Chopped After Hours

Ended Tuesday / 7:00pm Food Network 25 min.
Chopped After Hours shows the judges taking over the kitchen and competing against each other with the same mystery baskets as the competing chefs.

Season 3

6 Episodes

The tables turn as the judges take to the kitchen and succeed with baskets that had the contestants flummoxed.
Feb 06 2018
On their feet and at the stoves, the judges take on the same confounding ingredients as Chopped competitors! Everybody gets revved up for a food truck-themed round one, and Marcus Samuelsson devises a dish that's just odd enough to be brilliant. In round two, it's game on with Cornish game hen with positively yummy results. Round three finds the chefs revisiting a dessert basket from a Chopped grilling special and Ted Allen finds time to grill up snacks for his busy buds.
Sep 26 2017
When the competition is over, the judges stick around to do what they do best: cook incredible food! Round one features three outstanding pork belly and walnut appetizers, plus some light-hearted thievery and spontaneous dumpling delivery. Round two finds Scott Conant uncertain of what to do with hamachi collar -- will inspiration strike with enough time on the clock? Then, round three challenges the judges to turn ugly foods into gorgeous entrees while trying to ignore a frighteningly funny intruder.
Sep 19 2017
The judges savor a chance to slip into the Chopped Kitchen to cook after hours! In round one, it's brine time for Marc Murphy, Geoffrey Zakarian and Alex Guarnaschelli, who take on ingredients from a pickle-themed competition. Then, Amanda Freitag, Marcus Samuelsson and Alex peel, smash and sear their way through a potato-themed round two, while Ted Allen has some fun with a tater imitator. In a chocolate-themed round three, Amanda sets out to make a gourmet ice cream sandwich, while Maneet Chauhan has ambitious plans to make baked Alaska -- but will it be possible to plate perfect desserts before the clock runs out?
Sep 12 2017
When the baskets get tough, the Chopped judges get cooking! In round one Marcus Samuelsson, Scott Conant and Amanda Freitag must use their noodles to make the most of fresh pasta dough. Chumminess and yumminess abound in round two when the judges take on a newlyweds-themed dessert basket featuring cheese and cake and Ted Allen asks the chefs some intimate questions. In round three, Marc Murphy, Alex Guarnaschelli and Scott get cracking on some succulent lobster tail and fresh star fruit from the Star Power finale, and the judges get a taste of the limelight as they're mobbed by paparazzi mid-round.
Sep 05 2017
It's always a blast when the judges take over the Chopped Kitchen after hours! In round one, they tackle the mystery basket from a Father's Day competition. Scott Conant aims to tame the whipped cream canister while Mark Murphy turns the pantry into his own personal man cave and Alex Guarnaschelli constructs an impeccable tiramisu. In round two, things heat up when the judges must make entrees using a caddy of hot sauces. Then, in the final round, the judges try their luck with duck and Amanda Freitag gets a surprise visit from a special guest!
Aug 29 2017

Season 2

7 Episodes

Aug 09 2016
Aug 02 2016
Jul 26 2016
Jul 25 2016
Leftover Thanksgiving turkey is transformed into finger food and Latin American cuisine; Marc Murphy makes quick work of carrot baby food; and the final round features some nostalgic flavors and unheard-of combos.
Jul 19 2016
Jul 12 2016
After the contestants are gone, the judges try to transform mystery baskets into delicious dishes! Challenging ingredients include vegan lobster, a tempura chocolate sandwich cookie, and seriously strong mixed drinks.
Jul 06 2016

Season 1

8 Episodes

Nov 03 2015
Oct 27 2015
Halloween desserts are made using "watermelon brains" and chocolate-covered bugs; and the judges trash talk and steal ingredients when trying to reinterpret grandma's meatloaf. Also: The competition gets tricky when French custard must be used in appetizers.
Oct 20 2015
In the first round, Geoffrey Zakarian takes over hosting duties as Ted Allen and the judges face a carnival-themed basket full of fried snacks; round three finds the chefs tearing into Thanksgiving ingredients.
Oct 13 2015
Oct 06 2015
The dessert basket of the rock stars competition; a rack of lamb provides the chefs a chance to show their culinary skills; creativity takes over with late-night themed final round ingredients.
Sep 29 2015
Marc Murphy's chef cam shows a new angle on the kitchen and his fellow chefs; breakfast brings the boys together until Ted Allen starts throwing ingredients at Scott Conant; Maneet Chauhan's title of Maestro of Spice is put on the line.
Sep 22 2015
Alex Guarnaschelli attempts the impossible with a French puff pastry presentation; Maneet Chauhan and Chris Santos have a battle of fish and chips; the judges prepare dishes from cake pops and quail.
Sep 15 2015