Welcome to The Captain

Ended Monday / 7:00pm CBS US 25 min.
This single-camera comedy follows the life of a writer and how his life changes after he moves into an old Hollywood apartment.

Season 1

5 Episodes

Marty lands Josh a job with the president of Paramount, while Uncle Saul insists on helping with the pitch. Meanwhile Astrid stands in for Jesus while he checks the smoke detectors.
Mar 03 2008
Feb 25 2008
Josh enlists the help of Jesus and Uncle Saul in planning the perfect dinner for Hope. Meanwhile, Marty is forced to move in with Josh after his girlfriend evicts him from his apartment.
Feb 18 2008
Josh's weekend plans with Hope take a turn when Saul convinces Josh to spend the weekend at his retreat instead.
Feb 11 2008
Pilot 1x01
When Josh Flug's career as a filmmaker fails to take off, he decides to move back to New York, but his friend Marty motivates him to move in with him to his star-studded building instead and give Hollywood one more shot. In turn, Josh finds himself surrounded by many distinct and quirky characters who range from an old sitcom writer to a beautiful acupuncturist.
Feb 04 2008