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LAMPU � the Los Angeles Police Department�s missing person�s unit. When police officer Nikki Parker�s son goes missing, she joins the LAPD�s Missing Person�s Unit to help other people find their loved ones, even as she searches for her own. Six years later, her world is turned upside-down when her ex-husband, Devon Zoellner, shows up with a proof-of-life photo of their missing boy. Or is it?

Season 2

10 Episodes

When Wayne goes missing on the day of Nikki & Mike�s wedding, the joyous festivities are put on hold as Jason and the MPU race to locate her and finally bring down Inspector Braun and his connection to the car bombing murders.
May 14 2024
The MPU is on the case when a young boy claims his father was abducted by aliens as they were stargazing at a remote campsite; Jason and Nikki enlist Mike�s help in getting access to Braun�s computer files; Kemi and Helen partner up and venture out into the field.
May 07 2024
Alexi 2x08
The MPU is on the case when a young hockey player goes missing during a fight with an opponent on the ice. Kemi is unexpectedly reunited with a face from the past; Nikki runs interference with Braun when Jason dives deeper into the car bombing murders.
Apr 30 2024
@Kyra 2x07
A popular travel influencer goes missing and the MPU race to find her as a hurricane rages and a state of emergency is declared. Mike and Wayne get closer as Helen connects with someone unexpectedly in the aftermath of Nikki�s bachelorette party.
Apr 16 2024
Mike is taken back to his first unsolved case when the remains of an Amish man surface seven years after his murder. After he reconnects with the man's family, the wife of the man mysteriously goes missing, prompting a massive search and disclosing a web of deceit.
Apr 09 2024
The MPU searches for a kidnapped tough-as-nails neighborhood watch captain. Jason enlists Wayne's help investigating the car bombing. Mike is concerned Nikki is keeping secrets from him.
Apr 02 2024
Maya 2x04
The MPU searches for a homeless female teen that disappeared after running away from home and living in Philly's Gayborhood. Kemi is hit especially hard as the team races to find and rescue the missing teen. Jason and Nikki spar over his continued investigation into the car bombing.
Mar 26 2024
When a young pregnant woman goes missing one day before her c-section, the adopting mother turns to the MPU to locate her before the baby's life is risked; Jason digs deeper in the car bombing case and meets a disapproving Braun.
Mar 19 2024
The MPU searches for a Benjamin Franklin aficionado after he suspiciously disappears during one of his city tours; a new forensic scientist is hired; Jason and Mike try to bond as new partners.
Mar 12 2024
Bus 447 2x01
As the MPU moves into new offices, which comes with new boss Inspector Hollis Braun, a call comes in reporting the disappearance of an entire city bus full of students on a field trip. The team utilizes a father who tried to stop the kidnapping, as Jason reaches out to an old colleague for assistance in the search.
Mar 05 2024

Season 1

10 Episodes

Max 1x10
The mystery surrounding Keith's disappearance starts to unravel as he tells Jason and Nikki more details about his time in captivity and leads them to a cabin where they find a horrifying scene.
Feb 27 2023
Briana 1x09
When a bride goes missing on her wedding day, Mike and Kemi discover the woman was living a deceptive life.
Feb 27 2023
Craig 1x08
Sidney, upset that Jason and Nikki don't believe her claims about Keith, comes clean about the details surrounding the day of his disappearance, causing Jason to cast serious doubt on the boy claiming to be his son. Meanwhile, Mike's police mentor brings a missing officer's case to the MPU team.
Feb 20 2023
Shannon 1x07
Jason and Nikki utilize a twin sister when a missing person case turns into a possible murder investigation. Meanwhile, Kemi helps C with his dating life and Keith gets reckless.
Feb 13 2023
Jason and Mike search the Allegheny Mountains to find a missing couple. Meanwhile, Keith joins a trauma therapy group and bonds with another patient.
Feb 06 2023
Miguel 1x05
A foster care worker is reported as missing, but after he ends his own life, the MPU starts to investigate a pregnant woman he was seen with who has been missing for two years. Meanwhile, Sidney follows Keith and fears he may be dangerous.
Jan 30 2023
Andy 1x04
The MPU works to track down the kidnapped son of a doctor, but the case takes a turn when his mother gets in direct contact with the kidnapper. Meanwhile, Kemi expresses her concerns for Sidney's wellbeing to Nikki and Jason.
Jan 23 2023
Zoey 1x03
The MPU searches for a college student after she goes missing during a house party. Meanwhile, Sidney and Keith try to adjust to normal life again.
Jan 16 2023
Hugo 1x02
Jason, Nikki and the MPU team investigate when a woman runs down a man and forces him to get in her car at gunpoint. Meanwhile, more information about Keith's kidnapper comes to light.
Jan 09 2023
Chloe 1x01
The MPU investigates the abduction of a young child, whose abduction is likely revenge related to her father's work.
Jan 08 2023