Big Brother (US)

Continuing / 7:00pm CBS US 46 min.
Big Brother follows a group of people living together in a house outfitted with dozens of high-definition cameras and microphones recording their every move, 24 hours a day. Each week, the Houseguests will vote someone out of the house. At the end, the last remaining Houseguest will receive the grand prize of $750,000.

Season 26

5 Episodes

Episode 5 26x05
Jul 24 2024
Episode 4 26x04
Jul 24 2024
Episode 3 26x03
Jul 21 2024
Episode 2 26x02
Jul 18 2024
Jul 17 2024

Season 25

42 Episodes

With only three remaining, Bowie, Jag, and Matt go to battle in the three part final Head of Household competition. Who will emerge victorious and earn the power to cast the last eviction vote of BB 25? Plus, the Jury returns to choose the winner of the $750,000 grand prize. And we reveal who you voted as America's Favorite Houseguest. Then, a huge announcement unleashes a new game just in time for the holidays.
Nov 09 2023
Matt, Jag, and Bowie get an emotional surprise from home and look back on the craziest moments from this season.
Nov 07 2023
It's the last Veto competition of the season. Where the winner determines who has the sole vote to evict. Find out who joins Bowie Jane in the final three. Plus, BB 24 winner Taylor Hale returns to discuss the record breaking 100-day season.
Nov 05 2023
Either Felicia or Cirie will be the next sent to Jury. Will Jag get Matt on board to betray his friend Cirie? Plus, who will become the Head of Household and punch their ticket to Finale Night? And, what's been going down at the Jury House?
Nov 02 2023
The Power of Veto is on the line. But they'll have to survive the Swamp Slasher if they want the Power.
Oct 31 2023
Tonight see all the begging, pleading, and strategizing that you didn't see durning the double; and with only five remaining winning Head of Household is more important than ever. Plus, two more house guests will hit the hot seat.
Oct 29 2023
Will Blue be blindsided and sent to Jury? And which Houseguest will leave second? Because it's Double Eviction night, baby! A crazy, unpredictable, and heart pounding week's worth of gameplay, all in one night.
Oct 26 2023
Will the Power of Veto save one of the nominees? Plus, will Felicia put Cirie on Jag's nominee radar?
Oct 24 2023
The surviving seven go to battle for Head of Household, but will they survive Johnny Mac the demented dentist? Plus, who will be the unlucky block buddies?
Oct 22 2023
What will happen at a 'super-charged' Veto Meeting? Will the Showmance be sacrificed? And which Houseguest will be Jury bound?
Oct 19 2023
With the Mighty Minute Men seemingly indestructible, will the Golden Power of Veto become their BB Kryptonite? Plus, will the BB Power of Multiplicity spell double trouble for the heroic Houseguests?
Oct 17 2023
What will Comic-Week bring to the BB game, and for the first time ever the Head of Household is up for grabs in the classic BB Comics. Who will ascend to heroic heights?
Oct 15 2023
Will the plan to backdoor Cameron come to fruition? And which houseguest will be the first sent to the jury house? Plus, what super surprises will be unleashed as comic week begins?
Oct 12 2023
The houseguests compete to win the power of veto; during the veto meeting, the winner of the competition can keep nominations the same or save someone from eviction for the week.
Oct 10 2023
The head of household nominates two fellow houseguests for possible eviction.
Oct 08 2023
Will Cory be back-doored? Or will Felicia stay in the line of fire? And who will be the final Houseguest evicted before Jury begins? Plus, a new Head of Household will be crowned.
Oct 05 2023
Who wins the Veto Competition? And will Cameron's target change?
Oct 03 2023
The game resumes with the final ten vying for the Head of Household. Who will win the power, and which two guests will be put on the chopping block?
Oct 01 2023
Which zombie will emerge from the Resurrection Rumble, with the power to put fate in his own hands? And who will have their game dead and buried for good?
Sep 28 2023
Jared and Cameron return from the grave as BB zombies, how will the house react to this spine-tingling twist? Plus witness all the crazy drama you didn't see during the death-defying double.
Sep 24 2023
Will Cameron finally be evicted from the Big Brother House? And who will follow? As a terrifying Double Eviction kicks off Scary Week, a full week of gameplay and one night of fright. Plus, a scary ending that will send shivers down the spines of all who survive.
Sep 21 2023
Who will win the Power of Veto, and will the plan to get Cameron on the block succeed?
Sep 20 2023
Who will conquer the wall and become the new Head of Household, and which houseguest will be targeted for eviction? Plus witness the war of words that blew the house apart before Izzys departure.
Sep 17 2023
One of Cirie's top allies exits the game, but will it be who she expects? Plus, the Head of Household is on the line in the iconic Wall Competition and the Houseguests come face-to-face with a legendary meatball.
Sep 14 2023
The Power of Veto is on the line, with special guest host Josh Duhamel. Will the golden power save one of the nominees, and will Cameron shock the house by backdooring Cirie?
Sep 13 2023
Humila Week is under way and the space cowboy is in control. Will Cameron cause chaos and shake up the house?
Sep 10 2023
Will eviction history repeat itself for Jag, or will the chillbillie be left out in the cold? Plus, who will become the next Head of Household?
Sep 07 2023
Will the Power of Veto save one of the Chillers from the hot seat, and if so who will become Jared's next target?
Sep 06 2023
Every houseguest competes for the most important Head of Household so far. Who will win power, and who will they target?
Sep 03 2023
Either Jag or Blue will be evicted, or will they? Because one of the four Houseguests you chose to compete for the BB Power of Invincibility will win the chance to save an evicted Houseguest. Who will win? And will they stop the eviction?
Aug 31 2023
Tonight, the power of veto is on the line. Will Jag or Blue secure their safety? Plus, will Jared spill his big secret?
Aug 30 2023
Who will survive this epis competition and rise to power, and which Houseguest will end up on the block?
Aug 27 2023
With the doctor�s game on life support, will the house stick to their plan of saying by-sam to Hisam? Plus, for 18 years, fans have demand the return of the epic pressure cooker competition. Tonight, it�s back!
Aug 24 2023
Episode 9 25x09
Who will win the power of veto, and will the plan to blindside Hisam succeed? Plus, Jared and Blue continue to get closer, but will his mom put a stop to it?
Aug 23 2023
Episode 8 25x08
The Head of Household is on the line, who will rise to glory and which two houseguests will end up on the chopping block? Plus is a summer show-mance blossoming?
Aug 20 2023
Episode 7 25x07
Is there trouble in paradise for the professor's alliance? And will it lead to a flip on Hisam to send Cameron packing instead of Riley?
Aug 17 2023
Episode 6 25x06
Tonight, the power of veto is on the line. Will it save Reilly or Cameron from the chopping block? Plus, which soul will be sent to the nether-region next, and how will it impact the game?
Aug 16 2023
Episode 5 25x05
Where did the houseguests go? Plus who will become the new Head of Household, and what game changing twists will emerge from the nether-region?
Aug 13 2023
Episode 4 25x04
Tonight, the houseguests will vote to evict either Felicia or Kirsten. Plus, what terrifying twist will emerge from the scary-verse?
Aug 10 2023
Episode 3 25x03
It's the first Veto competition of the summer, will the golden power save one of the nominees? Plus the game kicks into gear as major alliances begin to form.
Aug 09 2023
Episode 2 25x02
Will Cirie and Jared be able to keep their mother son secret under wraps? Plus what other twists does the Big Brother multiverse have in store, and who will claim power and become the first Head of Household of the season?
Aug 06 2023
Sixteen complete strangers enter this house, to try to make their own mark on 'BB' history. What does the 'BB' universe have in store?
Aug 02 2023

Season 24

35 Episodes

Finale 24x35
Season 24 comes to an end after one Houseguest is voted the winner of Big Brother and awarded the $750,000 grand prize. All three parts of the Head of Household competition play out. Who will emerge victorious and earn the power to cast the final eviction vote? The jury returns to choose the winner. America's favorite houseguest is revealed.
Sep 25 2022
With the final three set, Monte, Taylor, and Turner will look back at the epic summer. Witness the LOLs. The TMIs. Plus, part one of the final three-part head of household competition kicks off.
Sep 23 2022
Monte will cast a sole vote to evict either Brittany or Turner from the game. Who will make it to finale night? Plus, is there trouble in HOH homeroom paradise? And the legendary Cookout Alliance reunites to discuss the final three.
Sep 22 2022
The final four go to battle in an action-packed hour. Who will Taylor nominate for eviction? Plus, the final and most important veto competition of the summer plays out.
Sep 18 2022
A Brittany spiral could change the fate of the nominees. Who will be sent to the jury, and who will win the Head of Household, guaranteeing a spot for them at finale night.
Sep 15 2022
The final five go cuckoo trying to win the power of Veto. Will it be used to save one of the nominees?
Sep 14 2022
Tonight, with only 5 remaining the game kicks in to overdrive. Witness the drama you didn't see that lead to Michaels shocking eviction. Plus, a new head of household will be crowned and two more houseguest hit the block.
Sep 11 2022
Tonight, either Alyssa or DJ Showtime will be sent to Jury, but they won't be alone. Double eviction baby. A full week of gameplay in one night.
Sep 08 2022
BB Comics are back. Who will rise to the super occasion and win the power of Veto, and will it be used to save Alyssa or DJ Showtime?
Sep 07 2022
Who will become the new Head of Household, and who will be targeted for eviction? Plus Zingbot is back to roast the final seven.
Sep 04 2022
Tonight, a powerful house meeting will put everything out in the open. Plus, will Kyle be nominated at the veto meeting? And who will be evicted from the house?
Sep 01 2022
A slippery veto is on the line, who will slide into power? Plus a dramatic series of events changes the course of the game.
Aug 31 2022
Will the Afterparty go to war with the leftover Leftovers? Plus who will be stacked with power in the most crucial Head of Household of the season? And two more houseguests will hit the block.
Aug 28 2022
Things get savage at Dyrefest. Buckle up for a double eviction. Who will be booted from Big Brochella and who will be dismissed from Dyrefest? What will happen when the final 8 reunite?
Aug 25 2022
Two separate Veto competitions will be played, who will win at Big BroChella and who will claim power at Dyre Fest? Plus which member of the Cookout returns to get in on the action?
Aug 24 2022
The Big Brother game splits in two, who will be with Michael inside and who will join Terrance outside? Plus with two simultaneous games being played, that means four houseguests will hit the block.
Aug 21 2022
Tonight, will Kyle put his showmance in the line of fire? Or will the Leftovers alliance begin to crumble? Plus, the first houseguest will be sent to jury, leaving the final ten to be thrown into a brand new twist that splits the house.
Aug 18 2022
Tonight it won't just be the power of Veto on the line, prizes and punishments will be doled out to the house guests. Plus the Leftovers have been dominating for weeks, but are cracks staring to emerge?
Aug 17 2022
Who will conquer conspiracy fast and emerge with power? Will the Leftovers continue to dominate, or will someone new turn the house upside down? Plus a new showmance begins to blossom.
Aug 14 2022
Either Daniel or Kyle will be the final non-juror sent packing. Plus, with the Festie Bestie twist ending, who will overcome the legendary BB wall competition?
Aug 11 2022
OTEV is back. Who will capture the veto at the Stage Roach Festival, and will it be used to saved the besties on the block? Plus Muffin Gate rocked the whole world, and tonight the saga continues.
Aug 10 2022
Earning the Head of Household will be no walk in the park for the final 12, and another set of besties are block bound. Plus it's the muffin mystery that broke the internet.
Aug 07 2022
Tonight, who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? Nicole or Taylor? Plus, don't blame global warming, it's Kyle and Alissa that are heating things up.
Aug 04 2022
Things get trippy in the veto competition. Who will win the golden power, and will it lead to another shocking veto meeting?
Aug 03 2022
Will a Leftover become the new head of household, or will the other side of the house turn the tables? Plus, see the drama that unfolded as the shocking blindside sent the house scrambling, and which besties will hit the chopping block.
Jul 31 2022
Will it be a double serving of blindsides courtesy of the Leftovers? First the veto meeting, then the live eviction.
Jul 28 2022
Episode 9 24x09
Will the power of veto save Michael and Brittany from the block? Plus escalating tensions set off a chain of events that will turn the whole game upside down.
Jul 27 2022
Episode 8 24x08
A new HOH is named, a new twist is revealed, and nominations are made.
Jul 24 2022
Episode 7 24x07
Following a live vote, a houseguest is evicted and interviewed; remaining houseguests compete for power in the next head of household.
Jul 24 2022
Episode 6 24x06
Things get fishy at a mer-tastic veto competition. Who will win the golden power, and will it be used to save either Pooch or Taylor?
Jul 20 2022
Episode 5 24x05
Tonight will the Southerner be side lined, or will she compete? And who will devour power at the messiest fest yet. Plus two houseguests will hit the block.
Jul 17 2022
Episode 4 24x04
Tonight, the house guests have been in the BB motel for 9 days. Emotions are high, and a shocking announcement changes the course of the game. Plus, the battle for power begins again.
Jul 14 2022
Episode 3 24x03
Tonight it's the first Power of Veto competition of the summer, will Terrance or Michael be saved from the block?
Jul 13 2022
Episode 2 24x02
Tonight the game is officially underway. Alliances will form, have-nots will be chosen, and Daniel will nominate two houseguests for eviction.
Jul 10 2022
Premiere 24x01
16 complete strangers will live in total confinement, cut off from the outside world. All summer long, they will compete for safety and power. Each week they will vote to evict one of their own, until only one house guest remains to claim the 750,000 dollar grand prize.
Jul 06 2022

Season 23

37 Episodes

The finale. Season 23 comes to an end and one Houseguest is voted the winner of Big Brother and the grand prize of $750,000
Sep 29 2021
This is the last stop before finale night. Who will advance and be one step closer to taking the grand prize?
Sep 26 2021
The top three houseguests are surprised with messages from home. Plus witness never before seen laughs, emotions, and drama from this historic season!
Sep 24 2021
Will nominations for eviction change, forcing final alliances to be tested? Who will be evicted and who will make it to the final three?
Sep 23 2021
With only one week left, our final four houseguests battle it out for the most important veto of the season? Who will win this power to determine who stays and who goes?
Sep 22 2021
Tonight, a new head of household will be crowned. And the winner punches their ticket to the top three. Which two cookout members will find themselves in the hot seat?
Sep 17 2021
A special 2-hour show. Shocking news - The houseguests find out this will be another double eviction week, forcing the houseguests to play a week's worth of Big Brother in one night! Who will become the new HoH? Who will win Veto? And who will be the next two evicted and join the jury?
Sep 16 2021
BB Comics are back! Which houseguest hero will soar to capture the Golden Power of Veto? Will the power be used to save one of the nominees?
Sep 15 2021
BB Comics Week continues as a new HOH is crowned. And who will be the first member of the cookout to be targeted?
Sep 12 2021
It's double eviction night! Who will be sent to jury?
Sep 09 2021
Prepare to be roasted. Zingbot is back! Plus, with the power of veto on the line, will one of the nominees be saved from the block?
Sep 08 2021
The Big Brother circus continues as a new HOH is crowned, but will a fracture in the Cookout alliance stir things up?
Sep 05 2021
Who will be evicted? Who will win the epic battle of endurance to become the new HoH? Plus a sneak peek into the jury house!
Sep 02 2021
Due to the Coin of Destiny, there is a secret HoH! How will the secret HoH's power affect the game? And with the power of veto up for grabs, will it save one of the three nominees up for eviction?
Sep 01 2021
With only 9 houseguests remaining, who will the the new HoH target this week? Or will the Coin Of Destiny impact the game?
Aug 29 2021
Who will be the next houseguest sent to jury? And who will obtain the HoH?
Aug 26 2021
Will the HOHs secret plan come to play? Who will win the power of veto and will it change tonights nominees?
Aug 25 2021
Who will the new HoH nominate for eviction? The High Rollers Room is back open for business and will it affect tonights nominees?
Aug 22 2021
After tonight's live eviction, who will be the first houseguest sent to Jury? Plus a new HoH will be crowned.
Aug 19 2021
OTEV is back! And with the Power of Veto available, will a nominee be safe tonight? And will a second veto be unleashed and change the game?
Aug 18 2021
With the power up for grabs, will the new HOH make a bold move? And the High Rollers Room is open for business!
Aug 15 2021
With tension in the house, will the HoH succeed in backdooring his target? And how will America impact the game?
Aug 12 2021
Who will bust their butt to earn the Power of Veto and who will get stuck with the first punishments of the season?
Aug 11 2021
After a sink or swim battle of endurance, who will be the new HoH and who will they nominate for eviction now that the team twist is over?
Aug 08 2021
After tonight's live eviction, it's survival of the fittest as the houseguests compete in an epic battle of endurance to become the next HoH.
Aug 05 2021
With the Power of Veto on the line, will a nominee get Bumped off the block or will the HoH Set the nominations in stone?
Aug 04 2021
Will the HOH take a big shot in axing their target? And the Wildcard Competition presents the winner with a huge, game changing decision!
Aug 01 2021
In tonight's live eviction, will the flight attendant be blindsided with an early departure? And will the new HoH shake up the house?
Jul 29 2021
Episode 9 23x09
With the Power of Veto up for grabs, can the HoH keep the week from spinning out of control?
Jul 28 2021
Episode 8 23x08
With many house alliances and a wildcard competition, will the HoH be forced to show their cards for nominations?
Jul 25 2021
Episode 7 23x07
In tonight's live eviction, will the Farmer's game head to the Slaughterhouse or will the Black Belt get karate chopped off the block?
Jul 22 2021
Episode 6 23x06
Will it be a drop in the bucket for one of the nominees in a crucial Veto competition? Who has what it takes to sunbathe in the victory?
Jul 21 2021
Episode 5 23x05
With a new HoH crowned, who will be the target and who will earn safety in an explosive Wildcard Competition!
Jul 18 2021
Episode 4 23x04
It's sink or swim for the surfer and the swimsuit designer in the first live eviction of the summer! Who will stay afloat?
Jul 15 2021
Episode 3 23x03
The new season of Big Brother rolls on with the first veto competition of the season! Will the veto rock the house?
Jul 14 2021
Episode 2 23x02
After the season's first Head of Household is crowned, the Houseguests settle into the Big Brother House
Jul 11 2021
Premiere 23x01
Tonight, 16 strangers will move in with only one goal in mind. To be the last one standing. Inside, 94 cameras and 194 microphones will capture their every move. All summer long they will compete for safety and power. It is a game of skill, strategy, and social manipulation, where each week they must evict one of their own. It is a new era of big risks, big rewards, and the biggest cash prize in B.B. history.
Jul 07 2021

Season 22

37 Episodes

The live two-hour season finale of "Big Brother: All-Stars". Find out who becomes the final Head of Household, setting the stage for the last eviction of the season. The jury will then cast their votes live for the winner. Then, all 16 Houseguests will reunite, America's favorite Houseguest will be revealed, and either Enzo, Cody, or Nicole will be crowned the winner of "Big Brother: All-Stars" and walk away with the $500,000 grand prize.
Oct 28 2020
Who will win Part One of the final three-part Head of Household competition?
Oct 26 2020
With the final three set, Nicole, Cody and Enzo will look back at the All-Star season!
Oct 23 2020
Who will be the last All-Star evicted before the finale, Nicole or Christmas?
Oct 22 2020
Who will win the final and most important Veto of the season, and punch their ticket to the B.B. finale?
Oct 21 2020
Tonight, who will checkmate their way to the final three? Plus, half of the final four will end up on the chopping block.
Oct 19 2020
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house, Christmas or Memphis?
Oct 15 2020
Who will win the Power of Veto? And will it be used to save either Christmas or Memphis? Plus, BB Comics are back!
Oct 14 2020
With only 5 All Stars remaining, a pumpkin patch battle began. Who will carve out a victory? And which houseguest will jack-o'-land on the block?
Oct 12 2020
Twas the night before eviction, and this is no lie, someone's game is over, either Christmas or Tyler.
Oct 08 2020
Who will win the Power of Veto? And will it be used to save either Tyler or Christmas from the chopping block?
Oct 07 2020
Witness all the crazy strategy you didn't see that shaped the shocking triple eviction! Plus with only six remaining a new HOH will be crowned, and two houseguests will be nominated for eviction.
Oct 05 2020
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house, Kevin or David? But that's only the beginning, because for the first time in B.B. history, it's going to be a Triple Eviction.
Oct 01 2020
Will the power of Veto save one of the nominees? Plus what prizes lay hidden in OTEV's Party Pad.
Sep 30 2020
Tonight, who will score big in the Head of Household competition and which two Houseguests will face the chopping block.
Sep 27 2020
Who will be the next All-Star sent to the Jury House? Kevin or Da'Vonne? Plus, a B.B. legend returns to the game to kick off a new twist.
Sep 24 2020
Who will win the Power of Veto? And will it be used to save either Kevin or Da'Vonne from eviction? Plus, Zingbot is back and ready to roast the All-Stars.
Sep 23 2020
With only 10 remaining in the battle for a half million dollars, a puzzling HOH competition began. Who will solve their way to power, and which houseguest will end up on the chopping block? Plus a devious plot was hatched prior to the eviction, watch it unfold and see the repercussions shake up the house.
Sep 20 2020
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house, Tyler or Ian?
Sep 17 2020
What will Dani do when the Disruptor Power is unleashed? Plus, who will win the veto?
Sep 15 2020
With the power back up for grabs, the houseguests were hanging on for dear life. The first three will be "have-nots," and the last player standing will be the new Head Of Household. Who will win and who will be nominated? Find out now!
Sep 13 2020
Tonight, either Da'Vonne or Bayleigh will be sent packing, but not before a showdown sends shock waves through the house. Plus, an epic endurance competition begins.
Sep 10 2020
Tonight, who will win the power of veto? And will it be used to save Da'Vonne or Bayleigh from the block? Plus, an unexpected series of events unfolds that no one saw coming.
Sep 09 2020
Tonight, as alliances shatter and houseguests scatter, who will make Christmas' naughty list and be nominated for eviction?
Sep 06 2020
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house, Christmas or Kaysar?
Sep 03 2020
Who will win a brutal endurance competition for the Power of Veto? And will either Kaysar or Kevin be saved?
Sep 02 2020
With the "Head of Household" back up for grabs, who will roll into power? and which house guest will be targeted next for eviction?
Aug 30 2020
Which old school legend will be evicted from the Big Brother house, Kaysar or Janelle?
Aug 27 2020
Who will win the Power of Veto? And will it be used to save either Janelle or Kaysar from the block?
Aug 26 2020
Tonight, Janelle and Nicole's feud escalates. Plus, It's the final "Safety Suite" competition. Who will become safe? and who will be nominated for eviction?
Aug 23 2020
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house, David or Nicole A.? Find out tonight on Big Brother All-Stars!
Aug 20 2020
Tonight, can the Power of Veto save David or Nicole A.? Plus, is there already cracks in Memphis' alliance?
Aug 19 2020
Memphis must nominate two houseguests for eviction. Plus, the safety suite is back open. Who will swipe in to try and guarantee they stay in?
Aug 16 2020
Tonight, a house guest is evicted; the remaining house guests compete for next head of household.
Aug 13 2020
Tonight, it's the first Power of Veto competition of the summer. Will Keesha or Kevin be saved from the chopping block, or is there a bigger target waiting in the wings?
Aug 12 2020
Cody nominates two house guests for eviction. Plus, the reveal on the first twist of the summer: the safety suite! Inside the safety suite is something every single house guest will want.
Aug 09 2020
The summer reality hit BIG BROTHER will debut its 22nd season with an All-Star cast who have one thing in common - they all have something to prove. The two-hour live move-in premiere event.
Aug 05 2020

Season 21

40 Episodes

Find out will win the final and most powerful HoH of the summer. And who the jury will choose to get the $500,000 prize.
Sep 25 2019
Julie Chen Moonves sits down with last season's final three to hear their thoughts on the upcoming finale. Plus, part one of the final HoH plays out in its entirety.
Sep 22 2019
Who will be evicted and who will end up in the final 3? Plus, it's been a wild few weeks in the jury house and you will see it all.
Sep 19 2019
Who will win the final and most important veto of the season, and guarantee themselves a spot in the Final 3?
Sep 18 2019
It's the home stretch, and they're all gunning for control.
Sep 15 2019
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house, Tommy or Holly?
Sep 12 2019
Who will win the Power of Veto, and will it be used to save either Tommy or Cliff from eviction?
Sep 11 2019
Former Houseguests Swaggy and Bayleigh return to host the next Head of Household competition. Who will rise to power, and who will be nominated for eviction?
Sep 08 2019
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother House, Jessica or Cliff? And who will follow them out the door because it's double eviction night?
Sep 05 2019
Who will win the Power Of Veto? And will it be used to save either Jessica or Christie from the block?
Sep 04 2019
We're getting closer to crowning the winner of the half million dollar grand prize, but there is still a whole lot of game to be played. Next, who will become the new Head of Household?
Sep 01 2019
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother House? Nick or Christie?
Aug 29 2019
Who will win the power of veto, and will it be used to save either Christie or Nick from eviction?
Aug 28 2019
Who did you vote to take away half of Holly's power as Head of Household? And who will that Prankster Houseguest nominate for eviction?
Aug 25 2019
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house and sent to jury? Sis, or Christie?
Aug 22 2019
Who will win the Power of Veto, and will it be used to save either Analyse or Christie from eviction?
Aug 21 2019
See who wins the Head of Household Competition and the Power of Veto is back up for grabs.
Aug 18 2019
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house, Cliff or Kat?
Aug 15 2019
Who will win the power of veto? And will it be used to save either Christie, Cliff or Kat from eviction?
Aug 14 2019
Three Houseguests will compete in America's Field Trip. Who will become the third nominee for eviction? Who will be punished and who will be safe for the week?
Aug 11 2019
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house, and become the first juror?
Aug 08 2019
Who will win the Power of Veto? And, will it be used to save either Michie or Jack from eviction?
Aug 07 2019
Find out who wins the crucial Head of Household competition.
Aug 04 2019
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? Sam or Kat?
Aug 01 2019
Who will win the Power of Veto? And, will it be used to save either Sam or Nick from eviction?
Jul 31 2019
Who will emerge from the epic endurance competition as the new HoH, and which two players will be targeted next for eviction?
Jul 28 2019
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house, Jack or Bella?
Jul 25 2019
Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save either Michie or Jack from eviction?
Jul 24 2019
Cliff is back in the game. Tune in to see his triumphant return. Plus, we crown a new Head of Household. Who will rise to power, and who will they nominate for eviction?
Jul 21 2019
Who will be evicted, Cliff or Nicole? Plus, one member of Camp Comeback will earn a second chance at the game while three will be evicted for good.
Jul 18 2019
Who will win the Power of Veto? And will it be used to save either Cliff, or Jessica from eviction?
Jul 17 2019
Who will Nick nominate for eviction? Plus, find out who will win the last Secret Power in the final Whacktivity Competition; it's a classic BB Power returning to the game.
Jul 14 2019
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother House and join Camp Comeback? Will it be Kemi or Jessica?
Jul 11 2019
Who will win the Power of Veto? And, will it be used to save either Jessica or Kemi from eviction?
Jul 10 2019
The next Whacktivity competition. Who will win and what secret power will they receive?
Jul 07 2019
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house, Kathryn or Ovi? Plus, how will the house react when a shocking new twist is unleashed?
Jul 03 2019
It's the first VETO of the Summer, will it be used to save one of the nominees? Plus, BB20 winner Kaycee returns to surprise the Houseguests. There are also signs of cracks in the Gr8ful alliance.
Jul 02 2019
Which two Houseguests will be nominated for eviction? Plus, there's a new twist in the game where a secret power is up for grabs.
Jun 30 2019
Jun 26 2019
Jun 25 2019

Season 20

40 Episodes

Who will win the final three-part Head of Household competition? And which Houseguest will go on to be crowned the winner of Big Brother 20 and take home the half-million dollars?
Sep 26 2018
Jeff Schroeder makes a surprise visit to the Big Brother house, and the battle for the final Head of Household begins.
Sep 23 2018
Who will JC nominate for eviction? And who will win the final Veto of the summer? And whose dream of winning it all will come to an end?
Sep 20 2018
Who will win the PoV and will it be used to save either Sam or JC? Plus, another houseguest will be sent to jury on a special eviction episode.
Sep 19 2018
Chart-topping pop sensation Bebe Rexha visits the Big Brother House for a surprise performance. Plus, the power is up for grabs, who will become the new Head of Household, and which two Houseguests will be nominated for eviction?
Sep 16 2018
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? Sam or Haleigh? And who will be the second houseguest sent packing in the Double Eviction?
Sep 13 2018
Who will win the Power of Veto? And will it be used to save either Sam or Haleigh from eviction?
Sep 12 2018
Who will Kaycee nominate for eviction?
Sep 09 2018
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother House, Scottie or Haleigh?
Sep 06 2018
Who will win the Power of Veto? And, will it be used to save either Haleigh or Scottie from eviction?
Sep 05 2018
Find out who becomes the new Head of Household and which Houseguests are nominated for eviction.
Sep 02 2018
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother House, Fessy or Haleigh? Plus, which Juror will battle their way back into the game?!
Aug 30 2018
Who will win the Power of Veto? And, will it be used to save either Fessy or Haleigh from eviction?
Aug 29 2018
Find out who will win the all-important HoH competition! Who will rise to power? And, who will the new HoH nominate for eviction!?
Aug 26 2018
What will happen at the Veto Meeting?! Plus, which Houseguest will be evicted?
Aug 23 2018
The Houseguests have been berated and blindsided for months, but Zingbot is about to take it to a whole new level!
Aug 22 2018
Only 9 Houseguests remain in the battle for $500,000. The winner of the HoH is revealed as well as who he or she will nominate for eviction.
Aug 19 2018
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house, Rockstar or Kaycee?
Aug 16 2018
Who will win the the Power of Veto? And will it be used to save either Angela or Rockstar from eviction
Aug 15 2018
Find out who Haleigh nominates for eviction. Plus, it's the final BB H@cker competition. Who will win the secret power to hack the game and how will it affect the nominations?
Aug 12 2018
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house, Rockstar or Bayleigh?. Another HoH competition begins.
Aug 09 2018
Pressure builds after a series of secret powers, shifting alliances, and explosive evictions!
Aug 08 2018
A surprising new power will be unleashed in the house.
Aug 05 2018
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? Brett, or Rachel?
Aug 02 2018
Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save either Brett or Rachel from eviction?
Aug 01 2018
The battle for HoH begins again and loyalties are questioned. Plus, two Houseguests will be nominated for eviction.
Jul 29 2018
Who will be evicted from the House next? Kaitlyn or Rockstar? Plus, will the Bonus Life Power save the evictee?
Jul 26 2018
Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save either Haleigh or Kaitlyn from eviction?
Jul 25 2018
Who becomes the new head of household and who will be evicted? And comments by JC and Bayleigh have sparked up intense conversation in the house.
Jul 22 2018
Who will be evicted from the house? Bro Winston or Bro Brett?
Jul 19 2018
Divisions mount with the bromance on the block, and Houseguests spin for the win in a dizzy disco-themed veto competition!
Jul 18 2018
Scotty got the HoH power, but a twist could hack his game!
Jul 15 2018
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? Winston... or Swaggy C?
Jul 12 2018
Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save either Scottie or Winston from eviction?
Jul 11 2018
Find out who is the top trending house guest and what power app will they choose? Plus who will Kaitlyn nominate for eviction?
Jul 08 2018
Find out who will be the first person (or robot) evicted from the house, Sam or Steve.
Jul 05 2018
Will the Power of Veto save either Sam or Steve, or will the new "bonus life" power change the game?
Jul 04 2018
One Houseguest will earn a power in the BB app store and one will receive a punishment.
Jul 01 2018
The two-night premiere event continues with the first HoH competition of the summer; who will grab all the power and who will be nominated for eviction?
Jun 28 2018
High tech takes over Big Brother for its 20th anniversary, as 16 all-new Houseguests face unexpected twists and upgraded power in a house inspired by Silicon Valley. This season's cast includes a flight attendant, a former undercover cop, a cyber security engineer and a Vegas entertainer, among others.
Jun 27 2018

Season 19

39 Episodes

The last battles, the last eviction, and the final live vote determine the winner of the $500,000. Also, the winner of 'America's Favorite Houseguest' is announced.
Sep 20 2017
The battle for the final HoH begins. Plus, Josh, Paul and Christmas celebrate the best moments of the Summer including tons of moments you haven't seen.
Sep 15 2017
Find out who Paul will nominate for eviction, who will win the final Veto competition of the Summer and which houseguests will make it to the Final 3.
Sep 14 2017
Who will win the Power of Veto? And will it be used so save either Alex or Kevin from eviction? Plus, it's a surprise eviction, who will be next to head to jury?
Sep 13 2017
Witness the moments you missed during the live double evictions, and a new HoH will rise to power. Plus, don't miss the world premiere of BB Comic's movie trailer, 'The Revengers'.
Sep 10 2017
The Houseguests are in double-trouble when another live double eviction shows who is pulling the strings and who is merely a puppet.
Sep 07 2017
The Houseguests compete for the Power of Veto in a special competition hosted by Bobby Moynihan
Sep 06 2017
With three weeks left and another double eviction coming up, the Houseguests find themselves racing to the finish in the final stretch of the game.
Sep 03 2017
The last of the showmances is being ripped apart, but the unlucky lovers won't go out without a fight as the fallout from the Veto meeting sends the house into turmoil.
Aug 31 2017
One pair is running the show as the Houseguests compete in a high-stakes battle to stay in the game. Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save either Matt or Raven?
Aug 30 2017
With nine evicted and eight remaining, the Houseguests hang on for dear life to become the next HOH.
Aug 27 2017
A floater and an outsider are on the block, and a live eviction will decide who leaves and who gets to fight another day.
Aug 24 2017
Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save either Jason or Matt? Plus, Zingbot, the sultan of insult and the king of zing is in the house!
Aug 23 2017
Who will be the new HoH, which new temptation will be released, and how will it affect who goes on the block?
Aug 20 2017
It's an extra day of cray-cray as former Big Brother winner Derrick makes a surprise appearance.
Aug 18 2017
The house is about to see double because it's finally here, the live double eviction. Going once! Going twice! Who will be gone?
Aug 17 2017
Will Cody get a chance to fight for his life in the Power of Veto? Plus, who will make a critical mistake and land in Alex's crosshairs
Aug 16 2017
Double-eviction week begins and the stakes of the game are higher than ever before.
Aug 13 2017
One showmance will become a "no-mance" when either Elena, Jessica, or Raven is evicted.
Aug 10 2017
Will the PoV save Jessica, Mark, or Elena? Plus, what brings Cody to tears?
Aug 09 2017
With Josh in power, anything can happen. Who will he nominate for eviction? Plus, which houseguest will be tempted to play in the most frightening competition of all time?
Aug 06 2017
Will Jess go through with her plan to cut Cody or will she let love prevail and use the Halting Hex? Plus, call your friends because it's going to be a crazy night on Big Brother
Aug 03 2017
The PoV is on the line. Plus, the threat of the hex causes tempers to flare.
Aug 02 2017
How will Jessica's reveal of her temptation rock the house? Plus, which houseguest will Paul target for eviction?
Jul 30 2017
Will Paul's blindside plan go through or will the house flip on the meatball? Plus, a new HoH will be crowned.
Jul 27 2017
Will the PoV be used to save Ramses or Josh? Plus, is another blindside brewing?
Jul 26 2017
How will the house react when Cody returns? Plus, who will rise to power as the new HoH and which two houseguests will be nominated for eviction?
Jul 23 2017
Four evicted houseguests battle each other for a chance to get back into the game, but for the first time ever they must also win an epic showdown against someone in the house.
Jul 21 2017
Will it be Jessica or Dominique evicted from the house or will The Halting Hex change the course of the game. Plus, a simple game of pool ignites an epic fight.
Jul 20 2017
With the Power of Veto on the line, will Jessica or Dominique secure safety? Plus another night, another fight.
Jul 19 2017
Find out who emerges victorious in the latest HoH competition and which houseguests will be targeted for eviction.
Jul 16 2017
Tonight, Alex, Ramses or Cody will be evicted. Plus, will Christmas be forced to leave the game and, the battle for power begins again on Big Brother.
Jul 13 2017
Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save Alex, Josh or Ramses from eviction?
Jul 12 2017
The new HoH is revealed. The Den of Temptation opens again. And who will be the nominees?
Jul 09 2017
Tonight, the house explodes in the wake of the Veto meeting. Plus alliances will be tested; and either Jillian or Christmas will be evicted tonight Live. And a HoH power is back up for grabs.
Jul 06 2017
Will the Power of Veto save either Alex or Jillian, or will Cody set his sights on a new target? Plus, which houseguest will suffer a curse inside 'The Den of Temptation'?
Jul 05 2017
Tonight, the Den Of Temptation opens...who did America choose to tempt? Plus emotions hit an all time high, leading to a shocking revelation.
Jul 02 2017
The game kicks into gear when the first HoH is crowned; and with nominations looming, tensions hit a boiling point.
Jun 29 2017
A whole new group of strangers moves into the Big Brother house and begins the battle for $500,000. This Summer, the houseguests will be enticed by more temptations and face more consequences than anyone in the history of the game.
Jun 28 2017

Season 18

42 Episodes

Who will become the final HoH and who will make it to the final 2? Thirteen house guests have departed and tonight, nine will have to make a difficult decision. Who will be crowned winner of Big Brother and walk away with the half million dollar prize, and who did America vote as their favorite house guest? Find out tonight, live on the season finale of Big Brother.
Sep 21 2016
The battle for the final HoH begins. Plus the Final Three celebrate the Summer.
Sep 16 2016
It's the final and most important veto of the summer. Who will secure their safety and who will be evicted. Plus, emotions explode at the jury house.
Sep 14 2016
Tonight, will a super-powered Veto save Paul or Victor? Plus who will be evicted and who will become the new HoH? Also, Season 16 winner Derrick weighs in on the Final Five.
Sep 13 2016
With only five remaining, a slippery battle for HoH concludes. Who will slide into power and who will be nominated for eviction? Plus, will the Final Four remain loyal to each other or will the season of back-stabs and betrayal continue?
Sep 11 2016
Either James or Natalie will leave the game but will they be torn apart before a single vote is cast? Plus, Michelle arrives at the jury house and BB favorites, Jeff and Jordan, are back.
Sep 08 2016
Tonight, can the Power Of Veto save James or Natalie? Plus, will being on the block together tear them apart?
Sep 07 2016
Which houseguest will "Egg-cel" to become the new HoH and with three duos left in the game, which pair will end up on the block?
Sep 04 2016
Either Michelle or Paul will head to jury, plus will Corey cash in on the BB bribe and the battle for power begins again.
Sep 01 2016
Tonight, will the Power Of Veto save Michelle or Paul? Plus, it's Christmas in August in the Big Brother House.
Aug 31 2016
Which jury member will make it back into the Big Brother house, and which current Houseguest will win HoH? Plus, America awards its final care package of the summer.
Aug 28 2016
Tonight, either Victor or Corey will be evicted and join the other jurors in an epic battle to return to the game.
Aug 25 2016
Tonight, the nominations ignite a war of words in the house. Plus the Power Of Veto is on the line.
Aug 24 2016
With the power up for grabs, the Houseguests enter the dreaded Black Box. Will they survive the scariest HoH competition yet? Plus, who will get America's latest care package?
Aug 21 2016
Big Brother throws the Houseguests the ultimate summer bash, where they'll compete for prizes, perks and power. Also, Ziggy Marley stops by to surprise the Houseguests with a special performance.
Aug 19 2016
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house, Paulie or Corey and do either of them possess a round trip ticket to get back into the game?
Aug 18 2016
Tonight, will the Power Of Veto save Paulie or Corey from the block? Plus, it's the night you've been waiting all summer for, Zingbot is back!
Aug 17 2016
Tonight, see the explosive series of events that went down just 24 hours leading up to the double eviction. Plus, who will become the next HoH, and who will be on the chopping block?
Aug 14 2016
Tonight either Zakiyah or Michelle will be evicted, but they won't be alone as it's double eviction night!
Aug 11 2016
Tonight the Power Of Veto is on the line, will it save Zakiyah or Michelle?
Aug 10 2016
Tonight, who will rise to power, who will emerge as the next target, and how will America's care package shake up the game?
Aug 07 2016
Tonight, Da'Vonne or Bridgette will be evicted. Does either hold the round trip ticket or will one of them become the first member of the jury? Plus, the battle for HoH begins on Big Brother.
Aug 04 2016
Tonight, the Power Of Veto is up for grabs, will it save Paulie or Bridgette from eviction? Plus, as the Summer heats up, tempers are on the rise.
Aug 03 2016
Who will rise to power? And who will be nominated? Plus, who will receive the first "Care Package" from America?
Jul 31 2016
Frank and Bridgette are on the ropes but the secret room just may change the course of the game on Big Brother.
Jul 28 2016
Who will win the Power Of Veto? And will it be used to save Bridgette or Frank from eviction
Jul 27 2016
Tonight, with the return of Victor and the end of the team twist and BB Roadkill, the HoH competition has never been more important. Who will rise to power, and who will be nominated for eviction?
Jul 24 2016
Four head-to-head battles lead to one previously evicted houseguest returning to the game.
Jul 22 2016
Will Da'Vonne's game blow up in her face or will the house finally send Tiffany packing?
Jul 21 2016
Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save Corey, Tiffany or Natalie from eviction?
Jul 20 2016
Tonight, with the house's plan to take out Frank derailed, who will go on the block? Who will win the Roadkill? And who will lose their mind?
Jul 17 2016
Will Frank successfully send Tiffany packing or will Da'Vonne lead the charge to take out a different nominee? Also a new HoH will be crowned!
Jul 14 2016
Tonight the Power Of Veto is up for grabs, will one of the nominees be saved?
Jul 13 2016
Tonight, Bridgette must nominate two people for eviction. Plus, the BB RV is pulling up to make someone roadkill. Who will be the third nominee? Also, love is in the air as showmances blossom.
Jul 10 2016
Bronte, Victor or Tiffany face the threat of eviction and entry into the "Battle Back" twist, and a new Head of Household is crowned.
Jul 07 2016
Tonight, the Power Of Veto is on the line. Will the backdoor plan send Victor to the block? Or will a new target emerge?
Jul 06 2016
Who will become the new HoH, and which two Houseguests will be nominated for eviction? Plus, the BB Roadkill is back, and the winner will secretly pick a third nominee!
Jul 03 2016
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother House? Plus the power will once again be up for grabs and another game changing twist will be announced!
Jun 30 2016
Tonight, it's the first Power of Veto competition of the Summer. Will Paulie, Jozea or Paul be saved from the block?
Jun 29 2016
Tonight, a brand new competition will change the game once again. How will everyone react when the new twist is unleashed? Plus, with the veterans and newbies at war, who will strike next?
Jun 26 2016
Tonight, one team must compete against each other, the loser will be the first House Guest sent packing, leaving the reaming three to decide which one of them will be the first Head Of Household of the Summer. Plus, two House Guests will be nominated for eviction.
Jun 23 2016
Four stowaways secretly tucked away in the house will kick off the two-night premiere event. Four competitions, three twists, two-nights and one Houseguest will be going home before the summer has barely even begun. This summer is guaranteed to be a bumpy ride.
Jun 22 2016

Season 17

40 Episodes

Finale 17x40
Who will the jury crown as the winner of Big Brother? Plus, who did America vote as their favorite Houseguest?
Sep 23 2015
HoH #16 17x39
Tonight, the battle for the final HoH begins. Plus, the final three celebrate the summer. (
Sep 20 2015
Tonight, Beastmode Cowboy returns to host the final and most important Veto competition of the season. Plus, another Houseguest will be sent to jury!
Sep 16 2015
Tonight, who will claim the power of veto and guarantee their spot in the final four? Plus, which houseguest will be evicted, and who will become the next HoH?
Sep 15 2015
Tonight, who will secure their spot to the final four and which two houseguests will be nominated for eviction? Plus, Frankie returns and takes two houseguests on a trip of a lifetime.
Sep 13 2015
Tonight, the wombmates will be split up! Will Liz or Julia be sent to jury? Plus, the final five begin a battle for power.
Sep 10 2015
Veto #13 17x34
Tonight, will the showmance be torn apart, or can the power of veto be used to save either Austin or Liz? Plus, the entire house is thrown into an emotional chaos.
Sep 09 2015
Tonight, a new HoH will be crowned. Will Austwins keep the power, or will Steve, John, or Vanessa's secret alliance emerge from the shadows to strike first?
Sep 06 2015
Will the house say bon voyage to the New Yorker or Miami girl? Plus, it's time for another double eviction!
Sep 03 2015
Veto #11 17x31
Tonight, it's do or die for the country boy and the city girl. Will one of them be saved by the power of veto?
Sep 02 2015
Tonight, which juror will earn their way back into the game and who will gain power as the new head of household? Plus, two new houseguests will be nominated for eviction. And, will Liz and Austin make it official?
Aug 30 2015
Tonight, will the dentist be extracted from the house, or will the trombonist play his final tune? Plus, an epic battle will begin to send one juror back into the house.
Aug 27 2015
Veto #10 17x28
Tonight, will the power of veto be used to save either Steve or Johnny Mac? Plus, the roasting robot Zingbot is back!
Aug 26 2015
Tonight, who will end up running the house and which two houseguests will be nominated?
Aug 23 2015
Tonight, will the dentist's brush with glory come to an end? Or will the Colorado girl be forced to take a hike? Plus, your first look inside the jury house and a new battle for power begins.
Aug 20 2015
Veto #9 17x25
Tonight, will the power of veto save either John or Becky? Plus, will Austin and the twins make a power play against the poker player? And get ready to rock, it's the world premiere of Otev Rock n' Roll.
Aug 19 2015
Tonight, see the fallout from Steve's shocking reign of power, plus, a new Head of Household will be crowned and two new Houseguests will go on the block.
Aug 16 2015
Tonight, which "Sixth Sense" member will walk out the door? Plus, a second Houseguest is leaving!
Aug 13 2015
Veto #7 17x22
Tonight, the veto is up for grabs as BB Comics returns. Plus, will Becky go through with taking out Vanessa?
Aug 12 2015
Tonight, who will claim the HoH and which two houseguests will be nominated? Plus, see the shocking fight that happened right before the eviction.
Aug 09 2015
Will it be Clay or Shelli leaving the Big Brother House? Plus, the Hitmen are back!
Aug 06 2015
Veto #6 17x19
Will the Power of Veto save a showmance or will Clay and Shelli's love be torn apart?
Aug 05 2015
Tonight, will the Sixth Sense alliance stay in power, or will the other side of the house finally claim victory? Plus, which two houseguests will be nominated for eviction?
Aug 02 2015
Tonight, will Becky's game be permanently derailed or will the supermarket cashier check out? Plus, both twins enter the game.
Jul 30 2015
Veto #5 17x16
Will the Veto save either Clay or Becky and will Vanessa go through with the plan to take out Austin?
Jul 29 2015
Four new Houseguests will be nominated, and they'll go to war in the Battle of the Block.
Jul 26 2015
Tonight, will Audrey make it to the live eviction? Plus, two new Heads of Households will be crowned.
Jul 23 2015
Veto #4 17x13
Will the Veto save either Jason or John? Also, an explosive fight leads to shocking consequences and the world premiere of the Wack Street Boys.
Jul 22 2015
Tonight, four houseguests will be nominated, and 90's week continues with a "grunge" inspired Battle of the Block.
Jul 19 2015
Tonight, either James or Jeff will leave the Big Brother house and two new Houseguests will rise to power. Plus, a love triangle brings Austin to the boiling point.
Jul 16 2015
Veto #3 17x10
With Austin dethroned, will HoH Vanessa target James or Jeff? Will the veto screw up her master plan? Plus, Gronk has another surprise for the Houseguests.
Jul 15 2015
Tonight, which four Houseguests will be nominated for eviction? Plus, will the Twin Twist blow up Liz and Julia's game?
Jul 12 2015
Who will get the seventh phone call and win the power of the last laugh and how will it shake up the live eviction? Plus, a new surprise guest will help twist up the game.
Jul 09 2015
Veto #2 17x07
It's all on the line with the Veto back in play. Will Da'vonne or John be saved by the golden power?
Jul 08 2015
The new heads of household move into their rooms and nominate two people for possible eviction.
Jul 05 2015
Will Jackie stay in the Big Brother house? Plus two new HoH's are crowned. Also celebrity super fan Kathy Griffin returns to begin her BB Takeover!
Jul 02 2015
Veto #1 17x04
Who will win the power of veto? And will it be used to save either Jackie or Steve from eviction?
Jul 01 2015
Four Houseguests are nominated for eviction and compete in the Battle of the Block competition. Plus, the BB Takeover will twist up the game.
Jun 28 2015
The remaining Houseguests move in, plus the "BB Takeover" begins as the first surprise guest delivers a game changer!
Jun 25 2015
Two surprise guests will kick off the two-night premiere event as the Houseguests will live in a modern steel beach house that features a towering sky bridge, making it the largest house yet.
Jun 24 2015

Season 16

40 Episodes

The season comes to a close and the final Head of Household, the winner of the $500,000 grand prize, and America's favorite Houseguest will be determined.
Sep 24 2014
The battle for the final head of household begins. Plus Cody, Derrick and Victoria celebrate the summer. Including some hilarious moments you haven't seen.
Sep 19 2014
It's all about the final and most important Power of Veto competition of the season. Plus, another Houseguest will be evicted!
Sep 17 2014
It's a must win PoV for Frankie in this special eviction episode as one player wins HoH and another joins the jury.
Sep 16 2014
Tonight, with the "Rewind Twist", will winning HoH be deja vu for Frankie or will another houseguest rise to power. Plus, the jurors are back for a little revenge.
Sep 14 2014
A game-changing twist is revealed, a houseguest will be saved, and the game will be rewound! Also, past Big Brother winner Dan Gheesling guest stars.
Sep 10 2014
With Frankie safe, will The Hitmen use the Veto as an opportunity to turn on Beast Mode? And with the countdown looming, will their decisions tonight come back to haunt them when the rewind is revealed? Plus, Team America gets their next mission.
Sep 09 2014
A new Head of Household is crowned, and two nominees are put on the block. Plus, Big Brother legends Jeff and Jordan return to the house in which their relationship began, Jeff pops the question fans have been waiting for, and Country music star Brett Eldredge makes a guest appearance.
Sep 07 2014
It's another double eviction night as either Nicole or Victoria's game come to an end. Plus, a brand new twist will be revealed.
Sep 04 2014
With the odds stacked against her, can Nicole save herself at an explosive Veto competition? Plus, will the Puppet Master convince the Detonators to turn on one of their own?
Sep 03 2014
With only seven houseguests remaining, a slippery and sloppy battle of endurance continues to see who will become the new Head of Household. Plus, see who will become nominated for eviction.
Aug 31 2014
Will Donny's luck finally run out or will Nicole be evicted for a second time? Plus, the power is once again up for grabs in an epic battle of endurance! (
Aug 28 2014
Being on the block for the sixth time, can the Veto King pull off another miracle? Plus, a medical emergency rocks the Big Brother house.
Aug 27 2014
Nicole returns from the Jury House in a game-changing twist, and for the first time this season Houseguests compete to become the sole Head of Household.
Aug 24 2014
Either Cody or Zach will be evicted, and the jurors battle to return to the Big Brother game!
Aug 21 2014
Will a Detonator become a new target? Plus, Zingbot is back and he brought Kathy Griffin to dish out the zing.
Aug 20 2014
Tonight Derrick and Frankie each nominate 2 people for eviction and the detonators are forced to resort to drastic measures. Plus, it's a fight for survival in the final Battle of the Block competition of the Summer.
Aug 17 2014
Tonight, either Nicole or Donny will be evicted from the Big Brother house. Plus, Christine, Caleb and Frankie leave the house for an exclusive NFL experience!
Aug 14 2014
With the house in turmoil, the veto is more important than ever. Plus what will the Houseguests think when Frankie reveals all?
Aug 13 2014
The fallout from the double eviction blows up the house, and two new Heads of Household have their nominees fight to survive in the most dramatic Battle of the Block yet!
Aug 10 2014
It's double eviction night as two Houseguests will be evicted by the end of the night. Plus, an evening full of surprises about to shake up the house!
Aug 07 2014
Nicole considers a plan to flip the house and backdoor Frankie, while Zach and Jocasta vie for the Power of Veto.
Aug 06 2014
Tonight, two new Heads of Household will be crowned. Plus, four Houseguests compete in the most punishing Battle of the Block competition yet.
Aug 03 2014
Will Jocasta or Amber be evicted from The Big Brother House? Also, two new HoH's will be crowned!
Jul 31 2014
Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save one of the nominees? Plus, team America attempts to cause a blow up at the Veto meeting.
Jul 30 2014
Which two houseguests will Zach and Frankie nominate for eviction? Plus, the nominees fight for their lives in the battle of the block! (
Jul 27 2014
A houseguest is evicted after Cody makes a nomination that leaves him torn between his own best interests and those his alliance. A new HOH is crowned.
Jul 24 2014
Tonight who will win the power of veto? Plus will the head of household make a game changing move?
Jul 23 2014
Two new heads of household pit their nominees against each other in the Battle of the Block, and Team America gets a new mission.
Jul 20 2014
Tonight, Devin or Caleb will be evicted from the Big Brother House, and the battle to crown two Heads of Household begins. Plus, Jeff Schroeder visits Donny's family and friends.
Jul 17 2014
The Power of Veto is up for grabs. Will the plan to backdoor Devin succeed?
Jul 16 2014
Nicole and Derrick decide which pairs of houseguests must compete in the Battle of the Block, and the nominees fight to avoid eviction.
Jul 13 2014
Watch the repercussions of the Veto meeting. Plus, who will be evicted tonight?
Jul 10 2014
With Amber dethroned as HoH, Devin is left ruler of the house. Plus, a Bomb Squad breakdown leads to a Veto Meeting explosion!
Jul 09 2014
Which two houseguests will Amber and Devin nominate for eviction? Plus, which nominees will be saved in the battle of the block?
Jul 06 2014
It's only been one week and twists have sent this game into overdrive! With alliances crumbling almost as fast as they form one thing is certain, tonight one Houseguest will be evicted and a new HoH will be crowned!
Jul 03 2014
Devin becomes suspicious of Donny and convinces the Bomb Squad to go after the groundskeeper. Meanwhile, it's the first Power of Veto competition of the summer. Will it be used to save those on chopping block?
Jul 02 2014
Frankie and Caleb must decide which four Houseguests to nominate for eviction. Plus, only one pair of nominees will be saved in the first ever Battle of the Block competition.
Jun 29 2014
Eight new Houseguests join the battle for $500,000, a second HoH is chosen, and Julie reveals the first member of Team America.
Jun 26 2014
This season promises to be the most twisted summer ever as 16 new Houseguests move into the Big Brother house to compete for $500,000.
Jun 25 2014

Season 15

36 Episodes

Finale 15x36
After a summer of controversy, outrageous behavior, showmances, tears, and epic battles, it all comes down to this. Who will win the final HoH and walk away with a half a million dollars?
Sep 18 2013
The Exterminators must now fight against each other as the final three-part HOH competition begins. Plus, Andy, Spencer, and GinaMarie look back on the most emotional, volatile, and humorous memories of the summer.
Sep 15 2013
The final four become three. There's only one last nomination ceremony, one last veto challenge, and one last chance to compete in the live Season Finale!
Sep 12 2013
Can McCrae out play the exterminators in the Veto competition in order to save himself? Plus, Big Brother winner Ian is back and another houseguest will be evicted
Sep 11 2013
With only 5 Houseguests left, no one is safe from the chopping block. Also, a new Head of Household is crowned.
Sep 08 2013
Big Brother's queen bee attempts to claw her way out of trouble along with the teflon pawn on a Double Eviction episode.
Sep 05 2013
Amanda melts down after being nominated. Plus, who will win the power of veto and will it be used to save Amanda or McCrae?
Sep 04 2013
Will the power shift as a new Head of Household is crowned? Plus, will 'McCranda' continue to run the game?
Sep 01 2013
Will Big Brother's most deceptive power couple lose their strongest competitor or their stealthiest informant?
Aug 29 2013
Elissa is HOH and ready to flip the house, and Zingbot returns
Aug 28 2013
A new HoH is crowned and one of the Jury returns with a vengeance!
Aug 25 2013
A power player and a perennial pawn are both up on the chopping block, and for the first time in Big Brother history, a Jury member will fight for a chance to come back!
Aug 22 2013
Helen and Elissa fight for their lives in the veto compitition. Plus Aaryn and Amanda go head to head.
Aug 21 2013
With only 8 Houseguests left, the pressure begins to build. Also, the Houseguests play a competition that leaves them completely in the dark.
Aug 18 2013
In the Big Brother house, be careful who you nominate. Another Houseguest joins the jury.
Aug 15 2013
Their numbers are dwindling, and the Houseguests can't hide their alliances anymore. Will the veto save one of the nominees?
Aug 14 2013
Watch the dramatic turn of events that lead to Judd's unexpected eviction. The HOH competition reveals where loyalties lie.
Aug 11 2013
With one live veto competition and a double eviction hanging over their heads, the Houseguests are freaking out on this special live episode of Big Brother.
Aug 08 2013
America's pick for the third nominee will be named and all three must battle it out in the Veto competition.
Aug 07 2013
With another Houseguest out the door, a battle for HoH resumes with a surprising winner, all leading to a dramatic nominations ceremony.
Aug 04 2013
She's kept calm in the chaos but no more miss nice girl as another houseguest is sent packing.
Aug 01 2013
The Houseguests still have no idea that America is the MVP, and your nominee shocks the house! Also, it's a battle back in time for the veto.
Jul 31 2013
After winning HOH, Aaryn must decide whether to honor a deal she made with other the Houseguests. And, the pressure of the game starts to take its toll on Candice and Howard.
Jul 28 2013
Three girls are nominated for eviction and the claws are coming out on tonight's live episode.
Jul 25 2013
The house guests find out who America voted for as the third nominee for eviction. Plus, they get down and dirty in a fight for the veto.
Jul 24 2013
As Judd nominates two Houseguests for eviction, tensions run high and two Houseguests begin to turn on each other. Also, a new showmance begins to blossom.
Jul 21 2013
Aaryn, Spencer and Jeremy are up on the block. Whichever Houseguest goes home, the house wins. Plus a new HOH is crowned.
Jul 18 2013
A new MVP is in the house and there is a new house guest up for eviction. Plus, will the power of veto be used on one of the three nominees?
Jul 17 2013
The new HOH chooses two people for eviction and the house is divided between two big alliances.
Jul 14 2013
Another houseguest is eliminated as the remaining houseguests gear up for the next HoH competition.
Jul 11 2013
The second MVP of the season is named as the Power of Veto is once again up for grabs. Plus a Big Brother favorite returns with surprising news for the Houseguests.
Jul 10 2013
The results of the HOH are in. The new HOH chooses two people for eviction and new alliances are made.
Jul 07 2013
It's the first live episode of the season and one of three Houseguests up for eviction will be sent packing.
Jul 03 2013
Tensions rise in the Big Brother house as McCrae faces the backlash of the two houseguests he nominated for eviction and America chooses the first Big Brother MVP who also nominates a houseguest. Also, the houseguests compete for the power of veto which could change everything. Marcela Valladolid from the CBS show "The American Baking Competition" guest-stars.
Jul 02 2013
After McCrae won the first Head of Household competition of the season, he must nominate two of his fellow HouseGuests for eviction. The third nominee for eviction will be made prior to the Power of Veto competition. The first "Have or Have Not" competition of the season also takes place.
Jun 30 2013
Sixteen all new HouseGuests move into the newly-designedBig Brother house and will spend the summer of 2013 competing for $500,000. Each HouseGuest hales from a different background yet they must form alliances and opt to lie or not lie as they seek to become the 15th Champion of Big Brother. After spending a brief introductory time with each other, the HouseGuests competed in the first The Head of Household competition of the season.
Jun 26 2013

Season 14

30 Episodes

The summer of 2012 officially concludes tonight with the season finale of Big Brother 14. The final three HouseGuests (Dan, Danielle and Ian) must battle in the final Head of Household competition, which consists of three parts. The winner of part one faces the winner of part two in part three of the finalHead of Household competition. The winner of this competition must then choose which HouseGuest to evict.The power then shifts to the jury who must chose which one of the two final HouseGuests will be crowned the winner of Big Brother 14.
Sep 19 2012
The final three HouseGuests (Dan, Danielle and Ian) sit down for a feast and take a stroll down memory lane to revisit some of the high and low moments of the Big Brother 14 season.Part one of the three part final Head of Household competition begins, but does not finish.
Sep 16 2012
Following Danielle's Head of Household win, the HouseGuests jostle to be one of the HouseGuests not nominated. After the nomination ceremony, the Power of Veto competition is held, which is followed by the veto ceremony and the eleventh live eviction.
Sep 13 2012
Julie surprised the HouseGuests by announcing that another HouseGuest would be evicted on this Wednesday night episode. First, the Power of Veto competition was held. The winner would not only receive the golden power of veto, but would also win a "luxury" prize. Following the veto ceremony, the HouseGuests voted to evict yet another of their roommates. Finally, the eleventh Head of Household competition is held.
Sep 12 2012
Following the second double-eviction week of the summer in which Frank and Joe were evicted, the HouseGuests find themselves ready to vie in the Head of Household competition. After the HoH competition, the new Head of Household must nominate two HouseGuests for eviction.
Sep 09 2012
In the second "double eviction" episode of the season, either Frank or Joe becomes the ninth HouseGuest evicted from the Big Brother house. Following this first eviction, a full week's worth of Big Brother action takes place, live, and the episode ends with the tenth HouseGuest being evicted.
Sep 06 2012
After Ian won the endurance-based Head of Household competition, he nominated Frank and Jenn C. for eviction, and thereby reuniting the "Quack Pack."Now, Ian, Frank, Jenn and three other HouseGuests must vie for the Power of Veto.
Sep 05 2012
Following Britney's backdoor eviction after Frank's third reign as Head of Household, a new divide splits the Big Brother House and the ninth Head of Household competition is completed. The new HoH must then nominate two more HouseGuests for eviction.
Sep 02 2012
In the week of Frank's third reign in the Big Brother House, with Dan and Danielle as the original nominees, the HouseGuests must choose to evict one of two fellow HouseGuests (Britney or Danielle) after Jenn C. won the power of veto used it to pull Dan off the block. The 9th Head of Household Competition starts but does not end.
Aug 30 2012
After Frank won the Head of Household competition and Ian found a golden veto ball after Frank opened Pandora's Box, Frank put up Dan and Danielle on the block. The two nominees, the HoH and three other HouseGuests must now vie for the Power of Veto. Meanwhile, Dan attempts to influence Ian to use the veto ball to save him if Dan doesn't win the PoV Competition.
Aug 29 2012
Following Thursday's "double eviction" episode in which we saw Mike "Boogie" and Ashley leave the Big Brother house, this episode begins with the HouseGuests battling in the Head of Household competition. The episode concludes with the new Head of Household nominating two HouseGuests for eviction.
Aug 26 2012
In this very special edition of Big Brother, the double eviction show returns. First, the HouseGuests must choose to evict either Jenn or Mike "Boogie" after Head of Household, Shane, put up Jenn following Frank's pulling himself off the block as the veto winner.After the first live eviction of the evening, the show speeds up and a full week of Big Brother plays out in the final 45 minutes of the episode.
Aug 23 2012
Following Head of Household's, Frank's, nominations of Frank and Boogie, six HouseGuests, including the HoH, the two nominees and three others vie for the Power of Veto.Following the Power of Veto competition, the veto ceremony is held.
Aug 22 2012
The episode picks up where the previous episode ended. We find the HouseGuests still vying for the Head of Household title in this endurance-based HoH competition. After the Head of Household competition ends, the new HoH must nominate two HouseGuests for eviction.
Aug 19 2012
With Head of Household, Frank, holding all of the power in the Big Brother house this week after his Power of Veto win, he chose not to veto either of his two initial nominees. And so, one of Wil or Joe will become the next HouseGuest sent packing. After the live eviction, the sixth Head of Household competition begins, but does not end as it is an "endurance" competition.
Aug 16 2012
After Head of Household, Frank, nominated Joe and Wil for eviction, the three of them plus an additional three HouseGuests vie for the golden power of veto. Following the competition, the veto ceremony is held in which the power of veto holder chooses whether he or she wants to use it to save one of the two nominees from the block.
Aug 15 2012
After Frank won his second Head of Household competition of the summer, players aligned with the evicted Janelle scramble and wonder who Frank will nominate. The HouseGuests compete in a "Have or Have-Not" competition.
Aug 12 2012
After Head of Household, Danielle, won the Power of Veto and used the veto to save one of her initial nominees, Will, and subsequently put up Janelle as the replacement nominee, the remaining HouseGuest must vote to evict either Frank or Janelle. Following the live eviction, the fifth Head of Household competition is held.
Aug 09 2012
Now that Frank and Wil have been nominated for eviction by Head of Household, Danielle, the nominees, the Head of Household and three other HouseGuests vie for the power of veto. Following the PoV competition, the veto ceremony is held.
Aug 08 2012
After it was revealed that America had voted to allow the coaches into the game, neither Frank nor Joe was evicted last week and the HouseGuests, including Boogie, Dan, Janelle and Britney, began the Head of Household competition. After the Head of Household competition is completed and a new Head of Household is crown, the new HoH nominates two HouseGuests for eviction.
Aug 05 2012
After Frank was put up as a replacement nominee following Shane's PoV victory and subsequent veto of one of his own original nominees, the HouseGuests must vote to evict the third HouseGuest. Also, find out if the coaches enter the game as players. Finally, a new Head of Household competition starts.
Aug 02 2012
Six HouseGuests, including the two nominees, Joe and Ashley, and the Head of Household, Shane, vie for the golden power of veto.Following the competition, the veto ceremony is held. The veto winner may chose to remove one of the nominees from the block.
Aug 01 2012
After Shane's Head of Household competition win, it's time to see his HoH bedroom. Following this, the coaches compete in the third coach's competition of the season. Finally, Shane nominates two more HouseGuests for eviction.
Jul 29 2012
After one of Head of Household, Frank's, nominees, Shane, won the golden power of veto and removed himself from the block, Frank was forced to put up Danielle as the replacement nominee. If Danielle were to be evicted by the HouseGuests, then Coach Dan would go home. If the other nominee, JoJo, were to be evicted, Coach Britney would only have one player left in the game. In the end, the HouseGuests must vote to evict either JoJo or Danielle. Following the second live eviction, the third Head of Household competition is held.
Jul 26 2012
Following Willie's ejection from the Big Brother house, Frank must change his plans and nominate two fellow HouseGuests for eviction. Six HouseGuests, including the HoH and the two nominees, vie for the power of veto. Following the competition, the PoV winner must choose whether or not to remove a nominee from the block.
Jul 25 2012
As the new Head of Household, Frank, settles into his new HoH bedroom, the power in the house begins to shift away from the outgoing HoH, Willie. Meanwhile another Coach's Competition is held followed by the second Nomination Ceremony, where Frank must select two fellow HouseGuests for eviction.
Jul 22 2012
The houseguests cast their vote to evict Frank or Kara followed by the HoH competition.
Jul 19 2012
The house reels from Willie's unexpected and strategic nominations and the houseguests struggle to gather some 'Loose Change' for the Power of Veto.
Jul 18 2012
Willie settles into his role as HoH and must select two houseguests for nomination. A new type of power is revealed.
Jul 15 2012
12 new houseguests move into the Big Brother house and in a series first, four of the most successful players to ever enter the Big Brother house, will return to play their own game and for their own separate prize.
Jul 12 2012

Season 13

29 Episodes

Finale 13x29
Two of the three remaining houseguests battle for the final HoH. The winner of Big Brother is announced and America chooses its favorite houseguest.
Sep 14 2011
The four remaining houseguests try to secure a place in the final three and the race is on for the newest and most powerful HoH.
Sep 08 2011
On a special eviction episode Kalia and Porsche fight for their lives. In the jury house, Jeff has some choice words for Shelly.
Sep 07 2011
After the HoH competition, it is a no holds barred game play and the new HoH has to decide whether or not to open Pandora's box.
Sep 04 2011
Shelly makes some surprising promises to Rachel and Jordan if they vote to evict Adam.
Sep 01 2011
After Pandora's box was opened and the duo twist was unleashed on the house for the second time Rachel and Jordan get a new potential lease on life as they prepare to fight for the PoV. Plus, Jordan gives Shelly the cold shoulder.
Aug 31 2011
Jordan takes her anger out on a former alliance member and all the veterans fight for their lives.
Aug 28 2011
The house explodes when an unexpected double eviction is announced, a new HoH is crowned a a live veto competition takes place.
Aug 25 2011
The houseguests are hit with some real zingers from the Zingbot 3000 before the battle it out in the Power of Veto competition.
Aug 24 2011
When a new HoH is crowned, one houseguest learns the hard way the consequences of their actions.
Aug 21 2011
As Rachel tries to find a way to save Brendon from eviction, the other houseguests weigh the consequences of aligning with her, and a new HoH competition gets underway.
Aug 18 2011
The houseguests are given the chance to win prizes during the PoV competition and Brendon & Rachel scramble to stay in the house.
Aug 17 2011
The twist throws a huge wrench in one houseguests plan and the new HoH has one of the most difficult game choices to make.
Aug 14 2011
Treachery reaches an all-time hight as the houseguests seek the best strategy to remain in the game. A gross miscalculation may lead to an unexpected eviction and a former evictee will return to the Big Brother house.
Aug 11 2011
With the intent of going after Kalia, Jeff vows to win the Power of Veto and take himself off the block.
Aug 10 2011
On nomination day, HoH Kalia must decide whther to listen to advice from others or make a bold decision herself keeping in mind that the evicted houseguest may ultimately come back into the game.
Aug 07 2011
A veteran is evicted eliminating one half of a power couple. A new twist is introduced and a newbie is crowned HoH.
Aug 04 2011
Past competitions come into play as Brendon and Rachel fight to win the Power of Veto.
Aug 03 2011
The Golden Key twist is over and a new HoH is crowned, filling the house with paranoia.
Jul 31 2011
The Big Brother house dissolves into a sea of angry voices and flared tempers as the houseguests try to outmaneuver each other and despite his best efforts another houseguest is eliminated.
Jul 28 2011
The houseguests compete for the Power of Veto and the power couples start to suspect some foul play.
Jul 27 2011
A celebrity pays a visit to the house for a luxury competition, but it only creates more drama within the veteran alliance.
Jul 24 2011
Alliances shift and come under strain as the houseguests try to lengthen their stay in the Big Brother house. And as one houseguest is eliminated but a unanimous vote, another houseguest is crowned HoH.
Jul 21 2011
Dominic swears to dig, claw and scratch his way to safety this week as he and Adam prepare for the Power of Veto competition.
Jul 20 2011
With the first eviction, the alliances turn from a team mentality into individual game play and a houseguest is injured during a competition.
Jul 17 2011
The houseguests discuss Evil Dick's sudden departure from the Big Brother house, the first eviction of the season occurs and a new HoH is crowned.
Jul 14 2011
As the players prepare for their first veto competition of the summer, one houseguest is forced to unexpectedly leave the house.
Jul 13 2011
Now partnered up, the houseguests formulate their strategies and HoH winner Rachel must decide on her two nominations. How will the twist of the "Golden Key" affect her decision?
Jul 10 2011
Eight new houseguests move into the Big Brother house and in addition to being immediately faces with two shocking twists, learn that they will be playing against former players.
Jul 07 2011

Season 12

30 Episodes

Finale 12x30
Sep 15 2010
Sep 12 2010
Sep 09 2010
Sep 08 2010
Sep 05 2010
Sep 02 2010
Sep 01 2010
Aug 29 2010
Aug 26 2010
Aug 25 2010
Aug 22 2010
A shocking revelation, an unexpected eviction and a new Head-of-Household is chosen.
Aug 19 2010
A surprise guest returns to the house when Pandora's Box is opened once again. Also, the 'ZingBot 3000' enters the house to host a high stakes veto competition.
Aug 18 2010
Season 12: Episode 17: With Rachel Gone, Brendon Strikes Back With a Vengeance With Rachel evicted, Brendon notes he is now fighting for himself in the Head of Household competition, where the houseguests must untangle a long rope across an equally long grid of an obstacle course. Outgoing HoH Matt is concerned, because his secret Brigade alliance members can�t seem to win competitions without him. As the HoH competition continues, Brendon is a man on a mission, plowing through the obstacle course while shouting out messages like, �This one�s for you, Rach!� Thanks to the rain and mud, Hayden notes the weight of the rope is killing his back. Enzo explains this competition is a �city kid�s nightmare,� while Lane relishes the competition because he gets dirty and untangles rope �on a daily basis.� While Britney and Ragan are worried about a Brendon win, Enzo says that scenario is just fine. It turns out just a few hours before the Thursday live show, he and his fellow Brigade member Hayden cut a deal with Brendon and Rachel! They agreed to work with whatever �Brenchel� member remains in the house. Enzo thinks this is a smart move for him and Hayden, who have been uncomfortably watching as Lane gets closer to Britney, while Matt works his virtual showmance with Ragan. Brendon cruises along, but at one point gets stuck in a tangle of rope. Lane is plowing forward, raising the hopes of Britney, Matt and Ragan. But after some refocusing, Brendon regains his mojo and clocks the competition�with a ring of the buzzer, a completely untangled Brendon is named the new HoH! �Rachel, that one was for you,� Brendon yells before rubbing his win in everyone�s face. He quickly picks Matt, Ragan and Britney as the Have Nots this week. A tearful Britney gets some cheering up from Lane, who tells her he has her back, proof that their big brother-little sister relationship is only strengthening. Later in the Have Not bedroom, Ragan, Britney a
Aug 15 2010
Season 12: Episode 16: This Week's Evicted Houseguest Gets the Dubious Distinction of Being the First Jury Member In response to Brendon�s strongly worded speech at the veto ceremony, Ragan calls him a �neanderthal� for being so aggressive. Britney is just as furious at Brendon, and suggests that he should be the one to leave this week. In the storage room, Brendon tells Rachel that he lashed out at Ragan and Britney as a strategy, so this way he will definitely go home over his �true love.� Brendon admits in diary room that some people may think he�s an idiot for giving up a half-million dollars for a girl, but he�s more than willing to do it for someone he loves. Soon after Rachel and Britney talk in the cabana room. Britney tells Rachel that Brendon hates women, but their friendship is fine. Britney tells Rachel she is worried thatthe �sinking ship� that is Brendon is hurting Rachel�s game, and Rachel starts to cry. Rachel reveals in the diary room that she made a point of getting upset in front of Britney to help solidify Brendon�s plan and make it seem like she had no idea about the attack. Britney goes outside to vent to Enzo, Lane and Hayden about Brendon�s behavior. They listen politely, but when Britney walks off they laugh about their astounding good luck. Everyone in the house is at each other�s throats, but once again, the members of their secret Brigade alliance are totally safe. Upstairs the fourth Brigade member and Head of Household Matt hangs out with his house pal Ragan. Initially the idea was to get Rachel out this week, but after the stunt Brendon pulled, the target may have changed. Will Brendon�s plan work? Later that night Rachel tries to make amends with Ragan, a former friend. Rachel wants to know what happened, but Ragan wants none of it. He calmly yet firmly picks Rachel�s game apart, telling her that they operate on different levels and that she is a �bad sport.� Rachel leaves in tears while
Aug 12 2010
Season 12: Episode 15: Jeff and Jordan Return to Host the Veto Competition Head of Household Matt explains he nominated Brendon and Rachel�his two biggest threats�because �they are a virus to the house.� Brendon thinks this was a stupid move by Matt, who is now �Brenchel�s� prime target. Immediately after the nomination, Brendon tries to kiss and cheer up Rachel, but she is nearly inconsolable. Brendon forces her to get up and go out into the kitchen, so that everyone else will feel awkward. Brendon calls Matt a �midget,� and Rachel cuts onions so angrily that a disgusted Kathy wonders if Rachel is going to hurt herself. Britney tries to talk to Rachel in the hopes of cooling off her antics, but Rachel is having none of it. Later that night the HouseGuests go into the back yard to find a practice bowling alley for the upcoming veto competition. Everyone takes turns with the miniature bowling balls and oversized pins, except for Rachel, who gets upset and rushes to her bedroom. Brendon runs after her and tells her that she can do it, but by this point Rachel is finished. �I have nothing left to give,� she cries. Not one to take no for an answer, Brendon threatens to pick her up and carry her back to the practice lane. Rachel admits she has never quit before and makes her way back outside. She starts off slow, but Rachel finds her competitive spirit and focuses on her practice. As everyone else slips off to bed, Rachel and Brendon stay up nearly all practicing. �This is my house,� Rachel charges. �Nobody is going to take me down.� Surprise Guests Matt comes out from the Diary Room and announces it is time to pick players for the veto competition. Besides HoH Matt and the nominees Rachel and Brendon, the other Houseguests randomly chosen to play include Enzo, Kathy and Britney. Ragan also gets the chance to play thanks to the veto play card he chose in a previous competition. But Matt does not select the benched Hayden or La
Aug 11 2010
Season 12: Episode 14: The New HoH is Tempted by Pandora's Box, Unleashing the New Saboteur on the House The HouseGuests continue to spin on the giant paint can for the endurance Head of Household competition. After seeing his secret showmance Kristen sent packing, Hayden wants to win and seek revenge on outgoing HoH Rachel and her showmance, Brendon. Fellow Brigade member Enzo is happy to see Kristen gone, because now Hayden�s head will be back in the game. Kathy quickly has enough, and announces she is dropping and taking one for the team by being stuck on slop for the week. Several HouseGuests find this amusing, because they assume Kathy�always a weak competitor�would be the first one to drop anyway. Meanwhile outgoing HoH Rachel cheers from the sidelines for Brendon, who struggles to stay on the can. Enzo decides to let the other Brigade members do the hard work and drops out, a move that irritates Matt. Enzo is �undoubtedly the most selfish,� Matt confides in Diary Room, noting his Brigade buddy will always let everyone else in their alliance do the heavy lifting. Despite Rachel�s support, Brendon falls. �When he needed me to compete, I did it twice,� she fumes. Soon after, Lane drops out of the competition, followed by Britney and Hayden. This once again leaves Matt and Ragan competing for the final spot in an endurance challenge. �For some reason the brain is the last one standing,� Matt says, noting he always saves the Brigade. With no interest in being the winner this week, Ragan drops, making Matt the HoH for the second time this season. As everyone cleans up, Hayden, Enzo and Matt conspire in the storage room. Hayden loves that Rachel and Brendon are squirming now. Enzo wants to make sure Matt uses his HoH properly this time�just put Rachel and Brendon up on the block and be done with it. Meanwhile, Brendon approaches Rachel in the rust bedroom to console her, but Rachel is still irritated at him. She feels Brendon has
Aug 08 2010
Season 12: Episode 13: The Secret Showmance is Broken Up as Another HouseGuest is Sent Packing �What just happened?� Hayden asks. He thought he had a deal with Brendon and Head of Household Rachel, with Kathy going up on the chopping block in his place. Britney thought she was using the veto, until she found out Rachel was going to put up her buddy Lane instead of Kathy. Britney knows Hayden and Kristen are upset, but Britney didn�t want to chance Lane going home. It turns out Rachel had no intention of making a �super alliance� with Hayden and Kristen, and threw Lane�s name out there to make sure Britney didn�t use the veto. Rachel has one goal this week�get Kristen out of the house! Kathy comforts a tearful Kristen in the rust bedroom. Both of the women think Britney is being controlled by the devil, aka Rachel. Meanwhile Hayden hustles outside to the �devil� and Brendon. Hayden tells them that there are no hard feelings, and Brendon and Rachel assure him he is safe this week because Brendon is a sure vote for Hayden to stay. With Brendon�s vote and three votes from his secret alliance the Brigade, Hayden knows he won�t be going home. Hayden then goes into the rust bedroom to check in on Kristen, but Britney interrupts. Britney explains what Rachel told her, and Kristen realizes Rachel purposely derailed any possible four-way alliance between the two showmances because Rachel wants Kristen out. Britney leaves them as Kristen begins to break down. Hayden comforts her, and encourages her to campaign for herself. Bad Hair Day Later that night, Britney, Matt and Ragan clown around in the HoH suite, with Britney and Matt deciding to put in Rachel�s hair extensions. The antics are going strong when all the sudden Rachel and Brendon walk in! Britney is terrified that she just got busted, but Rachel is a good sport and enjoys the imitation. Britney can�t believe Rachel doesn�t realize that they are making fun of her, but
Aug 05 2010
Season 12: Episode 12: The Power of Veto Holder Faces a Game Changing Decision �Hayden knows Head of Household Rachel nominated him and his secret showmance Kristen because Rachel thinks they are coming after her and Brendon. Hayden has a newsflash for Rachel�everyone is coming after Rachel and Brendon! Kristen is angry but anticipated the nomination. Her goal now is to stay another week without hurting Hayden in the process. Up in the HoH suite, Brendon tells Rachel she was harsh when she told Hayden and Kristen to �bring it on,� and notes that kind of behavior only makes them bigger targets. When he suggests Rachel apologize to Hayden and Kristen, she first gets mad and then gets teary. After more hemming and hawing, Rachel reluctantly goes down to the rust bedroom and half-heartedly apologizes to Hayden and Kristen. Hayden isn�t all that impressed, but up in the HoH Suite, Brendon is happy Rachel made the effort. But soon Rachel and Brendon are sniping at each other again. �Am I supposed to bake cookies and sing Kumbaya,� Rachel asks, before warning Brendon that if they keep arguing this way, it�s the end of their relationship. Wizard of Pinball It�s time for the Veto competition. In the random draw for players, Rachel picks Britney, Hayden picks Ragan, and Kristen picks Enzo. Hayden is disappointed that he drew a wild card like Ragan, while an unsuspecting Kristen doesn�t realize Enzo has no interest in using the Veto this week, since he wants Kristen to go home, a move that works best for his secret Brigade alliance with Hayden, Lane and Matt. The HouseGuests come outside and find a huge pinball table dominating the back yard. The player who shoots the farthest from the center Veto slot is eliminated, but gets a prize. Host Brendon warns them not to get too attached, because successive players can choose to keep or exchange their gifts. The end of the game leaves everyone left with a series of great and not-so-gre
Aug 04 2010
Season 12: Episode 11: Rachel and Kristen Battle it out as the Game Gets Real Andrew�s parting revelation that Kristen and Hayden are in a secret showmance reverberates through the house. On the outside Kristen is acting shocked, but in Diary Room she admits the worst thing she ever could have imagined has come out, and it has come out hard. Hayden is just as shocked -- he was cruising along with his secret alliance the Brigade, plus he had Kristen wrapped around his finger. What does he do now? During the live show, Hayden and Kristen lay into Andrew, telling him that they wouldn�t be that stupid. �Why would I lie?� Andrew asks, remaining calm as Hayden and Kristen keep up their charade. Fellow nominee Kathy is loving it, but not as much as Rachel, who realizes this is a great thing for her and her showmance Brendon. And what�s even better for Rachel�s showmance? Winning Head of Household! �Floaters,� Rachel says, �You better grab a life vest�Kristen!� Rachel then reveals she heard Hayden and Kristen making out last night. Brendon piles on, telling Hayden and Kristen that they are busted. Kristen lashes back, with Hayden backing her up. The insults fly, with Rachel and Kristen calling each other out on their intelligence. From the sidelines Ragan notes that he is not a religious person, but he has been praying for this moment to happen since he entered the house. Britney is also in hog heaven. �The irony that they were in a boxing ring was not lost on me,� Britney says. The attention diverts briefly to Kathy, who hugs Kristen and Hayden as things begin to die down. Rachel is not happy�that kind of behavior shows Kathy is with Kristen and not her. �She is clearly telling me what side she is on,� Rachel says in diary room. Things finally cool off to a point where Brendon can congratulate Rachel. Rachel breaks down, telling Brendon she is so tired of the house coming after them. In the palm bedroom, Enzo, Matt and Lane can
Aug 01 2010
Season 12: Episode 10: Emotions Flare after an Explosive Speech as Another Houseguest is Evicted The aftermath from the Veto ceremony is full of confusion and anger. Elimination nominee Andrew�s announcement that he was coming after his supposed allies Rachel and Brendon mystifies Britney, who thinks Rachel�s genuine reaction was totally fabricated for the rest of the HouseGuests� benefit. Rachel is angry, and wonders why Andrew is jumping on the �get Rachel and Brendon bandwagon.� Andrew�s fellow nominee Kathy sees the speech as an opportunity for her to stay in the house and vows to �fight like there is no tomorrow.� Andrew initially thinks he has made a good move�now that he has expressed animus towards the house �supercouple,� maybe everyone else will vote for him to stay for the week. Head of Household Matt takes Andrew aside and breaks the bad news to him. If the vote had been held the day before, Matt tells him, then Andrew would have been a safe bet to stay. But after Andrew�s speech, he is now the week�s target, because everyone saw it was a naked ploy and nothing else. Andrew is stunned! He quickly realizes the secret plan he and Brendon hatched is blowing up in their faces. Meanwhile, Brendon has his own issues. Rachel is furious about Andrew�s comments, and is even more furious at Brendon for pulling a stunt like this without consulting her. �Who is he in a relationship with,� Rachel fumes in the diary room, �Andrew or me?� Outside Brendon tries to make amends but Rachel is in no mood to forgive. Even when Brendon tells her he loves her, the perennially affectionate Rachel refuses to give her man a kiss! �You better know what you�re doing,� Rachel warns Brendon, who gets the message that this action has major consequences not only in the game but also in his relationship. Working Votes Kathy is taking the ball Andrew inadvertently threw her and is running with it. She tells Ragan that as a canc
Jul 29 2010
Season 12: Episode 09: A Veto Win Shakes up the Brigade's Plans Rachel can�t� believe Head of Household Matt didn�t nominate her or Brendon for elimination, but wonders if this means one of them will be back doored. Nominee Andrew knows he is a pawn but is nervous about how things might turn out, while Kathy feels it doesn�t make sense that she was nominated just because she cast a vote for Matt�s elimination last week. Hayden is disappointed that Matt put up two floaters, because at this stage in the game he believes that their secret alliance, �the Brigade,� should be making bigger power moves. Matt could care less what Hayden thinks�this is his HoH, and he�ll nominate who he chooses. Kathy goes up to the HoH suite with Matt and tells him that she was not gunning for him with her elimination vote last week. Matt says he wishes he knew that before, and tells her he doesn�t care who goes home, so she and Andrew don�t have to worry about him swaying votes. But in the Diary Room Matt reveals something different�he admits that he doesn�t believe a word coming out of Kathy�s mouth. It appears Kathy should be worried. Hayden and his secret showmance Kristen come to Andrew and tell him they are voting to keep him. It turns out Hayden has more than good wishes and a single vote going Andrew�s way; Hayden wants to play and win the Power of Veto competition so he can take Andrew off the block and give Matt the opportunity to back door Brendon. Getting on Andrew�s Nerves Rachel is starting to crowd Andrew in on all sorts of levels. First, she drops peaches in the iced tea, which makes one of the few non-slop items forbidden to this week�s Have Nots, which includes Andrew. He finds her not only selfish, but also a stumbling block in his game. He trusts Brendon, and can�t understand why his biggest ally in the house would be aligned with such a person. It�s time for the Veto Competition player selection. Besides HoH
Jul 28 2010
Season 12: Episode 08: Two More Houseguests Go Up On The Chopping Block The Houseguests are riding the endurance competition wave on their respective surfboards as previous Head of Household Rachel watches. Brendon knows he has to win it to keep himself and Rachel safe for the week, while Enzo and the rest of the secret Brigade alliance are all gunning to win. Perennial outsider Andrew also feels this is a must-win HoH competition for him, so the tension is high. The 7-2 vote for Monet's eviction has Matt wondering who cast the second vote against him. He knows Monet's BFF Britney clearly voted to keep her friend in the house, but he quickly surmises the second vote was Kathy. For her part Kathy knows the HouseGuests see her as a weak player, but she is fine with them thinking that, because it allows her to fly under the radar. Kathy drops first, followed closely by Lane. Kristen falls next, with Hayden right behind her. Hayden reveals he threw the competition, because he feels totally safe this week and doesn�t need the HoH win. In addition, Hayden wants to eat well�the first five players to fall off their boards are the Haves for the week, while the next four players are the Have Nots, with the final player on his or her surfboard the HoH. This leaves only one spot left for the Haves, and Britney decides she wants to make sure she can eat for the week. She quickly falls off her board, leaving Brendon, Enzo, Matt, Andrew and Ragan as the final five players. When Enzo falls, Lane notes that Matt is the last hope of the Brigade. Suddenly, Brendon slips and Rachel is devastated that her man is out of the competition. A slip up by Andrew (who is sporting a pair of very short shorts) leaves Ragan and Matt as the final two players. Ragan asks everyone to go inside so the two of them can talk, but Matt and Ragan can�t agree upon a deal. Ragan, who was bullied as a kid, is proud of himself for lasting so long in a tough competition, but is unable to pull out
Jul 25 2010
Season 12: Episode 07: A Second HouseGuest is Sent Packing �Monet is reeling from Head of Household Rachel�s very public and definitive announcement that her replacement nominee, Matt, is nothing more than a pawn. Rachel gives Monet a half-hearted �sorry,� but a furious Monet is having none of it. Matt pretends to act shocked and defeated but he can barely contain his elation when he gets a private moment with fellow Brigade alliance member, Lane. He and Lane can�t believe Rachel bought Matt�s offer to be the pawn, and celebrate the fact that the Brigade alliance (which also includes Enzo and Hayden) appears safe yet another week. Britney is devastated that Andrew did not go up on the block. She and her house BFF Monet share a major cry and sulk session in the caba�na room that quickly turns into a discussion about everyone they think is stupid in the house. The majority of their rage is directed at Rachel, with the increasingly angry pair verbally ripping apart Rachel�s intelligence, clothing sense and hair extensions. Ever the schemer, Matt joins them and keeps up his sad sack performance, telling Britney and Monet he wants to get back at Rachel and her showmance Brendon. Matt even goes so far to suggest he is going to avenge them all next week! But the house is not all about strategy. It turns out Hayden and Kristen have been stealthily carrying on a showmance, which Hayden describes as similar to a fourth-grade relationship. Hayden and Kristen are pretty confident their coupling is a house secret, but Andrew would beg to differ. Since he also sleeps in the rust bedroom, Andrew is fully aware of their snuggling and kissing, and thinks it is hilarious the two of them are sneaking around as if no one knows. Rachel, however, is playing the game hard this week. To figure out where Kristen stands, Rachel suggests Britney told her that Kristen was open to keeping Monet for the week. Kristen is shocked, and immediately runs outside and asks
Jul 22 2010
Season 12: Episode 06: A Veto Win Shakes up Rachel�s Nominations ��Britney is upset that she is on the chopping block, while Monet thinks her nomination is due to Head of Household Rachel�s jealousy of her. Hayden is delighted that his secret alliance, the Brigade, has once again escaped another nomination ceremony unscathed. Rachel feels fine with her nominations, because she knows neither Britney nor Monet has her back in the game. After the ceremony, Rachel�s showmance Brendon hugs the HoH and tells her she did the right thing. Britney and Monet have a cry session in the Have Not bedroom, where they agree this was a personal move and not a strategic move. Monet thinks it is ridiculous that Rachel brought up her winning the $10,000 in the first HoH competition, and notes that she has never said anything bad to Rachel, before calling her a �stupid hooker.� While the Brigade agrees they want the nominations to stay the same, a crying Britney goes up to the HoH suite to make her case. Rachel reveals she wants Monet gone this week, because Rachel sees her as a strong competitor. All of this emotion proves too much for Rachel, who later cries to Brendon about how she doesn�t want people to feel badly. Brendon tells her this is a game, and notes in the Diary Room the two nominees are playing a very good emotional game right now. In the meantime Britney and Monet go from sad to angry when they spend an afternoon calling Rachel every name in the book�behind her back of course! Is there a Telethon for That? Matt has been telling all sorts of HouseGuests his wife has a rare bone disease and needs an expensive operation in order to save her leg. Matt has created this detailed lie based on a disease he learned about on a TV show, and reveals in Diary Room his wife is perfectly healthy. Ragan buys the lie, but another liar in the house knows Matt is scheming. Matt tells �shoe salesman� Andrew about his wife, but of course Andrew, who is
Jul 21 2010
Season 12: Episode 05: Rachel and Brendon Rule the House with their Eviction Nominations Enzo is happy to see Annie gone, and notes that she was �hit with a grenade from the Brigade.� Because Annie outed him in her final plea speech, Brendon comes clean about having a Masters degree and the fact that he is starting his PhD. Both Andrew and Ragan are delighted that their respective lies about having advanced degrees are still secrets. As the new Head of Household, Rachel is so excited to get alone time with Brendon in the HoH suite. Brendon is just as excited, but bizarrely the person who jumps and screams the most after Rachel�s win is Andrew. Hayden notes Andrew looked like �a kid at Christmas, or maybe Chanukah,� and warns that if the excitable Andrew is in an alliance with the new HoH he shouldn�t act like it. Britney couldn�t be more irritated by the turn of events, while Enzo tells fellow Brigade member Matt that he�s wondering if they made a mistake sending Annie home over Rachel. Monet and Britney are moping in the palm bedroom when Andrew walks through. Britney confronts him about his excitement over Rachel�s HoH win, and Andrew explains he was being honest, and notes if runner-up Britney had won he�d be a target. Britney grouses and Andrew reminds her that they have always had issues with one another and she shouldn�t pretend otherwise. Rachel�s HoH suite reveal is almost too much for Britney to bear. �I wanted to shoot myself in the face,� Britney notes, pointing out that she had to follow Rachel�s �flopping butt cheeks� all the way up the stairs while feigning interest in the suite reveal. Monet is just as unenthusiastic as Britney, and notes that there is no love lost between her and Rachel either. Outside, after the reveal, Hayden and Lane talk. They feel that Rachel as HoH is pretty much the same as Brendon as HoH. �All Rachel has is a key and pictures,� Hayden warns, noting a nomination for him would
Jul 18 2010
Season 12: Episode 04: The First HG is Evicted and the Saboteur is Revealed Annie is none too happy about being nominated, and puts all the blame on Britney. Annie thinks Britney has been telling people she is aligned with Rachel and Brendon, but Britney feels that Annie has lost her mind in a haze of paranoia. Rachel is sad about Annie�s nomination, but is more relieved that she and her house showmance, Brendon, are no longer facing one another on the block. Annie lashes out at Britney, but is soon teary-eyed with Brendon about her nomination. Meanwhile, Enzo and Matt celebrate the Brigade�s apparent dominance over the rest of the unsuspecting house. Rachel is all excited for some romantic time with Brendon in the Cabana Room, but in the middle of a make out session, the sensitive Brendon has to cool things off to talk about how sad he is about Annie�s eviction nomination. Rachel is incredulous and can�t believe that Brendon is getting weepy over Annie when she is also on the block. Talk about a buzz kill! And the Saboteur is� So who is it? The HouseGuests have suggested almost everyone in the house as a possibility, but now the truth is out. The Saboteur walks into the Diary Room, and it is�Annie! �I bet you didn�t see that one coming,� she says, noting that she had a blast all week. Her sabotages went fairly smoothly, but during the blackout, Annie almost got caught by Andrew on the way back from putting a padlock on the storage room door! Her latest Sabotage is her pick from a viewer�s suggestion�can she hide electronic beepers in the bedrooms? She sure can! Andrew hears one of the buzzers in his bedroom while praying, and is subsequently bothered by it all night. Ragan hears a buzz and wonders if the time between the chirps means something. Enzo fumes that the cricket noises in the palm bedroom have him �ready to choke someone.� Annie loves the havoc she is causing: �I�m good,� she says. Annie may be down on
Jul 15 2010
Season 12: Episode 03: A Key Veto Win Shakes up the Nominations �Brendon is not surprised that Hayden nominated him for eviction, but he didn�t expect Rachel would be on the chopping block with him. Rachel sees this as her worst case scenario, while Head of Household Hayden thinks that he and his secret �Brigade� alliance including Enzo, Matt, Lane and himself have had a great first week. Brendon and Rachel console one another as Annie comes in to tell them that they got a raw deal. Annie feels close to the pair, and sees their nomination as bad for her personally and for her game. Secret Brigade alliance members Enzo and Lane both come in to watch the nominees� reactions, and notice the connection between Rachel, Brendon and Annie. Enzo doesn�t like what he sees, and decides he needs to keep his eye on Annie. Outside after the nomination ceremony, Enzo tells Hayden and Lane that he thinks Annie is aligned with Brendon and Rachel, and that Annie is a strong player they need to watch carefully. If they need a replacement nominee, is she the choice? Being put on the block together has only drawn Brendon and Rachel closer. Brendon almost cries over his nomination, which prompts Rachel to get closer to him. Their first big make out session takes place on the hammock, with most of the house watching and giggling from the kitchen. Hayden can�t believe that they�re making themselves even bigger targets than they already were. After their canoodling, Brendon makes his way up to the HoH suite, where he basically threatens Hayden. �I would be worried about you,� Brendon tells Hayden before he alludes that he is aligned with Annie. �Is this guy nuts?� Hayden wonders. Cinco de May-o It�s time to pick players for the first Veto Competition. Besides the two nominees and the HoH, three additional players must be chosen at random. Drawing names from a bag, Hayden randomly picks his secret ally Enzo while Brendon randomly picks the
Jul 14 2010
Season 12: Episode 02: HoH Hayden Chooses a Target for Elimination The HouseGuests are reeling after the Saboteur�s first attack�all of their food is now behind the locked storage room door! The prime suspects are Brendon, who inexplicably got up to get his toothbrush in the darkness, and Andrew, who was supposedly pulling pranks while he wandered around during the blackout. Andrew admits he is relieved he has immunity from nomination for sitting out on the first HoH competition. So have the HouseGuests fingered the Saboteur already? Who Wants to See the HoH Suite? Hayden is stoked to show off his blue and silver-themed Head of Household suite, which he describes as a �slick, contemporary� space. Ragan finds Hayden�s very wholesome family photos (and a lack of shirtless �dude� shots of himself) a good sign that the HoH will make good choices when it comes to nominations. Rachel wants to know what the rope in his HoH basket is for, and Hayden explains when he was younger he learned rodeo skills. �Can you rope the Saboteur?� one HouseGuest asks. Geek Love The first sparks of attraction are literally electric when Brendon and Rachel reveal during a Hammock chat they both have science-related degrees. Rachel finds it very sexy that Brendon is getting his PhD. The feeling is mutual, because Brendon finds smart women interested in science a major turn on. Annie, the third wheel in the hammock, feels awkward. �I felt like I was watching my parents have sex,� she says, noting she was �the cream in the scientific cookie.� While love blossoms the game continues. Up in the HoH Suite, Enzo, Hayden, Matt, Monet and Kathy discuss the Saboteur. Matt notes that even if they are suspicious of Andrew he�s safe for the week. Kathy thinks the Saboteur is a girl, especially a trustworthy one. She suggests Annie might be a possibility but Matt doesn�t think she is the likely choice. Hayden realizes he is back at square one�just whom d
Jul 11 2010
Season 12: Episode 01: A House Like No Other Meet the New HouseGuests! Every fan knows that the Big Brother HouseGuests show up to the House ready to compete for the coveted $500,000 prize. Well, the classic BIG BROTHER mantra �expect the unexpected� is still very much true. For the first time ever, one of the thirteen HouseGuests will not be playing for the big prize, but acting as a secret Saboteur! Host Julie Chen explains that over the first half of the season, the Saboteur will be wreaking havoc on individual players, rival alliances and even the entire house itself. The Saboteur does have an incentive, however�if he or she makes it five weeks in the House and pulls off all of their assigned sabotages, the Saboteur will walk away with $50,000. Talk about a different kind of season� The House takes on an ultra-modern Miami feel this summer, with Arkansas hotel sales manager Britney, California college professor Ragan, swim coach Brendon and chemistry student-slash-Las Vegas cocktail waitress Rachel kicking off the season by entering their new South Beach-themed home. The second group of HouseGuests to enter features Texas oil rig salesman Lane, Florida bartender Annie, New Jersey insurance adjuster Enzo, Arkansas sheriff Kathy and Miami podiatrist and Orthodox Jew Andrew, who shouts �Mazel Tov� when he bursts into the House. The HouseGuests are all accounted for when Arizona college student Hayden, Philadelphia boutique manager Kristen, certified genius/web designer Matt and Illinois model Monet come rushing through the door. Instead of stopping for some introductory hugs, Monet plows past Kathy to make sure she has a bed of her own�now that�s a woman ready to play the game of Big Brother! Bring out the Bubbly Annie gets the party started by popping open the introductory bottles of champagne, which leads right into the traditional HouseGuest meet and greet. Ragan thinks the tall and handsome Brendon could apply for
Jul 08 2010

Season 11

30 Episodes

Finale 11x30
In the first ever 2-hour season finale, one houseguest is crowned the winner and awarded $500,000, and all the houseguests are reunited for the first time. Also, Julie reveals which houseguest America chose as their favorite and awards the lucky juror $25,000.
Sep 15 2009
The final three reminisce about their experiences in the Big Brother house. Kevin, Natalie, and Jordan enjoy a moment together before mentally preparing to duke it out for the win.
Sep 13 2009
The houseguests compete in part two of the final HoH competition, while Julie reveals some of the final twists of the season. Also, four of the best houseguests from Big Brother history return to weigh in on this season's final three.
Sep 10 2009
The houseguests compete for the final Power of Veto of the season and one more is evicted. Also, the final three houseguests begin part one of the last HoH competition.
Sep 08 2009
As tensions grow in the house Natalie distances herself from the other houseguests with her lies. Alliances are broken and it's every player for themselves.
Sep 06 2009
Jeff fights to stay in the house, but will his efforts pay off? Either he or Jordan will be evicted from the Big Brother house. Also, three out of the final four houseguests compete for HoH.
Sep 03 2009
The future of the remaining houseguests rests in the next PoV competition. The unthinkable may happen and long-standing alliances may be broken up.
Sep 01 2009
After winning HoH, Kevin is faced with a difficult decision. Natalie guns for Michele to be evicted.
Aug 30 2009
Russell pushes Jordan to her limit, and the houseguests decide whether to send him or Natalie to the jury house. Also, the HoH competition may be chocolatey, but it's anything but sweet.
Aug 27 2009
A past houseguest helps out in the crucial PoV competition. As the house pairs up, Jeff may have to watch his back.
Aug 25 2009
A new HoH is crowned and with Lydia's eviction, the houseguests start to reconsider their alliances. Russell wants to secure his place in the final four but his ego makes the others want him out.
Aug 23 2009
In the fast-paced hour, the houseguests compete for veto, evict another houseguest and battle it out for HoH, all live. Also, secrets about Jesse's actions when he was in the house turn some of his strongest supporters against him.
Aug 20 2009
Chima's actions lead her to an untimely eviction. After a new HoH competition to reset the game, a few houseguests have a difficult time accepting the new power shift.
Aug 18 2009
Chima, Lydia, and Natalie mourn Jessie's eviction, while Michele puts up her two nominees. Also, the houseguests compete in this week's have/have not competition.
Aug 16 2009
After Kevin's decision not to use the power of veto on either of Chima's nominees, Russell and Lydia are still on the block for eviction, but will Jeff use the power of the coup d'etat to shake up the Big Brother house? Also, who will win the sixth Head of Household competition?
Aug 13 2009
Russell and Chima continue to fight and one of the houseguests has to make a difficult decision. The PoV competition is more important than ever as the girls side with each other.
Aug 11 2009
Russell tries his best to make nice with Chima after she wins HoH. In a luxury challenge the houseguests are split into two teams and given the chance to win great prizes.
Aug 09 2009
Russell and Chima have a throwdown and another houseguest is eliminated. Also, the winner of the coup d'etat is revealed and the houseguests compete for HoH based on America's advice.
Aug 06 2009
The Power of Veto competition is a gamble and the alliances campaign in their best interest. Chima upsets Russell and Michelle proves to be the swing vote.
Aug 04 2009
Russell and Jeff come to an agreement about who should get HoH. Russell proves to be a man of his word as he announces his nominations for eviction.
Aug 02 2009
Showmances begin to blossom and another houseguest goes home in a heated eviction. Also, the houseguests face off in their first endurance HoH competition.
Jul 30 2009
The houseguests experience a pig's life in the Power of Veto competition. A few waver between kicking Ronnie out.
Jul 28 2009
Ronnie tries to make nice in order to save himself from being up for elimination. Surprising romances develop in the house.
Jul 26 2009
Ronnie's lies catch up to him and a second houseguest is evicted from the Big Brother house. Plus, a new HoH is crowned.
Jul 23 2009
Russell shows his volatile side before the Power of Veto competition. Jeff and Laura desperately need to stay in the house.
Jul 21 2009
As the HoH, Ronnie strategically decides which houseguests must fight for the Power of Veto. The houseguests compete for the chance to watch a screening of The Ugly Truth.
Jul 19 2009
Lydia causes a ruckus, while Russell does all he can to make sure Braden goes home. Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? Also, the houseguests compete to win HoH by predicting how fans voted in an online poll.
Jul 16 2009
The mood in the house quickly turns sour as the houseguests compete for the first Power of Veto. Lydia tries to ally herself with the athletes and Ronnie walks a fine line.
Jul 14 2009
Jessie from Season 10, the current HoH returns and the other houseguests do all the can to avoid a nomination. The stakes are raised when cliques are punished for losing the food competition.
Jul 12 2009
12 strangers will move into the Big Brother house and learn that they will be 'kickin it old school' this summer, high school to be exact. The House Guests will be shocked to learn that they will be playing the game in one of four familiar high school cliques - popular, athletes, brainiacs and off beats.
Jul 09 2009

Season 10

29 Episodes

Finale 10x29
The final two houseguests face the jury who will determine the winner of Big Brother 10.
Sep 16 2008
Dan and Memphis relive the Big Brother 10 season with moments of footage never seen before.
Sep 14 2008
The Final Three face off for the honor of being the last HoH. The winner must evict one of the two remaining players.
Sep 11 2008
The remaining four houseguests compete for the final PoV. One houseguest is evicted live.
Sep 09 2008
The final four guests compete for a luxury prize that might change the game. Dan nominates two houseguests for eviction.
Sep 07 2008
Two houseguests participate in a live vote to evict a fellow housemate. The HoH competition is a memory game.
Sep 04 2008
With only five guests left in the house, the winner of the PoV Competition has a difficult decision ahead.
Sep 02 2008
The houseguests play a carnival game during the HoH competition. The victorious guest must choose two housemates to put on the block.
Aug 31 2008
In this special double eviction episode, houseguests struggle with split second decisions while a full week of Big Brother is played out live.
Aug 28 2008
The houseguests compete in a race against time and gravity for the PoV. Will the winner use the power to save Jerry or Memphis from eviction?
Aug 26 2008
The new HoH makes a stunning selection during the nomination ceremony.
Aug 24 2008
Another guest is evicted from the Big Brother house. The remaining houseguests are in for a wild ride at the HoH competition.
Aug 21 2008
The houseguests need mad math skills and a little luck in this PoV competition. The winning houseguest considers bribes from both nominees while deciding how to use the PoV.
Aug 19 2008
At the food competition, the houseguests eat disgusting delicacies to avoid slop for one more week. Current HoH, Renny, puts two housemates up on the block.
Aug 17 2008
Either Libra or Keesha will be given the boot at this week's eviction ceremony. The houseguests battle it out to become the next HoH.
Aug 14 2008
The PoV competition brings tears and the victorious houseguest must decide how to use the hard-earned power.
Aug 12 2008
The tension in the house mounts as Michelle deliberates over her nomination choices. At the food competition, current houseguests are paired up against previous houseguests.
Aug 10 2008
With the house split, America's player will cast the deciding vote and send either Memphis or Jessie packing.
Aug 06 2008
Selected houseguests take a shot at winning the PoV and the unitard makes a special reappearance.
Aug 05 2008
One houseguest hangs on long enough to become the next HoH. Who will be placed on the block at the nomination ceremony?
Aug 03 2008
Angie does her best to take heat off of herself. One guest is evicted from the Big Brother house.
Jul 30 2008
The two houseguests on the block fail to win the veto competition, leaving their fate in the hands of the current HoH.
Jul 29 2008
At the nomination ceremony, Keesha reveals her true colors and makes more than one enemy. The houseguests work together in the competition to expand the house's menu.
Jul 27 2008
One houseguest is evicted from the Big Brother house. The rest of the guests compete for the HOH position.
Jul 23 2008
The Power of Veto is up for grabs. An argument between the houseguests could result in a backdoor nomination.
Jul 22 2008
The house divides to compete in the food competition and half of the guests end up on slop for the week. Two members of Brian's old alliance are put on the block at the nomination ceremony.
Jul 20 2008
Brian campaigns for all the votes he can get, but will it be enough? A new HOH is crowned.
Jul 16 2008
Jerry's nominations send shockwaves through the house. The Power of Veto competition turns into a very sticky situation.
Jul 15 2008
Thirteen houseguests enter the Big Brother house and will compete all Summer long in the most traditional season of Big Brother since season 3.
Jul 13 2008

Season 9

33 Episodes

In the season finale, the jury decides the winner.
Apr 27 2008
The final HOH competition concludes and the winner gets to choose which houseguest they will take to the jury vote.
Apr 23 2008
The critical POV is up for grabs. Will the winner use it and who will be evicted from the house, leaving three remaining?
Apr 22 2008
The houseguests compete for the right to watch a movie. Two houseguests are nominated for eviction.
Apr 20 2008
The houseguests believe they have a liar among them and decide to confront that person. A new HOH is selected.
Apr 16 2008
The Power of Veto is up for grabs. Will Adam or Sharon win and save themselves?
Apr 15 2008
HOH winner Sheila begins weilding her power. Find out what deals have been made and who gets put up for eviction.
Apr 13 2008
Tonight's evictee may seem obvious, but will the houseguests vote go as expected? Which houseguest will hang on longest to win the next HOH?
Apr 09 2008
The houseguests must please a higher power in order to win the power of veto.
Apr 08 2008
Mashed potatoes play a key role in today's food competition and HOH Adam puts up two houseguests for eviction.
Apr 06 2008
Sharon and Joshuah campaign for votes as other houseguests attempt to decide which houseguest to vote out. A new head of household is chosen.
Apr 02 2008
Arguments erupt even before the veto competition begins. Who will win the power?
Apr 01 2008
The houseguests tackle their latest food competition and the head of household nominates two people for eviction.
Mar 30 2008
The houseguests face an eviction and then are challenged with America's questions.
Mar 26 2008
The Power of Veto is up for grabs. Will James or Chelsia be saved?
Mar 25 2008
The houseguests compete for a chance to watch a special screening of the new movie '21'. Find out who will be nominated for the next eviction.
Mar 23 2008
James holds all the power, but will all the houseguests vote the way he wants them to? A new HOH is chosen.
Mar 19 2008
Emotions run high as the houseguests battle for the Power of Veto. Will the winner use it to save one of the houseguests currently up for eviction?
Mar 18 2008
Find out who won the HOH competition and if any deals were struck. The new HOH puts up two houseguests for eviction.
Mar 16 2008
It's the first elimination after the couples' split. Who will get evicted, and later, who will become the new HOH?
Mar 12 2008
Two HouseGuests are up for eviction, but the Power of Veto could change things yet again. Who will win?
Mar 11 2008
The houseguests' first nomination ceremony as singles takes place.
Mar 09 2008
It's time for the next eviction....Which of the two couples will be out of the house? And what's next for the HouseGuests?
Mar 05 2008
Nominations are in, but will the Power of Veto competition have an impact on the game?
Mar 04 2008
Find out which couples get put up for eviction.
Mar 02 2008
Two couples are up for eviction after the PoV challenge. Who will get the boot?
Feb 27 2008
The nominations are in, but who will win Power of Veto?
Feb 26 2008
The nomination ceremony takes place.
Feb 24 2008
Matt and Natalie didn't use the PoV. Who will be evicted: Parker and Jen or Ryan and Allison?
Feb 20 2008
The Power of Veto is up for grabs. Find out who wins it and if they use it.
Feb 19 2008
Who will Alex and Amanda put up for eviction? And how will some HouseGuests' knowledge of the "secret relationship" impact the house?
Feb 17 2008
Power Couple Parker and Jen make the first eviction. Later, a new HOH is crowned.
Feb 13 2008
Sixteen houseguests pair up and start to duke it out to see who will rule the Big Brother house.
Feb 12 2008

Season 8

33 Episodes

Finale 8x33
The Season 8 winner of Big Brother is crowned.
Sep 18 2007
Dick and Daniele contemplate their past during their final days in the house.
Sep 16 2007
The final three compete for the final HOH.
Sep 13 2007
The Power of Veto changes the game.
Sep 11 2007
Alliances shift in the house.
Sep 09 2007
There's a double eviction in the house.
Sep 06 2007
The houseguests play for POV.
Sep 04 2007
Zach takes his time in deciding who to nominate for eviction.
Sep 02 2007
Amber pleads to stay in the Big Brother house.
Aug 30 2007
Eric completes America's Player task by kissing Jessica. The Power of Veto competition is played.
Aug 28 2007
Jessica shakes things up in the house when she wins HOH.
Aug 26 2007
Jen and Dick get into another argument while Daniele and Amber play Power of 10.
Aug 23 2007
Daniele wins a special POV.
Aug 21 2007
As new HOH, Daniele decides who she wants to nominate for eviction.
Aug 19 2007
Eric works to get America's houseguest of choosing evicted.
Aug 16 2007
The POV is used, and Jessica has to nominate another houseguest for eviction.
Aug 14 2007
Dick and Daniele conclude that they are outnumbered in the house.
Aug 12 2007
Eric threatens Amber, and a new HOH is crowned.
Aug 09 2007
Daniele identifies a new target in efforts to seek her revenge.
Aug 07 2007
Daniele seeks revenge for Nick's elimination.
Aug 05 2007
Jen and Dick continue to bump heads, and another houseguest is eliminated.
Aug 02 2007
The Power of Veto is used and Dustin must replace one of his nominations.
Jul 31 2007
Dustin plots his HOH reign.
Jul 29 2007
Kail and Jen scramble for support from their fellow houseguests.
Jul 26 2007
Will Jen or Kail be saved by the power of veto?
Jul 24 2007
Dick rules the house as the new HoH.
Jul 22 2007
Kail rallies for votes to evict Dick.
Jul 19 2007
An unhappy house reacts to the nominations of Dick and Danielle.
Jul 17 2007
HoH Jen nominates two houseguests for eviction.
Jul 15 2007
The first eviction takes place.
Jul 12 2007
Will the power of veto be used to take Amber or Carol off the block?
Jul 10 2007
The first set of houseguests are nominated for eviction.
Jul 08 2007
Fourteen houseguests move into the Big Brother house.
Jul 05 2007

Season 7

28 Episodes

In the live finale, the All-Stars reunite once again and confront the Final Two about their performance in the game. The Jury votes, and the winner of Big Brother: All Stars is announced. One lucky Jury member wins America's Vote and goes home $25,000 richer.
Sep 12 2006
The three-part Final HoH Competition yields a winner, who also wins a fabulous car. The HoH announces the eviction, and only the Final Two remain. Who will win it all?
Sep 07 2006
The Final PoV Competition is tough, but one nominee wins it and saves herself. Next, the ladies compare notes, and Chilltown's showmance strategy is revealed. One of the Chill boys is evicted, and the final HoH Competition begins.
Sep 05 2006
The Final Four are split into two showmances, but Chilltown still looks like the only real deal in the BB house. The winner of the high-stakes HoH Competition stands firm and nominates two of the four.
Sep 03 2006
Big Brother packs a whole week of activity into this single episode, with an eviction, the HoH Competition, the PoV Competition and a second eviction.
Aug 31 2006
PoV 7x23
Neil Patrick Harris brings Christmas in August to the BB House, delighting the star-struck HouseGuests. He spends some time in the Diary Room and on Will's trampoline. The PoV Competition is tense, but one lucky nominee wins it and HoH Erika is forced to swap in another.
Aug 29 2006
In the Food Competition, the HouseGuests win a high-protein, high-alcohol diet for the next week, and George gets a much-needed Slop pass. "Lance Showmance", aka Boogie, does his best to work on Erika. HoH Erike announces her nominations.
Aug 27 2006
Dani and James lobby hard to keep him in the house, but the other HouseGuests aren't committing. Despite some intense strategizing, a tough player is evicted. The HoH Competition results could mean trouble for Chilltown.
Aug 24 2006
PoV 7x20
After both nominees play victim, one wins the PoV, and HoH Boogie swaps in a surprise. While Will secretly resolves to turn her into a femme-bot, Janelle forms a new alliance.
Aug 22 2006
The PoV winner forces short-time HoH George to name a replacement nominee, who is swiftly evicted. A special HoH Competition results in a first-time win for one All-Star and yet another power shift in the house.
Aug 20 2006
In a tearful Eviction Ceremony, one nominee is shown the door. Julie Chen informs Mike Boogie that he's the winner of the Coup d'Etat but must use it within the next three weeks. On Prom Night, a new HoH is installed, but will reign for only 24 hours and must immediately make nominations.
Aug 17 2006
PoV 7x17
The PoV Competition brings back events and HouseGuests from seasons past. One of Janelle's nominees wins the Power of Veto and saves herself. Are Boogie and Erika involved in a showmance?
Aug 15 2006
Technical difficulties force a redo of the HoH Competition, with different results. In the Food Competition, the HouseGuests must impress a panel of judges from seasons past with a set of Slop-based recipes. The new HoH nominates tow floaters.
Aug 13 2006
Both Kaysar and James want to stay, but one is ultimately evicted. After a particularly spooky HoH Competition, a new HoH takes charge. Julie Chen announces a new twist that could transform the game: the Coup d'Etat.
Aug 10 2006
PoV 7x14
With Janelle and James on the block, the PoV Competition has special significance for S-6, Chilltown and the Legion of Doom. The competition offers the players some tough choices, and one HouseGuest is willing to risk it all to win. After the Veto Ceremony, the household is in chaos again, with the HouseGuests sleeping on cots, taking cold showers and eating Slop.
Aug 08 2006
Last episode's HoH Competition was a cliffhanger- actually a webhanger- and Black Widow Danielle manages to cling the longest and win the crown. As she promised, Danielle gets revenge on the S-6 alliance with her nominations.
Aug 06 2006
After intense lobbying, fighting and backstabbing, one of the floaters is evicted. The HoH Competition kicks off a week of competitions requiring the HouseGuests to choose between power and temptation.
Aug 03 2006
PoV 7x11
The Power of Veto Competition yields a very lucky winner who exercises the Veto to change the nominations. HoH Janelle nominates a floater, and alliances shift again.
Aug 01 2006
While HoH Janelle agonizes over her nominations, she entertains "advice" from Chilltown and the floaters. Her final nomination choices promise to shake up the household. In the Food Competition, several HouseGuests are assigned to a week on the dreaded Slop by their housemates.
Jul 30 2006
Both Will and Jase insist that they don't want to stay in the house, but both canvas for votes, Ultimately, one of the nominees gets his wish and is evicted. The ensuing HoH Competition ends with the crowning of a second-time HoH.
Jul 27 2006
PoV 7x08
After the PoV Competition, several HouseGuests look like Smurfs, two are bald, and Jase's hair turns blue. An unexpected PoV winner upsets James' scheme, forcing S-6 to switch to Plan B.
Jul 25 2006
The Food Competition banishes Slop for the week, as the HouseGuests win menus for each day. First-time HoH James has the whole house nervous, and his bold nomination picks spark speculation. Will the PoV make a difference?
Jul 23 2006
Both Diane and Nakomis try their best to stay in the house, but one has to go. Afterwards, the Hoh Competition is a Q and A testing the HouseGuests' visual memory and powers of observation.
Jul 20 2006
PoV 7x05
Kaysar's nominees, Diane and Nakomis, hope that the PoV will save one of them. Chilltown allies Will and Boogie do their best to sway those not in the Season 6 alliance. Will the PoV winner save one of the women on the block?
Jul 18 2006
With lieutenants Janelle and Howie at his back, Kaysar feels secure in the HoH room as he considers his nomination options. A very messy Food Competition leaves half the household eating well while the other gets slop.
Jul 16 2006
Nominees Danielle and Alison both lobby hard to swing the votes, but it's not enough for Ali, who gets evicted. In the HoH Competition, the HouseGuests must read Alison's mind, and Kaysar emerges victorious as the new HoH.
Jul 13 2006
PoV 7x02
The other All-Stars see the BB 6 players as a threat, and several conspire to break their "Sea-Sick" (Season Six) alliance. Nominees Danielle and Alison try their best in the Power of Veto Competition, which involves diving, but not the kind of diving you might think.
Jul 11 2006
Julie Chen welcomes 14 All-Stars into the BB house, and six hopefuls are locked out. Shortly thereafter, the first HoH competition takes place, and nominations soon follow. Alliances form quickly, but are they premature? Time will tell.
Jul 06 2006

Season 6

30 Episodes

Finale 6x30
A vote is held to determine the winner of the game, one of the most surprising and personal seasons of the show ever.
Sep 18 2005
After a grueling three-part competition, the winner makes a decision that may change the jury's opinion of them.
Sep 16 2005
The Friendship Alliance appears to crack when Ivette wins the Golden Power of Veto.
Sep 13 2005
Janelle wins a trip to the set of Two And A Half Men.
Sep 10 2005
Janelle's plan to keep Howie in the house falls through when Ivette singlehandedly sends Howie into the sequester house.
Sep 08 2005
Janelle and Howie, who expect to be nominated, think out a potential plan for both of them to stay in the game.
Sep 06 2005
In the action-packed double eviction week episode, Howie and Janelle follow through with their plans to split up the last "secret" pair in the house.
Sep 03 2005
James has been successfully "backdoored" by the rest of the house, giving him no chance of saving himself. Still, he doesn't give up without a fight.
Sep 01 2005
Janelle and Howie look to the future and scramble to find a way to survive in the Big Brother 6 house when an unexpected opportunity falls in their lap.
Aug 30 2005
As James continues to play both sides, the other players are slowly beginning to realize that they will need each other in order to win.
Aug 25 2005
James struggles to continue to play both sides and, doing what he feels will be best for him.
Aug 23 2005
Janelle and Howie are still fuming over Kaysar's eviction, and now that they have the power, they rub it in the faces of "The Friendship."
Aug 20 2005
With Jennifer's choice of nominating house favorite Kaysar for eviction, the entire house clashes against each other, and Jen isn't the only victim.
Aug 18 2005
The members of the Sovereign Five fight as hard as they can to persuade Jen not to waver from their initial agreement to rid the house of a certain roommate.
Aug 16 2005
The Head of Household challenge from last week's episode culminates in the longest competition in Big Brother history - over 12 hours.
Aug 13 2005
Julie Chen announces the news that everyone has been waiting for: which evicted houseguest will be reentering the game, which she ultimately reveals is fan favorite.
Aug 11 2005
James and Sarah, shocked and betrayed at Howie's nominations, vow to win the veto in order to keep James alive.
Aug 09 2005
Instead of going along with their alliance, Head of Household Howie and his partner, Rachel, work together with "The Friendship" to try to get double-crosser James out of the house.
Aug 06 2005
In the fourth live show of the season, host Julie Chen reveals some surprising news: one evicted houseguest will be brought back into the game.
Aug 04 2005
Eric's eviction continues to play a part in the house, as Ivette has a meltdown because of it, and Maggie continues to seek her revenge on those who ousted Eric.
Aug 02 2005
Maggie attempts to wreak havoc on the house after Eric's eviction by trying to take out a power player in the house with her nominations.
Jul 30 2005
Things begin to cool down in the house when the houseguests gather around in the living room and spill most - if not all - of their secrets.
Jul 28 2005
Kaysar puts his plan into motion, and approaches certain people to join an alliance with him.
Jul 26 2005
The new Head of Household takes the mattes of the house into his own hands.
Jul 23 2005
As their time in the house together winds down, Michael and Janelle's flirtation evolves into a deep attraction, involving lots of displays of affection.
Jul 21 2005
Hours before the Power of Veto contest, two fights break out between Ivette & Kaysar and Eric & Michael, forcing the Big Brother producers to break up the fight.
Jul 19 2005
Eric, the new Head of Household, appears to growing thin on many of the houseguests.
Jul 16 2005
Amid a barrage of rumors and discussions about the imminent eviction, Julie Chen reveals the seven secret pairs.
Jul 14 2005
Rachel discovers a secret bedroom in the house, and when she tells the other competitors, they get upset.
Jul 12 2005
It's the "Summer of the Secrets' for the new houseguests of the sixth season of Big Brother.
Jul 07 2005

Season 5

31 Episodes

Finale 5x31
It comes down to the wire as the winner of Big Brother 5 is selected.
Sep 21 2004
The HoH competition heats up.
Sep 17 2004
In the most unique Big Brother Veto Ceremony of the summer, an ally is betrayed at the last minute.
Sep 14 2004
The last chance for Nakomis will be the Veto competition.
Sep 11 2004
Will Diane's betrayal cost Karen the game? Or is Cowboy heading for an ambush?
Sep 09 2004
Nakomis immediately gets her game on, knowing she will need to be sharp if she wants to stay in the game.
Sep 07 2004
Because this is a double eviction week, things go much faster and hectic than usual.
Sep 04 2004
Adria, almost positive that she will be evicted during the ceremony, gives all of the remaining houseguests a piece of her mind.
Sep 02 2004
Out of allegiance to Will and a desire to get a strong player out of the Big Brother 5 House, two houseguests are thrown up on the block.
Aug 31 2004
Houseguests make a promise that Will will be avenged.
Aug 26 2004
After one of the stranger Power of Veto ceremonies, a family member is betrayed.
Aug 24 2004
Nakomis puts not one but two twins on the block, seemingly ensuring that one of them will be leaving.
Aug 21 2004
Drama ensues during the eviction ceremony.
Aug 19 2004
Will and Marvin, nominated for eviction, compete for the Power of Veto.
Aug 17 2004
The united alliance that evicted Jase from the House appears to be crumbling.
Aug 14 2004
Thinking he saved himself, Jase gets bounced by a near-unanimous vote.
Aug 12 2004
In this episode, the Power of Veto is up for grabs.
Aug 10 2004
One of the houseguests starts thinking strategy when Nakomis forms a fool proof plan to eradicate the house of one of the power players.
Aug 07 2004
Scott, the virtual founder of the once-powerful Four Horsemen, is shown the door.
Aug 05 2004
Jase wins the Golden Power of Veto, forcing Head of Household Diane to nominate another person for eviction.
Aug 03 2004
The new Head of Household, Diane, attempts to get rid of a power player in the house by nominating Jase and Scott for eviction.
Jul 31 2004
After being spied on, Holly is evicted by a near-unanimous vote of 7 to 1.
Jul 29 2004
Nakomis wins the Power of Veto, and she removes herself from the chopping block.
Jul 27 2004
As soon as Drew wins Head of Household, he finds himself being barraged by advice, counsel, and commentary by every single player in the game.
Jul 24 2004
Jase's decision to use the Golden Power of Veto on Holly proves to be a good thing for Marvin and the rest of the Four Horsemen.
Jul 22 2004
In a riveting competition called "Snag the Veto", Jase emerges victorious over a hard-working Lori to grab the Power of Veto.
Jul 20 2004
Nomination day arrives, and Head of Household Marvin begins his deliberations.
Jul 17 2004
Despite his best efforts to plant seeds of doubt about the power of the Scott and Jase alliance, a houseguest gets evicted.
Jul 15 2004
The noose continues to tighten around Mike's neck as Scott wins the Power of Veto in the "Flaringo" ring toss game.
Jul 13 2004
Michael decides to reveal to the Four Horsemen that Jennifer, a.k.a. Nakomis, is his half-sister.
Jul 08 2004
It's the first show of a new Big Brother season, and this year's theme is Do Not Assume.
Jul 06 2004

Season 4

33 Episodes

Finale 4x33
The evicted HouseGuests return to the Big Brother house for the biggest day in the game.
Sep 24 2003
The jury reminisces over the past couple months in the Big Brother house.
Sep 19 2003
Robert is evicted. Jun and Allison are the final two members in the Big Brother house.
Sep 17 2003
The race for HoH has never been more intense.
Sep 16 2003
Allison must choose one of her two allies to put up for eviction.
Sep 10 2003
Alliances tear apart as Robert sets up the final three.
Sep 09 2003
Robert, the final member of the Dream Team, fights off the girl alliance.
Sep 05 2003
Alison uses her Power of Veto to tear the Dream Team apart.
Sep 03 2003
The girl alliance begins to break.
Sep 02 2003
The Stooges recognize the new woman alliance as a threat.
Aug 29 2003
The remaining women in the house make a secret pact to stay in the game.
Aug 27 2003
The remaining members of the Three Stooges make a comeback. And later a twist is thrown into the game.
Aug 25 2003
The Three Stooges lose an important member.
Aug 23 2003
After days of power and control, the Three Stooges are faced with an impossible situation.
Aug 19 2003
Jun makes the unexpected move of approaching Alison in attempts to from some kind of alliance.
Aug 16 2003
Later in the eviction night, a live vote will happen.
Aug 16 2003
Despite all the different strategies, deals and alliances, it is clear that one group controls the game.
Aug 13 2003
The HouseGuests compete in a game of strategy to win the Power of Veto.
Aug 12 2003
Robert, Justin and Jee-- hold the power in the House, and they're not afraid to flaunt it.
Aug 08 2003
Convinced that she has three votes in her favor, Dana sets out to secure a fourth.
Aug 06 2003
Alison's nominations have everyone talking, and many of her own allies disagree with her decision.
Aug 05 2003
After a dramatic shift in power, Alison settles into her position as new Head of Household and prepares for the nominations.
Aug 01 2003
After the Power of Veto meeting, Dana feels guilt over Dave's nomination.
Jul 30 2003
Now that Dana's nominations have drawn a clear line in the alliances, everyone's focus shifts to strategy.
Jul 29 2003
Dana weighs her options between her original alliance or joining the "Dream Team."
Jul 25 2003
Jee and Jun seem to form a secret alliance discussing strategy in Korean when the coast is clear and arguing when there is an audience present.
Jul 23 2003
Michelle and Erika are both upset over their nominations for eviction.
Jul 22 2003
Jee's HoH status makes the "Elite Seven" nervous and alliances are tested as strategies are revealed.
Jul 18 2003
The tumultuous first nine days are recapped as the HouseMates determine who should leave: Amanda or Jee.
Jul 16 2003
Amanda and Jee must rely on both strategy and the Power of Veto to secure their places in the House another week.
Jul 15 2003
HOH Nathan makes nominations for the first eviction. Who will it be?
Jul 11 2003
1st HOH 4x02
Some vow to evict their exes while others form "secret alliances."
Jul 09 2003
Eight houseguests prepare to live in the Big Brother house.
Jul 08 2003

Season 3

33 Episodes

Everything is put on the table as the winner of Big Brother 3 is announced.
Sep 25 2002
The House guests get down to the business of selecting the winner of Big Brother 3.
Sep 25 2002
Before returning to Part One of the ultimate HoH Competition, Jason explains that he evicted Amy because she was a better player than Lisa when it came to the Competitions. His strong ally Danielle agrees with Jason's actions, saying that she has loyalty to both Lisa and Jason, so she's fine with them both still being in the game. For her part, Lisa says she's "Not surprised, but relieved" that Jason kept her in the game. Outside, the HouseGuests are still being deluged by rain from BIG BROTHER's "deal" with Mother Nature. All three hands shiver as they desperately clutch their keys. Danielle says that when the rain first started, it was like being in the path of a storm. Jason notices that Lisa keeps her "game face" on the entire time, smiling broadly as if she wasn't bothered at all. Lisa says she got inspiration from her swimwear, the top of which belonged to her mother and the bottom that came from Eric. As another downpour starts up, Jason loses his focus and lets go of his key to
Sep 21 2002
The Jason and Danielle alliance is close to paying off. With Jason holding the only vote for eviction, he'll determine who goes to the Final Three in the House. After that, the winner of the final HoH Competition will determine the last two HouseGuests standing. Jason says that his alliance with Danielle has lasted for 10 weeks, and he isn't going to change his approach now. He adds that if someone else wins the next Competition, he plans on pushing them to take Danielle instead of him. Lisa, despite being nominated, is planning for her future in the game as well. She doesn't think she can beat Jason in the final vote and thinks she has a better chance against Danielle. Lisa has also started to piece together the puzzle that is the Jason and Danielle alliance. She says that she thinks the fact that Danielle didn't nominate Jason was suspicious and realizes that, if they were together, they would need a third person to advance to the end, which is why Danielle has been looking out for h
Sep 19 2002
Amy and Lisa take their nominations well. Lisa has a "strong feeling" she's headed for the Final Two, but Jason tells Danielle he might want to keep Amy around, thinking that the other HouseGuests would be less likely to give her the money at the end. Still unaware of Jason's alliance with Danielle, Amy thinks he is making his own decisions. Danielle wants Jason to make the call between Lisa and Amy, but still wants him to come to her so they can discuss it. While gazing at the Photo Wall, each of the remaining Houseguests get pensive and nostalgic. Lisa is reminded of how much she misses Eric, while Danielle is reminded of her strategy entering the game: Protect those who will protect you. In a private moment, Jason tells Danielle that his family will be proud of him for their alliance, and that his goal was to find someone in the House who was his opposite to ally with. Danielle says in the Diary Room that the secret of their success was keeping their bond quiet, which allowed them t
Sep 18 2002
After Marcellas declined to use the Golden Veto to save himself, Danielle says, "sadness came upon me, because I knew how it was going to play out." Lisa adds that the fact that the voting was done on live TV "made it even more stressful." As Marcellas was leaving, everyone was touched by the fact that he still told them all he loved them. Amy, Marcellas's closest friend in the House, was hurt that Marcellas had to leave and she got to stay. Jason, who cast the tie-breaking vote that eliminated Marcellas, says it was hard to do, but that "it comes down to Danielle and that I'm looking out for her." Outside, Danielle comforts an upset Amy and explains why she voted to evict Marcellas. In the Diary Room Danielle says that she has to "make sure her words are right" when talking to Amy. Lisa was under the impression that Danielle and Jason wanted Amy out, so the fact that they didn't vote that way makes her "suspicious." Lisa talks to Jason in the kitchen about the votes and says she feels
Sep 14 2002
After Roddy's departure, Jason says he'll miss him and the way Roddy took care of him like a brother. Danielle is "relieved" that Roddy's gone, since he knew she was coming after him. Amy says she'll miss Roddy, since he was such a big part of her House experience, and Lisa wanted to give him a sympathy vote so he wasn't evicted unanimously. Marcellas, however, says that Roddy "deserved to go" because he wasn't playing the game well. Lisa is upset because just before the last live show Roddy asked her if he was being evicted, and she told him she didn't know. Jason and Danielle both say they were upset with Roddy for referring to the fact that Amy didn't use the Veto Power to save him as she promised she would. Danielle calls it "sad and hurtful" that Roddy held that over Amy's head one last time. Jason reveals that he had talked with Danielle about throwing the last HoH Competition so that Amy or Lisa could win it. Imagine their surprise when Lisa and Amy were eliminated on the first
Sep 12 2002
HOT ROD PEELS OUT: NJ WRITER EVICTED 3-0 As the eviction draws near, Danielle wonders why the people nominated against Roddy turn themselves into "sacrificial lambs," allowing him to stay in the House. Marcellas tells Danielle that after listening to Roddy he feels hypnotized, ready to follow him wherever. With Roddy's persuasiveness an active topic in the house, Amy makes his bid to stay a little easier by putting on what Marcellas calls the "ugliest exhibition" he's seen in the House. It starts when Lisa, on the elliptical trainer, overhears Amy make an offer to Roddy for one of his beers. As Amy continues to drink, she babbles to the other HouseGuests, all of whom are visibly uncomfortable. Marcellas, now using the trainer himself, asks Roddy to go inside and get him a drink of water, leaving him alone on the patio with Amy. Marcellas tells Amy to stop drinking and go to bed. Amy goes into the House, but pulls Jason into the HoH room and asks him for some of his alcohol, then lies t
Sep 05 2002
PAST COMES BACK TO HAUNT AMY With Marcellas's harsh words still ringing in her ears, Amy mumbles to Roddy that she understands being nominated, but wonders why the speech had to be so cruel. Marcellas says later that he considered his words to her an "intervention" of sorts, but Roddy thought it was "unnecessary and flat-out selfish" to hurt someone like that. Amy stays at the table, staring into space while Marcellas confirms to Danielle that he still wants Roddy to be the one to go. Inside, Lisa comforts Amy, who says she expected to be nominated but didn't expect the speech Marcellas made at her expense. Roddy confronts Marcellas about the motivations behind his being nominated. Marcellas responds that it was the will of the House. Roddy asks Danielle, who is sitting nearby, if she felt that way. Danielle says yes, and Roddy asks her why she never came to him with her problems. More to the point, he reminds her that when he asked her if she had any trouble with him, she said no. Mar
Sep 04 2002
HALFWAY HOME After Gerry's departure, Jason says it was "very sad to see the Dad of the family go." Marcellas realizes that he would have been gone early in the game if Gerry hadn't used the Veto Power to save him the first week. Amy is also in shock, but more over the headfake Julie Chen gave when reading the eviction. In the kitchen, the remaining HouseGuests realize they're at the halfway point of the game, and give themselves a round of applause. Roddy says he wanted to win this last HoH Competition to ensure his own safety, but Amy "couldn't be happier" that Marcellas won. She refers to herself as the "First Lady" of the BIG BROTHER House, until Roddy takes her aside and tells her that title makes other people uncomfortable. He indicates that it marks her as a partner to Marcellas, and reminds her of what has befallen BB3's other couples. Inside, Marcellas tells Danielle that Roddy thinks Amy has influence over him, but she doesn't. Marcellas is upset that Amy often "funnels infor
Aug 31 2002
TEACHER GETS EXPELLED 4-0 Gerry opens what could be his last day in the BIG BROTHER House with a quote from Winston Churchill: "You can lose every battle but the last one." He adds that he is aware of the generation gap between himself and the other HouseGuests and is aware that it has affected his performance in the game. Roddy sits with Gerry in the hammock and rehashes the demise of all alliances in the game, from the all-girl and all-guy groups to the couples and the original hot tub alliance. Gerry recalls Roddy's statement that in the game, memories fade, but points out that he remembers that Roddy was a component in almost all the alliances that existed. In the Diary Room, Marcellas says, "perception is everything," while Gerry tells Roddy that the perception is that he's smarter than everyone else in the House. Gerry adds, with no disrespect intended, "You're not." As Marcellas says, though, perception is everything, and Lisa says she thinks that everyone will be going after Ro
Aug 29 2002
After Jason puts up Gerry and Amy, Lisa tells him that she's proud of him for being himself and not following the will of others. Jason tells Lisa that just before Chiara's eviction, he promised her that he would look out for Roddy, and that's why he didn't nominate him. Danielle is not as understanding about his motivations, even after Jason explains that evicting the "wild card" Gerry will take their partnership further in the game. Danielle remains concerned that to avoid being nominated Roddy was just telling Jason anything he wanted to hear, but she admits that Jason did the right thing for himself. Marcellas thinks Jason's decision marks him as "weak" and incapable of making the tough decisions. AMY AND GERRY: WHO'LL GO? Amy says that she's had premonitions of her fate before her previous two nominations, and that she feels good about her chances this time around. She kids Lisa, saying that Gerry the teacher is needed back at home, because school about to go back into session.
Aug 28 2002
JASON SPARES THE ROD-DY Chiara's departure has hit the HouseGuests hard. Amy says she feels like a "horrid home wrecker," but wishes everyone would realize they were playing a game and "not Love Connection." Lisa is upset because Chiara asked her while leaving why Lisa didn't vote for her to stay. Roddy asks Jason to open his bag and see what Chiara left for him: a security blanket she's had since she was a young child. Roddy cries, but says he's "proud to be close enough" to Chiara for her to give him something so important to her. With the rest of the House in a stupor over the eviction, Marcellas tells Danielle and Lisa, commiserating in the Map Room, that Chiara "did dirt" to Lisa, to him, and would have done it to Danielle if she had the chance. Danielle feels confident in Jason as the new HoH, and says she had to try and act calm after he won, even though she was overjoyed. Taking in the perks of power, Jason says he's looking forward to sleeping in a real bed, since he's been us
Aug 24 2002
SAYONARA, CHIARA! Still reeling from their private Sheryl Crow concert, the HouseGuests enter the Storage Room and find personalized autographed T-shirts and copies of Sheryl's latest CD "C'mon, C'mon." Marcellas calls her appearance "the most amazing departure ever" from the game, while Amy marvels at the goodies they received, saying "I'll have friends now, any way I can get them." Roddy tells Chiara that last week he didn't mentally prepare himself to leave the House, but that this week he is getting ready. Chiara promises that if he does go, she won't seek revenge against Amy. In another room, Marcellas, Lisa and Danielle are discussing the fates of Roddy and Chiara, trying to figure out whom they're going to vote for. Marcellas eventually declares that he's going to evict Roddy, because the circumstances of the game dictate his eviction. After deciding to keep Chiara, Marcellas approaches her with a warning not to trust the people who are always "smiling" at her, because those are
Aug 22 2002
BB HOUSE BECOMES CROW'S NEST! Immediately after Josh's 5-0 eviction, Chiara says that she was afraid Roddy was going to be the one sent home when she heard the initial vote count. Roddy agrees, telling the group he was afraid he was the one about to get evicted unanimously, prompting Jason's realization that despite their friendship, Roddy doesn't trust him. While Marcellas was happy that Josh left, he feels "amazingly blessed" to have his good friend Amy back in the House. Lisa says she was happy to see Amy, but feels "selfish and greedy" about voting against bringing Eric back to the game. She says that in light of finding out Chiara voted to evict her, she wouldn't have been able to resume an alliance with Chiara, Roddy and Eric if he returned, and was afraid Eric wouldn't understand why she had changed her mind. Roddy, who quit the last HoH contest right after it began, is having regrets and blames his decision on feeling "nervous and sleepy" from having been nominated. Amy didn't
Aug 21 2002
Despite being conscious of the omnipresent cameras, some of the HouseGuests sometimes forget that they're being filmed 24/7.
Aug 16 2002
A previously evicted houseguest returns.
Aug 15 2002
Josh gives up on the game and immediately begins packing once nominated.
Aug 14 2002
Chiara makes a bold move with her nominations.
Aug 10 2002
The houseguests bowl for HoH.
Aug 08 2002
Jason wins a letter from home and the houseguests discuss what they miss most.
Aug 07 2002
With Gerry as the new HoH some houseguests throw their mates under the bus.
Aug 03 2002
The houseguests debate on who to evict.
Aug 01 2002
Danielle and Jason develop a tight bond and the houseguests play for the PoV.
Jul 31 2002
Josh and Marcellas make peace and the house has mixed reactions to Tonya's eviction.
Jul 27 2002
Some houseguests begin to lose their temper as half the house is forced to eat PB&J.
Jul 25 2002
Danielle wins the PoV.
Jul 24 2002
Marcelllas develops strong disdain for Josh bringing him to nominate Josh for eviction.
Jul 20 2002
After the first eviction of the season a previously nominated houseguest wins HoH.
Jul 18 2002
The PoV is used to save one nominee, and tensions begin to escalate in the house.
Jul 17 2002
The first Power of Veto is played.
Jul 13 2002
HoH Lisa is unsure of who to nominate for eviction.
Jul 11 2002
Twelve new houseguests find their beds and quickly size up their competition.
Jul 10 2002

Season 2

30 Episodes

After reciting a memorable speech, a Big Brother winner is crowned.
Sep 20 2001
The houseguests learn some saddening news and compete for the finale HoH.
Sep 20 2001
The contestants compete for a luxury competition.
Sep 18 2001
Will debates on who he is going to keep in the house.
Sep 06 2001
Nicole continues her negative attitude when the house gets treated to a winter wonderland in the backyard.
Sep 05 2001
The new HoH nominates a powerful twosome.
Sep 04 2001
The nominees make their pleas to stay in the house.
Aug 30 2001
Nicole and Will mend fences, and Bunky tearfully thanks the house for their friendships.
Aug 28 2001
The houseguests get a luxury fast food meal which motivates them in the food competition.
Aug 25 2001
Hardy wins the HoH competition.
Aug 22 2001
Houseguests compete in a luxury competition to see a screening of American Pie 2.
Aug 21 2001
After discussing what they would each do if they won the money, the house votes to evict Krista.
Aug 16 2001
Upon being nominated, Monica packs her bags ready for her game to end.
Aug 14 2001
Nicole plants seeds around the house.
Aug 11 2001
Relationships flip flop in the house, and Kent declares he is ready to go home.
Aug 09 2001
The house agrees to vote Kent out this week but is having a hard time dealing with Bunky's attitude.
Aug 07 2001
The houseguests tearfully watch Mike's goodbye video, and Hardy wins HoH.
Aug 04 2001
Tension rises among the houseguests, and Kent is at the center of it.
Aug 02 2001
Houseguests begin to get a little stir crazy, and Hardy wins a phone call from his grandma.
Jul 31 2001
Kent wins HoH and nominates Mike and Krista.
Jul 28 2001
Shannon solicits votes to be evicted and the houseguests plan a "date" for Will and Shannon.
Jul 26 2001
Houseguests contemplate Hardy's nominations.
Jul 24 2001
Things get shaken up in the house when Hardy wins HoH and nominates Shannon and Will.
Jul 21 2001
The Chill Town alliance contemplates expansion and Shannon's boyfriend weighs in on her showmance with Will from outside of the house.
Jul 19 2001
The houseguests compete for a Texas style BBQ in the luxury competition.
Jul 17 2001
The new HoH nominates two houseguests for eviction.
Jul 14 2001
Two houseguests leave the Big Brother house.
Jul 12 2001
Houseguests compete in the food competition.
Jul 10 2001
Alliances begin to form and the house guests win access to the hot tub.
Jul 07 2001
Twelve contestants compete to win HoH and try to avoid eviction.
Jul 05 2001

Season 1

70 Episodes

The winner of Big Brother is announced.
Sep 29 2000
The remaining House guests bond as their final day in the Big Brother house approaches.
Sep 28 2000
Another member will be banished on this live episode of Big Brother.
Sep 27 2000
Everyone opens up about who they nominated and why.
Sep 26 2000
Josh is having too much fun with the potato clock.
Sep 25 2000
The final nominations, plus an old House guest returns.
Sep 23 2000
Josh tries to hide a secret message from the rest of his roommates.
Sep 22 2000
A message in the sky has the House Guests on edge.
Sep 21 2000
The current House Guests choose a former House Guest to re-enter the Big Brother house.
Sep 20 2000
The House Guests put up for eviction must plead their case to America.
Sep 19 2000
A challenge is issued to the houseguests with the chance to broadcast the weather live for CBS on the line.
Sep 18 2000
On this live edition of Big Brother, the Houseguests give their nominations live for the first time.
Sep 16 2000
Eddie announces his intention to win at all costs.
Sep 15 2000
With the end nearing, Eddie vows to play the game more strategically.
Sep 14 2000
Will the house guests make good on their threat and leave the Big Brother house?
Sep 13 2000
One house guest remains as the lone hold out in a major group decision.
Sep 12 2000
The group decides whether or not to stick together in the face of temptation.
Sep 11 2000
The houseguests participate in a challenge involving an obstacle course and Chiquita the dog.
Sep 09 2000
Jamie wonders if she should have given into temptation, while Eddie absolutely does not.
Sep 08 2000
Everyone has their mind on the suitcase full of money.
Sep 07 2000
With 24 hours left, the House guests are faced with the ultimate temptation.
Sep 06 2000
A woman outside of the house uses a megaphone to inform the Houseguests about a potential danger.
Sep 05 2000
Although he wants him to win the Cash, George is worried about Eddie.
Sep 04 2000
A recap of the past week events.
Sep 02 2000
Everyone deals with Brittany's banishment in their own way.
Sep 01 2000
Eddie struggles on who he should put for nomination.
Aug 31 2000
George's wife organizes to get Brittany out of the house.
Aug 30 2000
Cassandra can't decide if she wants to leave the house or not.
Aug 29 2000
Cassandra tries to help a depressed Brittany deal with the fact that she is nominated.
Aug 28 2000
Some of the Houseguests speculate on who nominated them.
Aug 26 2000
The houseguests are grilled by Big Brother.
Aug 25 2000
Jamie receives a huge surprise for winning the last daily challenge.
Aug 24 2000
Curtis accepts the fact that he's in the Big Brother house and that there's a game to be played.
Aug 22 2000
The road map challenge is finally here, as a come-from-behind win shocks everyone.
Aug 21 2000
Jamie starts to get worried about how the game is changing her.
Aug 18 2000
After learning Josh's true feelings about her, Brittany confronts him.
Aug 17 2000
On this live edition of Big Brother, the houseguests participate in a challenge where they must make a very tough decision.
Aug 16 2000
The second Big Brother roast changes Curtis' and Cassandra's outlook on the game.
Aug 15 2000
Karen's actions during the last nomination ceremony upsets George.
Aug 14 2000
Curtis believes Karen thinks he betrayed her, causing more drama between the two.
Aug 12 2000
Karen tries to find out who nominated her for eviction.
Aug 10 2000
A new twist is added in the game that makes the nomination process more interesting.
Aug 09 2000
Cassandra is disgusted with the random hook ups in the house.
Aug 08 2000
The anti-Karen faction slowly begins to grow.
Aug 07 2000
Jamie and George start to believe Karen is up to no good.
Aug 05 2000
After Jordan is evicted, Brittany shifts her jealousy towards Jamie.
Aug 04 2000
Karen is upset at George after the roast.
Aug 03 2000
Aug 02 2000
Jordan provides details about her past.
Aug 01 2000
Jamie and Cassandra recognize the alliances forming in the house.
Jul 31 2000
At the very last minute, the weekly challenge gets very stressful for everybody.
Jul 29 2000
Although Jordan tries to be strong in the house, she gets really upset by Curtis' criticism of her.
Jul 28 2000
The entire house gets involved in the Josh, Jordan, Brittany love triangle.
Jul 27 2000
Sexual tensions rise and the social dynamic changes in the house.
Jul 26 2000
A love triangle emerges between Brittany, Josh, and Jordan.
Jul 25 2000
Brittany tries to fight the feelings she has for Josh.
Jul 24 2000
After only a few weeks, gossip and rumors take over the house.
Jul 22 2000
Brittany instigates drama by telling Eddie that Jamie might have feelings for him, even though he has a girlfriend.
Jul 21 2000
The first House guest is evicted from the Big Brother House.
Jul 20 2000
William slowly begins to change his ways and bonds with some of the Houseguests.
Jul 18 2000
Cassandra tries to help William change his attitude. Also, Karen and Josh get close.
Jul 17 2000
William brings up race in the Big Brother House, alienating himself in the process.
Jul 15 2000
Pre-nomination jitters cause the house to divide.
Jul 14 2000
The banishment process begins when two people are nominated to go home.
Jul 13 2000
Jordan's comments about Eddie's girlfriend create tension.
Jul 11 2000
After the results are revealed, a debate about who voted for who occurs.
Jul 10 2000
The group opens up about some of their hidden secrets, getting to know each other even more.
Jul 08 2000
George seems to genuinely miss his family; Karen, by contrast, is carrying a lot of negative emotional baggage.
Jul 07 2000
The group sits around the kitchen table, sharing their life stories. Later, the houseguests prepare for their first challenge.
Jul 06 2000
The residents finally arrive in the Big Brother house.
Jul 05 2000