Billy the Kid

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An epic romantic adventure based on the life of Billy the Kid, also known as William H. Bonney � from his humble Irish roots and his early days as a cowboy and gunslinger in the American frontier, to his pivotal role in the Lincoln County War and beyond

Season 2

8 Episodes

Jun 23 2024
Jun 16 2024
Billy and the Regulators turn McSween�s house into their HQ, and are supported by the Mexicans. A confrontation with the 7 Rivers Gang leads to a fusillade of bullets. Restoring peace seems futile.
Jun 09 2024
The del Toboscos fail to repay their debt, leading to an ambush by the 7 Rivers Gang. Billy vows that he and the Regulators will take over Lincoln and clear out the thugs. But, there's a new Sheriff.
Jun 02 2024
The Regulators have been on the defensive since the start of war, but Billy draws up a plan which could bring the war to an end.
Nov 05 2023
Billy and the Regulators hear news that John Tunstall�s ranch is going to be raided.
Oct 29 2023
The war has started, but John Tunstall is hospitalized by a smallpox outbreak.
Oct 22 2023
The Lincoln County War is on the verge of kicking off in a big way. Billy has joined Englishman John Tunstall in his commercial battle with Major Murphy and the House, but even bigger players lurk in the background and the stakes are high.
Oct 15 2023

Season 1

8 Episodes

We are on the eve of the Lincoln County War. Jesse and the gang are encouraged by Murphy to ramp up their attacks on those famers, mostly Mexican, who have signed up with Tunstall. It�s the last straw for Billy, and he decides to change sides.
Jun 19 2022
Billy rides into Lincoln County to join up with the gang, who are working for Lincoln�s most powerful boss, Major Murphy. Murphy wants them to get rid of his new competitor, John Tunstall. Billy finds himself torn between the two rivals.
Jun 12 2022
Fate 1x06
Billy bumps into a new character called Pat Garrett, who is riding with Jesse and the 7 Rivers Gang. Billy joins them � but law makers are already closing in. They plan to flee to Lincoln County � but not before Billy fulfils one last promise.
Jun 05 2022
Billy, on the move again, ends up in Chihuahua, Mexico, with a new Mexican friend called Segura. Together they enjoy several risky escapades � but in the end, Billy risks losing his life.
May 22 2022
Billy finds fresh trouble when he falls in with a character called Alias. He kills a man in self-defence and ends up on the run, and then in the arms of a young woman � who also happens to be the girlfriend of Jesse Evans.
May 15 2022
Antrim 1x03
Antrim, Kathleen and the two boys relocate to Silver City, trying to start a new life. But all their dreams are shattered � and Billy loses everything.
May 08 2022
Kathleen and her sons Billy and Joe travel on to Santa Fe. Life is hard, but she meets and marries a man who might change everything for the better � only to find that he makes it a lot worse.
May 01 2022
It�s 1871. 12-year-old Billy McCarty and his immigrant Irish family have to leave New York and travel west to seek new opportunities. But the journey proves fatal for some.
Apr 24 2022