A Million Little Things

Ended Thursday / 7:00pm ABC (US) 43 min.
They say friendship isn�t one big thing� it�s a million little things. When Jon Dixon � a man perfect on paper � took his own life, his family and friends are left to pick up the pieces. Each of these friends is not living the version of life they thought they�d be living, and their friend�s death forces them to take a look at the choices they�ve made and to solve the unanswerable mystery of a man they thought they knew.

Season 5

13 Episodes

A tight-knit circle of friends is reminded that friendship is a million little things.
May 03 2023
Gary and Maggie make a difficult decision; Katherine and Greta explore options for the future; Eddie and Delilah realize they need to make a change.
Apr 26 2023
ironic 5x11
Katherine and Greta celebrate their wedding in spite of several setbacks. Regina faces tough competition, while Maggie and Gary navigate parenting decisions.
Apr 19 2023
Delilah reminisces on the past as she closes a chapter, while Greta weighs an offer from Katherine�s mother. Sophie and Tyrell discuss the future.
Apr 12 2023
Gary feels the weight of his first Father�s Day as a new dad and his first without his own father. Eddie deals with an emergency. Meanwhile, Rome searches for a suitable environment for Walter.
Apr 05 2023
Secrets are revealed when Katherine meets Greta�s parents. Maggie returns to unexpected changes at her workplace. Rome and Omar reluctantly come together to make an important decision.
Mar 29 2023
Regina and Rome face challenges living with Walter, while Eddie cautiously navigates his friendship with Nicole. Gary reunites with a relative who provides a new perspective on the past.
Mar 22 2023
With the impending arrival of their baby, Maggie wraps things up at work while the guys help Gary set up the nursery. Regina�s efforts to help Dustin cause a rift with Rome. Katherine plans a surprise for Greta�s birthday.
Mar 15 2023
Maggie and Gary explore the possibility of a home birth, while Regina and Rome adjust to life with their new roommate. Katherine and Greta reach a crossroads in their relationship.
Mar 08 2023
Gary and Maggie gain much more than breathing techniques at their birthing class. Meanwhile, Rome and Regina�s quest to hire a caregiver for Walter takes an unexpected turn, and Theo learns a tough life lesson from an unlikely duo.
Mar 01 2023
The ladies treat Maggie to one last hurrah before the baby�s arrival, and the guys attend a Bruins game for the last time. Meanwhile, Eddie toys with the idea of going back to college and Rome anxiously awaits news about his father.
Feb 22 2023
An unexpected fan steps behind the mic at Maggie�s radio show, and Walter attempts to convince Rome he is more than capable of being behind the wheel. Meanwhile, Eddie makes moves to reenter the dating pool and gets some help from an unexpected ally.
Feb 15 2023
The family of friends gathers once again to celebrate the life of a loved one who dies unexpectedly. Meanwhile, Katherine shows Maggie the secret to registering for baby gifts, and Rome supports his father through a difficult transition.
Feb 08 2023

Season 4

20 Episodes

The strength of Maggie and Gary�s relationship is put to the test once again. Rome makes a sacrifice for a student in distress, Theo turns to an unlikely source to help his mom through a rough patch, and Eddie learns a shocking secret about Anna.
May 18 2022
Maggie receives some much-needed support from an unexpected source, Katherine grapples with her history with Shanice and her future with Greta, Rome faces off with his childhood bully, and Sophie uncovers new information about Kai�s relationship with Peter.
May 11 2022
Maggie and Gary go to great lengths to entertain an unexpected visitor, Regina fears Tyrell is moving too quickly with a new love interest, and Rome supports a student who is ready to reveal their truth.
May 04 2022
Gary hits multiple roadblocks while trying to meet an important deadline, Eddie makes a surprising discovery at Katherine�s house, and Rome struggles to connect with an impressionable group of young artists.
Apr 27 2022
Gary, Maggie, Eddie and Anna go on a double date where Anna has an awkward encounter with Peter. Eddie struggles to reconnect with fans at a music convention.
Apr 20 2022
The gang gathers for a fun and festive game night as a means to distract Gary from dwelling on a heavy situation.
Apr 13 2022
Having found their way back together, Maggie and Gary take important steps to secure their future as a couple. Regina�s estranged parents reunite to support her new business. Katherine and Greta attend their high school reunion. Rome�s documentary makes an impact on impressionable students at his old prep school.
Apr 06 2022
Maggie�s radio show is a proven success, yet she faces an uphill battle when her beliefs do not align with the station owner�s. Old wounds are reopened when Rome visits his old prep school and Katherine helps Eddie navigate the next step in his relationship with Anna.
Mar 23 2022
When Cam and Maggie hit a rough patch, he looks to Gary for relationship advice. Ron and Regina embark on a new venture together, and Theo meets Greta in a chance encounter.
Mar 16 2022
When Katherine is rushed to the hospital in an emergency, Eddie and the rest of the group show up to be by her side. Maggie finds herself at a crossroads with Cam, and Eddie pledges honesty with Anna.
Mar 09 2022
Cam plans an elaborate surprise party for Maggie�s 30th birthday, but she isn�t the only one to make a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Tyrell returns home and quickly realizes that things are not the same as when he left.
Mar 02 2022
Gary learns some new things about Maggie on their road trip to Albany. Eddie helps Rome in a time of need, and Regina sets boundaries with her father. Katherine reunites with someone from her past.
Feb 23 2022
Rome and Regina finally reunite after months apart only to find that things feel off. Maggie does some research as her stalker situation intensifies, while Sophie plays Eddie a song she wrote. Gary helps an old friend.
Dec 01 2021
stay 4x07
Gary and Camden step in to support Maggie as more cryptic letters pour into the radio station. Regina continues to work through her relationship with her father while Eddie helps Sophie prepare for an audition. Katherine goes on her first official date post-divorce.
Nov 17 2021
Maggie is enjoying success at work and new love in her life, while Gary learns he needs to let go of his past. Rome experiences a curveball with his film and Regina deals with drama of her own.
Nov 03 2021
Gary�s attempt to make things right for Sophie comes with unexpected repercussions. Eddie realizes Nicole needs help in her own ways, and Maggie connects more with Jane. Katherine discovers something new about herself.
Oct 27 2021
Gary�s past starts to affect his future with Darcy, while Eddie uncovers more from the night of his accident. Rome receives promising interest for his documentary, and Maggie gets a taste of workplace politics.
Oct 13 2021
When the girls decide to throw Katherine a celebratory divorce party, the guys get together to watch the hockey game and distract Eddie. Maggie is blindsided by some news, while Sophie is forced to stand her ground. Eddie helps Theo with a romantic gesture for a new crush and stumbles into someone from his past.
Oct 06 2021
Gary takes steps forward with Darcy and continues to distance himself from anything involving Peter. Rome makes an effort to distract Regina from her job search, which may be looking up after all. Maggie adjusts to a new work environment, while Katherine entertains a new friend. Eddie makes progress in more ways than one.
Sep 29 2021
Gary struggles in the aftermath of his encounter with Peter. Meanwhile, Regina and Rome put on a united front following the closure of Someday and the deportation of Tyrell�s mother. Sophie deals with mixed emotions surrounding her mother while Delilah faces a difficult decision. Eddie inches closer to finding out who caused the accident, and Maggie navigates a new career opportunity.
Sep 22 2021

Season 3

18 Episodes

Jun 09 2021
Sophie seeks justice for her trauma, and Maggie forces Gary to take a hard look at himself and his relationships. Meanwhile, Eddie goes to extreme measures to fight for his family, and Rome and Regina make big changes for their future.
Jun 09 2021
As Gary once again acts as the glue that keeps this friend group together, he discovers that it is taking a toll on his relationship with Darcy. Meanwhile, Sophie leans on Rome to process her dad�s struggles and choices and how they might influence her own life.
Jun 02 2021
Eddie is determined to prove that he can still be a good father despite his physical challenges. Sophie searches for answers to help cope with her trauma. Rome and Tyrell work together on a passion project.
May 26 2021
Rome tries to help Tyrell find a productive outlet for his frustrations about the racial issues in America while Regina is dealing with her mother�s concerns regarding the future of Someday. Meanwhile, Katherine and Eddie struggle to navigate the waters of their relationship.
May 19 2021
listen 3x13
In response to the killing of George Floyd, the group of friends are forced to reevaluate their own racial biases and take to the streets of Boston. Rome opts out in favor of his mental health and has a candid conversation with his father about how to effect change.
May 12 2021
junior 3x12
Gary�s dad connects with Darcy about his personal experience from the Vietnam War. Meanwhile, during a dinner hosted by Rome and Regina, the video of George Floyd�s murder is released, and they watch together in shock.
May 05 2021
Despite her trauma, Sophie goes through with her music school audition but quickly realizes she is struggling to move forward. Meanwhile, Rome and Regina grow closer to Tyrell; Katherine and Eddie are at a crossroads; and Gary reconnects with his father.
Apr 21 2021
Sophie is distraught after a disturbing encounter, and Gary calls in Maggie and Regina for support. Meanwhile, Eddie makes an unexpected friend.
Apr 14 2021
When Eddie reveals his truth, Katherine suffers the consequences� again. Rome and Regina offer support to Tyrell and his mother, and Maggie and Jamie are forced to address their relationship status.
Apr 07 2021
Katherine realizes Theo is being discriminated against when one of his classmates asks him to wear a mask during Zoom school. Meanwhile, Regina finds her Vicodin is missing and suspects that Rome might have been the one to take it.
Apr 01 2021
timing 3x07
Regina is faced with making difficult changes to keep Someday afloat during the COVID lockdown, while Eddie struggles to keep his secret drug addiction under wraps. Elsewhere, Maggie fears she may have revealed a bit too much on her podcast.
Mar 25 2021
Maggie is forced to face the harsh reality that cancer still controls her life, while Gary must choose between supporting a friend in need and building his relationship with Darcy. Meanwhile, Rome helps Regina at Someday during the COVID-19 transition.
Mar 18 2021
As COVID-19 becomes more widespread across the United States, Boston goes into lockdown, putting Rome�s movie in jeopardy and forcing Maggie to return home from Oxford. Because the hospitals are overwhelmed with coronavirus patients, Eddie�s back surgery is canceled, leading him to take desperate measures to cope with the severe pain.
Mar 11 2021
Eddie�s injuries put a strain on his marriage as he secretly continues to manage the pain from the accident. Rome struggles with his movie and finds an ally in Shanice. Maggie continues her journey in England and grows closer with Jamie.
Dec 17 2020
Katherine discovers a possible connection between Eddie�s accident and Alex�s mysterious death. Meanwhile, Rome seeks help to address some pent-up anger issues, and Maggie continues on her journey of self-discovery in England. As Delilah prepares for her trip, Gary helps Danny confront a bully at his school.
Dec 10 2020
Katherine and Theo learn to adapt to their new life after Eddie�s accident. Rome and Regina grow distant as Rome suppresses his anger over the failed adoption. Delilah struggles with having a date at the house while the kids are away. Maggie unexpectedly bonds with her new roommate as Gary navigates trying to stay friends with her while building his relationship with Darcy.
Dec 03 2020
In the aftermath of Eddie�s car accident, Katherine leans on their beloved group of friends for support. Meanwhile, Rome and Regina face a tough decision about the future of their family, and Delilah sees how her kids are thriving and wants the same for herself. Maggie jump starts her new life in Oxford, while Gary continues to navigate his new relationship with Darcy.
Nov 19 2020

Season 2

19 Episodes

As Eddie and Katherine prepare to renew their vows, Eve goes into labor and everyone rushes to the hospital. Meanwhile, things are getting serious with Delilah and Miles, Maggie shares some shocking news with Gary, and Eddie learns more about his involvement in the mysterious lake accident.
Mar 26 2020
Eddie becomes obsessed with trying to resolve mistakes from his past. Shelly and Delilah both take on planning a baby shower for Regina as Eve gives her and Rome shocking news. Maggie�s new venture has her rethinking her relationship with Gary.
Mar 19 2020
It�s the one-year anniversary of Jon�s death and everyone reflects on how much their lives have changed over the last year. But for Eddie, his dream opens up a new mystery.
Mar 12 2020
Eddie�s sister comes to town and causes tension with the family. Katherine speaks her mind at work. During a girls� night out, Maggie convinces Delilah to put herself out there.
Mar 05 2020
Gary accidentally crashes Maggie's first date with a new guy. Delilah is forced to have "the talk" with Sophie. Rome has an important meeting with a Hollywood big shot. Eddie teaches Dakota a tough lesson in what it takes to succeed in the music business.
Feb 27 2020
Delilah learns to navigate Danny�s first sleepover. Rome and Regina continue to try and protect their potential birth mother from her past. Maggie leans on a friend for her six-month cancer checkup.
Feb 20 2020
daisy 2x13
A family emergency brings Delilah and Sophie together; Rome and Regina learn that their potential birth mother could be in danger; and Maggie and Gary face a harsh reality when they attend a mutual friend�s cancer remission party.
Feb 13 2020
guilty 2x12
Gary takes a big step and confronts his past. Maggie finally talks to Eric. Regina's adoption news to her mother causes tension to their already complex relationship.
Feb 06 2020
As Rome and Regina continue to move forward with the adoption process, they are thrown into helping Delilah with a troubled Sophie. Meanwhile, Gary confronts Eric about his past, and Eddie pursues a new career in music.
Jan 30 2020
In the aftermath of Delilah and Eddie's revelation about their affair, Sophie continues to rebel against her mother. Maggie, Gary and the gang gather for the opening night of Danny's play. Rome and Regina take steps toward adopting a baby.
Jan 23 2020
Rome helps PJ through a personal crisis. Gary and Maggie�s relationship takes a turn. Delilah, Eddie and Katherine make tough decisions that will affect their families.
Nov 21 2019
A fellowship opportunity for Maggie forces Gary to reconsider his own future as the group must come together after a devastating loss.
Nov 14 2019
The gang gathers for Theo�s 10th birthday, which is also a significant milestone for Eddie. Meanwhile, Delilah, Eddie and Katherine are at an impasse about revealing the truth about Charlie; Rome and Regina try to keep Sophie from getting too close to PJ; and Maggie helps Gary make a difficult decision about his dog, Colin.
Nov 07 2019
Gary�s growing tension with Maggie comes to a head as she accidentally lets Colin out while she�s on the phone with Eric. Meanwhile, Delilah does a podcast about suicide, which helps her open up to Andrew.
Oct 31 2019
austin 2x05
Delilah makes arrangements for a family photo shoot with longtime photographer Seymour, but Danny struggles to accept that this new family does not include his father. Meanwhile, Rome and Regina make big plans to celebrate Rome�s parents� 50th wedding anniversary and are forced to take a closer look at their own marital woes; Eddie and Katherine look for a fresh start; and Gary feels disconnected from Maggie.
Oct 24 2019
Maggie is shocked to learn Eric�s true identity. Meanwhile, Eddie realizes how much he wants to be a part of Charlie�s life as Katherine makes a decision about her and Eddie�s relationship.
Oct 17 2019
On the verge of becoming a filmmaker, Rome takes a meeting with an old producer friend which causes him to feel torn about the creative changes he suggests for his script. Meanwhile, Gary steps in to help Danny prepare to audition for his school play, while Delilah craving some adult time agrees to go to dinner with Andrew.
Oct 10 2019
Eddie manages to keep Theo distracted in the midst of trying to track down Katherine, while Maggie realizes her mother�s surprise move to Boston might not be just for her. Meanwhile, Regina struggles with accepting Andrew�s ideas about the restaurant, and PJ makes a shocking confession to Rome.
Oct 03 2019
When Delilah goes into labor, Eddie feels compelled to tell Katherine the truth about being the baby�s father. Meanwhile, Gary and Maggie struggle with living together post-cancer, and Rome and Regina continue to be at odds about having a baby of their own.
Sep 26 2019

Season 1

17 Episodes

goodbye 1x17
With questions still lingering around Jon�s death, his loved ones try to move on, each taking meaningful steps forward in their own lives. As most of them begin to accept that they may never get the explanation they desire, an unexpected member of the group decides to dig even further into the mystery behind Barbara Morgan.
Feb 28 2019
As her friends anxiously await the outcome of Maggie�s surgery, an unexpected arrival from her mother leads to a tense first meeting with Gary.
Feb 21 2019
Eddie and Katherine�s divorce mediations become complicated, and Rome�s brother makes an unexpected visit. Meanwhile, Gary and Maggie attempt to check an item off her bucket list.
Feb 14 2019
someday 1x14
On the eve of the new restaurant opening, Delilah tracks down a handsome expert to help with the last-minute details. Meanwhile, Regina struggles with her overbearing mother who causes friction by bringing up disturbing details of her past.
Feb 07 2019
Delilah struggles to find a way to keep the house, while Ashley has a secret meeting with someone who she thinks may be able to help; and Maggie receives news about her treatment.
Jan 31 2019
We go back to the day before Jon�s death, before everything seemed to have fallen apart. Jon is struggling both in his personal and work life, Delilah and Eddie make plans to tell Jon about their secret affair, and Maggie attempts to start her new life in Boston.
Jan 24 2019
After troubling news, Delilah finds herself once again leaning on her friends in order to help her family, unexpectedly having to rely on Katherine the most out of all people. Despite Gary�s protests, Maggie insists on running the Suicide Prevention 5K with the rest of the gang, where Danny also plans to introduce someone special to his mom and sister.
Jan 17 2019
With the holidays quickly approaching, Delilah struggles with telling Sophie and Danny about her pregnancy; and although Jon�s absence makes this time of year especially difficult, the gang comes together to help the Dixons embrace the Christmas spirit.
Dec 12 2018
Gary has trouble dealing with Maggie�s life-changing decision, which takes him back to when Jon was there for him during his chemo treatments; Rome finally opens up to his dad about his internal struggles; and Katherine battles balancing being a working mother without Eddie.
Dec 05 2018
Recurring nightmares force Maggie to face a life-altering trauma from her past, while in real life, the group finally discovers that her cancer is back. Gary seeks help from an unexpected someone in order to make one final attempt at convincing Maggie to get treatment, but everything comes to a head at Regina and Delilah�s first tasting party at the new restaurant, leaving this circle of friends to wonder if things will ever be the same.
Nov 28 2018
After discovering she might not know Rome like she thought she did, Regina is put in charge of making important decisions for him. Meanwhile, Gary tries to convince Maggie he will be there for her no matter what, and Katherine discovers she has a new admirer.
Nov 07 2018
Delilah grapples with her life-changing decision, Maggie and Gary babysit Theo, and Regina finds out Rome�s big secret.
Oct 31 2018
Gary attempts to plan a romantic date with Maggie with the intentions of getting her to open up about a secret she has been hiding; Eddie begins to understand the sacrifices Katherine has made and attempts to stall Theo�s play as a grand gesture to win her back; and Rome takes steps to consult with a doctor.
Oct 24 2018
The aftermath of Eddie and Delilah�s secret takes a toll on everyone in the group, including the future of Delilah and Regina�s restaurant. Maggie and Gary�s relationship is tested when an old fling turns up, and Delilah struggles with the balance of protecting her children and keeping Jon�s memory alive.
Oct 17 2018
Gary, Rome and Eddie discover that Jon really thought of everything before his passing by planning a surprise outing for Gary�s birthday at a Bruins Fantasy Camp. However, when a grave secret is exposed, Gary�s special day takes a turn for the worse as it creates conflict for everyone in the group.
Oct 10 2018
The group tries to be there for Sophie as an upcoming father-daughter dance recital approaches, and when she asks a very reluctant and arrhythmic Eddie to dance with her, it leaves Delilah feeling uneasy. Against her better judgment, Maggie agrees to have Rome in for a therapy session, but it quickly becomes clear that her new friendships are a conflict of interest. Meanwhile, Danny confesses a secret to Gary; Maggie receives an unexpected visitor from her past; and someone discovers a cryptic voicemail from Jon that was left right before he died.
Oct 03 2018
pilot 1x01
They say friendship isn�t one big thing, it�s a million little things; and that�s true for a group of friends from Boston who bond under unexpected circumstances. Some have achieved success, others are struggling in their careers and relationships, but all of them feel stuck in life. After one of them dies by suicide, it�s just the wake-up call the others need to finally start living.
Sep 26 2018