Man v. Food

Continuing Wednesday / 7:00pm Cooking Channel US 25 min.
Every region has its own local culture and flavor. One of the best ways for a traveler to immerse him or herself in new destinations is to taste these unique dishes. This taste exploration allows even the strictest of dieters the freedom to indulge. In the new series, Travel Channel's Man v. Food, host Adam Richman sets out to travel the country in search of the best places to do some serious indulging. Starting season 5, Casey Webb took over as host.

Season 9

5 Episodes

Casey Webb follows his nose to Long Island, N.Y., for an Italian chicken parmesan-pizza hybrid, a twist on a Jewish meat-and-potato tradition, and a 10-scoop battle against the Kitchen Sink Challenge.
Feb 01 2022
Casey Webb rides the wave to Virginia Beach, Va., for a street corn fritter-topped burger, a decadent croissant-muffin hybrid and a dozen-egg duel with the Corned Beef Omelet Challenge.
Jan 18 2022
Casey Webb makes his way to Richmond for a lesson on New Zealand-style savory pies, an elevated Jewish deli experience and a towering Ladder Burger Challenge.
Jan 11 2022
Casey Webb heads to his home state of New Jersey for an iconic Italian hot dog, a Portuguese pork sandwich, and a taco challenge so big that no one's been brave enough to try it.
Jan 04 2022
Casey Webb's quest for the best brings him to the beaches of Delaware for an ice cream custard that has locals lining up and a brewery that blends two beloved bar foods. Then, Casey takes on a surf and turf challenge so daunting, it's never been done before.
Dec 28 2021

Season 8

32 Episodes

Casey’s appetizing adventure brings him to Detroit for the famous Detroit style, Sicilian square pan pizza; a bourbon peach cinnamon roll; M Wings Challenge: six massive jerk chicken wings tossed in fiery Scotch bonnet and ghost pepper sauce
May 12 2020
Casey’s food frenzy brIngs him to Cleveland, Ohio, for a corned beef colossus, a caramel ice cream sundae at a sweet time machine and an Olympic sized gyro in the Greek Village Grlle’s Mount Olympus Challenge
May 05 2020
Casey travels take him to the Florida Keys for a bad-to-the-bone shrimp burrito and ropa vieja at a Cuban institution; then he grabs a fork for the largest slice of pie he’s ever seen in The Fish House’s Key Lime Pie challenge
Apr 28 2020
Casey webb’s food fling find him in Lafayette Louisiana for savory Cajun stew and a stuffed and spicy sandwich specialty; he also excepts the devils bowl challenge, A scorching hot bowl of Ramen made with the Lafayette-born seven Pot primo
Apr 21 2020
Casey Webb's appetizing adventure lands him in Washington D.C., for shepherd's pie at a political culinary institution, a Korean fried masterpiece and a challenge consisting of burger and fries.
Apr 14 2020
Casey’s tasty trek brings him to Manhattan for a historic pizza-by-the-slice, a transcendent take on an Old World baked good and over five pounds of u defeated dessert in the Giant Ice Cream Scoop Challenge.
Apr 07 2020
Casey’s edible expedition takes him to Portland, Maine, for a lobster-topped cheeseburger and a potato-donut-cannoil mashup; the Taco Gigante Challenge: a footlong hard taco packed with ground beef, chicken and carnitas.
Mar 31 2020
Casey Webb's eating expedition brings him to Denver, Colo., for a mile-high biscuit loaded with fried chicken, bacon and honey butter. He devours a bowl of latkes topped with beef brisket and Guinness gravy, and he takes on the Top of the Rockies Burrito Challenge: a 4-pound Tex-Mex breakfast feast that no man has ever conquered.
Mar 24 2020
Casey Webb's culinary quest brings him to Scottsdale, Ariz., where he crunches through a sweet Latin staple and takes on a Stone Age feast topped with a smoked turkey leg. Then he attempts to devour a 4-pound deli platter in Chompie's Day at the Deli Challenge.
Mar 17 2020
Casey Webb's nationwide nosh brings him to Deadwood, SD. He orders an impressive pork chop at an Old West saloon, chows down on the local fry bread and tackles a 16-ounce buffalo rib-eye with six massive sides.
Mar 10 2020
Casey Webb's eating adventure takes him to Fargo, North Dakota, for a hearty, German take on a cheesy classic and a breakfast-dessert mashup with a Scandinavian spin. Then he settles in for the Boiler Room's Hot Dish Challenge: a massive Midwestern meal made for the entire family ... or just one man.
Mar 03 2020
Casey Webb's tasty travels take him to Mystic, Conn., to conquer land and sea with a totally bonkers Portuguese-inspired burger and a crazy coastal feast of chowder, shrimp cocktail, a bursting bowl of steamers and mussels and a whole steamed lobster. For the grand finale, he takes on a ridiculously massive sundae in Mel's Downtown Creamery's Big Kahuna Challenge.
Feb 25 2020
A sandwich mashup of fried chicken and pulled pork; a porchetta sandwich from a roaming rotisserie food truck; a 49 ounce porterhouse steak and sizable sides in the Gold Rush inspired 49er Club Steak Challenge.
Nov 26 2019
Casey starts with a 2 pound barbecue behemoth packed with every meat, sauce and side on the menu; gourmet doughnuts; a duel with the spiciest sauce in town in the six alarm fire challenge
Nov 19 2019
Casey’s first stop is San Antonio’s oldest restaurant, a German deli for the Wienerschnitzel, the Puffy Taco; the 3-pound cinnamon roll challenge
Nov 12 2019
Casey tries a falafel sandwich before he tackles the Monte Cristo Reeto with turkey, ham, bacon and swiss cheese wrapped in a tortilla; The Bay Area's biggest bowel of ramen in the Masumo Challenge.
Nov 05 2019
Casey's tasty travels bring him to Manchester, New Hampshire for an epic portion of barbecue that's served on a shovel at KC's Rib Shack; The Deluxe cheeseburger mac; A ghost pepper-infused inferno burger challenge.
Oct 29 2019
Casey Webb heads to Ocean City, Maryland to dive unto a massive jumbo lump crab cake sandwich, ,ake some of the area's iconic salt water taffy candies and fight to stay afloat in the Titanic Sundae Challenge.
Oct 22 2019
Alaska 8x14
Casey cracks into crab legs fit for a king in Slippery Salmon Bar and Grill in Anchorage; Reindeer meatloaf at Denali BrewPub; The mountainous, double-decker Seward's Folly caribou burger challenge at West Rib and Grill
Oct 15 2019
Casey Webb tries to tri-tip steak sandwich and steamed local crab in Santa Barbara, California.
Oct 08 2019
A Sopapilla stuffed with carne asada; game-changing ice cream flavored with the delicacy, green chiles; Casey Webb ends up in a challenge with three hub-cap sized pancakes weighing in at four pounds total.
Oct 01 2019
Casey Webb's eating expedition brings him to Tucson, Arizona, where he faces off with a cheese and chile tamale pie with pulled pork, avocado hollandaise and more; a bacon-wrapped hot dog taco; the rib-diculous challenge of two full racks of ribs
Sep 24 2019
A Triple-layer burger; Cuban-inspired Ice cream flavored with cream cheese; guava and cookies; Casey is joined by two teammates to go up against a monster 30-inch pizza challenge
Sep 17 2019
Casey Webb gets into the tailgate tradition with a green-and-gold burger piled with bratwurst, cheese curds and jalapenos. A local fish fry with flaky Great Lakes whitefish; 12 crispy egg rolls
Sep 10 2019
Casey Webb's cross-country culinary trek brings him to Providence, Rhode Island. He starts with a decadent brioche doughnut that's topped with brunch all-stars and then heads for the sea to dig oysters for a fresh feast. Finally, he faces three 24-ounce milkshakes at a creamery that has been dishing treats since 1928.
Aug 20 2019
Casey Webb's countrywide edible expedition brings him to Columbus, Ohio. His massive meals include a bacon-wrapped hot dog with a crazy combination of toppings and a footlong chicken burrito blanketed in ghost pepper sauce. He also enjoys the city's rich German heritage by sinking his teeth into a slow-roasted pork shank served with potato salad and sauerkraut.
Aug 13 2019
Casey Webb heads to Omaha to satisfy his hunger in the heartland. He chows down on a historic Reuben sandwich, a soul food feast featuring fried chicken from a 100-year-old recipe and a monstrous pile of pork with all the breakfast fixings weighing more than 3 pounds.
Aug 06 2019
Casey Webb takes on the biggest and baddest meals in Kansas City, Missouri. His challengers include a 3-pound almond butter and jelly sandwich known as the Elvis Challenge, a four-meat pizza with a tater tot topper and a brisket sandwich piled high with burnt ends and spicy pickle slaw.
Jul 30 2019
Casey Webb heads to Charlotte, N.C., for three takes on Southern specialties; there's a cheesy chicken classic, care of Korea, a time-honored institution's signature sandwich and the biggest walking taco in all the Carolinas.
Jul 23 2019
Casey Webb's appetizing adventures take him to Hoboken, N.J.; he munches on homemade mozzarella, takes a bite out of a bagel behemoth and comes face-to-face with a slice of pure fire.
Jul 16 2019
Casey Webb visits Wilmington, N.C., for a barbecue bonanza, a crazy burrito and a big, bad behemoth in the undefeated Pierogi Team Challenge.
Jul 09 2019
Casey Webb swings into Sacramento, Calif., for three gold-standard meals from the Golden State; a perfectly fried Chinese-American chicken, a savory waffle stack and a school's worth of raw fish and rice in a five-round sushi challenge.
Jul 02 2019

Season 7

14 Episodes

Casey takes on a whopping three-and-a-half-pound burger in Hawaii.
Aug 06 2018
Casey travels to Indianapolis to battle a beast of a tenderloin sandwich.
Aug 06 2018
Casey takes on a massive eight-pound, double-crusted pizza in Cincinnati.
Jul 30 2018
Casey takes on a terrible twosome of crepes and Thai rolled ice cream.
Jul 23 2018
Casey heads to Arizona to take on a scorching-hot wing challenge.
Jul 16 2018
Casey takes on a three-pound platter of pie and ice cream in Duluth, MN.
Jul 09 2018
Casey cruises into California to take down a spicy three-pound burger.
Jul 02 2018
Casey's eating expedition brings him to Baltimore for a four-pound pho fight.
Jun 25 2018
Casey comes face-to-face with a three-pound skyscraper of a sandwich.
Jun 18 2018
Casey travels down to Georgia to take on a four-pound pulled pork sandwich.
Jun 11 2018
Casey takes on a rack of ribs with the heat of a million Scoville units.
Jun 04 2018
Casey heads to Atlanta for a five-pound mountain of tater tot nachos.
Jun 04 2018
Casey travels to Minnesota's largest city to take on a banh mi behemoth.
May 28 2018
Casey goes back to his roots for a ghost chili-infused pizza challenge.
May 28 2018

Season 6

14 Episodes

Casey Webb travels to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he takes on a five-pound tray loaded with three footlong chili dogs, a bed of thick-cut French fries, a tower of beer-battered onion rings and a 20-ounce soda.
Feb 12 2018
Casey Webb's mouthwatering mission brings him to Tennessee, where he faces his hottest challenge yet -- three jumbo chicken tenders smothered in a Carolina Reaper-infused sauce.
Feb 05 2018
Casey Webb travels over the Ozarks to tackle the Goliath, a massive cupcake equal to 22 regular-sized cupcakes.
Jan 29 2018
Casey Webb ventures to beautiful Boise, Idaho, for a sushi and soup challenge so diabolically spicy, it goes by the name of Demon's Delight.
Jan 22 2018
Casey Webb sails to Philadelphia to tackle the epic Classic Whale Challenge, a 13-pound bagel sandwich stuffed with cream cheese, nova salmon, whitefish, tomatoes and onions.
Jan 15 2018
Casey Webb's delicious mission brings him to Daytona Beach, Florida, where he takes on a mammoth three-tier sandwich stacked with two burgers, six pieces of mahi mahi, two pieces of Texas toast and a ten-ounce bun.
Jan 08 2018
Casey Webb travels to San Diego to face off against a five and a half pound stack of pancakes layered with bacon, eggs, sausage, country-fried steak and thick-cut ham.
Jan 01 2018
Casey Webb heads to Pittsburgh for creative eats and a five-pound sandwich loaded with meat, cheese, fries and coleslaw.
Jan 01 2018
Casey Webb travels to the small town of Burlington, Vermont, for some mammoth eats, including a beer-infused bagel feast and a 3.5-pound breakfast sandwich challenge.
Dec 18 2017
Casey Webb travels to Seattle where he climbs a Mount Fuji-sized burger and takes on seven terrifyingly spicy Buffalo wings that have defeated over 5,000 challengers.
Dec 18 2017
Casey Webb visits St. Louis, Missouri, in search of the biggest and best the city has to offer. He encounters a four-pound meatball and tackles a New York-style pizza so massive he'll need the help of a partner to take it down.
Dec 11 2017
Casey Webb travels to Louisville, Kentucky, for some epic eats, including a booze-infused Southern staple and a one-of-a-kind spicy popcorn and frozen hot chocolate challenge in nearby Santa Claus, Indiana.
Dec 11 2017
Casey Webb travels to historic Boston, Massachusetts, for some epic New England eats and a 4.5-pound Irish breakfast challenge at Flann O'Brien's Pub.
Dec 04 2017
Casey Webb travels to sunny Los Angeles for some epic eats, including a 2.5-pound fusion burrito loaded with every ingredient in the kitchen and drenched in hot sauce 600 times hotter than a jalapeno.
Dec 04 2017

Season 5

10 Episodes

Casey Webb travels to Billings, Montana, to tackle a one-hour steak challenge featuring a 78-ounce rib eye and two pounds of mashed potatoes, salad and bread.
Sep 11 2017
Casey Webb heads to Des Moines, Iowa, where he'll attempt the eat an overstuffed pulled pork sandwich slathered in a scorpion pepper hot sauce in ten minutes.
Sep 04 2017
Casey Webb travels to Chicago for some epic Windy City eats, including a massive triple-threat pork sandwich and a challenge featuring a two-pound double-bacon cheeseburger and two pounds of "Irish Nacho" cheese fries.
Aug 28 2017
Casey Webb heads to Portland, Oregon, to taste mouthwatering Peruvian chicken, a succulent porchetta sandwich and a two-pound burrito packed with ten of the spiciest peppers in the world.
Aug 28 2017
Casey Webb two-steps down to Houston, Texas, for some Tex-Mex tastiness, including a colossal 22-ounce chicken-fried steak and the ultimate spicy challenge -- a burger topped with seven of the world's hottest chile peppers.
Aug 21 2017
Casey Webb visits spooky Sleepy Hollow, New York, where he tries the massive Headless Horseman Burger and takes on the Dawg House Challenge in which a roll of the dice chooses 12 insanely topped hot dogs that he must eat in under 30 minutes.
Aug 21 2017
Casey Webb heads to New Orleans to taste the best of the Big Easy, including a mammoth po' boy and a four-pound sundae packed with eight large scoops of ice cream and smothered with eight different toppings.
Aug 14 2017
Casey Webb heads to Charleston, SC, for some epic low country eats. He takes on the Belt Buster Challenge where he must consume a two-pound burger, three pounds of nachos, a hulking order of tater tots and a 12-ounce milkshake in 20 minutes.
Aug 14 2017
Casey Webb travels to Milwaukee for some epic Brew City eats, including a pitcher-sized Bloody Mary garnished with a whole chicken and a four-and-a-half-pound Reuben sandwich challenge.
Aug 07 2017
Casey Webb travels to New York City for the best in big city eats, including an insane challenge that has him choosing between a 151-ounce milkshake, an eight-pound sloppy joe or six habanero ghost chili wings.
Aug 07 2017

Season 4

27 Episodes

Adam is in Jackson, MS, for a true taste of home-style Southern cooking: from fall off the bone BBQ, to a comfort food buffet. He also coaches a vegetarian through a three-patty hamburger and fries called the Whammy Challenge.
Apr 11 2012
Adam is in Charlotte, NC, to taste of a four-tier cheeseburger and glistening fried chicken. Then, he coaches a college freshman in taking down the Big Eats challenge: 25 pulled pork sliders and fries adding up to five pounds.
Nov 09 2011
Adam is on the island of Oahu for some Hawaiian-style hot dogs and spicy and scampi-flavored shrimp. His trip concludes when he coaches a native Hawaiian mother in the massive 5 lb. Moose Omelet Challenge.
Nov 30 2011
From the original Thanksgiving dinner to an Amish spread, Adam explores the nation for the best places to dig into hearty helpings of family style feasts.
Nov 16 2011
Adam is in Savannah, GA to taste peach glazed BBQ chicken and a locally caught shrimp and crab legs boil. Finally, Adam guides two twin brothers in the Voodoo Juice Challenge: five minutes to eat a blazing hot pull pork sandwich
Nov 09 2011
Adam is at the NFL's opening game in Green Bay, WI, to showcase the city’s best game day eats, including butter burgers, brats & cheese curds. He coaches Packers fans through a 93-ounce burger called the Gravedigger Challenge.
Nov 02 2011
Adam is in Omaha, NE, to try the finest cuts from the cattle country, including a massive cold cut sandwich to a whisky-soaked steak. Then, Adam coaches a local DJ through 8 lbs. of pork and corn in the Pig Wing Challenge.
Oct 26 2011
Nascar 4x20
Adam is at the Watkins Glen International, near Rochester, NY, to root on NASCAR driver Joey Logano, both on the track and in a food challenge. During his trip, Adam samples a steak sandwich and plate with everything on it.
Oct 19 2011
Adam visits Cincinnati, OH to taste some extraordinary grilled cheese sandwiches and the famous Cincinnati chili over pasta. Finally, he helps guide a baseball coach in a 5-lbs. reuben sandwich food challenge.
Oct 12 2011
Adam is in St. Paul, MN sampling authentic Neapolitan pizza and a baked potato topped with every BBQ side. Finally, Adam coaches the youthful Jon Wolf to eat 2 spicy Juicy Lucy’s and 2-lbs. of fries in 45 minutes.
Oct 05 2011
Adam journeys to Tampa, NY and LA to find the country's best food trucks. He samples tacos and waffles before ending his trip in LA to help "Big Dawg" take on the White Rabbit Burrito Challenge.
Sep 28 2011
Adam journeys the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, where he tastes fresh seafood and mouthwatering tacos. His trip ends in San Luis Obispo to educate local teacher Naader Reda in defeating the Brahma Bull Challenge.
Sep 14 2011
Adam Richman is in Harlem, New York for some colossal sized soul food, a monster helping of Mofongo, and to guide the Harlem Globetrotters through the Squealer challenge at Rack & Soul.
Sep 07 2011
Adam takes a road trip down Route 66, and his palatable pit stops include mouthwatering steak and frozen custard. Adam's trip ends in Tulsa, OK to lead a former Navy officer in his mission to eat 23 puffy tacos in 90 minutes.
Aug 24 2011
Adam Richman is in Dallas, Texas to try a variety of authentic German sausages, some Texas-style brisket, and to guide the hungry member of Man V. Food Nation, Pete MacGillis, through the Super Pho Challenge at Sprouts SpringRoll & Pho.
Aug 17 2011
Adam visits Providence, RI for a unique grilled pizza and for the infamous Triple Murder Burger. Adam's journey concludes with him coaching a rugby player through 15 fully-loaded hot wieners in 45 minutes.
Aug 10 2011
Adam is in Milwaukee to sample some of the city's finest meats. Then he meets a behemoth of an eater to help him devour a huge burger, fries, and six blazing-hot wings in less than 23 minutes.
Aug 03 2011
Adam visits Louisville, home of the Kentucky Derby, to back MVF Nation member "Burrito Joe" as he races against the clock to consume 15 scoops of ice cream plus toppings in the Comfy Cow Challenge.
Jul 27 2011
Adam visits Portsmouth, New Hampshire for a taste of some historical hot dogs, an outrageously loaded omelet and then to guide Man V. Food Nation member Paul "Chappy" Chapman through the Slapshot Challenge at JP's Eatery.
Jul 20 2011
Adam's culinary crusade takes him on a road trip along the beautiful Gulf Coast. He tries legendary baby back ribs and the fresh flavors of a seafood platter. He then coaches local musician AJ Fratto to try and conquer the Muffaletta Sandwich Challenge.
Jul 13 2011
Adam heads south to the Florida Keys, where he takes a petit 5-feet-tall sorority member under his wing to compete against Florida's own in the Conch Republic Fritter Contest. Vanilla Ice makes a surprise guest appearance.
Jul 06 2011
Adam Richman is in beautiful Mobile, Alabama to guide former record holder "Big" Joe Evans through the Wintzell's Oyster House Challenge to regain his crown by eating more than 422 oysters in one hour's time.
Jun 29 2011
Adam visits Albuquerque, NM, for a taste of green-chili cheeseburgers and the world's biggest sopapilla. Then Adam coaches some hungry MvF Nation warriors against the legendary beef burrito known as Travis on a Silver Platter.
Jun 22 2011
Adam Richman is in Tulsa, OK, to try their biggest and most delicious burger and to guide a brave fireman through the flames of the Incinerator Spicy Pizza Challenge at Joe Momma's.
Jun 15 2011
Adam Richman is in Nashville for a fiery inferno of hot-fried chicken, mouthwatering pancakes, and to guide the LoCash Cowboys through a 72-oz steak challenge at Roosters Texas Style BBQ and Steakhouse.
Jun 08 2011
Adam Richman heads to Tampa, FL, for an authentic Cuban sandwich, some signature alligator ribs and to help Jerry "Nasty" Sags defeat a platter of 10 flaming-hot Davy Jones wings.
Jun 01 2011
Adam Richman heads to New Haven, CT, to taste the original hamburger, a signature Clams Casino Pie and to help Man v. Food Nation member Ric Best take on the Caseus Cheese Truck Challenge
Jun 01 2011

Season 3

20 Episodes

Adam Richman heads to Ann Arbor, MI, for stacked burgers and some of the best deli sandwiches in the state. Watch Adam tackle the 5-lb. Mount Nacheesmo Challenge at Tio's Mexican Cafe.
Oct 20 2010
Host and food enthusiast Adam Richman travels to Knoxville, Tennessee, where he samples the beef at Ye Olde Steakhouse, one of the city's oldest and most famous restaurants, before gearing up for his next intense challenge.
Oct 13 2010
Fifteen minutes isn't much time to finish a challenge, but it's all Adam Richman's got to complete the Adam Emmenecker Challenge at Jethro's BBQ; also on Adam's stop are two more notable restaurants in Iowa's capital city.
Oct 06 2010
Adam visits the California State Fair for fried food on a stick; Jim Denny's.
Sep 29 2010
Adam takes on the Jumbolie Challenge in which he attempts to eat a 5 pound Stromboli in one hour or less.
Sep 22 2010
Adam is in Niagara Falls, NY, the honeymoon capital of the world. Adam has a date at Mick and Angelo's for their 7-lbs. pasta challenge.
Sep 15 2010
Adam is up against the "Manimal Challenge" at the Tradewinds Cafe. The challenge calls for scarfing down, in 20 minutes or less, two dogs, an order of fries, an eight-patty cheeseburger with grilled onions, a can of Moxie and a one-pound butter pecan milkshake that contains coffeecake.
Sep 08 2010
Food enthusiast Adam Richman travels to Syracuse, New York,to visit Mother's Cupboard, where he will attempt to finish off a frittata weighing in at over six pounds; Adam also samples the food at two other popular restaurants.
Sep 01 2010
Adam heads to the Jersey Shore for some beach side cuisine. He samples a Trenton-style tomato pie before taking on the Ludicrous Wings Challenge at The Chicken or the Egg in Beach Haven.
Aug 25 2010
Adam visited Indianapolis, capital of Indiana and home of the legendary Indianapolis 500 motor race. His first stop was the Edwards Drive-In diner, known for its signature 1/2-pound, deep-fried Pork Tenderloin Sandwich; Adam, however, was presented with a "Man"-sized version of the sandwich at his table.
Aug 19 2010
Adam checked out Kansas City, Missouri, for their unique food offerings and to get a taste of Kansas City-style barbecue. His first stop was at Oklahoma Joe's, located in Kansas City, Kansas, to try some brisket and get a taste of burnt ends. At the second stop, Stroud's Oak Ridge Manor, Adam sampled some of their signature pan-fried chicken.
Aug 11 2010
The next leg of Adam's culinary quest took him to the capital of Oklahoma. The first stop for Adam was the Cattlemen's Steakhouse, Oklahoma City's oldest restaurant, where he sampled the "Presidential T-Bone" (named by former U.S. president George H. W. Bush), which is prepared with secret seasonings and drenched in au jus.
Aug 04 2010
Adam stops by Ciao Baby; International Delight Cafe; Port Royal Grille.
Jul 28 2010
Adam visits Puerto Rico to take on the Vaca Acostá Challenge and attempts to eat a nine pound steak platter and to win the challenge he must complete the meal in 40 minutes or less.
Jul 21 2010
Adam takes on 12 slider style hamburgers with onion rings at Chompies restaurant and Adam must complete the meal in 30 minutes or less.
Jul 15 2010
Adam takes on the Hellfire Challenge in which Adam must eat super spicy sushi rolls and prior to the actual rolls he must qualify though 3 lesser hot dishes.
Jul 07 2010
Adam visits historic Richmond, Virginia, with visits to Buz and Ned's Real BBQ, Black Sheep, and Caliente!. At Buz and Ned's, Richman sampled a rack of barbecued pork spare ribs. Black Sheep, the second stop, is known for its large submarine sandwiches (2 feet long and 2 1/2 pounds) known as "battleships". Adam tried a battleship called the "U.S.S Brooklyn", a baguette filled with peach chutney, Jamaican jerk chicken and cabbage slaw topped with roasted banana ketchup. Finally, at Caliente!, Richman squared off with the Stupid Wings Challenge, which had defeated 30 of its 300 challengers up to ths point. "Stupid Wings" use hot sauce, habanero powder and cayenne pepper, plus leftover "Stupid" sauce from past challenges and five drops of Capsaicin extract
Jun 30 2010
Adam checks out Cleveland, one of his "favorite cities", for their big eats; he tries a large lamb-and-beef gyro at Steve's Gyro Stand, samples the "Polish Boy" kielbasa at Hot Sauce Williams, then visits Melt Bar & Grilled in Lakewood to take on the Melt Challenge: a nearly 5-pound grilled cheese sandwich which uses 13 different cheeses, and served with a heaping side of french fries and coleslaw. The taping at Melt took place on February 27, 2010.
Jun 23 2010
Adam Richman travels to the Southern California city of San Diego for the Surfin' California Burrito at the Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop and "dinosaur"-sized ribs at Phil's BBQ before taking on the Ironman Challenge - a massive omelet made with a dozen eggs and topped with chili - at the Broken Yolk Cafe.
Jun 16 2010
Adam visits Boulder, Colorado, to try the "Mountain Pie" at Beau Jo's, "saddlebag" pancakes at The Buff (located across from the University of Colorado), and the Wing King Challenge at West End Tavern, where he must try to finish off 50 buffalo wings in just 30 minutes.
Jun 16 2010

Season 2

20 Episodes

Adam Richman is off to Hartford, CT, for some humongous hot dogs, steamed cheeseburgers and a 10-pound super-stuffed pizza challenge at Randy’s Wooster St. Pizza Shop.
Dec 16 2009
Adam Richman heads to New Brunswick, NJ, for massive triple-decker deli sandwiches, 2-lb Stromboli and the legendary Fat Sandwich Challenge at the R.U. Hungry grease truck.
Dec 09 2009
Adam visits Tucson, AZ, for a huge platter of Mexican eats fit for a president at Mi Nidito; a hot dog wrapped in bacon and covered in all the fixins; and the O.M.G. Burger Challenge at Lindy’s Diner on 4th.
Dec 02 2009
Adam Richman visits Little Rock, AR, for the mammoth Quadruple Hubcap Burger; a huge community barbecue; and the Shut Up Juice spicy pulled-pork challenge at The Mean Pig BBQ.
Nov 25 2009
Adam visits Alaska for a massive sandwich at West Rib Café and Pub; a mountainous breakfast at Talkeetna Roadhouse; and a monstrous challenge: the 6-lb. Kodiak Arrest at Humpy’s Alaskan Alehouse in Anchorage.
Nov 19 2009
Adam returns to his hometown of Brooklyn, NY, for a burger topped with roast beef, Brooklyn’s best Sicilian pie and a grudge match against some of the Empire State’s spiciest wings at Buffalo Cantina.
Nov 11 2009
Adam visits Detroit, MI, to take on the massive Triple Threat Pork sandwich, 2 dueling Coney Dog joints and the world’s biggest burger at Mallie’s Sports Grill and Bar.
Nov 04 2009
Adam’s search for the best grub in the US takes him to Baltimore, MD, for some pit beef, blue crabs and the Great Steak Challenge.
Oct 28 2009
Adam's hunger quest takes him to Washington, DC, where he visits Horace and Dickie's, and Ben's Chili Bowl. Then it's on to Annapolis, for the Colossal Challenge at Chick & Ruth's Delly.
Oct 21 2009
Adam Richman visits Boise, ID for Frisbee-sized burgers, spicy habanero pizza and the massive Johnny B. Goode challenge at Rockies Diner.
Oct 14 2009
Adam Richman’s food quest continues to Springfield, IL, where he’ll sample a local favorite called The Horseshoe; visit the place that invented the corndog; and take the Firebrand Chili Challenge at Joe Roger’s Chili Parlor.
Oct 07 2009
Adam Richman visits 3 baseball stadiums known for serving up the most delicious and unique ballpark grub in the country. Adam's pit stops include GCS Stadium, home to the Gateway Grizzlies; Joseph P. Riley Jr. Park, home to the Charleston River Dogs; Fifth-Third Ballpark, home to the West Michigan Whitecaps.
Sep 30 2009
Adam visits Philadelphia, PA, for a mouth-watering Italian roast pork sandwich, a massive ice cream concoction known as Mt. Vesuvius and the Ultimate Cheesesteak Challenge at Tony Luke’s.
Sep 23 2009
Adam's food quest brings him to Sarasota, FL, where he'll enjoy deep-fried hot dogs, homemade pies and his first-ever Mystery Challenge.
Sep 16 2009
Adam visits beautiful Honolulu, HI, for traditional eats like pipikaula short rib and the Loco Moco, a burger dish topped with fried eggs and gravy. But Adam better save room for the Mac Daddy Pancake Challenge that awaits him at MAC 24-7.
Sep 09 2009
Adam returns to Durham, NC, for burgers and barbecue, and to recruit a team for the Doughman Challenge -- a 4-member, food-and-sport relay race. Will Adam and the newest member of the Travel Channel team, Dhani Jones, form a winning combination?
Sep 02 2009
Adam hits the West Coast for a stop in San Francisco, CA. He visits Taqueria La Cumbre for the Mission Style Super Burrito, Ike’s Place, home of the Kryptonite Sandwich and finally, the San Francisco Creamery for The Kitchen Sink Challenge – a massive 2-gallon sundae heaped with 8 softball-sized scoops of ice cream.
Aug 26 2009
Adam travels to Charleston, SC, for a big serving of Southern charm and Lowcountry cuisine, including oysters served by the shovel, a fried chicken sandwich smothered in sausage gravy and a spicy tuna sushi challenge.
Aug 19 2009
Adam is in Las Vegas for huge breakfasts, some of the hottest crawfish in the country and the Big Badass Burrito challenge at the NASCAR Café in the Sahara Hotel & Casino.
Aug 12 2009
Adam travels to the Lone Star State and visits Lulu’s Bakery and Café for their 3 1/2-lb. cinnamon roll. Then he’ll head to Big Lou’s Pizza and Chunky’s Burgers for the Four Horsemen Challenge.
Aug 05 2009

Season 1

18 Episodes

Adam Richman meets up with Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods at Brasa Premium Rotisserie. Then, Adam visits Matt's Bar, 5-8 Club and Gasthof zur Gemutlichkeit to take on The Meterbratwurst Challenge.
Mar 25 2009
Adam Richman heads South to North Carolina to visit Time Out Chicken, The Pit and The Roast Grill, where he'll try his luck at the Hot Dogger Eating Challenge.
Mar 18 2009
Adam Richman travels to the Mile High City and visits Buckhorn Exchange, Duffy's Cherry Cricket and takes on the 7-pound breakfast burrito challenge at Jack-N-Grill.
Mar 11 2009
Adam Richman is in San Jose, California for mouthwatering ribs, a 5-pound burrito and a hot wing challenge at SmokeEaters. Hope he's hungry!
Mar 04 2009
Adam Richman travels to St. Louis. Pappy's Smokehouse, Iron Barley and the Malt Milkshake Challenge at Crown Candy Kitchen are all on the menu.
Feb 25 2009
Adam continues his West Coast tour with a trip to L.A. to hit up Philippe's (The Original), El Tepeyac and Orochon Ramen.
Feb 18 2009
Adam Richman checks out Seattle, Washington, with pit stops at The Crab Pot and Red Mill Burger. Then Adam prepares himself for the Southwestern Exposure challenge at Beth's Cafe, where he'll attempt to eat a 12-egg omelet packed with chili, salsa, sour cream and cheddar cheese, weighing five pounds!
Feb 11 2009
Adam Richman heads west to Portland, Oregon, making stops at Stepping Stone Cafe and Voodoo Doughnut. Then he takes on the Great Balls of Fire Challenge at Salvador Molly's where he must eat five habanero chili cheese fritters drenched in habanero hot sauce!
Feb 04 2009
Adam Richman travels to the Deep South to visit New Orleans. Mother's Restaurant, Deanie's Seafood and the 15-dozen oyster challenge at Acme Oyster House are all on the menu.
Jan 28 2009
Host Adam Richman takes down iconic one-pound sandwiches at Katz's Delicatessen, savors soul food at Sylvia's Restaurant, and tackles the hottest curry in the country at Brick Lane Curry House during his return home to the Big Apple.
Jan 22 2009
Adam takes on the 10-pound Eagle's Challenge Burger at Eagles Deli.
Jan 15 2009
Adam takes on the 13-pound Carnivore Pizza at Big Pie in the Sky pizzeria
Jan 07 2009
Adam tries to eat three overstuffed sandwiches with fries on top at Lucky's Sandwich Company.
Dec 24 2008
Adam takes on Don Juan El Taco Grande -- seven huge breakfast tacos at Juan in a Million
Dec 17 2008
Adam takes on the 2 1/2-pound Dagwood Sandwich at the Ohio Deli.
Dec 10 2008
Adam takes on Atomic Hot Wings at Quaker Steak & Lube.
Dec 10 2008
Adam travels Memphis and takes on the 6 plus pound The Sasquatch Hamburger at Big Foot Lodge.
Dec 03 2008
Adam travels to Texas to take on a 72-ounce killer steak at the Big Texan Steak Ranch.
Dec 03 2008