Black Ops (2023)

Continuing / 7:00pm BBC One 26 min.
Two inept community support officers go undercover to thwart a violent criminal gang, but they soon discover they are in way over their heads.

Season 1

6 Episodes

After Kay tails Celia Herrington�s mystery visitor to a Ministry of Defence building, Dom is convinced that Kirsty will no longer be able to ignore their pleas for help. But first, they must hide Clinton�s dossier somewhere safer - after an attempted raid on Dom�s parents� house.
Jun 09 2023
Posing as volunteers, Dom and Kay visit Riverford Residential Home, suspecting it could be a front for the Brightmarsh Gang.
Jun 02 2023
Dom and Kay track down a new, potential undercover contact called Kirsty. Can she get them out of the Brightmarsh Gang?
May 26 2023
Dom and Kay fail to meet the Brightmarsh Gang�s deadline for a drugs payment. Can Dom persuade Kay to steal from the church, or will Kay�s faith mean they get their legs broken?
May 19 2023
Dom and Kay have a body to bury. They�re in a mess, frightened and completely on their own. Who else knows about their mission, other than Clinton? Then, they bump into fellow PCSO Pricey in a 24-hour caf�, who doesn�t quite believe Dom and Kay�s story as to why they are caked in mud.
May 12 2023
Dom and Kay, two ordinary PCSOs, are recruited by Detective Inspector Clinton Blair to go undercover and infiltrate the infamous Brightmarsh Gang.
May 05 2023