A Town called Malice

Ended / 7:00pm Sky Max 51 min.
The series follows a family of South London gangsters � the Lords - who realise that fleeing to the Costa Del Sol might, in fact, present a golden opportunity to reinvent themselves. However, in this series full of romance, obsession, violence, deceit, and swagger, the Lords spend as much time battling each other as they do their opponents.

Season 1

8 Episodes

Albert seems to be an unstoppable force, stopping short of nothing to reclaim his former glory - who will curb his reign of terror?
May 04 2023
The Lords are at their lowest ebb, and the game might be up for Cindy. Albert is back on the rise - but for how long?
Apr 27 2023
Cindy alienates Eddie, Kelly loses control. Albert's battle for power threatens to leave Gene's dreams in tatters.
Apr 20 2023
Cruel Summer 48 mins Watch until 4 Jun 2023 Subtitled Gene's mettle is tested during business negotiations in Morocco. Cindy is forced to take drastic action.
Apr 13 2023
Gene and Cindy exercise their smarts to unify warring factions, but the arrival of a face from Cindy's past creates tremors.
Apr 06 2023
Kelly does Mint Ma's secret bidding back in London. Sparks fly when the Lords parlay with the local Gitano community.
Mar 30 2023
Cindy reminds Gene of the potential in Tony's land. But can they keep their dream secret from the rest of the Lords after they arrive in Spain?
Mar 23 2023
The youngest son of a crime family flees 1980s London. But even in Spain, enemies are circling.
Mar 16 2023