And Just Like That...

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Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes navigate the journey from the complicated reality of life and friendship in their 30s to the even more complicated reality of life and friendship in their 50s.

Season 2

11 Episodes

As Carrie puts the finishing touches on her dinner party, Miranda reconnects with Steve, and Seema worries that she�s been too vulnerable with Ravi.
Aug 24 2023
Carrie preps for a dinner party farewell to her apartment � and both its good and bad memories. Miranda takes steps to make amends with her exes.
Aug 17 2023
Carrie makes a big decision for her and Aidan�s future. Lisa attempts to keep up with the demands of her career and Herbert�s political campaign.
Aug 10 2023
Carrie questions her past choices as she prepares to meet Aidan�s sons. Meanwhile, Charlotte gets ready to go back to work full time.
Aug 03 2023
Carrie ponders the significance of her upcoming dinner with Aidan. A newly single Miranda explores the possibilities of dating again.
Jul 27 2023
Carrie asks Che to be her moral support at a conference for widows. Miranda broaches an uncomfortable conversation with Steve.
Jul 20 2023
Carrie has a run-in with a tech entrepreneur. Miranda and Che navigate conflicting schedules. Charlotte veers into stage mom territory.
Jul 13 2023
ALIVE! 2x04
Carrie gets an offer to write a column for seniors. Charlotte and Lisa celebrate the start of summer camp. Miranda navigates life back in NYC.
Jul 06 2023
Carrie conjures a spur of the moment excuse to get out of an emotional audiobook taping. Charlotte and Lisa try to get their hands on a �MILF� list.
Jun 29 2023
While Carrie struggles with a podcast ad script, Charlotte tries to retrieve Lily�s designer clothes, and chaos ensues when Miranda loses her phone.
Jun 22 2023
While Carrie questions whether she�s ready for more than a casual fling, Miranda starts to worry her relationship with Che is only about sex.
Jun 22 2023

Season 1

10 Episodes

Charlotte plans the ultimate rite of passage for Rock. Che throws Miranda for a loop. Carrie finds closure.
Feb 03 2022
Carrie questions whether she�s ready to take another step toward letting go. Charlotte boasts that she�s finally finished menopause. Miranda�s spontaneity backfires.
Jan 27 2022
After coming clean to Che, Miranda is spurred toward making a life-altering decision. Carrie attempts to learn more about her mysterious 20-something neighbor. Charlotte�s efforts to be more open with her kids about sex get derailed.
Jan 20 2022
Carrie�s publisher tasks her with injecting some hope into her new book, Miranda attempts to rekindle a spark with Steve, and Charlotte bristles when Harry imposes on her sacred space� tennis.
Jan 13 2022
Diwali 1x06
Carrie�s giant leap for her future self helps her embrace the past, while Miranda makes a confession to a shocked Charlotte.
Jan 06 2022
As Carrie recuperates from hip surgery, Charlotte learns surprising news about her daughter, and Che�s words help Miranda face some truths about her life.
Dec 30 2021
Looking to move forward, Carrie meets with self-made real estate broker Seema Patel. Meanwhile, Charlotte plans a high-stakes dinner party for LTW as Miranda and Nya connect over the frank realities of motherhood.
Dec 23 2021
Carrie learns of a surprising development involving Big�s ex. Charlotte worries about how to handle a daughter�s revelation. Miranda ponders the state of her marriage.
Dec 16 2021
Miranda and Charlotte come to Carrie�s aid, proving what good friends are for. Anthony and Stanford vow to let go of petty arguments.
Dec 09 2021
After discussing how to handle change, Carrie is challenged to be �sexually� open on Che�s podcast, Miranda has a disastrous first day of school, and Charlotte tries to impress a fellow mom. And then � another big change no one saw coming.
Dec 09 2021