Two Doors Down

Continuing Monday / 10:00pm BBC Two 45 min.
Comedy centred around a couple and their insufferable neighbours.

Season 4

6 Episodes

As if the NHS needs any more challenges, Christine now stress-tests nursing staff with a hospital stay.
Jan 21 2019
After an emotional funeral for Colin's Dad, he and Cathy have the neighbours round. Understandably Colin is not his usual upbeat self.
Jan 14 2019
Beth and Eric think their son Ian is taking them out for their 30th wedding anniversary dinner - but find instead that he and his boyfriend Gordon have organised a surprise party at their house. And the gang’s all there.
Jan 07 2019

Season 3

6 Episodes

The new couple on the street are invited to Beth's to meet the neighbours. Everyone warms to them except for Cathy, whose competitive instincts get a little out of hand.
Mar 05 2018
Back from a quiz night at the pub, everyone is encouraged to reveal their hidden talents. Cathy is very bendy but Gordon not quite as agile as everyone had hoped.
Feb 26 2018
To celebrate Beth's birthday, Ian and Gordon are taking her and Eric for a pub meal. Learning that it is not the birthday day itself, Christine invites herself along and they pile into Gordon's car. At the pub, Ian suggests Beth choose the table, but Christine has her own ideas. Two courses for seven ninety-five leads to a lively discussion with Beth, Christine and Eric finally deciding on the haddock. Ian is disappointed when Eric insists on paying, but he takes consolation in knowing he has got a surprise cake for his mum in the car. Eric is taken aback to see Colin - he is smashed out of his skull and gives Eric a big hug, introducing him to everyone as his neighbour. He then reveals that Cathy is at a spa, before lurching over to the table. He is rude to Christine, who glowers at him, then he pulls Beth up to give her a kiss, assuring Eric it is harmless. The waitress interrupts to report there are only two haddock left. Beth decides they will share them out. Christine is not enjoying Colin's wee jokes. As he reels off to the toilet, Beth tells Eric to see if he can put Colin in a taxi. Eric tries - but without success. Beth is enjoying her gift vouchers from Ian and Gordon for any beauty treatment she wants, when Colin rolls back with Eric, who tries the taxi line again - pointlessly. Colin manages another hug with Beth, who has to call time. The haddock arrive with Christine angling for the major portion. Beth and Ian share their food with Eric, only for Colin to steal his chips. Opening the sauce sachets with their teeth proves a challenge. As they reminisce that going out for a meal used to be a luxury and recall well-loved home-cooked meals, Colin suddenly serenades Beth with 'Happy Birthday' and another wee hug. He thinks he will send Cathy a text. Beth counsels against it. To her surprise and relief, he simply texts 'Hi, babydoll', then reports back that she has had a Brazilian. Ian and Gordon take Colin out to the car for a breath of fresh air. As Ian retrieves the birthday cake from the boot, Colin hugs Gordon, hoping no-one gets the wrong idea. Ever-so-slightly sobered-up, he apologises to Beth for being a bit OTT, then suggests she could get the treatment Cathy did, startling her with the visual on his phone. As the waitress appears with the cake and candles, Ian bursts into 'Happy Birthday'. Colin joins in, jumping up on the chair next to Beth, throwing his arms into the air, and promptly falling over. The cake comes to a sticky end.
Feb 19 2018
When Cathy and Colin's house is burgled, Cathy goes into meltdown. Beth and Eric find themselves cast as laundress and chief suspect.
Feb 12 2018
Eric is in agony. His rear end is very tender and so he is recuperating face down on the sofa. Cathy and Colin arrive full of sympathy and bearing presents, including a bottle of wine. As Cathy sips a glass of it, Colin recounts the ins and outs of his own prostate check, making Eric feel even worse. Christine turns up scolding Beth for forgetting to take her shopping, but is stopped mid-stream by seeing Eric. He is forced to explain - he had a colonoscopy and the camera somehow tore the lining of his rectum. When talk turns to whether or not he has been able to go to the toilet yet, Eric tries to get rid of his unwanted guests. He suggests Colin and Cathy take Christine to the supermarket. They cry off - they have been drinking - but insist they have time for another before they meet their friends, a bailiff and his wife, for dinner.
Feb 05 2018
A big meaty haggis for the neighbours and a tiny vegetarian one for Gordon are on the menu for Burns Night. Cathy and Colin, Ian and Gordon arrive to celebrate with Eric and Beth. To Eric's surprise, Christine turns up. She is back early from visiting her daughter Sophie, and is full of complaints about the journey. Sophie's partner has clearly failed to impress. With news that Beth has freshened up the wee downstairs toilet, a viewing is a must. Cathy and Colin educate Gordon about the niceties of a Burns Supper - basically everyone gets hammered.
Jan 29 2018

Season 2

6 Episodes

Beth has organised the perfect baby shower for mum-to-be Sophie. Everyone is invited and Christine has even asked Pat from over the back, who she is assuming is going to be the baby's godmother. Sophie, however, has already asked Beth and Eric and hasn't yet broken the news to her mum. Jaz is sporting a black eye after a run-in with a packing box, and whilst Cathy is excited by the idea of a party, she doesn't want to get too close to Sophie in case the birth happens earlier than expected.
Dec 19 2016
Technophobe Christine faces a computer crisis when she goes online to buy a Barneyboo Buggy for Sophie's baby and her screen freezes mid-purchase. She heads to the Bairds to get help. Beth has got more company at home in the shape of Ian and Jaz, who are staying while they wait to pick up keys for their new flat, and footie fans Colin and Eric are getting excited about their trip to watch Scotland play in Latvia.
Dec 19 2016
Cathy invites the neighbours round to enjoy an extravagant spread of posh shop-bought nibbles to celebrate Colin's dad's birthday. Despite her big show of being the ultimate hostess, long-suffering Beth has to step in and rescue the party. Birthday boy Willie isn't impressed by any of it, but finally gets into the party spirit when Colin presents him with his old accordion.
Dec 12 2016
Beth's hopes of a nice traditional Sunday lunch collapse when Cathy and Colin arrive in the midst of an argument, Jaz locks himself in the toilet, and uninvited guests Christine and Sophie turn up to enjoy the lovely roast lamb and organic potatoes the Bairds have been preparing all morning.
Dec 05 2016
The neighbours are woken in the middle of the night when a car alarm goes off. After meeting Eric in the street whilst searching for the source of the noise, Colin and Christine invite themselves to the Baird's for a cup of tea, with Cathy and Sophie not far behind. Soon, an impromptu late night party is underway, despite the unwilling hosts just wanting to go to their beds.
Nov 28 2016
Cathy and Colin have returned from a luxury cruise and seem strangely keen to persuade neighbours Eric and Beth to join them on their next trip. However, it soon transpires they have an ulterior motive - getting hold of a cheap deal. With Eric and Beth politely declining, the determined couple have another target in mind. Christine, fresh from a PPI refund windfall, wants to crow about her good fortune, and Beth is railroaded into holding a celebratory barbecue - the perfect moment for the holiday hunters to pounce.
Nov 21 2016

Season 1

6 Episodes

The Bairds have booked their first holiday in 7 years but Cathy and Colin are hosting a party to show off their new hot tub and insist that everyone is there.
May 06 2016
Christine just wants to know who the father of her daughter's baby is, but Sophie won't tell her. So Christine locks her in the hut.
Apr 29 2016
It's Eric's birthday coming up and all he wants is a bit of peace and quiet. Cathy and Colin decide to pop in early as they're going to be away 'sailing'.
Apr 22 2016
There's tennis trouble in store for Eric and Colin - and they haven't a sporting chance against Christine.
Apr 15 2016
A domestic disaster leads to Christine becoming Beth and Eric's house guest.
Apr 08 2016
Because Eric left the freezer door open, Beth decides she has to cook it at once and invite everyone over to eat it all.
Apr 01 2016