Animal Control

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A group of local animal control workers' lives are complicated by the fact that animals are simple, but humans are not. Leading the crew is Frank, an opinionated, eccentric animal control officer who may not have gone to college but is still the most well-read person in the room. In his past life as a cop, Frank tried to expose corruption in his department, but his efforts got him fired, leaving him cynical and curmudgeonly. Despite his rough exterior, he is blessed with an almost superhuman ability to understand animals.

Season 1

10 Episodes

Apr 27 2023
Animal Control dispatch radios with a goose on the loose. The precinct hosts an adoption day.
Apr 13 2023
Victoria and Patel encounter Fish and Game officers while on a call. Animal Control dispatch radios with a report of an aggressive attack dog on the loose.
Apr 06 2023
Frank and Victoria stakeout a squawking peacock. Emily and Patel attend to Shred.
Mar 30 2023
Emily and Victoria assist Dr. Summers with an alpaca birth. Frank and Patel visit Frank’s dad Jimmy.
Mar 23 2023
Frank and Shred respond to a call of a distressed cow at a fraternity house. Patel learns a wholesome detail about Victoria’s personal life.
Mar 16 2023
Animal Control receives a 9-1-1 call on a bear in a hot tub. Frank questions his night with Dolores.
Mar 09 2023
Animal Control dispatch radios with a cougar sighting. Amit squares off with a kangaroo.
Mar 02 2023
A tech geek tells Frank his rabbits got into his special chocolate bars. Frank and Shred find a python wrapped around a man's neck.
Feb 23 2023
Shred encounters a wild weasel in an attic. Frank slips his Slim Jim in Shred’s back pocket as they approach a dozen ostriches.
Feb 16 2023