Blue Lights (2023)

Continuing / 7:00pm BBC One 58 min.
For three police recruits in Belfast, the pressure is immense. Facing criminal gangs and divided communities, they don't know who to trust. The odds are, they won't all make it.

Season 2

6 Episodes

Mount Eden descends into chaos as Grace tries to get Henry out from under Lee�s control. Happy finally learns the truth.
May 20 2024
Annie�s job is on the line. As Lee consolidates power, Stevie and Grace are thrown back together on a response call, with terrible consequences.
May 13 2024
Lee is the new boss in Mount Eden. Under pressure from Canning to get results, Shane leads Tommy into danger.
May 06 2024
As tensions grow in Mount Eden, a response call forces Stevie to confront his past. Annie deals with the consequences of an impulsive decision.
Apr 29 2024
Iceberg 2x02
A loyalist gangland feud turns up the pressure on the section. Annie makes an impetuous decision on a night out.
Apr 22 2024
A year into the job, the team are faced with a drug-fuelled crime wave that leads them into a loyalist estate. A violent clash puts Stevie and Grace�s working relationship at risk.
Apr 15 2024

Season 1

6 Episodes

The team work together after the shooting. Stevie clashes with the spooks, Mo learns the truth about his father, and Grace accepts that she might break her promise to Angela.
May 01 2023
Mo�s side deal goes ahead, risking his relationship with his father. Tommy�s firearms exam is brought forward, and Stevie tries to convince Grace to come back to work.
Apr 24 2023
The police ombudsman investigates the team after a disastrous night shift. Helen uncovers a scandal, while a crisis at home has Grace doubting her career choice.
Apr 17 2023
A paramilitary-style assault case has Grace determined to bring the McIntyres to their knees. When Gordy pulls away from Angela, she becomes desperate for help.
Apr 10 2023
The team scramble to deal with a bad batch of drugs while the McIntyres try to cover their tracks. Annie receives terrifying news that has her wondering who she can trust.
Apr 03 2023
PSNI probationer Grace promises to help Angela, whose son has fallen in with a notorious gang. But with undercover agents watching, will she be able to keep her word?
Mar 27 2023