Allegiance (2024)

Continuing / 7:00pm CBC 43 min.
A star rookie officer serving in her diverse hometown of Surrey grapples with the limits of the justice system as she fights to exonerate her politician father.

Season 1

10 Episodes

Sabrina must do everything in her power to keep a troubled teen caught in a bloody gang conflict from becoming a killer.
Apr 10 2024
A gang related drive-by shooting thrust Sabrina and Vince into the lives of a community volunteer trying to curb the violence.
Apr 03 2024
8 x 6 1x08
A chance encounter with a recently released convict lands Sabrina centre stage in a murder interrogation.
Mar 27 2024
When a young Indigenous woman has her baby taken by a social worker, Sabrina and Vince uncover a web of lies.
Mar 20 2024
A call to a motel leads Sabrina and Vince into the underbelly of a migrant worker trafficking ring.
Mar 13 2024
A manhunt for two dangerous brothers whose past crimes have left long-term scars on a community.
Mar 06 2024
IRL 1x04
Sabrina and Vince respond to a gun call at a library.
Feb 28 2024
Sabrina joins a Serious Crimes investigation into an international car theft ring, finding herself getting behind the wheel to protect a former star athlete fallen on hard times.
Feb 21 2024
When a lawyer dies of an overdose, Sabrina and the team track a batch of deadly heroin sweeping through Surrey.
Feb 14 2024
Pilot 1x01
At her graduation from the country's top police Academy, Sabrina Sohal's world is upset by a shocking, inexplicable arrest.
Feb 07 2024