We Were Tomorrow

Upcoming / 7:00pm Syfy 50 min.
Noah and Evelyn navigate through three lifetimes to unearth the truth about their destiny with Warrick and Siena, but their efforts to flee the dying world become complicated when Cain, an immortal, decides to hunt them down.

Season 1

6 Episodes

Breach 1x06
In the dwindling hours of their last lifetime, Vulcan leads Kroden's bandits to the Siena and Warrick, whilst Cain follows Noah and Evelyn. The turbulent and bittersweet reunion leaves some robbed of their escapes and others of their lives.
Cursed 1x05
In the final days of their third lifetime, Noah and Evelyn become desperate to reach Siena and Warrick, but an ancient stranger Kroden emerges and sends his son Vulcan to end their reunion and Cain's vendetta.
Noah and Evelyn continue to navigate through their second lifetime, but when Cain uncovers their location, they are forced into their third lifetime, a dystopian wasteland.
Noah and Evelyn navigate through their second lifetime, which resembles the 1920s, only to learn the true nature of their mission back to Earth and unite with their partners.
Marked 1x02
Cain, now cursed by immortality, learns that Noah and Evelyn are among those who possess the key to return to Earth. He begins hunting them through their first lifetime, which resembles the western frontier.
Eden 1x01
When a meteor destroys the Earth's rotation, a group of people are relocated to an alternative world and granted three lifetimes for salvation, but after learning the fate of those left behind, the group is divided.