American Auto

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Set at the headquarters of a major American automotive company in Detroit where a floundering group of executives try to rediscover the company identity amidst a rapidly changing industry.

Season 2

13 Episodes

Katherine and her team make one last effort to raise the Payne stock and save their jobs by rallying behind the launch of the Pika. When global events cause the whole market to crash, Katherine loses hope that Payne will ever recover.
Apr 18 2023
Katherine is deathly afraid of rodents but is forced to drive a Pika filled with rabbits for the annual dealer event. Wesley takes Jack under his wing and teaches him how to schmooze the dealers. Sadie, Cyrus and Elliot struggle with a presentation.
Apr 11 2023
Funeral 2x11
When Wesley's grandfather passes away, Katherine and the others learn that all the heirs plan to sell their company shares, which would tank the stock price. They attempt damage control at the funeral to try to stop it.
Apr 04 2023
Coming off the news of her divorce, Katherine wants to institute big changes in the office, which prompts Cyrus to introduce her to his dream car. Things go south when Katherine attempts to transform his design into a vision of her own.
Mar 28 2023
The gang ends up at Katherine's house for what seems like an innocent night of drinking and employee bonding, but things escalate when everyone learns that Katherine and Richard are in the middle of a divorce.
Mar 21 2023
Hack 2x08
The Payne servers get hacked, causing Katherine and Elliot to conflict on whether or not to pay the ransom. This becomes increasingly more personal for Katherine when the hackers reveal they have personal photos of her.
Mar 14 2023
Payne sponsors its annual young designers contest at a local elementary school, which sparks controversy when Katherine inadvertently offends multiple countries via an Instagram Live interview with a Somali-American student.
Mar 07 2023
Katherine has to go on a listening tour after a group of younger employees demand the company stop contributing to "pro-life" politicians. The men of the office are charged with writing Payne's policies regarding abortion.
Feb 28 2023
Katherine and the team head to Silicon Valley to invest in green tech, including Sandbox, a potentially bogus company founded by Wesley's friend, Chase.
Feb 21 2023
In an effort to reduce costs, Jack, Cyrus and Elliot have to let go of some employees while Wesley and Dori search for office savings. Sadie helps prep Katherine for her first post-crisis TV interview.
Feb 14 2023
When Payne loses their spokesperson, Katherine and the team go to great lengths to woo a new celebrity -- Andy Richter -- only to have second thoughts.
Feb 07 2023
Ian and Sadie attempt to rehab Katherine's image from the pawl controversy by staging a phony video with Katherine's family and a visit to "Late Night with Seth Meyers."
Jan 31 2023
Crisis 2x01
Katherine and the team bring in crisis manager Ian Osofsky to help combat the negative publicity the company is receiving from accusations it covered up defective auto parts.
Jan 24 2023

Season 1

10 Episodes

Profile 1x10
When a TV newsmagazine films a segment on Katherine, the team struggles to portray her in a positive light while avoiding "gotcha" questions.
Mar 08 2022
The group attends the annual Payne Foundation Fundraising Gala. Katherine suspects her job may be in jeopardy. Wesley deals with a family rivalry.
Mar 01 2022
Katherine and the team attempt to boost employee morale after the Payne CFO announces his resignation.
Feb 22 2022
Recall 1x07
The executives realize a Payne vehicle may have a faulty part and debate whether to issue a recall.
Feb 01 2022
Katherine and the team reshoot a commercial to make it more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community.
Jan 25 2022
The group travels to Iowa for the opening of a new factory.
Jan 18 2022
Sadie and Cyrus struggle with how honest to be about Katherine�s car idea. Elliot pawns his vicious dog off on Dori.
Jan 11 2022
Katherine promises a big announcement on her first quarterly earnings call. Jack and Elliot negotiate a contract with the line-workers union.
Jan 04 2022
Katherine deals with the PR fallout of a serial killer driving a Payne. Jack tries to figure out his role in the company.
Dec 13 2021
Pilot 1x01
Payne Motors gets a new CEO on the same day they're rolling out a new self-driving (and problematic) vehicle.
Dec 13 2021