What Would Diplo Do?

Ended Thursday / 11:00pm Viceland (US) 25 min.
A series based on Diplo's "A Day in the Life," concert promo.

Season 1

5 Episodes

DO NOT WATCH THIS EPISODE it sucks. All about love and emotions and s**t. So lame trust me. Please pray #HaventLookedBack.
Aug 31 2017
Yo, the Dominican Republic is flames and we got the best crew in the game #Baller #Believer.
Aug 24 2017
Somebody plz make a kickstarter so that stupid s**t you tweeted about Taylor Swift but deleted stays disappeared forever #LeanOn.
Aug 17 2017
Epic doc about how you make a #1 hit #Noisey #WhereAre Now?
Aug 10 2017
I get in a Twitter war with Calvin Harris, but I keep it 100 plus sick kids are the illest #SetItOff.
Aug 03 2017