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Bloods follows a pair of seemingly mismatched paramedics and their fellow ambulance station colleagues through the life-saving world of a south London emergency service.

Season 2

10 Episodes

Darryl and Darrell host a leaving party and the team let their hair down. But it could end in tears.
Sep 29 2022
With Jo away at training, Gary finds himself in charge of the depot. Lawrence decides it's time to make his feelings known.
Sep 22 2022
Maleek struggles in the aftermath of the Serious Incident Investigation, while there's devastating news for Kareshma and Gary.
Sep 15 2022
Wendy and Maleek face the Serious Incident Investigation panel - will their friendship survive intact?
Sep 08 2022
Wendy and Maleek work a shift at a football match to take their minds off the upcoming Serious Incident Investigation.
Sep 01 2022
Jo hopes for a New Year's Eve kiss from Lawrence. Wendy and Maleek misdiagnose a reluctant patient and Darrell and Darryl decide to emigrate.
Apr 13 2022
Wendy realises she has to address Spencer's poor behaviour when they spend the day on the road together with Maleek.
Apr 06 2022
Maleek and Wendy are sent to a school to teach a knife crime awareness workshop - but things do not go according to plan.
Mar 30 2022
George struggles to make a difference at the mental health crime scene that is South Hill. Darrell faces deportation back to Australia.
Mar 23 2022
Jo is dismayed to discover that South Hill has been sent a counsellor to improve the depot's poor mental health record.
Mar 16 2022

Season 1

6 Episodes

With the partnership in tatters, Maleek and Wendy are forced to deliver a baby together on the underground.
Jun 09 2021
After discovering Maleek is a talented but reluctant singer, Wendy tries to encourage him. Kareshma resorts to desperate measures to get rid of Gary.
Jun 02 2021
After their mishaps, the pair are split up as Maleek is punished with pushbike duty, while Wendy must work under Jo's observation.
May 26 2021
Daycare 1x03
When Maleek bumps into old flame and single mum Nicole, Wendy sees the chance to get them together - by looking after her son.
May 19 2021
Maleek reveals his dream of a job in the helicopter service after meeting a new paramedic. Elsewhere, Wendy makes an (unwanted) connection of her own.
May 12 2021
Comedy set among the non-stop rush of life as a paramedic in London, as young Maleek struggles to get used to his new, exuberant partner Wendy.
May 05 2021