Animal Control

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A group of local animal control workers' lives are complicated by the fact that animals are simple, but humans are not. Leading the crew is Frank, an opinionated, eccentric animal control officer who may not have gone to college but is still the most well-read person in the room. In his past life as a cop, Frank tried to expose corruption in his department, but his efforts got him fired, leaving him cynical and curmudgeonly. Despite his rough exterior, he is blessed with an almost superhuman ability to understand animals.

Season 2

9 Episodes

Frank's investigation reaches a thrilling conclusion, only for an unexpected twist to throw his victory into question. Emily finds herself in an awkward position when she realizes she still has feelings for Shred.
May 08 2024
Frank and Emily get a break in their exotic animal ring case. Shred and Rick bond over their romantic woes. Victoria and Patel�s father accidentally kiss.
May 01 2024
Frank and Shred head to a country club to take on an aggressive swan that Frank has a history with. At the golf course, Shred has a meet-cute with a mysterious woman. Emily makes a mistake that results in Victoria having very little time to prepare for her big citizenship exam. Patel enlists his father to help Victoria cram for the test.
Apr 24 2024
When Frank gets frustrated trying to meet women on dating apps, he asks Emily to set him up on an old-fashioned meet-in-person date. When they learn how expensive contractors are, Shred and Patel decide to start renovations on their investment property themselves and immediately run into problems.
Apr 17 2024
When Emily hires expert dog trainer Roman Park to help with the kennel dogs, Roman ends up disrupting the office dynamics. Frank is challenged for his long-held union rep position by Patel. Shred learns Bettany doesn't like him, so he sets out to figure out why and win her over. Emily must stand up to the neighbor who is complaining about the barking dogs.
Apr 10 2024
Frank is frustrated when Emily, who is a stickler for rules, accompanies him on an official Animal Control ride along but she ends up being an unlikely partner in his exotic animal ring investigation. Victoria and Patel go on a call to a local baseball stadium, where they discover Victoria's unique talent could be just the thing she needs to get her immigration visa. Shred and Patel become owners of their flip house and want to celebrate by throwing a party - unfortunately they pick the worst possible day to do it.
Mar 27 2024
Frank unearths an illegal animal smuggling ring while Shred's first night shift introduces him to the world of Furry parties. Victoria has a secret admirer, and Emily is hellbent on helping her figure out who it is. Patel and Templeton get stuck working together for the day.
Mar 20 2024
Shred's on the rebound, but Frank doesn't share his newfound enthusiasm for dating. Emily enlists the team's help beating Templeton's precinct in an animal adoption competition. Patel stumbles on an investment opportunity, and Victoria waits on the world's longest phone hold to set up her citizenship test.
Mar 13 2024
When Shred wallows over Emily's blossoming relationship with Rick, Frank decides to cheer him up with a special "Shred's Day" adventure. The group is shocked to learn Victoria is in a green card marriage, and her 'husband' wants a divorce. Emily spins out when she discovers that Animal Control Officers are not considered "essential workers," and Patel tries desperately to satisfy his pregnant wife's craving for movie theater popcorn.
Mar 06 2024

Season 1

12 Episodes

When the precinct's beloved mountain lion C-38 dies, Frank takes it especially hard. Shred tries to break up with Camilla before he ruins his chances with Emily.
May 04 2023
Frank battles with the idea of getting older when Templeton benches him on the basketball team. Rick asks Emily out on a date, just as Shred realizes he might have a thing for her.
Apr 27 2023
The team welcomes back Patel even though he is still on suspension. Shred and Victoria are called into the principal's office on a school visit. Rick heads back into the field with Frank.
Apr 20 2023
Animal Control dispatch radios with a goose on the loose. The precinct hosts an adoption day.
Apr 13 2023
Victoria and Patel encounter Fish and Game officers while on a call. Animal Control dispatch radios with a report of an aggressive attack dog on the loose.
Apr 06 2023
Frank and Victoria stakeout a squawking peacock. Emily and Patel attend to Shred.
Mar 30 2023
Emily and Victoria assist Dr. Summers with an alpaca birth. Frank and Patel visit Frank�s dad Jimmy.
Mar 23 2023
Frank and Shred respond to a call of a distressed cow at a fraternity house. Patel learns a wholesome detail about Victoria�s personal life.
Mar 16 2023
Animal Control receives a 9-1-1 call on a bear in a hot tub. Frank questions his night with Dolores.
Mar 09 2023
Animal Control dispatch radios with a cougar sighting. Amit squares off with a kangaroo.
Mar 02 2023
A tech geek tells Frank his rabbits got into his special chocolate bars. Frank and Shred find a python wrapped around a man's neck.
Feb 23 2023
Shred encounters a wild weasel in an attic. Frank slips his Slim Jim in Shred�s back pocket as they approach a dozen ostriches.
Feb 16 2023