Acquisitions Incorporated

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Acquisitions Incorporated is a Dungeons & Dragons party starring in a series of online adventures since 2008, originally in podcast format but nowadays mainly published on YouTube. A collaboration between Penny Arcade and Wizards of the Coast, the series was originally created to showcase the then-new 4th Edition of D&D, but soon evolved into something of an improvisational Comic Fantasy thanks to the fun dynamics between the players and excellent Dungeon Mastering by the WOTC producer Chris Perkins.

Season 2

10 Episodes

Brimstone, fire, and smoke surround our heroes as dreams and nightmares both come true.
Nov 22 2023
Jim Darkmajiq's history is revealed, and his future is called into question.
Nov 15 2023
Acquisitions Inc sinks to new depths, in waters murkier than ever.
Nov 08 2023
Myconid madness! Things get a little hot and nasty in this spore-dense space, as Jim disappears into a role.
Nov 01 2023
Confronted with sinister statuary, the gang take a tasteful approach to this level of the dwarven mine.
Oct 25 2023
Finding themselves in what might be an infernal nursery, the team learns about the devilish games Omin has been playing.
Oct 18 2023
Jim, convinced that his new friend Omin Dran is actually his temporal guide, is invited to perform for an exclusive audience.
Oct 11 2023
Released at last from his crystalline bubble, Bobbie Zimmeruski is finally able to join the party in their quest to collect pieces of the obelisk, just in time for the world to start falling apart. Literally.
Oct 04 2023
Transported by an obsidian shard to a flourishing underground swampland, Acq Inc makes friends with some sentient fronds, while trying to keep the prismatic-spherically trapped Bobbie safe from more malevolent forces.
Sep 27 2023
The Acquisitions Inc. team enters a mysterious mine after parting ways with Vi, and soon stumbles upon curious rock formations that do more than glitter in the half-light...
Sep 20 2023

Season 1

13 Episodes

Picking up where 'Acquisitions Incorporated: The Series' left off, our heroes are recovering from a disastrous encounter with a dragon and their segment of the Rod of Seven Parts has been taken. They must board their airship, ascend into the stratosphere, and fight to recover the Rod before it can be used to summon a terrible demon lord. Join us as Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik from Penny Arcade, Scott Kurtz from PvP, and renowned author Patrick Rothfuss team up with Dungeon Master Chris Perkins to once again battle in the skies over Faer´┐Żn.
Sep 23 2016
Aug 24 2016
Aug 17 2016
Aug 10 2016
Aug 03 2016
Jul 27 2016
Jul 20 2016
Jul 13 2016
Jul 06 2016
Jun 29 2016
Jun 22 2016
Jun 15 2016
Welcome to the pilot season full of new Acquisition Incorporated adventures, filmed on-location in an actual basement, delivered episodically for your amusement.
Jun 08 2016