Boat Story

Continuing / 7:00pm BBC One 57 min.
Two strangers. One boat. Nothing to lose. An unexpected discovery could mean a second chance - or a bloody end.

Season 1

6 Episodes

In a climactic finale, Janet and Samuel hurtle towards their final face-off with The Tailor. To everyone�s surprise, their stand-off yields unexpected results.
Dec 04 2023
Reeling from what they've just witnessed, Janet and Samuel scramble to make their next move, but no option is truly safe. How far are they willing to go to save their loved ones?
Dec 03 2023
The clock is ticking for Janet and Samuel as opposing forces make moves in the sleepy town. Caught in the crossfire, can they think fast enough to stay alive?
Nov 27 2023
Janet and Samuel celebrate their newfound riches, but The Tailor�s henchman, Guy, is on their trail, and a shocking discovery places the pair in more danger than ever before.
Nov 26 2023
Janet and Samuel try to find a buyer for the stolen drugs, which proves trickier than they thought. Meanwhile, The Tailor leaves a trail of chaos in his hunt for the thieves.
Nov 20 2023
When two strangers discover a haul of cocaine on a washed-up boat, luck soon turns to misfortune as they become the targets of a vengeful mob boss, his hit man and the police.
Nov 19 2023