shocked and disgusted to find out that Mike did the deed while Malik and Kevin were trying to sleep in the same bedroom. Coral even threatens to ""never have sex again"" if they keep discussing Mike's sex life. Meanwhile, Rachel's got a crush on a guy named Gabe who plays guitar in a band. She informs her female roommates that he kissed her ""after the Warped Tour last summer."" Everyone is a bit skeptical of this boy and Coral warns Rachel, ""I better not find you in his hotel
Sep 18 2001
Just when the tension in the house has reached a record-high level, the roommates find out that they are jetting off to Morocco for a week-long vacation. The guys aren't overly thrilled about the trip because of their female travel companions, but they quickly change their minds when they arrive at the ultra-luxurious desert oasis where they will be staying. Things continue to get better. As the roommates lounge by the pool, a mysterious white van pulls up, and out jumps the six Road Rulers. Everyone is stoked to have some new friends to hang with for the week, particularly the guys. Well, everyone but Coral and Nicole. They couldn't care less about the Road Rulers as they continue snubbing everyone around them. Coral may have finally met her match. Adam isn't going to take her attitude for one second and throws it right back at her. During their first night at dinner, Coral snaps at Adam, ""I think you are the dumbest person I have ever met."" Adam replies,"" I hope we go to the desert
Sep 04 2001
So we start off this week with a familiar scene...Nicole and Coral yelling and giving one of their roommates a hard time. However, this time they aren't yelling at the boys, but at Rachel. It seems that Nicole and Coral were giving Rachel a hard time and she finally got to the end of her rope and starting crying. The general opinion in the house now is that Coral and Nicole are isolating themselves more and more each day from the rest of the roommates. On the job front, the roommates seem to enjoy working for Arista with the exception of Coral and Nicole. Neither of them hide the fact that they would rather be shopping or napping than sitting in an office promoting rock bands. Nicole and Coral learn a hard lesson regarding their work ethic when they choose to skip out on a voluntary day at work and miss out on free Outkast tickets. When they find out that their roommates were given the tickets as a reward for working, they blow up at Lori and Rachel for not asking for extra tickets f
Aug 28 2001
Lori seems to be the focus of the house these days because of her fondness for singing at the top of her lungs while her roommates try and go about their business. How annoying is it? Kevin describes her singing as ""a seal in labor."" Even easy-going Rachel can't deal and tells Lori, ""We love you...but please don't sing."" Lori feels put out, because she thinks that the roommates don't understand how important music and singing are in her life. Meanwhile at work, the roommates are broken up into two teams that are responsible for creating focus groups for Arista's new rock artists. Nicole, Rachel, Kevin and Malik don't take the assignment as seriously as they should. Their focus group members and the group's outcome end up being a complete joke. Mike, Coral and Lori's group is a success, mainly because of Mike and Lori's ability to find people who truly enjoy rock music. Lori gets an added bonus from some of her focus group members, who happen to be searching for a female singer for th
Aug 21 2001
You thought Mike and Coral's arguments were bad? You'll see the art of arguing taken to the next level between Malik and Nicole. Whatever sexual tension that existed between them when they first met has been destroyed by their inability to see eye to eye on numerous topics, all related to black culture and how they choose to live their lives. The bottom line is that Nicole accuses Malik of being hypocritical because he promotes black culture through his appearance, style and music, but is open-minded about dating outside of his race. Because Nicole feels very strongly about marrying inside her race, she struggles to understand Malik's openness and feels let down by his behavior. Malik gets crushed in any argument with Nicole on this topic, and when Kevin decides to stick up for Malik, Nicole lets him have it and tells him that he doesn't understand because he is ""not a black woman."" The fact that Malik discusses the situation with Kevin makes Nicole even more upset. There is suddenly
Aug 14 2001
Mike still can't seem to find his place among the women of the house. They don't want to hang out with him and don't understand his sense of humor. This is quite a shock for him, because he is used to being the funny guy that everyone loves to be around. His only method of release is attending heavy metal concerts such as Linkin Park, which the other roommates refuse to attend. On a happier note, the roommates are stoked to find out that they'll be working for Arista Records. But the excitement fades for most of the roommates when they discover the job requires them to form a street marketing team focusing on rock bands. Mike, on the other hand, couldn't be happier. Just when he was feeling like the house outcast, he finds something that could possibly change his life. Of course, the first day on the job has to have some drama. Guess who Mike has to share a desk with for the next five months? You got it, Coral. She's more pissed off than we've ever seen her-first when she finds out s
Aug 07 2001
Valentine's Day has arrived and the girls are not happy with their single status. Brace yourself for this one...Mike is in the doghouse again with Coral. It all starts when Mike refers to his visiting female friends as ""some freak panty-droppers."" The female roommates then snub the ""panty-droppers"" and make references to this nickname to their faces. This, of course, pisses Mike off. When he confronts Coral at a house meeting, she lets him have it. There is a little love in the air, however. Lori finds a new focus for her flirtation: a cute British bartender named Stevie B. Meanwhile, Kevin sends flowers to his girl Emily at home, and Mike enjoys a date and goodnight kiss from ""panty-dropper"" Becky. The female roommates decide to make a statement on V-Day by dressing in black and having a girls' night out. Mike is left alone to sulk. He decides to try and win back Coral's affections by surprising all of the girls with personalized flower vases and cards. Coral responds by jumping int
Jul 31 2001
As the roommates explore the nightlife of NYC, Rachel's having a tough time being the youngest roommate and under 21. The female roommates convince Rachel that a little makeup, a tube top, and a fake ID are her tickets to a fun night out. Rachel isn't quite ready for a scamming guy who informs her that she is making him ""hard."" Will Rachel ever venture out again at night? On the hook-up front, Lori is falling even harder for Kevin, if that's possible. The situation gets even more complicated when Kevin kisses Lori in the heat of the moment on the dance floor. However, he quickly qualifies the kiss by telling her that although he finds her attractive, he doesn't want to be with her. Humiliated, Lori begins to notice that Kevin is not only snubbing her, but flirting more with the other female roommates. Will she get over this obsessive crush and find love in NYC?
Jul 24 2001
The tension between Mike and Coral continues when Mike is unaware that February is Black History Month. Coral is unwilling to give him any slack, and it is clear that the other roommates think she is being unreasonable. Malik, on the other hand, is really patient with Mike and offers to teach him about one black figure every day of the month. Nicole tries to overcome her insecurities and agrees to go on a date with a guy named Rene that she met at a club. Though she's physically attracted to him, she is turned off when he admits that he voted for George Bush. She decides not to see him again because of his conservative beliefs. When she returns home, Malik pours her a glass of orange juice, and she remarks, ""why am I going out when I got it at home?"" Meanwhile, Malik's friend Namane comes to town and gets a chance to witness the Mike/Coral saga. After observing their interaction, Namane sticks up for Mike, saying that his first impression of Mike was someone who's genuinely enthusias
Jul 17 2001
The mysterious seventh roommie finally makes her appearance. Everyone is stoked to see that it is Rachel. The roommates begin to get to know one another. It is quickly revealed to Kevin that Lori is now ""conveniently single."" The flirtation between them begins the first night as the roommates go out drinking together. Meanwhile, Mike gets his first lesson in being socially conscious as he inadvertently generalizes about the intelligence of African Americans. Malik keeps quiet, but Coral lets him have it. After being ignored for two days following the incident, Mike confronts Malik and Coral and makes peace. The sexual tension continues to mount between Kevin and Lori, but Kevin keeps backing off, stating that he ""knows they will hook up eventually, but it doesn't have to be now."" Lori feels somewhat rejected and begins to become insecure about the situation.
Jul 10 2001
Coral, Mike and Lori are the first to arrive from the Staten Island Ferry. As they drag their bags across town, they wonder who will be their other roommates in the loft on Hudson Street and whether they are on Road Rules or The Real World. Coral and company enter the loft first, and are blown away that this amazing place is their home for the next five months. The other group-Malik, Nicole and Kevin-arrives shortly after and everyone explores the ""phat loft."" Rachel arrives soon after the rest of the group.
Jul 03 2001

Season 9

24 Episodes

Nov 16 2000
Before Matt leaves New Orleans for good, Julie requests a kiss. Matt actually agrees and he pecks her on the lips before speeding away in his car. While Julie's struggle with Matt is going on, so is her struggle with her religion and her beliefs. She knows that she has learned a lot and has grown as a person. Her friend from the coffee shop, also named Matt, stops by with an article from Newsweek that is about a Mormon boy who killed himself because he was gay. After reading it and getting sick to her stomach, she realizes that this article just reaffirms her disagreement with some of her religious beliefs. Jamie narrates to his mother what everyone is going to be doing after they leave New Orleans; Kelley is staying in New Orleans with Peter, Danny is going home to his boyfriend, Melissa is moving to Los Angeles, David is going back home to his mother, Julie has another year at BYU and Matt also has another year at Georgia Tech. During the final scenes, each cast member reflects on wh
Nov 07 2000
Jamie and the others continue to discuss David's attitude problem. Melissa explodes on David and storms out of the room. Eventually David breaks down and tells the housemates that he is doing it all for his Mother, since she isn't in such good of health right now. In David's attempt at making relationships better with some of the housemates, he takes Julie to his recording studio, where she actually tries to rap with him. He also later makes an appearance at Melissa's art opening. At a last attempt to connect with Melissa, he has a heart to hear with on the front steps of the Belfort. He tells her how proud of her he is and that he knows that she's going to go places. They hug and make amends. Julie instigates a game of Spin the Bottle, and when the bottle that Matt spins lands on her, he won't give her the kiss that she's entitled to. He says that Julie cheated. But everyone else just knows that he's scared. The housemates prepare Julie and Kelley's room for a slumber party by pushing
Nov 07 2000
When Julie brings her new friend Jacob by the house to meet the roommates, Matt makes a rude comment towards him, which annoys Julie. Despite Julie's protest, David makes plans to host a hot tub party to which he will only invite female strippers. Julie decides to write Matt a long letter explaining why she is upset with him and why she feels that their friendship is strained.After Matt expresses a genuine interest in going with David to an important recording studio session to be a supportive friend, David ends up leaving the house without him. Completely fed up with David's rudeness, the roommates decide to call a house meeting to discuss their issues with him.
Oct 31 2000
As the upcoming show producer, David plans to have a female fashion show, but doesn't include the roommates in any of the planning or details. Matt develops a liking for a girl named Brandi, and invites her to visit his Web page and sign his guest book. After finding her signature in his guest book, Matt gets Brandi's phone number from his friend Lionel and calls her, only to find out that she has a boyfriend and did not sign his guest book. Julie admits to Matt that she was the one who pretended to be Brandi and signed his guestbook. Kelley and Matt do a great job of saving the show as hosts/commentators on David's ""Stripper Fashion Show"" episode. David continues to separate himself from his roommates after he doesn't receive any positive feedback from them after his show.
Oct 24 2000
Jamie decides that he needs to take a break from constant partying in order to focus on his spirituality. There is a definite spark between Julie and Jamie as they discuss issues such as Jamie's kissing abilities. A mud-wrestling match between Julie and Jamie adds to the sexual tension between them. Later that evening, Julie and Jamie find themselves in a position where they end up kissing. Melissa takes up painting, which has an extremely positive effect on her mental well-being. Jamie realizes that he is drawn towards Julie because of the new level of spirituality he's exposed to from hanging out with her.
Oct 17 2000
Kelley faces the difficult decision of whether or not to stay in New Orleans with Peter in order to continue developing their relationship. Julie finally breaks down and expresses to her father her built up frustrations about their relationship and his parenting methods. After an intense blowout with her father, Julie cries in frustration over the fact that they had to have this discussion during her experience in New Orleans. Peter gets upset with Kelley because she's mean to him at times. Kelley informs Peter that she has decided to stay with him in New Orleans. After making up with her father, Julie talks to her mother about her hopes for a better relationship with him in the future.
Oct 10 2000
Julie is apprehensive about her family's upcoming visit because of the strained relationship between her and her father. Matt goes on an official ""Mullet Hunt"" as a special feature for their next show. Danny is frustrated with the attitudes of Julie's brother and his friends towards the gay community. Julie's father questions her on her experience in New Orleans and her plans for the future. The show Julie produces ends up being a big hit. Julie knows she is in trouble when she is late meeting her parents at church because she stayed out all night at a rave.
Oct 03 2000
Danny and Kelley encourage Julie to talk a cute waiter named Baxter. Jamie expresses his frustration to Melissa over the obvious distaste Kelley has for him. On the evening of her date with Baxter, Julie meets another boy named Matt at Open Mike Night at the local coffeehouse. Jamie and Kelley sit down to talk about their strained relationship, and end up accusing one another of acting immaturely. Later, Kelley approaches Jamie in an attempt to mend their communication breakdown. After realizing that her new friend Matt is gay, Julie focuses on Baxter, but is turned off after a party because of the crowd he hangs with.
Sep 19 2000
Danny's parents and siblings arrive in New Orleans to visit Danny and to meet his boyfriend Paul for the first time. Jamie is producing the next TV show, which will focus on African music and its influence on society and other genres of music. Although Danny's father knows about his son's sexual preference, he doesn't figure out that Paul is Danny's boyfriend. Kelley and Danny are annoyed that Jamie is only motivated about the show when he is the producer. Danny confronts Matt about his Catholic belief that homosexuality is wrong.
Sep 12 2000
Matt tells David that he is there for him as a support figure, while he tries to find his place in the household. The roommates arrive in scenic Victoria Falls, where David contemplates facing his fear of bungee jumping. Jamie, Julie, Matt and David share the intense state of euphoria that comes from bungee jumping off a 365-foot cliff. David slowly begins to open up to Kelley and the rest of the roommates by developing different connections with each of them. The roommates are particularly affected by their final outing into the African townships, where they caught a glimpse of families and children living in poverty. After their return from South Africa, Melissa confronts David about his positive attitude change towards the other roommates.
Sep 05 2000
The roommates are ecstatic when they find out that they will be spending their vacation in South Africa. It is becoming apparent that there is a wall growing between David and the rest of the roommates. Melissa is frustrated that David won't put aside their differences to share the experience of being in Africa together. The group is taken on an outing that requires them to descend down a 100-meter cliff while connected to a rope. Melissa is particularly affected by this trip as she gains a new appreciation for nature and its effect on her spirituality. Jamie, Julie and Melissa agree that they should approach David as a group and try to help him break down his walls in order for him to get the most out of his experience in New Orleans.
Aug 29 2000
It's Mardi Gras time in New Orleans, and the Real Worlders get a surprise invitation to have dinner at Anne Rice's house. Danny realizes that he must try to make an extra effort to stay faithful to Paul during this time of partying. The roommates are invited to ride on a float during the parade, while David chooses to stay at the house with friends. During a night of heavy drinking and partying, Danny screws up by messing around with a guy he just met. Julie enjoys her Mardi Gras experience, which she describes as ""a celebration of sin."" Danny feels extremely lucky when Paul tells him that he doesn't care that he messed up, because he knows where his heart is and trusts him completely.
Aug 22 2000
Matt explains to Kelley that he is very picky about girls and will hold out until he finds the ideal girlfriend. Melissa's time in the house causes her to do a lot of thinking about issues from her past, as well as consider the possibility of leaving the house. Matt invites a girl named Kelley over to the house for a tour. Melissa and Julie get into a fight when Julie accuses Melissa of not respecting her Mormon beliefs. Matt decides to spend time hanging out with Kelley as a friend to get to know her before asking her out on a date. Melissa makes an appointment with a therapist to get help with the overwhelming issues that she is trying to deal with.
Aug 15 2000
The roommates are frustrated because David, who is producing the next show, is having trouble communicating with them. David gets angry when the roommates take the car and fail to show up at the television studio for an important scheduled meeting. After David confronts the roommates, Danny speaks out about David's tendency to be hypocritical. David tells Matt about his feelings of bitterness towards his father and the experience of being raised by a single mom. David and the roommates pull together and produce a show that is even better than the first. David gets the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at a local hockey game in front of a huge crowd, his roommates and his mom.
Aug 08 2000
Four of Jamie's best friends come to New Orleans for a visit. Melissa and David try to explain to Julie the differences in racial terminology. Julie gets emotional as she explains to Melissa how she feels cheated as a result of her sheltered upbringing. During a boating trip with Julie, Jamie, and Jamie's friends, Melissa gets upset when the tour guide uses a racial term to describe a bird. Julie and Melissa argue over the issue of ignorance towards minorities. Melissa explains to Jamie why it hurt her when he didn't understand how upset she was by the boating incident.
Aug 01 2000
The cast members have 48 hours to finish gathering material for their first live TV show. Kelley confronts David yet again about his unwillingness to follow her instructions as show producer. Kelley expresses to Elton her frustration over the progress of the show and the difficulties of managing the staff. Jamie and Julie agree that the entire project is being micro-managed and is being taken too seriously. The cast ends up doing a great job on their first live TV show and receives well-earned praise from Elton. But there's no time to celebrate--the cast must begin working immediately on next week's show and must choose a new producer for each week.
Jul 25 2000
While working at a French Quarter bar Danny meets new friends and is tempted to cheat on Paul. Kelley wants to be Peter's Valentine, but he already has a girlfriend. Having been away from Paul for some time, Danny is feeling the temptation from other men in New Orleans and in particular, a guy named Wes. Danny struggles with his love for Paul and his attraction to other men, wondering if he can remain faithful. Paul decides to surprise Danny on Valentine's Day by showing up in New Orleans. After the visit, Danny's feelings for Paul are reaffirmed and he decides he doesn't want to lose Paul. Meanwhile, Kelley's relationship with Paul begins to strengthen. Peter breaks off the relationship with his girlfriend in order to pursue a new relationship with Kelley. He takes her out for a romantic dinner and afterwards, she spends the night at his place. Julie continues to flirt with Matt, who, up to this point, seems oblivious to her advances. They both recognize, however, that they are having
Jul 18 2000
Melissa finds out that Ryan, the guy she dated before coming to New Orleans, is going to pay her a visit for her birthday. Kelley and David butt heads when she confronts him over his lack of participation in the effort to put together their first TV show. Melissa tells Ryan that she's worried about his expectations for his upcoming visit to New Orleans, as well as for their relationship in the future. Melissa and David break out in a heated yelling match during a group meeting at the TV station. Melissa enjoys a wild birthday celebration that includes a strip tease from David, while Ryan quietly observes, clearly not pleased with her behavior. Melissa breaks into tears as she admits to Ryan that she was trying to behave badly so he wouldn't like her anymore.
Jul 11 2000
As Kelley and Melissa become friends, they realize that they have a common interest--Jamie. Jamie admits that although he is attracted to both Kelley and Melissa, he doesn't feel that a physical element is needed in his relationships with his roommates at this point in time. Kelley's focus moves away from Jamie when she meets a very attractive medical student named Peter while out on the town with her roommates. Jamie and Melissa start spending a lot of time together just as friends, which is a new experience for Jamie. Kelley invites Peter to attend a drag queen performance that she, along with Melissa and Julie, will be participating in during a Chinese New Year celebration. Things heat up as Melissa and Jamie take a friendly bubble bath together.
Jul 04 2000
The cast is excited about their new job, which will involve producing a public access show for New Orleans Access Television. Melissa goes on a date with a new boy known as ""Frat Matt"" and is amazed to find out what it is like to be treated like a lady. On their first day on the job, the cast gets a scolding from their boss, Elton, for arriving late. Melissa goes on a second date with ""Frat Matt"" and feels a bit out of place with the upscale crowd he hangs out with. The cast begins training on their show, The Real Seven at 7, which will be produced by Kelley and directed by Danny. After ""Frat Matt"" makes a move on Melissa, she pushes him away because she believes that he wouldn't be interested in her if they had met in any other situation. The cast realizes that their job, along with their new boss Elton, will not be easy to deal with.
Jun 27 2000
David and Melissa form a flirtatious friendship based on similarities in race and personality. Melissa reveals to her roommates feelings of sadness and regret over the fact that her parents were not involved in her life while growing up. Julie admits to Danny that although his sexual preference doesn't fit in with her moral standards, she still loves and accepts him as a friend. After having a bad day, Melissa goes out with the roommates and gets drunk, causing David to go home early. Meanwhile, Melissa performs a comical strip tease at a local strip club while Danny, Kelley, and Jamie laugh hysterically. David explains to Melissa that he will not be there for her if she chooses alcohol as an escape. She replies, ""Fine, then don't talk to me for the next five months."" After getting the silent treatment from David, Melissa tearfully begs him for forgiveness, causing him to give in and make up with her.
Jun 20 2000
Julie and David, the first two roommates to arrive at Belfort Mansion in New Orleans, enthusiastically explore their new home. Matt and Kelley arrive and are greeted by Julie, David, and their house pet, ""Shorty."" On the way to Belfort Mansion, Melissa reveals to Danny her preference for male roommates. Danny tells Melissa that he has a ""secret."" Jamie arrives and the seven roommates enjoy an authentic Cajun dinner together, during which Julie reveals that she is a Mormon. Danny cautiously begins to reveal to his roommates his sexual preference and his new relationship with a member of the military. Julie's strict Mormon upbringing already clashes with the environment and the social situations she will experience over the next five months.
Jun 13 2000
Julie and David, the first two roommates to arrive at Belfort Mansion in New Orleans, enthusiastically explore their new home. Matt and Kelley arrive and are greeted by Julie, David, and their house pet, ""Shorty."" On the way to Belfort Mansion, Melissa reveals to Danny her preference for male roommates. Danny tells Melissa that he has a ""secret."" Jamie arrives and the seven roommates enjoy an authentic Cajun dinner together, during which Julie reveals that she is a Mormon. Danny cautiously begins to reveal to his roommates his sexual preference and his new relationship with a member of the military. Julie's strict Mormon upbringing already clashes with the environment and the social situations she will experience over the next five months.
Jun 13 2000

Season 8

23 Episodes

Mahalo 8x23
Feeling empowered, Amaya corners Kaia to defend herself. Amaya admits that although she may be guilty of some of Kaia's accusations, she is no more guilty than the other roommates. The next day, the roommates wake up early to pack for their trip home. At the airport, Teck and Colin give each other a final goodbye hug as the other roommates share their memories and feelings of their time together in Hawaii.
Nov 09 1999
In the van, Ruthie tells Colin she feels bad about the house ganging up on Amaya. In response, Colin believes that their confrontation will help Amaya become a better person. Feeling the effects of the roommates' animosity towards her, an emotionally- charged Amaya explains to Pam her desire to confront Kaia.When Kaia corners Matt in the kitchen, he's at a loss for words. The roommates decide to produce their own talent show for the final performance at Local Motion. Teck and Matt get in touch with their ""feminine side"" when they spoof the daytime talk show, The View. Kaia also plants a big wet one on Matt during the show. While the roommates throw a farewell party outside, Kaia invites Matt to sleep in her bed. There, Matt confesses that he is confused about his feelings towards both her and Ruthie's sister, Sara.
Nov 09 1999
Amaya takes a liking to Colin's friend Tony, who is visiting from the mainland. Could Amaya's flirtatious behavior with Tony be just another plot to make Colin jealous? In a confessional, Colin shares a piece of advice to his friend, Tony, regarding Amaya. Although she and Tony spent the night together, Amaya insists that nothing happened. The next morning, the roommates question Amaya's actions while Colin coldly says goodbye to Tony. Over lunch, Kaia, Matt, Ruthie and Colin discuss Amaya's attitude in the house. The roommates are tired of her talking behind their backs and being two-faced towards them. ""I just assume people are smart enough to see through Amaya's crap,"" says Colin. Later in the kitchen, Amaya corners Colin in an attempt to set the record straight about Tony. Colin, clearly upset with Amaya, ignores her and escapes to the confessional. Feeling isolated, Amaya breaks down to Pam on the phone, telling her that she feels alienated by the roommates and wants to go home.
Nov 02 1999
During a performance at Local Motion, Amaya has her sights set on Michael, the keybord player from The Hawaiian Style Band. When Kaia learns that Colin has asked Ruthie to join them on a trip to Maui, she decides not to go. Colin and Ruthie, clearly not bothered by Kaia's action, look at this as an opportunity to get to know each other better. Later that evening Amaya and Michael go out for Cinco de Mayo. At dinner, Amaya can't take her eyes off Michael as they kiss and later take a midnight stroll along the pier. Can lightning strike twice? Ecstatic over her date with Michael, Amaya can't wait to see him again and invites him over for drinks. With Matt's help, Amaya gives the house a well-deserved cleaning--and her sheets a fresh wash. Matt confronts Kaia about Amaya when he overhears her talking to a friend about a medical problem.
Oct 26 1999
Ruthie and Colin get down to the business of silk screening T-shirts as the roomies prepare for an upcoming charity boat cruise sponsored by Local Motion. Later that day Amaya and Colin take a tour of the children's hospital to see who will benefit from their cruise. While on the phone with a friend, Amaya talks of Ruthie's return. Amaya feels that Ruthie is faking a sunny deposition. Over lunch, Ruthie and Colin talk about her time away from the house. Colin feels that Ruthie has changed for the better. Ruthie tells Colin that she has no regrets but can't understand Amaya's ""attitude"" since her return. At the airport, Colin can't wait as he holds a sign up for his friends and former casting rejects Mike and Trevor, who are coming to visit. In a confessional, Colin and his boys talk about their brush with the law. Tensions mount as Ruthie confronts Amaya about a shirt that she wanted to borrow. Amaya gives her attitude and Ruthie storms out of the room.
Oct 19 1999
Ruthie's coming back to the house and Teck is unsure if she still likes him. It seems that Teck and Ruthie are seeing the same girl, Malo. Still troubled over her breakup with Colin, Amaya has stopped eating. At lunch, Amaya's friend Pam becomes concerned. Amaya then tells Pam that after her last breakup, she couldn't eat for a month. Ruthie's back and is greeted with open arms by Colin and Matt. But Amaya isn't quite as warm. Teck is surprised when he finds out that Ruthie has brought Malo back to the house with her. While Ruthie connects with the rest of the roomies, Malo faces off with Teck.
Oct 12 1999
Colin has the Bay Room to himself and is happy to take the bottom bunk. Amaya has other plans. After arguing and then asking nicely, Colin allows Amaya into the Bay Room, occupying the top bunk. When she begins hitting on Colin again, he gets angry. Matt and Kaia wonder why Amaya puts up with Colin's verbal abuse and confront her, telling her to be strong and stand up for herself. Amaya takes the initiative and confronts Colin in the van in front of Kaia and Matt. Colin storms off. When Amaya approaches him the next day, he walks away and she cries. Amaya goes skydiving with Matt and Teck and gains some confidence about herself. Amaya writes Colin a letter, saying she is through with him. Meanwhile, Teck's clubbing with his stream of women leaves the roommates wondering whether this will catch up with him. Teck returns home at night with a woman and kicks Kaia out of their room. Matt and Teck go to a strip club, where Teck gets his underwear ripped off.
Oct 05 1999
Amaya tells her friend Pam that Colin was nasty to her in India. To make things worse, she has planned an island-hopping trip with Colin. Pam thinks she's crazy to go with Colin so Amaya decides to have a chat with him. On the sea wall Amaya learns that Colin's behavior towards her was influenced by Justin and Kaia. Surprised, Amaya tells Colin that Justin made negative comments about him as well. ""Why would someone like Justin want to create fights in paradise?"" Colin wonders. Later, Colin confronts Kaia about Justin's behavior. Kaia tells Colin that she can't stand around and watch Justin hurt others, so she decides to distance herself from Justin. Meanwhile, on the phone with his mother, Justin learns that his great aunt is dying of cancer and decides to leave.
Sep 28 1999
When the roommates arrive in India, they are greeted by their tour guide, Romesh. The surprise comes when they learn that they will be traveling aboard the ""Palace on Wheels,"" India's most luxurious train. Later in their hotel room, Justin has ""Cruel Intentions"" and tells Kaia of his plot against Amaya. Aboard the ""Palace on Wheels,"" Colin and Amaya decide to share a room. Could their romance resurface? In the city of Jaipur, a group of local kids get a taste of Western culture. Teck delivers an impromptu beat box, as one of the kids busts out with his version of street dancing. On the train, Justin has some advice for Colin. With some subtle coaxing he persuades Colin that Amaya isn't stable enough to have a relationship with him. Reacting to Justin's comments, Colin turns on Amaya. In a strange twist, Justin meets with Amaya as he asks about her newly broken relationship with Colin. Acting surprised, Justin wonders why Colin is acting so strange.
Sep 14 1999
Several days have passed since Ruthie's departure and Matt is worried that no one knows what she is up to. At Local Motion, an emotional Ruthie says goodbye to Calvin. He comforts her by saying that he's there for her but is also is concerned for her well-being. Later that day, Calvin tells the group that he understands what they are going through but feels they are slacking. The group agrees and in an attempt to pick up the pace, they decide to put on a talent show. At a local radio station, Teck freestyles a radio spot for the Local Motion talent show. While on the air, Teck gives a shout-out to Ruthie. After several messages from Matt, Ruthie agrees to meet him for dinner with Sara. When asked if she will come back, Ruthie says, ""They need to miss me."" Since their dinner, Matt and Sara have become inseparable. While out one evening Matt tells Sara that he wants to write a book about their situation. He says flirtatiously that he wants her to fall for him as a happy ending.
Sep 07 1999
In her scheduled meeting, Ruthie tells the roommates she is aware she let alcohol take over her life during her stay in Hawaii. She makes no promises to quit drinking, but swears to make a positive change. Knowing that Matt told Ruthie about their planned intervention, an angry Colin confronts him outside. Later that night, the roommates agree that Ruthie really needs medical treatment for her alcohol problem. ""This thing can't linger,"" says Colin. They decide on a firm ultimatum: Check into a treatment facility or leave the house. Overwhelmed by the pressure of saving Ruthie, Matt breaks down in tears. Ruthie can't believe what she's hearing when the roommates announce their strict ultimatum. The next day, Ruthie meets with the roommates and tells them their decision was too extreme. Proposing a compromise, she agrees to quit drinking for the rest of her stay, and agrees to visit the clinic, ""but not for 30 days.""
Aug 31 1999
Happily reunited with her family, Ruthie introduces her older sister, Rachel, and twin sister, Sara, to the roommates. Out on the town, Rachel warns Matt about Ruthie's party habits: ""She is the life of the party. She just tries harder and harder to impress people, and I'm like 'Girl, you've gotta slow down, because you're gonna crash.'"" After Ruthie has too much to drink at the club, embarrasses Teck on the ride home, and shatters a glass on the kitchen floor, Teck decides to give Ruthie a piece of his mind. In tears over Teck's outrage, Ruthie runs off to her sister's hotel. As she stands on the balcony contemplating suicide, her sisters manage to talk her out of it.Later that night, the roommates discuss Ruthie's behavior and decide she needs to either get help for her alcohol problem or leave the house. Going behind the roommates' backs to ""do what's right,"" Matt tells Ruthie about the planned intervention.
Aug 24 1999
Admittedly picky about men, Kaia is pleasantly surprised when she meets and instantly connects with Trey, a rap artist from The Pharcyde. At a viewing of the AIDS quilt, Kaia has a quiet moment as memories of her deceased father resurface. Having lost her father to AIDS, Kaia reveals to Justin that her awareness of the disease has caused a fear of intimacy. Running into the kitchen with an envelope in hand, Teck is the bearer of some very good news. The roommates gather to unanimously decide their vacation destination. And the winner is...India! Teck and Kaia are excited for their vacation. To get away from the city life, Kaia and Justin make a trip to The Big Island for a touch of nature and some soul-searching inspiration. Upon returning from island-hoppin', Kaia recounts to Trey her moment of self-discovery.
Aug 17 1999
Matt and Colin share a boys' night out...and Amaya comes, too. Amaya's hit with some bad news from home when she learns that her father might have cancer. Feeling guilty that she is so far away, Amaya breaks down in tears. ""I'm all about fascinating the people out here, and hopping on the radio behind a microphone is how I'm gonna do it,"" Matt says upon scoring a job at KCCN. At a Mardi Gras charity event, Amaya decides to tell Colin she's had enough of his cold shoulder. Colin thinks she's being overly dramatic. On the van ride home, the roommates voice their own opinions about Colin and Amaya's relationship. Later that night, Colin breaks the news to Amaya: She is becoming too dependent on him, and he needs some space. Upset about her sick father and Colin's latest request, Amaya checks her pulse in the midst of a major anxiety attack. After one week of ""space"" from Amaya and one night of margaritas with Matt, Colin invites Amaya back into his arms--and bed.
Aug 10 1999
Overhearing Justin encourage Ruthie to drink before they go out, Colin vents his anger to Matt. Out on the town, Ruthie's had too much drink and Matt offers to pay for her cab ride home. She turns him down and takes her friends on a drunken joy ride instead. Back at the house, Colin questions Justin's approach to Ruthie's drinking. The next day, the supervising producer and director step out from behind the camera to call Ruthie in for a private meeting. Her drunk driving cannot be tolerated so they require that she start seeing an addiction specialist. When she hesitantly tells the roommates that she has to meet with a counselor in order to stay, Ruthie gets nothing but support. Ruthie is wary in her first counseling session with Dr. Alathea: ""I don't really take to telling deep s*** to a perfect stranger. No matter how professional they are.
Aug 03 1999
When Local Motion comedian Auggie T. performs his act, Justin responds with disgust. Matt, on the other hand, thinks the gay jokes are hilarious. While visiting KCCN to promote Local Motion, Matt and the DJ banter on air about women. Justin is embarrassed to be there. Matt confronts Justin regarding his obvious disapproval while at the radio station. He accuses Justin of being heterophobic, prompting Justin to storm off. Kaia and Justin decide to try a seven-day fast. Amaya is in tears after Justin kicks her out of his room. He's tired of Amaya and Colin ""rocking the bunk"" every other night. Colin feels that Justin's prejudice against the heterosexual males in the house is the real problem. Justin opens up and reveals his past to Kaia. He was accused of ""turning"" his first boyfriend gay at age 16, and was almost arrested. Justin proposes a new plan for future Local Motion comedians. Teck disagrees, but the group ultimately sides with Justin.
Jul 27 1999
Colin's incessant teasing is starting to get a little old for Amaya. ""Sometimes I just want to smack him,"" she says. When Teck brings a scantily dressed woman back to the house, eyebrows and questions are raised. ""Is that a prostitute?"" Amaya boldly asks. Matt snickers in disbelief. Meanwhile, Colin admits he's ready for love but fears he'll never have it. Teck doesn't think he'll ever get tied down, but his soft side comes out when he meets Andrea, a strong, charismatic woman from California. Knowing his visiting father would wholeheartedly approve, Teck makes sure to introduce them. Colin is at a loss for words when Amaya asks him to be nicer to her. He agrees to do so, but when Amaya also wants him to show his sweet side to the others, Colin admits he can't open up to just anyone. Andrea kisses Teck goodbye as she heads back to the mainland. Could Andrea be the one to tame Teck's wild side? Sitting alone on the seawall, Colin realizes he pushes people away to avoid getting hurt.
Jul 20 1999
At the cast's first barbecue, Ruthie steps up for an impromptu freestyle rap. A huge hit with the guests, she proves her knack for pleasing a crowd. Amaya lets out her sexual frustration in a kickboxing class, then goes home to try out her new moves on Colin. It's Calvin's girlfriend's birthday and the roommates all join in the celebration. When it comes to gift giving, Ruthie gets creative. Nothing says ""I care"" like a lap dance. Later at Local Motion, Ruthie apologizes to Calvin for her birthday dance the night before. Calvin accepts her apology but admits he was shocked. Colin and Amaya's playful antics move to the hottub, where he sarcastically tells her that women are ranked fourth in importance after guy friends, Pez and toilet paper. In a confessional, Colin tells it like it is. He likes Amaya, but it seems that Amaya more than likes Colin.
Jul 13 1999
Love is in the air in Hawaii…some of the roommates have the requisite sex talk. Amaya declares that while sex is good, making love is beautiful. Let the games begin! Amaya and Colin are sharing the sack--and apparently nothing more. But we're just getting started. In other pairing off news: Kaia meets a gentlemanly fellow who asks her to a Janet Jackson concert. Kaia, a fan of Janet's, readily accepts. Colin and Amaya have a fight, but don't know exactly what it's about. Nevertheless, Amaya kicks Colin out of his own bed. Colin, confused, tries to get some shut-eye. Suddenly all is right with the world again. Amaya and Colin make up and Kaia is off with her new friend to see Janet. They have a blast. Could this be courtship? Amaya and Colin then take a hand-holding stroll on the beach, where they (gasp!) kiss. Ladies and gentlemen--we have a romance!
Jul 06 1999
In this episode, Ruthie and Kaia become really good friends when their mutual admiration heats up into a smooching session. This goes over really big with some of the guys in the house. The next morning, Kaia, now sober, has second thoughts about her lip-locking session with Ruthie. Ruthie claims she doesn't even remember the smooching. Meanwhile, Amaya, the house sorority chick, suggests they promote the club at frat houses and sororities. This goes over like a lead balloon. She's also having problems with one of the surfboards in the house. Colin and Matt make mandatory flip remarks, hurting her feelings. Amaya has a good cry in the hot tub. Ruthie hops in to give her a pep talk. As Colin and Amaya grow closer together, they deny that smooching has taken place between them. But hey, there's always next time...
Jun 29 1999
In this get-to-know-Teck episode we learn: Teck is John Wayne; he's a lover of the ladies but not so much a lover of homosexuals; and he loves being black, unpredictable and the cheese with women. The roommates get a call from their new boss, Calvin, at Local Motion--a surf shop/cafe. Oops...they're running late for their first meeting with bossman, where they learn their job is to book talent and work in the new cafe. And--Calvin gives them a set of wheels! They celebrate in song. Ruthie books an act she knows called 3-2-1. The cast heads out to promote the show at the college campus. At least 100 people have to come so they can get their big bonus. The show is a big hit with almost everyone, and the roomies get their big bonus. Now they just have to pull it off again next week.
Jun 22 1999
Colin, Teck and Kaia head home from the club and discuss Ruthie's alcohol problem. When Amaya and Justin return from the hospital, Amaya confronts Teck, telling him how pissed she was at the other roomies for bailing on the Ruthie situation. Teck appreciates her honesty and gives her a hug. Matt brings Ruthie home from the hospital. She has no recollection of what happened to her. As the sun rises, Ruthie tells Matt and Amaya that nothing like that ever happened to her before--she thinks her drink must have been spiked. Amaya tells Ruthie that she just drank too much. There is much concern in the house for Ruthie's well-being. Ruthie says that this incident is a wake-up call, but there's no way she's going to 12-step it. She says, ""I'm not saying that I'm going to quit anything. I'm saying that I'm going to do it in moderation from now on.""
Jun 15 1999
Ruthie and Teck meet up and click right away. Ruthie reveals to Teck that she has a girlfriend, and he guesses that she likes guys, too. They're the first to arrive at the house. It's locked, so they strip down and go skinny-dipping in the pool. Meanwhile, looking-for-love Matt and Amaya show up. They're a bit shocked by their new, uninhibited roommates. Kaia arrives at the house, and Matt says that Ruthie is everything he looks for in a woman. He's disappointed to learn that she has a girlfriend. When Justin arrives, Teck gets right to the point and asks him if he's gay. Justin is put off, but says yes. Colin, the former ""reject"" from the casting special, is last to arrive with the key. Everyone pours into their new island abode and selects rooms.
Jun 15 1999

Season 7

20 Episodes

The kids pack up and prepare to leave, and reflect on their experiences. Stephen is changed by his anger management sessions. When there's an altercation at a bar, he tries to talk his friend out of fighting. Nathan consoles an emotional Stephanie, who can't wait for Nate's return. On David's last day at the market, he engages in some ""fishy"" male bonding with his co-workers. As the kids broadcast the last Dead Air, Lindsay, is surprised that people are actually calling in, saying they will miss the show.Stephen and Oruba spend their last few days dating and talking often. Stephen knows Oruba is special, and over the phone, tries to talk her into having sex. She ends the conversation with an optimistic ""you never know."" On the last morning, Janet and Lindsay reflect on their friendship and the bond they have developed. After learning his lessons, Stephen says he would have been able to deal with Irene differently. He puts the ""bad situation to rest"" with a teddy bear memorial service.
Oct 27 1998
The cast is challenged to The Real World/Road Rules Aqua Games Competition on a cold, rainy day at Lake Washington. Mark and Kit, from Road Rules 1, are hosting the games. The kids are competing for $3,000. In the first event, the Raft-O-Rama, the teams must build a raft and complete a course. Both teams end up cheating, and no points are awarded. Next event is Dueling Tubes, as they're dragged across the lake by a boat. It's Rebecca the ""sacrificial lamb"" vs. Kefla. The southern gentleman kicks her in the head and sends her flying. Next, David and Shayne battle on the open water, and David sends Shayne into the icy abyss. For the Blind-Folded Canoe, Chad and Susie face off against David and Lindsay. Blindfolded, the teams paddle out and retrieve inflatable animals, guided only by their teammates yelling from shore. The race is tight until Lindsay and David tip over. In Extreme Fishing, teams of three on jet skis head out onto the lake, scooping up silver and golden inflatable sharks w
Oct 20 1998
Rebecca has lunch with Ricardo, whose primary job is managing rap artist Sir-Mix-A-Lot. She discusses following through with her life long passion of music, and he suggests she do back-up vocals. If they like her work, they'll produce a song for her. Before she knows it, Rebecca is in a professional studio behind a microphone, laying down a vocal track for Mix-A-Lot. Nathan learns that he gest the coveted third DJ spot left open by Irene's departure, and he's psyched. When the two-year anniversary of Nathan and Stephanie rolls around, he heads to a bar to do a little drinking. He's upset because Stephanie hasn't called. He leaves the bar with a girl named Lisa, and they cuddle inside a car. It's unclear what happens next…later, Nathan starts crying and says he messed up everything with Stephanie. When Stephanie arrives for another visit, Nate decides not to tell her about Lisa--he doesn't want to spoil her visit. The two re-connect and express their love for each other. Rebecca writes
Oct 13 1998
Lindsay and Janet take a class to prepare for skydiving and don't even pay attention. Back home, Lindsay gets a message from her close friend, Bill, who's like one of the family. David's planning to visit Kira, but they're uncertain about their future. Lindsay gets a phone call from her brother, who tells her that Bill killed himself. She breaks down and cries. Rebecca tires to comfort her, but Lindsay pulls away. The next few days pass slowly as Lindsay attempts to make sense of Bill's death. Janet wants to help her friend, but isn't sure what to do. Lindsay observes, ""The difference with Bill's death and my father's death is that Bill gave up. Bill quit...I'm angry, and I'm frustrated because he took his life."" She turns away when Nathan tries to hug her. David announces that his old pal, Anthony, is coming to visit. Anthony has been battling cancer for a few years, but at the present time, the disease is in remission. David's still having travel dilemmas with Kira, and that night, a
Oct 06 1998
When David returns to the house and finds out that Stephen hit Irene, he gets angry. With a potentially dangerous confrontation between David and Stephen nearing, a necessary action is taken. The producers and directors of The Real World step in to help find a solution to a crisis. Aware that the meeting is taking place, Stephen is told that he crossed the line by slapping Irene, and that the others need to decide whether or not they want him to remain in the house. If they decide to let Stephen stay, he will have to attend therapy to deal with his anger. The cast is faced with a difficult decision: Should they kick Stephen out? They watch the footage of Stephen slapping Irene to determine the severity of his action. When the slap occurs, they're all shocked. After a discussion, they decide that Stephen stays, but he must receive therapy for his anger. Later that night, Stephen and David meet privately to come to terms with the situation and each other. Stephen apologizes for the slap
Sep 29 1998
Despite Irene's sickness, the show must go on, but at a production meeting for Dead Air, Irene's exhaustion forces her to leave. The other girls do their best to fully understand her condition, but they're confused by some of Irene's comments. Rebecca feels slighted that Irene would claim that no one was there for her. Basically, the girls feel Irene's put up a defensive wall, when all they want to do is help. Irene comments, ""Being sick is a real quick way to find out who's going to be your friend, and who's not."" Irene wants to use the phone to call her family, but Stephen's on the line, and the two exchange nasty words. Later, he confronts her and calls her a bitch. Irene blames her medication. Stephen and Nate discuss Irene's condition, and they're not sure how her disease is affecting her brain. Meanwhile, Irene breaks down crying to Rebecca. The following day, Irene attempts to sort it out with Stephen, but the conversation doesn't go as planned when he lashes out at her. Irene t
Sep 22 1998
Irene's been acting strange lately, and she sheds some light on her situation--she's sick. Irene is suffering from headaches, and it's affecting her work on the radio commercials. Problems surface as miscommunication occurs between Irene and Janet. Lindsay suspects that there's something about Irene's past that they just don't know. Irene takes a turn for the worse. During an interview, she can't suppress the tears: ""This is not something I want to be going through right now, you know what I mean? And I don't want to be talking about it I don't want to be sick right now."" Stephen is concerned and spends the night with Irene on the couch in case she needs anything. Production of the R.E.I. commercials progresses, but not without conceptual and technical problems. Stephen forgets to send the commercial script to Kelsey, the R.E.I. representative, and gets reprimanded. At the house, Irene furiously cleans the house. Janet thinks it's because she needs to feel stable. On one particular nig
Sep 15 1998
David talks about his past in Boston, and how he escaped jail. David's friend Shannon comes to town. Stephen's mother is about to have a baby. David edits a bad interview at KNDD. Nathan and David get into a fight on an outing with Shannon. Stephen meets his uncle for the first time, and learns more about his father, and reads some revealing poetry to Rebecca. The girls accuse David of being a BS'er, and he is angry because of VMI's honor code. David is reprimanded at KNDD for lack of quality work. Stephen worries about his mother, but she has a successful delivery. David does a good interview, and feels better about his radio work.
Sep 08 1998
The cast picks a name for their show: ""Dead Air."" The first show will be taped, but the pressure is still there. Rebecca gets to work as producer, running the board, and overseeing the overall show. The guys are relegated to hit the field and generate some material to edit, but they seem to think Rebecca is overstepping her duties. She confronts Nathan about the issue, and Stephen gets involved. Everyone becomes defensive and tensions rise. At the fish market, something's brewing between Janet and a worker named Justin. They go out for drinks in a swanky martini bar. When Janet shares the details of her excursion with the girls, they decide it's an official date--especially since they kissed. Janet thinks he's sweet, and Justin is obviously hooked. He gives David a flower to bring home to Janet. Janet's preoccupied with her sister, mother and grandmother, who are visiting. She feels the need to validate the entire Seattle experience. Via the phone, Janet asks Justin to give her a few d
Sep 01 1998
The time has finally come to discuss the on-air show, but who will be the DJs? At a meeting, everyone shows interest. Unfortunately, the show only calls for three DJs. The rest of the cast will be relegated to a producer and some field reporters. With three weeks to go until the first taping, the training begins. Along with learning the technical side of running a show, they're given the chance to lay their voices down on tape. Stephanie's coming to visit, and Nate can't wait to hold her. When she shows up, things get steamy in the hot tub, and Irene even catches them fooling around in the bathroom. Phil reviews their practice tapes. Turns out Lindsay's a ringer--she has extensive experience working for a college radio show. Stephanie observes Nathan rehearsing at the station, criticizing his every word. But Nate doesn't mind. Lindsay, David and Rebecca put in the extra hours behind the mic, trying desperately to hone their skills. It's clear that the girls are working a lot harder tha
Aug 25 1998
The stay in Nepal isn't all fun and games. The cast must produce six R.E.I. commercial spots for the radio. This means sampling the natural sounds of Nepal along with organizing a production plan, and Stephen takes control. Riding on mountain bikes, the cast peddles over beautiful vistas and through tiny villages. At dinner, in front of their courteous guests, Stephen initiates a verbal assault on Janet, criticizing her for wearing lots of makeup. Upon returning to her room, Janet hears Stephen chastise her through the wall of the adjacent room. She storms into his room and tells him to shut up. The group goes hiking, and Stephen is irritated by their apparent incompetence when it comes to the radio equipment. Rebecca feels changed by their experiences, and is in love with the beauty of the culture and the women. The next day, the cast finds themselves in a raft cruising down a breath-taking green river. At camp that evening, Stephen discovers his money is missing and angrily declares
Aug 18 1998
Nathan, Rebecca, and Irene travel to R.E.I., an outdoor gear and clothing store, to discuss radio ads. They find out that R.E.I. is sending them to Nepal for some first-hand experience. At the house, the gang goes wild. Lindsay is ecstatic because her brother is coming to town. Lindsay explains, ""This kid is all I have. He and my mom. They're all I have in life."" Lindsay and Janet discuss their worries about the upcoming high altitude trip. Lindsay's brother picks a few tunes on his guitar while Lindsay reveals details about her father's death from colon cancer. Nathan requests for the brother to sing the tune he wrote about their father since Nathan was close to his own dad. At R.E.I., the cast stocks up on supplies for the trip, then get their shots. After a monstrously long plane ride, the gang arrives in Nepal. It's vibrant and colorful, with snake charmers and monkeys roaming the streets. A chopper takes them to Mount Everest, where the altitude takes its toll. Janet decides to li
Aug 11 1998
The gang stocks up on snowboarding gear for their next work assignment. Irene wants to find some boys, but she's stressed because she's never boarded before. From snow to ice-packed seafood: David gets a new job. He gets up at the crack o' dawn to toss some tuna with the guys down at Pike Place Fish Market. Meanwhile, Kira's on her way to Seattle, and it'll be the first time they've seen each other since the show began. She's a little self-conscious; the lens is now aimed at her. The whole house welcomes her with open arms. The roomies wake up early and head to the slopes for radio duty. David's got his woman, though, so he sleeps in and ditches the duty. Aubbie is less than thrilled, and lets everyone else know just how she feels. After a day of brusies, falls, and split lips (Irene), the kids return to the house and Stephen tells David that Aubbie reported him to Phil, the head cheese at the station. Later that night, the kids and Kira curl discuss just how bizarre Dave and Kira's re
Aug 04 1998
David takes a lonely stroll to a phone booth where he makes a call that includes the words, ""When you stole my heart, you stole my sexual desire. For the first time I'm giving my heart to another woman."" When David returns home, he refuses to answer questions about his whereabouts. After a shift at the radio station, David has a relaxing dinner with their boss, Aubbie. Could she be the mystery woman? The next day, David buys his lady a necklace, and the rest of the gang grows more curious. The roomies celebrate Irene's birthday with drinks, burgers, and a cake with ketchup. At a club later, Nate gets upset because he hasn't heard from Stephanie, and takes it out on Irene with some mean teasing. The two talk the next morning, and Irene blames the alcohol. He blames his girlfriend. David finally reveals his mystery woman--Kira, the casting director for The Real World. During an emotional phone call to David, she makes her feelings known: ""I want people to understand I broke all the rules
Jul 28 1998
The roomies trek out to trip the light fantastic at a gay club. Janet and Lindsay are bumping and grinding on the dance floor, while a local drag queen takes a liking to David. They dance and end up kissing. David meets a handsome fellow named Harry at the gym. That night, Harry invites David to dinner and a Sonics game--along with Nate. Is this a date? David decides he wants to hang out with Harry, regardless of the man's intentions. Meanwhile, Stephen has befriended his own gay buddy. Just so happens his name is David also. (We'll refer to him as David Also, so you won't get confused.) They hang out, and David Also asks if Stephen is gay. Stephen says no, which surprises David Also. Back at the pier, Nathan and David wonder if Stephen might be gay. The girls say no way. But while Stephen is playing pool with Chris of Super Deluxe, Chris says that Aubbie, the roomies' boss at the radio station, is telling everyone that Stephen is gay. The next day, the phone is ringing--it's Harry, in
Jul 21 1998
Nathan and Janet head out to buy Valentine's Day gifts for Stephanie. Janet reveals that her parents are angry because they didn't want her to take part in the show. Back at the pier, Stephen places a call to Natasha, his ex-girlfriend, because he's lonely. Irene receives a stuffed singing gorilla from Grandma, and the local florist tells Janet there's a delivery for her. A secret boyfriend?That night, Nathan and Stephen get into a fight when the taxi they've called is late. David steps in to defend Nate, and proves to Stephen that Nathan and David stick up for each other, no matter what. When the roomies arrive at the club, they hand out stickers to promote the station. Feeling like a third wheel, Stephen walks out during dinner later, and the tension lifts. On the phone with a friend, Stephen gets some good advice: Kill them with kindness. Nate and Stephen make up later that night.On Valentine's Day, the roomies assist as one of the DJs, Andy Savage, performs a marriage ceremony for
Jul 14 1998
The roomies must start at the bottom before they get their own radio show. Today, that means lugging equipment out of a sound studio and packing it in the location van. As Lindsay and Rebecca shove an enormous speaker into the hallway, they rip the door-frame to shreds. The staff at the sound studio explain that the roomies will have to repair the damage. There seems to be a lot sexual tension between Nathan and Irene--they both have the same sense of humor. When Nathan gets emotional about Stephanie, Irene is ready to give out the backrubs and tells him to stop worrying about Stephanie so much. Back in her own bedroom, Irene confesses to Janet that she has never had a boyfriend, but is close with tons of guys who are ""just friends."" Nathan confesses that he can see himself marrying Stephanie, and Irene says he's putting a lot of pressure on himself. The other roomies are starting to wonder about their sexual vibe…Nathan and Irene have goofy fights, rolling around the floor and grabbin
Jul 07 1998
David and Rebecca are hanging out late at night, going for long walks, having dinner together. The two seem to be making a love connection. Meanwhile, Irene is stressed out and heads to the chiropractor's office. The roommates head over to headquarters for 107.7 The End--the hottest alternative rock radio station in Seattle--and meet Phil, the Programming Director. They'll start off as modulators, then get their own radio show.The next gloomy morning, the roomies head off for their first day of work. They learn they will be working an ""End session""--the band Cornershop will play in the studio for 16 lucky listeners. Irene mistakenly chats up the tech guys, thinking they're members of the band. Oops…Later in the week, the roomies conduct a station promotion during a concert at a local nightclub. Rebecca gets on stage to thank the crowd and suddenly breaks out singing. The crowd goes wild, and David seems to love her innocence. The rockers and the roomies all head back to the pier, decid
Jun 30 1998
Nate and Stephanie continue to have problems--she wants to quit school and join him, while Nathan suggests they temporarily break up. Meanwhile, in the exercise area, David pumps iron while Lindsay reads a sex manual and Rebecca reads a massage therapy book. David thinks the difference between them is clear: Lindsay is a sex demon and Rebecca is subtle. Stephen and Rebecca head out to explore the city. Nathan gives Janet a hand massage in the Jacuzzi, and it's clear there's something going on. Lindsay finds a page torn from a diary on the table that says, ""I wish they would have brought in more diverse people--not all upper white and college educated."" Lindsay shares the note with Nathan and Janet, and Nate guesses that Stephen wrote it. Now Nathan is upset; he thinks Stephen should just say what's on his mind. Later that afternoon, Nathan clues David in about the journal entry and David says he wrote it. Now Nathan feels like an ass for assuming the author had been Stephen. The gang g
Jun 23 1998
Two outstanding cadets from the Virginia Military Institute--who also happen to be best friends--are cast for this season's Real World. Before joining the Institute, David overcame drugs and life on the streets of Boston. Nathan explains that he raised himself from the age of 15 after the death of his father. But Nathan also had some help from his girlfriend Stephanie--her family took him in like one of their own. Will this love relationship survive the separation? Nathan and David arrive on a wide pier in Seattle and explore their sprawling mansion Cute, earthy blond waif Rebecca knocks on the door. Then Janet, an Asian beauty with some family issues, shows up. Despite his girlfriend back home, Nathan is tempted, while Janet secretly thinks that Nate is a hottie. After a trolley ride together, petite, spunky Lindsay and African-American Stephen arrive at the house. Lindsay and Janet click immediately like long-lost friends. The final roomie arrives. She's got some curly, kinky hair an
Jun 16 1998

Season 6

24 Episodes

Sean manages to gather all the roommates for a final dinner at Artu's, where everything began six months ago. As their last day approaches, the cast cleans up their personal business. Montana and Elka call a truce and solidify their friendship while Genesis and Sean realize that they have just misunderstood each other the entire time. Jason and Kameelah assure Genesis she will be fine after she leaves Boston and that they will call her soon. The gang has a tearful goodbye with the kids at the ASP as well as goodbyes of their own at Logan International Airport.
Dec 10 1997
The end is near and the roommates feel they haven't done a good job at the After School Program. So they all join together to work at the center. Kameelah enlists the help of Elka and Genesis to paint the main room while Syrus continues his basketball program. Sean teaches Aldo how to fly a radio-controlled airplane and Jason gets the kids to start journals. Anthony also asks Elka to produce a play for the kids to perform on Parent's Night. Meanwhile at Shelter Inc., Montana gets help from City Salon to give free haircuts to the women at the shelter. On the home front, tension flares again between Montana and Kameelah as well as Montana and Elka. Montana feels the friendship between Elka and Kameelah is false, but Elka doesn't care for her opinion. Kameelah overhears Montana's aggressive confessional about her and calls Montana on it. When Elka wants to know who called her a ""Drama Queen from Brownsville,"" Kameelah points to Montana, who develops a case of amnesia. Montana refuses to t
Dec 03 1997
As the gang heads to vacation in Martha's Vineyard, it's obvious that there are two camps. While Jason, Genesis and Kameelah hitchhike around the island, Sean, Syrus and Montana play in the house with Elka and have an old-time photo taken. Jason and Kameelah flirt heavily throughout the trip, including a ""show me"" session with Genesis where she sees a penis for the first time…Jason's, of course. Meanwhile, tensions rise and boil over between Sean and Kameelah. Sean finds a nasty note written by Kameelah about Montana and him and calls her on it. Kameelah claims she accidentally left it out. Sean tells Jason that Kameelah is racist and compares her to Hitler. Calling him the ""whitest of white boys,"" Kameelah feels Sean sees her only as a black person and not an individual. She is tired of representing Black America for Sean and eventually has it out with him. Sean feels Kameelah has put a wall up around her and he can't talk to her. Kameelah responds that she doesn't want Sean in her li
Nov 26 1997
Montana is depressed about being fired from the ASP and needs to redeem herself. She makes a series of phone calls, trying to set up volunteer work. She interviews at the Red Cross but declines the job because of her blood phobia. Meanwhile, Kameelah and the others wonder whether Montana should be allowed to live in the loft since she was fired. They remember that Montana wanted to throw Syrus out when he was going to be fired and wonder if she should get the same treatment. Kameelah decides to drop the issue while Sean and Syrus joke with Montana about getting kicked out. Montana goes on interviews and finally gets a volunteer job she likes at Shelter, Inc. In other news, Sean and Syrus get their acts together at the ASP. Sean takes Syrus and Jason on a road trip to Maine to bring back a log so he can start a logrolling program for the kids. Syrus starts a basketball program.
Nov 19 1997
Anthony wonders where Sean and Syrus were the night before but no one knows. Anthony feels that if they didn't want to participate then they shouldn't have come at all. At a rally attended by Bill Clinton, Kameelah gets the ASP kids to met LL Cool J. Sean and Syrus show up during the rally and Anthony lets them know how disappointed he is. The gang moves on to the Taste of Philly, where Sean and Montana drink alcohol in front of the children. Meanwhile, Elka and Walter are hanging out and go to church. Jason expresses concern to Timber about who Walter is. Timber thinks if Walter flew all the way to Boston, he must be dedicated to Elka. Walter and Elka have an emotional departure at Logan International. Upon arrival in Boston, Anthony suspends Sean, Montana and Syrus with no explanation. Anthony questions the three about the alcohol in Philly and clears Sean and Syrus but keeps Montana on suspension because she let the kids under her supervision also try alcohol. It becomes clear that
Nov 12 1997
Anthony surveys the ASP kids on how the Real Worlders are doing. The kids suggest that the roommates don't listen to them and that they yell too much. Jason agrees with the comments but Montana takes it very personally. She wants to know how Anthony feels about their work. Anthony suggests that Montana is way too dramatic and is a busybody. Montana thinks she is being judged unfairly. Meanwhile, Sean and Jason grill Elka about Walter's upcoming visit. Elka is excited but if the visit doesn't go well, she thinks their relationship will probably end. During Parents' Night at the ASP, Anthony announces that a group of the kids will attend a presidential summit in Philadelphia. Elka chooses not to attend because Walter is coming for his visit and Jason chooses to stay behind with her. Anthony tells the Real Worlders that they will each be assigned one child and there can be no alcohol during the event. In Philadelphia, the group attends the summit but Sean sleeps through President Clinton'
Nov 05 1997
Elka misses her mom as Mother's Day approaches and confides in Genesis, talking about her mom's last night alive. Elka feels she has to take over her mother's duties as well as return to Brownsville for a style show dedicated to her mom. Montana says if it makes Elka uncomfortable, she does not have to go. Elka says she has to return someday and it's going to hurt anyway. Elka flies to Brownsville and attends the style show. She accepts an award for their family. Dad tells Elka he is going to be Mr. Mom and Elka shouldn't worry about them. Elka visits her mom's grave and then returns to Boston. Meanwhile, Genesis talks to her mom about their rocky past and her bad childhood. When they talk a second time, Mom tells Genesis she has not eaten in a week. Genesis thinks her Mom might be drinking again but Mom denies it and Genesis believes her. Later, however, her brother TJ calls with news that their mom was taken to the hospital for mixing pills with alcohol. Genesis cries alone in her ro
Oct 29 1997
The loft is a mess. Sean, Syrus and Montana decide to clean the house and keep it that way. The roommates attend an ASP ski trip, where Anthony assigns them to watch the kids. Sean and Jason skip out on the kids and ski on their own. Anthony is disappointed in Sean's behavior. Sean confronts Genesis, feeling that she ignores him and only talks to him after he talks to her. Genesis says that it is her decision not to talk to him. Sean argues that if she won't talk to him, he won't talk to her. Jason thinks that lines are being drawn in the house--Jason, Genesis and Kameelah versus Sean, Syrus and Montana, with Elka stuck in the middle. Genesis puts her thoughts on paper (known as ""Genesisisms"") and hangs them in the house. Syrus rips the ""Genesisisms"" down, irritating Jason, Kameelah and Genesis. Meanwhile, Syrus, Sean and Montana wonder why Genesis suddenly has so much to say when she just got done telling them she has nothing to say. Syrus and Sean place Jason's dirty dishes in his be
Oct 22 1997
Elka's dad and brother arrive in Boston for a visit. Dad is worried and doesn't approve of Elka's new ideas about the world, especially having her eyebrow pierced, hanging out with Genesis at gay bars, or her continued desire to be with Walter. Meanwhile, Kameelah continues hanging out with Doug. But when Doug denies seeing another woman, they argue and she hangs up on him. Later they apologize and end up in her room while Elka and Sean listen. Elka thinks Kameelah had sex with Doug and confronts Kameelah at the ASP in front of the children. They are sent home and the next day, Anthony tells them that ""melodramatic outbursts"" can't happen at ASP. He will not suspend anyone, but more serious action will occur if it happens again. Anthony tells Kameelah that she is the only roommate that is taking her volunteer job seriously. Kameelah wonders why there is backlash against her. Montana thinks Kameelah is hypocritical.
Oct 15 1997
Timber moves to Boston, crowding Jason, who isn't sure that he wants her there. Jason is angry that Timber lied about her drug use and that she stayed with another guy while they were apart. Timber attempts to win Jason back, but he wants to be left alone. Jason ends up forgiving Timber, but only after he goes to a party and ends up kissing another girl. Meanwhile, Montana's dual relationships with Matt and Vaj are coming to a head. Montana really likes Matt but decides to stay with Vaj. She dumps Matt, but then Vaj, jealous of her other relationship, dumps Montana. The roommates listen as Montana defends herself against Vaj's accusations. The roommates side with Vaj, saying Montana is the one at fault. Montana goes to New York to patch things up with Vaj, who wants to bury the past and concentrate on their future together.
Oct 08 1997
Anthony sends the roommates on assignment to Puerto Rico, where they will set up a computer and pen pal program at a Boys and Girls Club. All the roommates are excited to go except Elka, who was hoping for a trip to Europe. The roommates talk to the ASP children about Puerto Rico and take their photos for the pen pal program. When they arrive in San Juan, the meet Jan, who runs the Galleria where they are staying. The roommates meet some of the Puerto Rican children at the Boys and Girls Club and attempt to set up the computer and pen pal software. Montana has her own setting up to do, however, when she meets Rafael and decides to go out on a date with him--with Elka as her chaperone. They end up leaving Elka and head out to the beach for a midnight swim. Later, Montana tells Sean and Jason that when she was little she tried to contact her real father, but her letter was returned unopened with a note that said not to contact him. The roommates spend a day of fun and sun at Palomino Isl
Oct 01 1997
Montana plans on seeing Matt for Valentine's Day, since Vaj is busy working. She thinks Vaj shouldn't care since they gave each other permission to see other people. Sean and Kameelah think Montana could hurt Vaj's feelings by seeing someone else on Valentine's Day. Montana yells at Vaj, telling him he could have come to Boston but it's too late now since she has plans. Even after the argument, Montana spends Valentine's Day with Matt. Afterwards, Matt tells Montana he will miss her while Vaj is in town. When Vaj arrives, Montana is not overly excited to see him. Vaj wonders what's wrong, since she claimed she couldn't wait for him to arrive, and now that he is there, she wants him to go. Montana seems torn between the two men. Vaj leaves Boston unhappy about the trip and his future with Montana. Meanwhile, Elka is getting frustrated with her long-distance relationship with Walter. She wants him to visit but he keeps putting it off. Elka offers to have her dad pay for half of the trip
Sep 24 1997
Genesis talks about her love for drag queens and her growing affection for Adam when he performs as Eve at a local drag show. She tells Adam she loves him, but gets angry when he talks to another guy. Kameelah doesn't understand how Genesis can fall for a drag queen when he is a man. Genesis argues that maybe she is bi-sexual. Adam says that he loves Genesis but he thinks she just wants him so that she can have ""someone."" He tells her that she needs to start putting herself first and truly act on how she feels. Kameelah is dealing with issues of the heart as well. She is dating Doug on a regular basis, going to dinner and attending his step show performance. Kameelah really likes Doug but is having a problem because he has a daughter and she doesn't date men with children. But when she sees how Doug acts around his daughter, Kameelah thinks that he is worth it and decides to try to make it work. Meanwhile, Sean gets a bad case of hives and ends up going to the hospital for treatment.
Sep 17 1997
Tension continues between Syrus and Montana over late night phone calls and the constant stream of guests Syrus brings through the loft. Kameelah finds Ed, a friend of Syrus', making out with a girl in their bathroom. Syrus hates all the women in the loft except Genesis. Genesis, however, is dealing with her own issues. She feels like she doesn't have anything to offer the ASP kids and feels disconnected because she is gay. Kameelah and Genesis have a discussion with a girl from the program about gay people and what she thinks of them. Anthony has difficulty understanding why Genesis is having such a hard time at the ASP but has no problem dealing with Syrus' situation. He delivers an ultimatum to Syrus: If he continues to see Louetta he can't work at the center. Syrus agrees to end the relationship but continues to see her anyway.
Sep 10 1997
Syrus meets Louetta, mother of a child at the ASP. Tensions rise towards Syrus, as Kameelah does not believe in dating anyone from work and Montana doesn't feel that he is taking the job seriously. Montana asks Anthony if there is a policy about dating parents and Anthony says it is prohibited. The roommates feel it is not Montana's business to tell Anthony about Syrus, but if Syrus gets fired from the ASP, they feel he needs to be kicked out of the loft.
Sep 03 1997
Out of sight, out of mind. Montana and Vaj agreed that they could see other people while she was away in Boston, but the thought of it actually happening is another story. Montana feels guilty when she meets a man named Matt and begins to fall for him more than she thought she would. Genesis finally comes out of her shell when she, Kameelah and Sean go to a gay bar. Genesis makes a new friend named Adam, who is also known as Eve when he's dressed in drag. While at the bar, Genesis begins dancing with another woman and kisses her. This freaks her out because she doesn't want Tammy, her long time girlfriend, to be upset. Genesis and Tammy end up breaking up because the strain of having a relationship with so many issues has become a problem.
Aug 27 1997
Tensions build as Jason's girlfriend Timber visits the house, and he is unsure of where this visit will take them. Their first few days are wonderful, and the cast can even hear their joy by listening to them have sex in the shower. It is not until they go to a bar with Syrus and she accuses Jason of being jealous of Syrus that their problems begin. After a night of screaming and yelling, Timber leaves and the two decide to split so Jason can be on his own for a bit. Meanwhile, Syrus and Sean get into many conversations about how blacks were repressed in earlier times. These conversations show Syrus' true colors.
Aug 20 1997
Is love in the air? Kameelah has a list of over 200 requirements that a man must meet to be her boyfriend. Her list includes things such as ""must have a name with more than one syllable"" or ""must be able to dance."" So when she goes out with Aaron, she uses this list to see if he lives up to her standards. He definitely does not. He asks her out again and she begrudgingly says yes. There is obvious chemistry between Montana and Sean, but all that dwindles when Montana's boyfriend Vaj comes to visit. Once he arrives, everything falls back into place for them and she realizes how much it hurts when he is not physically present in her life.
Aug 13 1997
Elka's innocence is the focus of this dramatic episode. The anniversary of her mother's death has arrived and she is less and less enthusiastic as the days go on. The group decides to go out and get drunk while Elka stays home. To cheer her up and to ""break her shell,"" they all jump on her, get naked and dance with pool cues on the pool table. Genesis is extremely annoyed with the other cast members and feels ""out of her element"" because she has no other gay people surrounding her. She tries to fix this by chatting on a Web site for ""transsexuals"" and meets a wonderful man who dresses in drag. She also feels better when she finds a gay bookstore. Jason, Elka and Montana create the English/Scottish band ""Scotch Tape"" and take pictures goofing off as ""band members.""
Aug 06 1997
Let the games begin! Tensions rise as the group begins work at an after-school program for kids. The group begins to tell each other secrets about their past. Genesis admits to having a bad childhood and Syrus admits he has been accused of rape before. This initiates an enormous conversation about rape in which Montana and Syrus disagree. As the group tries to find the bus to take them home, they got lost. Kameelah and Sean fight, and he calls her a bitch. The two finish their argument once they get home, but they both realize that they are two different people.
Jul 30 1997
Kameelah's initial warmth to the burly Syrus fades when she discovers that he's a real ladiesman and the ladies he likes are white. Lumberjack training comes in handy when Sean and Jason try to bury the hatchet. Meanwhile, Genesis begins to wonder if she was too hasty in deciding she is gay. All the guys seem to wish she'd reconsider.
Jul 23 1997
The roommates have problems with Elka and Kameelah. Elka is too religious and Kameelah is too bossy. Montana does not believe in religion. At dinner, Elka is confronted by the lack of the roommate's beliefs. The roommates go out for a night at the bars but Elka can't get in. Alone, Genesis tells Elka she is a lesbian.
Jul 16 1997
It's the icebreaker! The cast arrives in Boston to begin another exciting season of The Real World. This hour-long episode shows the cast moving in, getting to know each other and learning their way around Boston. All seven of the cast members have very different personality traits, creating some interesting conflicts. Jason and Genesis immediately bond and want to room together, along with Syrus. Elka and Montana decide to room together and Kameelah and Sean are the two left in the end. The extremely religious beliefs held by Catholic Elka cause some issues with other cast members, and it makes Genesis wonder if she should even tell Elka that she is a lesbian. The group ends the night by going to dinner and then a club. Despite their differences, they all appear to be getting along just fine for now.
Jul 15 1997

Season 5

22 Episodes

Ba-Bye 5x22
As the roommates get ready to leave the Miami house, Cynthia receives a job offer in Miami that she can't pass up. Unfortunately, her schedule won't allow her to go back home at all, but she looks forward to her new job. Flora will be staying in Miami with Mitchell even though he initially stands her up at the airport. Dan is moving to Milan to pursue his modeling career, jeopardizing his relationship with Johnny, and they share an emotional good-bye. Mike, Sarah and Joe are all going their separate ways: Mike is going home to Jacksonville, Joe will be starting a new life with Nic, and Sarah is heading back to San Diego with her dog, Leroy
Dec 04 1996
With only days left before the deadline to start a business, Flora decides to pursue a coffee shop concept in addition to the dessert delivery service. She and partner Mark frantically try to get the necessary materials together, but Flora's power plays alienate the roommates. In the end, the investors decide that their conditions have not been met. There will be no business. In the midst of all this, Dan finds out that he'll be moving to Milan to model, and has to break the news to his boyfriend Johnny.
Nov 27 1996
Every time Sarah's friend, Hank Jackson, visits Miami, things get a little crazy. This time he's brought a home movie that he shot on his last visit, and he screens it for the roommates. Everyone loves it at first, but Flora soon realizes that she doesn't like how she was portrayed, and neither does Melissa. While Flora confronts Hank, Melissa avoids him--despite having a close e-mail relationship with him in previous months. Disappointed by Melissa's actions, Sarah sums up the general mood in the house by accusing Melissa of numerous lies. Melissa denies any wrongdoing and decides to pack her stuff and move out.
Nov 20 1996
Cynthia, Dan, Joe, Mike and Sarah take a camping vacation on a desert island in the Bahamas--""roughing it"" with a gourmet cook and deluxe gear. But the real focus is on experiencing nature by sailing, snorkeling and lounging on the beach. Even Cynthia, who is skeptical about the lack of facilities and is afraid of water, is won over by the beauty of the islands. As Sarah's pictures prove to Flora and Melissa, it was a great vacation experience.
Nov 13 1996
The roommates continue to spin around in their orbits, the pull of each personality influencing all the others. Dan is having trouble fitting in with the group, which Flora and Sarah attribute to him being a liar. Sarah calls him on his promised commitment to the business, which he can't seem to muster, while Flora confronts Dan in front of the others, calling him a liar to his face. Meanwhile, Joe returns to New York City for graduation and during the commencement ceremony, he proposes to his beloved. Upon returning to Miami, he announces his engagement at the surprise birthday party that Mike throws for him.
Nov 06 1996
There's a full moon over the Miami house, bringing sexual tension between the roommates to a head. Mike brings home a waitress for some fun in the Jacuzzi, and the two are joined by Melissa. The threesome quickly moves upstairs to the privacy of the bathroom, but it is obvious to Dan, Flora and Sarah that something wild is going on inside. Sarah tries to push Flora through the bathroom window to get a better look, but the window breaks, shattering the mood. Later on, Melissa and Mike deny that anything happened.
Oct 30 1996
Flora and Cynthia get into a spat when the dog bites Cynthia. Cynthia misses ""real"" people: her family and the neighborhood in Oakland. Excited, she flies to Atlanta for a reunion with her mother and sisters. They share funny and bittersweet memories. In a true ""family moment"" they sing together, recalling the memory of Cynthia's late father and sister. Dan also has a family encounter when he flies to Kansas to see his parents and brothers. He and his mom continue the frank discussion of Dan's sexuality that they started in Miami a few weeks earlier. When Dan returns, he makes a date with Johnny, a new romantic interest. Even though Arnie is jealous and hurt, Dan contends that he never committed to Arnie. On the business front, Joe wants to give his shares to the dog, prompting disbelief and criticism from the roommates.
Oct 23 1996
Joe finds himself about to fail the one class that stands between him and an MBA from Fordham University in New York. Trying to complete the course from Miami, Joe must try to satisfy his professor, who is unhappy with the material he has turned in. Although Joe sends in a video about his crisis in leaving the business, he fails to impress his professor and in a last-ditch effort he flies to New York to give a presentation on the final day of class. With the help of a friend, he is able to make the grade. Meanwhile, Flora is engaged in a power struggle with Mark of Hospitality Purchasing over what his share in Delicious Deliveries should be. Mark and Flora maintain that each of them should have control over the business. They finally hammer out an agreement and move on to more important things…like teaching little Leroy to fetch and sit.
Oct 16 1996
Business matters are coming to a halt. Joe and Flora are getting frustrated because no one else is doing any work, and they can't seem to make the decisions necessary to commit to a business. The others are speechless and hurt, but Sarah seizes the opportunity and presents a downscaled, easy to implement business plan: home delivery of cakes and treats. After sampling the desserts that they will be selling, the other roommates are ready to get on board, and it looks like Delicious Deliveries might happen. Meanwhile, Cynthia spends some time coming to terms with the kind of men she's been dating, and decides to stay and help with the business. Joe's friend Joonmo shows up and helps Joe realize that he did the right thing by stepping back from the business.
Oct 09 1996
Dan is unnerved about his parents coming to Miami for a visit, but is surprised to discover that they are suddenly very accepting of his lifestyle. Dan's mom even spends time with his boyfriend, Arnie. Things don't work out quite as nicely for Mike and his sometime girlfriend Heather. She wants him to settle down and marry her, but he isn't ready to commit to one woman. They spend a weekend together in Boston, but Mike finds that he is as indecisive as ever. Sarah's puppy, Leroy, is also introduced.
Oct 02 1996
Act Out 5x12
Melissa hasn't been herself lately and has been rude and condescending to everyone. She insults Sarah's friend even before they are formally introduced. In another incident, Melissa snags a personal letter that Dan wrote to a friend and reads it out loud to everyone. Finally, Melissa and Dan have an all-out war. The two make up the next morning when they open up to each other in a sincere moment.
Sep 25 1996
Sarah's outside world collides with her world at home, thrusting the house into chaos. Flora gets fed up when three kids from the inner city come over for a visit and wreak havoc as they explore the house. Flora throws the kids out and gets into a heated argument with Sarah. In the end, Flora and Sarah learn to accept each other's differences. Meanwhile, Cynthia shows her frustration at the house due to her lack of independence, which she enjoyed back home.
Sep 18 1996
Act Up! 5x10
Joe and Nicki are in turmoil again. The roommates are concerned when Joe mysteriously disappears. When he returns, the two lovebirds are blissfully happy and vow to never again face such a crisis. Dan is finding that Arnie remaining in the closet is a growing problem. While Dan's brother is visiting, Dan and Arnie's relationship comes to a head. In the end, Dan agrees to be there for Arnie to help him through the process of coming out of the closet.
Sep 11 1996
Nicole visits the house. The roommates are shocked when they see how gigantic Nicole is. She immediately makes a bad first impression with the roommates by complaining constantly about Joe. During dinner everybody is cracking jokes about Nicole. Mike expresses his frustration about the business. The roommates need to commit to this project or else he is out of the deal.
Sep 04 1996
It's How to Be a Player 101 with professor Joe…his long-distance relationship with Nic is put to the test when he meets Leah in a fashion show. Despite expressing his love for Nic, he seems like Leah's touchy-feely friendship. Meanwhile, Flora's relationship with Louis is also heading towards rough waters. It becomes obvious that Louis is getting tired of her childish antics when she is bitten by a poisonous spider and he refuses to take her to the hospital, believing that it's not as bad as she says it is.
Aug 28 1996
The group's problem of starting a business might be solved when Robert and Everett, two local fashion designers, propose to Dan that they should have their own fashion line. At first the group doesn't match Dan's excitement but they eventually realize that this is an opportunity for them that might actually work. Sarah, however, isn't so gung-ho about the idea and decides to start a side business delivering restaurant supplies to clients on the beach.
Aug 21 1996
Melissa and Dan introduce us to their significant others. Cesar, Melissa's boyfriend of four months, has become extra possessive ever since she moved in the house. He has a problem with sharing her with the other cast members. Dan and criminal defense attorney Arnie start spending some quality time together--the problem is that Arnie walked out of the closet so quietly that his parents didn't hear him. As Dan struggles to help Arnie come out fully, the group continues to come up empty-handed and can't seem to agree on a business.
Aug 14 1996
As the group struggles to establish a business, Joe heads back to New York for the weekend to move out of his apartment and prepare to relocate to Miami. During this same weekend, Flora's on-again, off-again boyfriend Mitchell visits her from Boston. Their rocky relationship seems fine and dandy when he's in town, especially since he doesn't know about her other boy toy, Miami businessman Louis.
Aug 07 1996
Cynthia is frustrated about the men in her life and her overall dating situation. Dan feels isolated when communication problems with his roommates arise. Meanwhile, he is discovered at the Michelle Pommier agency and participates in an Armani runway show. His roommates show their support at the show, deciding to put their conflicts temporarily on hold.
Jul 31 1996
The roommates get primped to go dancing at Bash while Joe stays home to show he's ""unavailable."" Later, Joe brings out an old photo album and professes his wild attraction to women. When Joe flirts with a waitress at dinner, Mike wants to know his secret with women. In meeting, the roommates discuss more business ideas. More signs of relationship trouble arise between Joe and his girlfriend Nicki.
Jul 24 1996
The roommates meet Landon and discuss possible ideas for their business venture. Flora gets frustrated when the group rejects her idea for a trendy coffee shop. Dan is turned down for work at Café Torino but is successful in his Ocean Drive magazine pursuit. Flora uses her sex appeal to get a bartending job and a date with her employer, Louis. At home, the roommates decide that Flora ""acted like a ho.""
Jul 17 1996
The roommates are at home saying good-bye to friends and family. They arrive at the Miami Beach house in pairs--Cynthia and Sarah, Flora and Joe, then Mike and Melissa. Dan arrives solo. The roommates explore the house; the girls vie over the upstairs bedroom. Joe and Sarah shock the roommates by jumping into the pool fully clothed.
Jul 10 1996

Season 4

24 Episodes

The casts of the first four Real World seasons reunite to relive old times, settle feuds, and answer questions from a studio audience.
As the cast prepares to move out, Neil and Mike reflect on how much they've come to like one another despite Neil's initial prejudices, and ponder their futures and those of the others. Kat and Sharon attend an intimate variety showcase in which Kat reads her poetry. On their final night, the cast celebrates Kat's twentieth birthday, which includes a final dinner that ends in a desert food fight, before sharing emotional good-byes the next day.
Nov 15 1995
The weeklong trip to Kenya continues with the slaughter of a goat for dinner. The Masai drink the goat's blood after killing it. Neil tastes the blood, too. Sharon objects to the killing of an animal and sits by herself on the hill. A warrior goes to talk to Sharon, and she eventually comes to terms with the goat's death. She will fast as an act of protest, after the fact. The trip brings the group closer together. The guys discuss what they've learned from each other. Even Sharon is brought out of her shell. The trip ends with a balloon safari, and the roommates return to London as close friends, looking forward to their last week together.
Nov 15 1995
The roommates receive the exciting news that they are headed for Kenya. They fly to the middle of nowhere, caravan to the camp and climb a nearby hill to watch the sunset. They speak with the native Masai warriors and learn that the Masai way of life is disappearing. They visit a native village and go on safari. After setting up camp for the night, the Masai prepare to slaughter a goat for dinner. Sharon, a vegetarian, refuses to have anything to do with it.
Nov 08 1995
Jacinda goes to Rome and Milan for photo shoots. Her stubborn attitude makes her frustrated with both shoots. Mike goes home to race and does extremely well. He discovers that he misses London and his roommates. He comes to the conclusion that America is not all that it's cracked up to be and realizes that he can do well in England.
Nov 01 1995
Sharon has band rehearsal and her nerves get the best of her. Once she relaxes she does a great job. Lars wants to get to know more promoters. Neil is suffering from poverty and is forced to put on a suit and hunt for a job. Sharon, who is never on time, shows up very late to a rehearsal. All of the roommates need money. Lars and Neil search for talented DJs for a show. Lars succeeds at the job because everybody had a great time at the club.
Oct 25 1995
The cast accuses Mike of being a womanizer because he calls women derogatory names like ""bitch."" He meets a young woman named Nina whom he actually cares about and is not in the relationship just to ""shag."" Kat falls for an English man, a friend of Sharon's, named Spencer. He takes her to a friend's wedding and the two begin spending a great deal of time together. Lars finds a woman whom he really digs and the two plan to rent a convertible and spend a romantic day together. But on the way to her house, Lars hits a bump and gets a flat tire. The two do spend the day together but end up taking a train to the south of England.
Oct 18 1995
The roommates bond and share some dinner. Mike confesses that he does not know much about himself. The girls cruise around town, checking out some area for sightseeing. Jacinda expresses her beliefs about the Bible in an argument with a man on the street. Lars parties too much and has tons of fun with the roommates. The roommates decide it's time to be silly and wacky in their confessionals.
Oct 11 1995
Jay is homesick and decides to go home to Portland for a few days. He is a bit nervous about seeing his ""girlfriend"" Alicia but things fall right into place once they are finally in each other's arms. Jacinda becomes the instigator of the group by persuading Kat to get naked and streak the streets of London with her. She also convinces Neil to go with her when she gets her tongue pierced and nearly passes out. The rest of the cast has mixed feelings about Jacinda's new piercing and are beginning to realize just how crazy she really is. Jay comes back to London realizing that all he needs to leave this show with is an experience.
Oct 04 1995
The roommates decide to visit the ideal home show convention where Sharon works. The roommates cause trouble for Sharon. Kat is taking classes and loving her post modernism courses. Sharon gets upset that none of the roommates understand her feelings and emotions. Kat prepares for her monologue. During her performance she chokes and gets very down on herself. Sharon gets very sick, but none of the roommates believe how sick she is. She stays in bed for days and there is no progress with her condition. She gets so ill that she goes to the hospital for a couple of days. The roommates visit her and show just how much they care about Sharon by bringing her flowers and gifts.
Sep 27 1995
Love is in the air. After Jay produces his play, the flat is turned into a discotheque/concert hall. Neil performs with his band while Lars DJs. The cast members begin to drink heavily and Mike is obviously the most inebriated. He begins to confess his feelings for Jacinda and she shafts him by telling him he has no chance and that he never will. Mike ends up hooking up with a woman named Hannah whom he does not treat very well, but she still pays attention to him and appears to really care about him. Kat also makes a friend named Sebastian who woos her with his motorcycle, but they take it slow since he is leaving the next week for Israel.
Sep 20 1995
Who wants to go to the theatre? The cast transforms their flat into a stage for Jay's play, ""The Bedroom."" The play is about his true-life experience and how he felt at age 17 without his father. He confesses to the cast that he had to go to court against his father so that his stepfather could legally adopt him. His birth father ends up sending him a letter while in London and the two plan to meet up sometime during his 5-month stay in the brisk city. The rest of the cast helps out with his performance by operating the lights and giving moral support. When he finishes his performance, both his acting and writing abilities astound the rest of the cast and the other guests.
Sep 13 1995
Start up your engines! Mike gets familiar with the racetrack. He wants to race and kick some butt to earn respect from the roommates. Mike has problems with his car and he tries to find out what's wrong. The roommates support Mike and show up at his race. Sharon and Kat get emotional and are very proud of Mike. He doesn't win, but the roommates still think he's a winner
Sep 06 1995
Destination unknown! The group takes a weekend getaway to the north of England. None of the group is overly excited to spend the weekend together but they know it must be done. The rest of the weekend mimics an episode of Road Rules, as there are different challenges that the group must conquer together. This includes building a raft that eventually sinks, climbing a high wall and dangling on a high ropes course. Throughout the adventures, Sharon has issues as she is scared and is not a fan of heights. Jacinda is not very sympathetic to Sharon's needs and the two get into a tiff about their differences on the last night of the trip. The rest of the group begins to notice that they constantly make fun of Sharon but she never takes offense. The group apologizes, and Lars gets on his knees and tells her how special she really is. Aww…
Aug 30 1995
The peaceful quality of life at the loft ends when the phone is disconnected. In order to have service reinstated, the roommates must come up with 530 pounds, a task that proves challenging because the girls have all lost their wallets. Jacinda's irresponsibility about Legend and his messes also cause conflict in the house. The roommates all pick on Sharon. Lars gets angry with Jacinda when she doesn't take his attempts to collect phone bill money from her seriously. Lars confronts his roommates about their irresponsibility when his bike is stolen.
Aug 23 1995
This episode centers on Mike's racecar driving and his efforts to find a sponsor. His dad, brother and stepmother come to visit him and nag him to get a job. His dad was a former racecar driver and has a fascination with Lola brand racecars. After the family does the tourist thing, they head down to the Lola factory and Mike's dad convinces Lola to become Mike's sponsor. The relationship between Mike and his dad has drastically improved since his family came to visit him in London and Mike is very excited about this. Jay has a visit from his girlfriend Marisa and they have a wonderful time reading poetry and hanging out, but in the end, they decide it's better to just take things easy.
Aug 16 1995
Jacinda'a boyfriend Paul arrives and, despite their differing attitudes towards their relationship, find they are still in love. Jacinda and Paul buy a puppy, much to the dismay of her roommates. Jacinda begins taking flying lessons. Mike admires Lars' ease with meeting women when they go clubbing. An ex-exchange student friend of Mike's from Germany, Mia, provides a diversion for him. Jay lectures Mike about how he treated Mia. Jacinda is comforted by her new puppy, Legend when Paul leaves.
Aug 09 1995
The cast finds themselves worrying about Neil after they watch a performance of his band. While singing, Neil begins flirting with a very inebriated man in the audience. In the middle of a song, Neil bends down to kiss this man and the stranger bites off Neil's tongue! There is an exorbitant amount of blood and he is rushed to the emergency room, where he is given 15 stitches. He's unable to eat, drink or talk and has to record his confessionals with a computer program that would speak everything he wrote. The cast is very sympathetic but also has a good time making fun of him. His girlfriend also helps him in his time of need. Meanwhile, Jay is on a hunt for a theatre in which to perform his play, ""The Bedroom."" He finds a great place called the West End Theatre, but the owner tells Jay that he can't afford it and recommends other more suitable places. Jay also continues on his writing kick and stays up all hours of the night to write the perfect screenplay. One night he decides to wr
Aug 02 1995
Another day on the job! The cast looks for employment to hinder their boredom. Jacinda continues modeling, although she is beginning to dislike it more with each job. By the end of the episode, however, she decides that modeling really isn't so bad because the money and experiences make it worth the effort. Mike finally gets a job as a rollerblade instructor and makes relatively decent money, considering what he actually does. Sharon applies for a waitressing job and quits after the first day. She then becomes a salesperson at a technology fair and does an amazing job, so she sticks with it. The cast is finally getting a sense of what living in London is like and is beginning to accept the cultural differences. Mike and Jay are considered the ""night crew"" because they stay up late at night and get up at around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. They do nothing but sit around, watch TV and play basketball, so the rest of the cast gets a little upset about the fact that they literally do nothing.
Jul 26 1995
Mike meets with the prep team he wants to race with, but can't find a sponsor. He is reluctant to ask his father for help but does so out of desperation. His father says that he won't help him if he is racing in London but will give him a free ride if he goes back home. Kat continues to train for the junior Olympic trials held in San Jose, Calif. She heads to the Golden State but doesn't fare too well in the tryouts. Despite her disappointing finish she heads back to London and is noticeably calmer and happier with herself.
Jul 19 1995
Sharon's career as a singer is threatened when she decides to undergo surgery to remove a nodule on her throat. The operation is a success, but her tougher test is not talking for a week to rest her vocal chords. She lasts less than a day. Lars goes out and tries hit the London DJ scene. He meets with the heads of KIIS FM, but the job they offered is not what he thought it would be. He wants to promote parties and DJ in clubs, which is difficult for someone new to London who has few connections.
Jul 12 1995
Mike and Neil's differences are exposed as Neil explains that Mike represents everything about Americans that he is ""not too happy about."" Mike has no problem being labeled as ""so American."" He has great pride in his home land and tries to describe the most important holiday in America, Super Bowl Sunday. On Valentine's Day, Jacinda receives gifts from her boyfriend in New York. Neil also receives a gift from his significant other, but his gift doesn't seem to be as warm and touching as Jacinda's. Chrys sent him a pig's heart impaled with a nail, with white roses around it. She meant it as a joke, but he fails to see the humor in it. Despite Chrys' morbid personality, it is clear that Neil still loves her. However, Neil and Kat have expressed attraction to each other, but don't pursue the next level of intimacy
Jul 05 1995
Kat and Neil's attraction to each other causes problems for another roommate and for Neil's girlfriend, Chrys. Mike goes into culture shock when he finds there's no ranch dressing in the supermarkets.
Jun 28 1995
The diverse group of three Americans, three Europeans, and one Australian arrive in their Notting Hill home for the next six months. St. Louis native and racecar driver Mike and Oregon native and theater aficionado Jay room together, while German DJ Lars and Brit rock star Neil double up. All-American NYU students and athlete Kat and Australian supermodel Jacinda share a room. London native, singer Sharon, who sleeps with the lights on, gets the single. The group's vibe is pretty friendly, but it might be because they come from different cultures and are initially kind and accepting of unfamiliar people. Or it could be just because it's the first day.
Jun 28 1995

Season 3

20 Episodes

As the group enjoys their last few days together, Cory, Judd, Pam and Pedro spend a day in Monterey while Rachel and Jo bond in San Francisco. Mo continues to work hard on his band's single and music video, isolating himself from his roommates. Pedro and Rachel have lunch and discuss their different views in life. Despite their differences they seem to understand each other's viewpoints and remain friends. Puck gets his driver's license back, picks up his car, and heads to the Lombard loft to pick up some of his things he left behind when he was kicked out. The entire casts, minus Puck, sit around and play a question and answer game. As move-out day arrives, they all reflect on how this experience has changed them and eventually hugs and tears follow. Jo and Rachel are the last to leave, but not before one more phone call from…you guessed it, Puck. Puck talks to Rachel about their relationship when they first moved in. When the group finally leaves, the house that eight strangers calle
Nov 04 1994
Pedro and Sean want to take their relationship to the next level and decide to exchange vows. Pedro's friend Alex flies in from Miami for the party and tries to convince the two to move to Miami. The three bond and later Alex realizes that Pedro and Sean are happy together where they are. While Sean and Pedro prepare for their new life, the exiled Puck talks about his relationship with Toni, and how he can see them together for the rest of their lives. Back at the house the group fixes up the pad for the big day as Puck continues to bug them with phone calls. With congratulatory speeches from Pam, Judd, and Alex, Pedro and Sean exchange rings and seal their love with a kiss.
Oct 28 1994
The cast is back from their island adventure and Rachel has decided to join ""Empower America,"" a conservative Republican group. The cast accompanies her to the seminar and Judd and Rachel get into an argument later about the supposed ""racism"" that goes on in the group. Rachel decides to get a tattoo on her lower back, which conflicts with her ""conservative beliefs,"" making the cast question her behavior. Tensions rise between Cory and Rachel because Cory begins to get jealous of the friendship developing between Rachel and Jo. Cory pouts around the house when Rachel and Jo bring home some skater friends and she later confronts Rachel with her issues. Steve starts to make Jo feel trapped as he calls her every day and tells her he is expecting that they will eventually date. She completely moves out of his house in Tahoe to ease the tension.
Oct 21 1994
Hawaii 3x17
Aloha! The cast leaves for an adventure in Hawaii, where they hope that they'll have a chance to bond. Once they arrive there is trouble in paradise as the group fights over the suite. Once they are all settled in, they head off to a luau. A vegan, Jo gets very disturbed when the roasted pig is pulled out of the ground. She feels that the stuffed pig looks like a rotten corpse. Jo accidentally eats some of the pork and runs to the bathroom. The cast tries surfing and the girls rock, while the guys have trouble. Pedro has plenty of time to relax and enjoys parasailing. Jo and Rachel bond by partying and meeting guys. While the cast is cliff diving, Rachel slips off the cliff. Luckily, she makes it down in one piece. By the end of the trip the group is closer and the friendships grow stronger.
Oct 14 1994
Pedro's health weakens and he is sent to the emergency room with a temperature of 104 degrees. The cast begins to realize the full extent of his sickness and tries not to let it bother them that he is getting closer and closer to the end of his life. A confused Mohammed breaks up with Stephanie, hooks up with a friend from San Diego, then calls Stephanie crying and tries to repair what is left of their relationship. To take a break from all of the drama in their lives, the group goes horseback riding.
Oct 07 1994
The roommates are growing close to Jo. They feel that Jo is a positive influence in the house. She has great new ideas and an adventurous personality. Jo takes the roommates rock climbing. Rachel achieves a great feat and climbs to the top of the rocks. Judd has been spending time with a good friend from college named Jessica. He wants the relationship to move to a romantic level. Meanwhile, Jo receives bad news from Steve. He notifies her that she must appear in court because her ex-husband is appealing her restraining order. Jo is emotionally stressed and frustrated, but Cory is right there to support her through it all. Judd and Rachel decide to go out for a night on the town. They pretend to be a couple so they will seem more attractive. Jo begins to bond very closely with Cory. A non-confrontational person, Jo loves the house because everyone has so much respect for each other and is so supportive of her.
Sep 30 1994
Puck reappears in this episode as he calls the group to invite them to a party. None of the cast members show up but a few days later, while at a bar with Judd, a drunken Rachel calls Puck to invite him down there for some drinks. After fighting as usual, Rachel storms off and vows never talk to Puck again. This vow is then broken soon after as he calls to try and repair the damage. The two meet in a park only to fight, yet again, about the cast's reasoning for kicking him out of the house. This dispute initiates the search for a new roommate and after interviewing three individuals, the group decides on Jo, a young woman from London. Jo's friend Steve takes Cory and Rachel rock climbing soon after she moves in, which helps break the ice between the cast members and Jo.
Sep 23 1994
Pedro and Sean's relationship has been on the rocks, and Pedro feels that he needs to get away. He heads to Miami to visit his family, where he feels at home. Pedro hangs out with his two best friends to unwind. During his visit home, Pedro gets very ill. He visits a doctor and tries to get lots of rest. His family and roommates are all very worried about Pedro's health. Cory and Puck spend time together to reflect on the house situation. Puck feels that the roommates care more about Pedro than him. Pedro confronts Cory about their misunderstandings.
Sep 16 1994
Everyone seems to be enjoying Puck's absence and the chemistry among the cast has drastically improved. Pedro goes home with Rachel to Phoenix and visits her very religious family. While there, Pedro gives another educational seminar on having HIV at the junior high where Rachel's father works. After looking at the pictures Rachel brings home, her mother is not happy with her actions in San Francisco, namely the piercing of her belly button. It is also Pam's birthday and her boyfriend Christopher flies in to surprise her. Christopher stays hidden until the rest of the cast performs a ""This is your life Pam"" skit and Christopher shows up at the very end. They all celebrate her birthday by skiing in Tahoe.
Sep 09 1994
Puck getting the boot from the house was named number 97 on TV Guide/ TV Lands 100 Memorable TV Moments in December of 2004.
Sep 02 1994
The roomies are growing irritated with Puck. They are annoyed with his disrespect for the rest of the cast and his complete selfishness in any given situation. Puck meets a woman named Toni at the park and goes on a few dates with her. She even accompanies him to the hair salon when he decides to dye his hair blue. Everyone but Puck goes out to dinner for Mohammed's birthday and they all come to the conclusion that something needs to be done about Puck. They begin to confront him and he immediately gets defensive, which forces them to decide whether or not having him stay in the house is really worth all this trouble.
Aug 26 1994
Cory and Puck are spending a lot of time together and having fun as friends. Pedro and Puck are the ""odd couple."" Puck insults Pedro all the time because Pedro is gay. Pedro voices his frustrations about Puck to the roommates. Pedro decides to separate himself from all the roommates as long as Puck is around. Pedro goes home to visit his family. Back at the house. Puck explains his opinion on how people need to be worthy to earn his respect. Tension builds in the house when the cast asks each other personal questions.
Aug 19 1994
Pedro's health is beginning to deteriorate, as his T-cell count gets lower. The cast is beginning to realize the extent of his illness and is worried about the possible consequences. This creates tension between Pedro and Puck, because Puck does not respect the way Pedro chooses to live his life. Pedro continues to give educational seminars on living with HIV and Pam and Judd go to support him when he speaks at Stanford University. Rachel and Cory go with Puck to the house he grew up in and meet his mother, who, to their surprise, is completely normal. The next day, Pedro, Judd and Pam go to the park and take it easy by playing soccer and enjoying each other's company.
Aug 12 1994
The roommates go through hard times. Cory can't find a job. She treks all over San Francisco and nobody will hire her. The girls struggle together: Pam is working hard on her medical school projects, while Rachel is waiting to hear about her grad school applications. Puck finds a dog and grows very attached to his new four-legged friend. The roommates convince Puck to do the right thing and find the owner. Deep down, Puck is a nice guy. He searches high and low to find the lucky owners of the dog.
Aug 05 1994
The Rachel/Puck flirtation continues with the Critical Mass bike ride, leaving Judd on the outside of the triangle. Pedro overhears Puck and Rachel telling gay jokes on the phone; he gets upset, but lets it go. Pedro grapples with the fear that his relationship with Sean is going to fast, he tells Pam that he's falling in love. Rachel tries to go out on a date with Harlow, but Puck winds up chaperoning and interfering, leading to Rachel's decision to distance herself from Puck. Rachel's friends, Patty, Francis and Heather come to visit. Judd gets romantic with Francis, but is saddened when she returns to Arizona. Puck's constant flirtation with Heather leads to an argument between Rachel and Heather. Rachel denies any attraction to Puck. Pedro talks to Sean about feeling torn between Sean/San Francisco and family/Miami. Puck assures Rachel that nothing happened with Heather.
Jul 28 1994
Judd tries to find work cartooning but is frustrated at every turn, until he gets invited to pitch his idea in Hollywood. Mo works with his band and he and Puck get into an argument about rap music. As soon as Judd starts to get closer to his confidante, Pam, her boyfriend, Chris, arrives in town. At the Bammie Awards--the ""Grammys"" for the Bay Area--the roommates ogle rockers while Mo mingles to promote his band. All go to see Mo's band perform at the Gavin Convention. Judd makes a second trip to the San Francisco Examiner and comes away with the job of weekly cartoonist.
Jul 21 1994
Puck invites his fellow roommates to a screening of his soapbox derby video and is hurt when no one attends except Rachel. Judd shows his romantic side and goes on a date with Jeannie but no sparks fly. The whole group gets embroiled in a dinner argument with Puck which seems to focus on ""90210,"" but really is about his overall attitude and actions. Puck explains his history and his home. Puck skips Pedro's birthday breakfast in retaliation for the soapbox snub, then he confronts Cory about the same thing, resulting in renewed appreciation. The arrival of Puck's pit bull, Joker, provides a way for all to see a new side of Puck.
Jul 14 1994
A group visit to the Upper Room poetry reading featuring Mohammed leaves Cory feeling dull and ordinary. Each of the roommates' career pursuits is examined as Cory tries to find her niche in life. Rachel's political views are expressed after a trip to a Jack Kemp rally, which leads to an argument with Mohammed, leaving Rachel hurt. Pedro has his first date with Sean. Cory unintentionally offends Mo's girlfriend Stephanie by asking if she's half white. The group finds a new way to communicate when Mo organizes a poetry night at the house.
Jul 07 1994
The Puck/Rachel flirtation begins with a trip to church and is carried throughout further outings. edro is repulsed when Puck sticks his fingers into the communal peanut butter. Puck cancels a long-awaited dual date for Valentine's Day and when Rachel offers to be a substitute, he rejects her. At a house meeting, Rachel loses her battle to establish separate male/female bathrooms, and Puck feels that he is picked on for his unsanitary habits. Rachel and Pedro discuss the living situation and her questions about his disease. Valentine's Day brings everyone--with the exception of Mohammed--together in a ""lonely hearts club"" outing to the Stinking Rose Restaurant.
Jun 30 1994
Cory and Pedro are the first roommates we meet as they both get on the train to San Francisco. Pedro tells Cory he's HIV-positive and worries about how the others will react. Puck gets arrested on a bench warrant. Rachel and Judd meet and take a shuttle to the loft. Pam and Mohammed arrive later. The group's professions are examined. They all introduce themselves, but realize that there is someone missing. Puck gets out of jail and arrives late. Room selection then begins, as everyone argues over the single, but Pam eventually wins. They all get together for a group dinner. Afterwards, while looking through his scrapbook, the roommates learn that Pedro is not just HIV-positive, but has AIDS. Rachel explains her distress over how living with Pedro will affect the roommates.
Jun 23 1994

Season 2

21 Episodes

Beth S.'s history is related through her discussions with her roommates and her mother's visit to the loft. Jon observes Beth S. on the phone with an ex-boyfriend and steps in when things get uncomfortable. On arrival, Beth S.'s mom cleans the house and fixes a typical Polish meal for the roommates. Jon discovers more about the relationship between Beth S. and her mom through a private dinner them. Glen and Beth S. bicker at dinner and Jon talks with Glen and Aaron about picking on Beth S. Aaron confronts Beth S. about the disrespect he has shown towards her, while she confronts Glen, who admits that their relationship needs work. Beth S. wins everyone's respect when she beats them all at paintball.
Oct 28 1993
After the initial excitement over the trip to Cozumel, Mexico, tensions between the roommates escalate. Dom and Aaron isolate themselves from the others as Beth A. and Glen follow suit. Everyone thinks Dom's drinking habits are a problem when he is discovered passed out in the sand. The obvious inexperience of Beth S., to the embarrassment of her roommates, mars her participation in various activities, and ultimately causes her to injure her arm. The group gets even more cliquey. Glen, Beth A., Aaron and Dom criticize Beth S. and Jon's embarrassing behavior at a hostile group dinner.
Oct 21 1993
The roommates explore their respective romantic relationships. Beth S. receives two prospective boyfriend visitors at the house, both of which she deems to be unsuitable. Tami introduces her relationship with Tootie, but they break up. Aaron meets Heather and despite her many fine qualities, realizes that the timing is bad. Beth S. denies having sex in the closet with one of her male visitors. Glen and Beth A. become very close. Dominic dates three different women at once and tries to keep them separated when he invites all three to a party at the loft.
Oct 14 1993
The roommates' concerns about the house always being overrun by Glen's friends are addressed when Glen is confronted in a house meeting. Perch's seemingly permanent residence in the house strikes a nerve with all of the roommates as the band overruns the house. Glen is held responsible and angrily defends himself by claiming none of the roomies are trying to really get to know one another. In order to bond, the roommates create and play a question/answer game where they ask each other probing, personal questions. The roommates discover unknown common ground, and Tami gains newfound respect for Beth A. When Beth A. suggests feeding the homeless together, everyone gets involved. The roomies support Jon at the finals for the country western singer contest; Jon is triumphant.
Oct 07 1993
A movie producer expresses interest in Jon playing the lead in his movie. Following his meeting with the producers, Jon flies home to Owensboro for a visit. Jon is relieved to return to a place where he belongs as he is welcomed home by his family and a huge crowd at the airport. Jon tries to experience as much of his home as possible, while recognizing his place in California. Jon speaks at an assembly at Burns Middle School; once his routine at home, he sings at his mentor's establishment, Goldies. Jon sadly returns to LA and decides not to go with the movie role, but the producer has given away the role already. Meanwhile, Aaron introduces Dom to his lifestyle--school and surfing.
Sep 30 1993
Beth S. and Tami struggle with the complications of their respective career pursuits. Beth S. has headshots taken which her agency deems inappropriate, forcing her to spend even more money. Tami's music group, Reality, loses their producer. Tami grapples with the depression that comes with her job at the HIV clinic. Tami arranges an HIV seminar for her roommates. Tami and Beth S. share their frustrations with the careers they have chosen. Despite her roommates' attempts to dissuade her, Tami has her jaw wired shut in order to lose weight. Tami, cracking under the pressure, decides to quit her job at the HIV clinic.
Sep 23 1993
Dom is faced with his parent's mortality when he returns home to Ireland to visit his ailing father. Dom's visit has a rehabilitating affect on his father. Dom goes drinking with his sister, Barbara, and his cousin, Peter; they lose track of time and make up an unbelievable story to explain for their tardiness. The roommates note Jon's personality changes. They watch as a scared Jon competes in a country music competition at the Borderline Bar; he wins the first round.
Sep 16 1993
Beth A. moves in to replace Irene as the seventh roommate. Everyone reacts to the new Beth differently as they learn more and more about her life. Tami's initial discomfort with Beth A. increases when she learns that she is a lesbian. Glen's band, Perch, is transplanted from Philadelphia and moves into the house, to the dismay of the other roommates. Aaron, Jon and Glen play an April Fool's joke on Dom, they move his car and tell him it was towed. Jon plays dumb until forced to come clean to an angered Dom.
Sep 09 1993
As Irene's wedding draws near, the roommates are faced with the change that her departure will bring. Irene deals with her last moments with her roommates as we learn more about her relationship with her fiance. Beth's friends finally bring her the anticipated ""Men of UCLA"" calendar, featuring Aaron. Beth sees an opportunity to play a practical joke, so she gets Jon and Glen to wallpaper the house with Aaron's calendar photos. An angered Aaron feels the heat and jokingly accuses them of rape. Irene's wedding day is a happy and yet sad time. As the roommates celebrate her happiness, they reflect on their own wedding wishes. Beth and Tami conclude that Jon has fallen in love with Irene and will miss her the most, as their bond was the strongest.
Sep 02 1993
Tami addresses the Outward Bound trip and the revelation of her pregnancy. She then tells the roommates that she has decided to terminate the pregnancy. Tami's announcement sparks various discussions between the roommates as they are forced to confront their own varied beliefs about abortion. Tami explains that she isn't ready to have children and despite her decision, Jon remains supportive. Tami's mother, while at first disappointed in her, goes with her to the clinic. Aaron's girlfriend, Erin, visits him at the loft and causes a bit of friction between Dom and Aaron as they both position themselves for her affections.
Aug 26 1993
The group chooses to go on a camping trip to Joshua Tree, which proves to be too rigorous, especially when their guides get lost. The trip turns out to be a bonding experience when the roommates band together to confront their leaders about their lack of direction. The rest of the trip turns out to be even more challenging when rain, unappetizing food, and rough conditions make the roommates long for the comfort of their Venice home. Beth is the victim of a simulated rescue and trusts Aaron to guide her to safety. When forced to rock climb, Tami divulges her pregnancy, to the surprise of her roommates. Tami, unsuccessful at the climb, lashes out at Aaron about his big ego upon her return to solid ground.
Aug 19 1993
A new roommate, Glen, is selected out of the three candidates that were sent to the house. Aaron's attempts to organize the selection process are vetoed by the other roommates. Glen moves in and Jon gives him the inside information on his new roommates. Glen has his first fight when he argues with Dom following an Inspiral Carpets concert.
Aug 12 1993
The housemates invite David to the meeting and ask that he leave the house. David argues that Beth was responsible for escalating the argument, and reminds everyone of the time Beth showed Tami Dom's underwear when he was drunk. He says he will leave if they want him to, but he thinks Beth should leave too. David's attempts to apologize get him nowhere and he ultimately agrees to leave. Aaron wonders how this will affect David's career. In retrospect, the roommates conclude that it was the right decision and David admits to having learned his lesson.
Aug 05 1993
Tension in the house erupts when David tries to pull the covers off Tami as a practical joke that goes sour. Tami retaliates, and she and David fight. Beth steps in and incites the argument, ultimately accusing David of rape. Tami threatens to press legal charges, while David tries to plead his case to the male roommates. Beth denies being the instigator, claiming she was the only one that came to Tami's defense. Tami leaves the house with a suitcase, uncomfortable sleeping there that night. Irene feels unsafe and thinks that the house needs to have a meeting without David to discuss the situation. Aaron doesn't think that David should have to leave, but Irene says she will leave if he doesn't. David watches the discussion upstairs on a monitor…
Jul 29 1993
Tami and her Studs date Kenya try to cheat on the show, hoping to win the $600. When the other team wins, Tami and Kenya decide to part ways. Though opposites, Aaron and Dominic admit to an exclusive friendship that alienates the other roommates. They show little respect for Jon or Beth. Beth's ""drama queen"" personality is illustrated when she goes on and on about her petty problems. Some of the roomies think Jon is lazy and unmotivated, while he insists that it will just take time for him to adjust to L.A. Irene feels like Jon is getting picked on, and her friendship with Jon deepens as she brings him home with her for the weekend. Jon impresses her when he does an impromptu performance at the Western Connection.
Jul 22 1993
Jul 15 1993
Tami and David's relationship is explored. Beth predicts that they will end up sleeping together. David offends Tami when an outing planned for her, David and Jon to spend some time together includes two of David's friends--right before they are supposed to go on a date. Tami cancels their date and they resolve to be just friends. Tami goes on Studs to expand her social life. David gets left behind on a group bowling night and goes with Tami and her date to the alley in a screaming rage. David and Dominic get into a verbal confrontation and Irene storms off in anger. A house meeting turns hostile when David gets defensive over his roommates' personal criticisms about his attitude.
Jul 15 1993
Beth causes a huge rift in the tentative friendship among the roommates when she brings all of them, including Dominic--who initially does not want to go--to a party that she wasn't even invited to. The roommates are asked to leave and everyone blames Beth. Dominic criticizes her for humiliating them. This spat occurs after Dominic confronts Beth about bringing her cat into the house without permission. The friction between them lessens as they begin to truly talk with each other. Meanwhile, the relationship between David and Jon becomes strained as they begin to realize how different they are. An argument about the mess left on the porch leads to David physically attacking Jon, which Aaron breaks up.
Jul 08 1993
As Dominic, Tami and Jon continue their trip to Los Angeles, the differences among them become more evident. They discuss religion and Jon feels ganged up on, as if Tami and Dom are trying to make sound like a bigot. They continue to harass Jon, complaining about his driving. When they stop in Vegas, Jon feels like a fish out of water. As they near LA, a heated conversation ends when Jon calls Tami trash. Tami is offended by the comment and complains that she feels degraded. They finally arrive at the house and run around like little kids until the other roomies arrive. After meeting everyone and settling into the house, Dom, Tami and Jon decide to have a fresh start now that they are in LA.
Jul 01 1993
As the New York cast envisions the future of their successors, Dom, Tami and Jon make their way across the country in a motor home. Heather predicts that someone will leave early. Dominic, one of the new blood, expects no problems at all. Dominic and Tami arrive in Owensboro to pick up Jon and are immediately taken aback by his very ""country"" lifestyle. Dominic is most amazed by Jon's popularity at a local club, where he sings ""Boot Scootin' Boogie."" Jon worries about Dom's drinking habits, while Dom is unnerved that Jon doesn't drink at all. Jon objects when Tami asks the Magic 8 Ball, ""Will Jon get laid?"" He is very uncomfortable discussing his sex life and says that he doesn't believe in sex before marriage. Jon talks about how his parents reacted to Tami and Dom and offend both of them. Jon backs off, trying to maintain some civility during the road trip.
Jun 26 1993
The Real World New York cast reunites for the weekend as the second season is about to begin. Eric's success is a major bone of contention for the loftmates and he worries that there will be a lot of tension. The tension continues as Julie complains that Eric never returns her pages and that many of them have not stayed connected to each other. Becky and Norman, however, hang out on a regular basis. Norm even put together a Geo commercial with Heather, Julie and Andre. They discuss how people recognize them now and how many people assume that they were actors on a show rather than part of a documentary.
Jun 26 1993

Season 1

13 Episodes

It's the last few days in the house and the gang takes over the production room in the loft. They find out how it feels to be on the other side of the cameras. Becky expresses how the Real World is a real as it gets. Andre feels he has had some great experiences. Kevin confesses how cynical he was in the beginning and how much he's learned from the other members of the cast. Norman confesses that he is not afraid anymore to express his sexuality. The whole cast says their last goodbyes to the Big Apple.
Aug 13 1992
Heather gets arrested and is questioned about her fight. Heather lets it be known that nobody can give her attitude, but she sure can give them a piece of her mind. After a little while, the police let her go and even ask her for an autograph. Heather and Eric fight like brother and sister in the loft. Her stubbornness mixed with Eric's thin skin lead to silly clashes on a regular basis. It all comes to a head when Heather and Eric wrestle through the loft like it's a WWF battle royal.
Aug 06 1992
Crying hysterically, Julie explains to Norman and Eric that she and Kevin had a fight about a phone call and that Kevin threw a candleholder at her. She is scared of Kevin, thinks he is a psycho, and never wants to be alone with him again. Kevin denies brandishing the candleholder and says that the fight wasn't his fault, because Julie was rude to him on the phone and may have cost him a job. Kevin needs to get some space, so he goes back to Jersey City and walks through his old neighborhood with his girlfriend. The time does him some good and he decides to return to the house to deal with the situation with Julie. They go outside and continue to argue about the fight and differences. After a lot of yelling and harsh words, they finally calm down and apologize to each other. To let it all go, Kevin and Eric throw a big birthday bash. But the fighting isn't over, as Heather tussles with a guest and the police arrive...
Jul 30 1992
The cast finds a white, ""alien-like"" dog on the street and name him Yoda. They want to keep the dog but decide to search for its owner. Becky and Andre say that the dog is just so ugly it's cute. Julie's mom comes for a visit and Julie plans to ""tire her out"" by doing the whole tourist scene in New York. They later get into a dispute about their relationship and debate on whether or not it is a good one. Andre's mom also comes for a visit and watches him play with his band.
Jul 23 1992
As the gang prepares for their trip to the pro-choice rally in D.C., Norman is falling head over heels for Charles. Charles doesn't seem quite as ready to make the same commitment. While the rest of the gang is at the rally, Julie finds a ""Reagan-Ville"" filled with homeless people. Julie makes a connection with one of the women in the makeshift community and ends up spending the night. The situation affects Julie deeply and the rest of the loftmates are impressed with Julie's openness to the situation.
Jul 16 1992
The girls head off to Jamaica, Mon. They hit the beach to scope out the men, and they aren't too proud to beg for some lovin'. The guys are left at the loft in freezing cold New York and are forced to bond with each other. The girls do it all: water-ski, party and enjoy the rays. While relaxing in the spa, the girls picture the guys at home being bored and missing the girls. Back at home, Andre and Kevin head off to a night on the town and talk for the first time. They find themselves not as different from each other as they originally thought. Norman also is far from bored as he develops a relationship with Charles Perez, who he thinks may be the man of his dreams. Julie and Heather leave Jamaica a little disappointed by the available men. Becky, however, returns to NY with a new boyfriend in tow. But he's not from Jamaica; he's from the control room of the loft. Becky is getting it on with a Real World director.
Jul 09 1992
The cast is worried about Kevin because no one knows where he went. Once he returns, they show him the video they made of the joke they played on him and he eventually forgives them. Later, Kevin confesses he considered quitting the show because he thought his roommates were so weird. Meanwhile, Heather constantly professes her love for Hornets basketball player Larry Johnson and says she plans to grab his ass if she ever meets him. Julie and Heather actually attend the Knicks-Hornets game, and Heather flirts incessantly with Larry Johnson afterwards. No booty-grabbing though--this show is strictly G-Rated. A package arrives, informing the ladies of the house that they will spend a week in Jamaica. Becky may need a vacation after the ugly argument she has with Kevin about racism in America.
Jul 02 1992
Julie and Kevin's brother/sister dynamic continues as they discuss sex, expectations and fantasies. The roommates, however, are a little bit miffed that Kevin is spending increasingly more time away from the loft, so they decide to play a little prank on him. They toss a bunch of personas in a hat and take on the characters, hoping to fool Kevin into thinking that things have changed while he has been away. Everyone gets into the game, especially Julie, who announces, ""I get to be a whore!"" Kevin returns to the loft, and overwhelmed by what he sees, rushes out of the house. His frightened roomies wonder if he's coming back.
Jun 25 1992
Kevin and Eric go outside to discuss their issues. The argument dies down as the two talk about stereotypes and their inherent differences. They shake hands. Kevin takes Morris, a teenage boy he is mentoring, to dinner and an art exhibit and talks to Morris about having a commitment to help others. Eric is also doing some community service as a probation requirement: He works in a basketball program for troubled kids. But he's got other things on his mind as he anxiously awaits Missy's arrival at the loft. Kevin and Eric become closer as they discuss Missy and Eric's relationship with her. Eric then cements the deal when he invites Kevin to a Knicks game, where the two meet Isaiah Thomas. Kevin gets a chance to peek into Eric's private life as he watches him interact with his dad, an NBA referee.
Jun 18 1992
Becky is in the studio recording her song, ""Mr. Sunshine."" It's clear she's looking for some action, as she cuddles with friend/producer Adam. Becky later dresses up for a party at the Limelight by putting Dixie cups in her bra. Heather is unnerved by Becky's overt sexual behavior, especially as Becky gets more out of control as the party rages on. A house meeting is called after Heather and Becky wake up Kevin by jumping in his bed after the party. Tension runs high as the roommates gang up on Eric and his visiting sister. Eric feels like nobody gives him a fair shot. Heather suggests he either live with it or go to a hotel. After the meeting, Kevin writes Eric a long letter about their relationship and the current conflicts. The roomies pass around and discuss the letter. Eric gets angrier about the letter as he waits for Kevin to return home. When Kevin does arrive, Eric verbally attacks him for being so passive-aggressive.
Jun 11 1992
Julie gets lost on her way to a new dance studio because she can't follow the directions that Eric gives her. While she is getting critiqued on her performance, Eric is getting naked with a female model at a fitness magazine shoot. When Eric and the model, Taryn, get a little hot and heavy during the shoot, the photographer encourages them. After the shoot, Taryn and Eric begin dating. But Eric is confused by the relationship, as their dates only consist of strange things like trying on ""rocker clothes"" (think leather chaps and sequins). Eric doesn't really understand what she sees in him. Andre's band, Reigndance, is practicing for an upcoming show when the cops show up and shut the rehearsal down. The band plans to perform anyway, and at Julie's urging, several of the roommates watch the show. Grateful for their support, Andre dedicates the song ""Redspot"" to his roommies.
Jun 04 1992
Hmm...what's going on with Julie and Eric? There is some obvious flirting between the two, but they don't seem to be doing anything about it. After Eric appears in a Jovan Musk commercial that gets him highlighted on television, the whole loft discusses nudity, pornography and whether or not Eric is just selling himself and his good looks to the highest bidder. Heather invites Julie and Eric to visit the studio where she is recording a song for her upcoming album, The System Sucks. It's clear from Heather's hard work and her producer's aggressiveness that the recording business is rough. The sexual tension between Julie and Eric continues as Julie makes her interest more obvious: harassing Eric on the phone, being overtly jealous when Eric talks about his girlfriend Missy, and, as Eric says, showing up in his bed one morning to talk about ""pancakes."" But Eric seems to be into her too--he even shows off for Julie at her hip-hop dance class. Julie is excited by Eric's efforts and his wil
May 28 1992
It all begins with small-town country girl Julie and her family in Birmingham. Her family is nervous about the whole thing, but Julie is stoked about spending three months in the big city. The seven strangers arrive at the luxurious loft that they'll call home for the next three months. After introducing themselves, they explore the house and find a Love and Sex book. The sex discussion begins, focusing on innocent Julie and her virginity. At dinner, Kevin, Julie and Heather discuss prejudice and racism. Kevin is impressed with Julie's open attitude, considering where she grew up. In fact, Julie and her innocence and enthusiasm have already charmed everyone in the house.
May 21 1992