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Mahogany Rose is a gorgeous, young go-getter and overachiever who has had high moral standards her entire life and a somewhat whimsical idea of how her love life would turn out. But when she meets Kaleb Myles, a charming and charismatic man who checks off nearly all her boxes, she�s forced to reconsider her typical standards as she discovers that he falls short of a critical characteristic on her list � being single. With the help of her friends � Misha Taylor, a teacher who works hard and plays even harder; Reign Moore, a recently cut off trust-funder forced to find alternative revenue to pay the bills; and Shyra Clemons, a grad student who believes she has found the perfect man � Mahogany must decide if she will stick to her preference of being the one and only or step out of her comfort zone and learn to play number two.

Season 2

10 Episodes

Glutton 2x10
Shyra's graduation party is taking place in Big Bear and she's bringing the crew; Reign is blackmailed by his parent to get Brandon and Derek to settle; Misha's singing goals may have reached the end of the road.
Nov 16 2023
Reign hopes that an Arbitrator will side with his plaintiffs and magic a way for him to graduate; Shyra is left exposed when a racy video surfaces; Misha cuts ties with Korey and Maureen in hopes of winning back Nicole.
Nov 09 2023
A Friendsgiving from Hell has Reign, Shyra, and Misha fixing more than plates at a tailgate organized by Evette.
Nov 02 2023
Reign garners attention for his Valley tenant case; Shyra has gone full Bad Bish with the help of Evette; Misha readies for a big singing opportunity.
Oct 26 2023
Shyra spirals when she thinks her friends and her Mom know about her abortion; Reign gets kicked out and tries to turn a rerun into a rebound; Misha's music showcase is looming and she is nervous about that and more.
Oct 19 2023
Shyra's Film Festival premieres a secret that she's been trying to keep from leaking; Reign is on thin ice with Z and in danger of not graduating; Misha is accused of having an improper relationship with a student.
Oct 12 2023
Reign's blast from the past Mecca makes an appearance and a proposition; Shyra learns Evette and Jamal's relationship isn't picture perfect; Misha meets Maureen Devoe who dangles a chance at stardom.
Oct 05 2023
Reign and Z throw a house party with unexpected presents; Shyra hosts a shirtless audition for new bartenders; Misha's excited about a new guy at the studio that shows interests in her and Nicole.
Sep 28 2023
Reign is offered an olive branch by Z that comes with an ultimatum; Shyra gets a job at Brandon's bar and tries to trust her instincts; Misha's career is in flux as Nicole's takes off.
Sep 21 2023
Reign is in danger of losing his law internship when a SugarBaby client comes forward; Shyra is looking for a new place when her old roomie gets promoted; Misha and Nicole lay out the rules for their open relationship.
Sep 14 2023

Season 1

6 Episodes

After a rollercoaster of emotions, tensions are at an all-time high between Mahogany and Shyra. Misha doesn�t know what she wants and Reign finally has found love. All the tables have turned. The question is, for how long?
Jun 16 2022
Sometimes a night out with your friends is all you need to change everything! All our friends are currently at a crossroads and choices need to be made. Who are they, and even more, whom do they want to be and be with?
Jun 09 2022
After being shocked by what she saw, Mahogany symbolically trades places with Shyra, all while Shyra begins to get back on the horse and heal.
Jun 02 2022
The four friends rally around to comfort a heartbroken Shyra, while Reign tries to secure the bag. All isn�t as it appears, which begs the question: Fuck love, have sex?
May 26 2022
A new revelation shocks the group and Mahogany realizes it isn�t as easy being a �hoe� as she thought. All is fair in love and war and orgasms.
May 19 2022
After a highly unsuccessful night out at a �DTF� (Down to Fuck) party, our four friends all separate and explore what their idea of a good solo night out in Hollywood looks like. Some get �luckier� than others, and one in particular becoming the girl she never thought she would be.
May 12 2022