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A young Mexican man's dream comes true when he gets the job of a lifetime at the hottest resort in Acapulco. But he soon realizes the job is far more complicated than he ever imagined as all of his beliefs and morals start to be questioned.

Season 3

10 Episodes

TBA 3x10
Jun 26 2024
TBA 3x09
Jun 19 2024
TBA 3x08
Jun 12 2024
Memo and Maximo have a conflict over Memo�s sister. Sara, Esteban, and Nora head to the big debate competition.
Jun 05 2024
Present-day Maximo reconnects with Hector, whose arrival sparks a memory from 1985 that they each recall very differently.
May 29 2024
At Julia�s long-anticipated dress shop opening, Maximo surprises her with a gift that goes wrong. Sara runs into her new crush.
May 22 2024
In an attempt to relieve Julia's work stress, Maximo invites her to dinner. Esteban realizes Sara has a hidden talent. Nora makes a big step.
May 15 2024
Don Pablo comes to Maximo with a task that puts his training to the test. Julia faces a tough decision over whether to be honest with Nora.
May 08 2024
On Mother�s Day, Maximo wrestles with an opportunity to get closer to Diane despite his promise to spend the day with his mom.
May 01 2024
Maximo learns a hard lesson of how to balance being a manager and friend to the staff at Las Colinas.
May 01 2024

Season 2

10 Episodes

Season finale. Maximo gets a second chance at Las Colinas. Julia learns to go after what she wants.
Dec 16 2022
Maximo doubles down on his new life with Isabel. Sara receives a potentially life-changing offer.
Dec 09 2022
Maximo is tasked with taking care of a billionaire investor. Chad and Julia discover a secret about Diane.
Dec 02 2022
Chaos ensues on the night of Chad and Julia's joint bachelor and bachelorette party.
Nov 23 2022
Diane's past catches up with her as Las Colinas hosts the wrap party for a big Hollywood movie. Maximo faces a moral dilemma.
Nov 18 2022
Maximo takes Memo to a club to find his favorite soccer star. Sara spends an eventful night at Las Colinas.
Nov 11 2022
On Valentine�s Day, Maximo and Julia have to decorate a romantic suite together. Memo and Lorena beg Lupe to let them spend time alone.
Nov 04 2022
Maximo gets swept up in a busy night with Isabel's family. Chad's fraternity brothers surprise him.
Oct 28 2022
Desperate to pay off his family's debt, Maximo seizes an opportunity to wait on rival tennis stars. Diane tries to derail Julia and Chad's nuptials.
Oct 21 2022
Maximo is determined to start the new year with a clean slate. Julia struggles with Chad's surprise proposal.
Oct 21 2022

Season 1

10 Episodes

Las Colinas hosts a big New Year�s Eve bash. Maximo tries to dazzle Diane so he�ll earn a promotion. Chad makes a bold gesture.
Dec 03 2021
Chaos erupts at the Christmas staff dinner when Maximo and Memo�s plans backfire. Julia pieces together the truth behind her birthday gift.
Nov 25 2021
As Diane shows a group of journalists a photo exhibit of Las Colinas' history, the story of Don Pablo's long tenure at the resort is revealed.
Nov 19 2021
When he learns that an eye doctor is staying at the resort, Maximo sneaks Nora in for the day. Diane discovers problems with the hotel.
Nov 12 2021
Maximo has a magical dream date with an American tourist. Memo bonds with his coworkers over a soccer match.
Nov 05 2021
Maximo and Chad go on an all-night journey outside the resort, while the staff must come together for a never-ending wedding reception.
Oct 29 2021
A pop superstar staying at the resort takes an interest in Julia, which concerns Maximo. Nora goes on her first date in a long time.
Oct 22 2021
Don Pablo teaches Maximo how to become an elite waiter so he can work an important dinner. Julia tries to impress a fashion editor.
Oct 15 2021
Maximo strives to master the art of the upsell while attempting to help a wealthy young man propose to his girlfriend.
Oct 08 2021
Pilot 1x01
When he's hired at Acapulco's hottest resort, Maximo thinks he's scored his dream job-but quickly learns there's more to it than he thought.
Oct 08 2021