Cities of the Underworld

Ended / 7:00pm History US 45 min.
BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU WALK - HISTORY'S AFOOT! In major cities all around the world today, skyscrapers loom overhead, taxis honk their horns and street vendors peddle their wares. But below lays city upon city - each with its fascinating and unknown history. CITIES OF THE UNDERWORLD explores these layers, which are often hundreds of feet deep, to examine a city's ancient cisterns, dank dungeons, eerie tombs, clandestine hideouts, and even underground shipwrecks that have been lost for hundreds of years. How did (and do) engineers build layer upon layer up to today's city streets? CITIES OF THE UNDERWORLD reveals the technological marvels that allowed the construction of one city upon another - literally.

Season 4

1 Episodes

Don Wildman explores deep below ancient ruins as he searches for clues pointing to the true fate of the once-mighty Mayan empire.
Sep 03 2021

Season 3

13 Episodes

Underground Sydney is explored. Included: a 19th-century prison; caves that were once home to fugitive outlaws; gold mines. Also: a secret World War II storage place for chemical weapons is toured by those who once worked there.
Feb 09 2009
Underground Turkey is explored, focusing on the remnants from invasions and travelers on the trade routes. Included: the lore of the Trojan War.
Feb 02 2009
Underground Cairo is explored, focusing on ancient structures that have withstood time and countless invasions. Included: a step pyramid built a century before the Giza pyramids; and a tomb containing 2000-year-old mummies. Also examined: the Book of the Dead.
Jan 26 2009
Underground San Francisco is explored. Included: an ammunitions depot; a former repository for nuclear missiles; Civil War fortifications beneath Alcatraz; and tunnels below Chinatown.
Jan 12 2009
Underground Ethiopia is explored. Included: tombs of emperors; subterranean cathedrals; and the palace of the Queen of Sheba. Also: theories regarding the possible resting place of the Ark of the Covenant.
Dec 22 2008
Ancient Rome is explored, focusing on places associated with gladiators, including the Colosseum, brothels and crypts. Also: a school where gladiators learned how to fight and survive.
Dec 15 2008
Underground Los Angeles is explored. Included: Charles Manson's subterranean hideaways; tunnels used by corrupt cops; the subway system; and military bunkers.
Dec 07 2008
Exploring life beneath the streets in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire.
Dec 01 2008
Underground Belgium is explored, focusing on the trenches and tunnels of World War I.
Nov 23 2008
Underground Las Vegas is explored. Included: secret surveillance centers for casinos; underground vaults; and tunnels used during the Prohibition era.
Nov 16 2008
Underground Sicily and the origins of the Mafia are explored. Included: the escape route of a mob boss; a bone crypt; and bunkers used during World War II by the Axis powers.
Nov 09 2008
Exploring the Japanese island of Okinawa and its complex system of subterranean tunnels, caves and bunkers that was used during World War II.
Nov 02 2008
The third-season opener explores Victorian-era London, when hard times forced many to take extreme measures to procure food and shelter.
Oct 26 2008

Season 2

13 Episodes

Deep within the former Soviet Union lays a classified, subterranean world of Cold War secrets.
May 05 2008
The New Orleans underground after Hurricane Katrina
Apr 29 2008
A look at the underground of Moscow, including the areas relating to the Cold War and Stalin's ruthless reign. Includes a glimpse of hidden bunkers, escape tunnels used to hide from Stalin's henchmen.
Apr 22 2008
A look underneath Washington D.C., including the national defense and the areas which have been created which are intended to keep the country safe from wars and natural disasters. Included is a look at secret bunkers and the world created below the Capital Mall.
Apr 15 2008
New York City is the biggest city in the country, but it's got some dark secrets. Founded by covert groups, overrun with gangs and mob bosses, and ruled by secret societies, this is the true foundation of the city that never sleeps.
Mar 31 2008
The ancient world was shaped by people who believed they foresaw the will of God. Jerusalem is at the heart of all their fiery prophecies. From bloody wars to the birth of saviors, Jerusalem has been at the center of prophetic revelations.
Mar 24 2008
Chicago was once a playground for mobsters and corrupt politicians. It wouldn't be the third largest city in the U.S. today if it weren't for the shady dealings that went on just beneath its streets.
Mar 17 2008
Visit the center of Mayan civilization. Hundreds of ruins scatter the landscape & reveal clues to bloody rituals, advanced architecture & belief in an unforgiving underworld of Mayan gods.
Mar 10 2008
Prague is a city cloaked in mystery, with an underground to match. Medieval castles line the streets & dark dungeons lie deep below them. From quarries where Hitler may have stored his secret weapons to mines that doubled as Communist slave camps, Prague has surprising stories to tell.
Mar 03 2008
Dublin, Ireland is much more than a city full of pubs and pints. Burial tombs, defense tunnels, and mysterious burial crypts line the underground below the rolling hills.
Feb 25 2008
Tokyo, Japan is a city straight out of the future, above ground and below. Go beneath the busy streets to see the latest technology that will save the city from the many natural disasters ready to strike. From there go back in time to World War II to see how Hiroshima's underground offered protection from the most powerful bombs.
Feb 11 2008
Vietnam 2x02
See a Vietnam that you've never seen before. During the Vietnam War the media flooded the world with images of soldiers and jungles. What wasn't seen were the tunnels, caves and passageways.
Feb 04 2008
For billions across the globe, Jerusalem is considered ground zero for Armageddon. While most of the world's population considers it a holy land, it's also one of the bloodiest cities the world has ever known. From a hidden occult city built by the Knights Templar to the hiding place for the Dead Sea Scrolls, the evidence of the apocalypse is buried all over the holy city.
Jan 28 2008

Season 1

14 Episodes

What was the secret to the success of ancient Rome? Aqueducts, underground neighborhoods and one of the oldest sewer systems reveal many secrets. The largest and most influential empire in history leaves clues to her greatness under nearly every street.
Jul 30 2007
100 years ago Portland, Oregon was a city full of vice, considered the most dangerous port in the world. It was a place where you could get drugs or booze or wake up trapped in a cell beneath the earth.
Jul 23 2007
4000 years ago, a mysterious pagan society called the Hittites dug deep into the soft volcanic rock to carve out an intricate underworld. But after almost 800 years of rule, the Hittite Empire vanished without a trace. Where did their people go and what clues have they left behind in their complex subterranean world?
Jul 16 2007
Visit the city of Bucharest, Romania and learn about its most famous citizen, Vlad the Impaler, more commonly known as Dracula. Travel underground as secret prisons, caves and dungeons are revealed. Only through the bleak subterranean stretches can one come face-to-face with the truth about this infamous Romanian ruler.
Jul 09 2007
Discover the fascinating and unknown history that lies below major cities around the world today. Explore these layers, which are often hundreds of feet deep. Discover everything form dank dungeons to underground shipwrecks that have been lost for centuries.
Jun 25 2007
Naples, Italy narrowly escaped meeting the same fate as its neighboring city, Pompeii in 79 AD when Mount Vesuvius wiped out everything around it. The wind saved Naples that day, but life in the shadow of this massive volcano is unlike any other--and so is its underground.
Jun 18 2007
For thousands of years London has been among the most powerful cities in the world, below the busy streets and marketplaces another city hides--a city of Roman baths, secret crypts, lost rivers, indestructible bunkers that could hold up to 8,000 people, Winston Churchill's hidden war-rooms; host Eric Geller.
Jun 11 2007
Explore beneath New York City, a living, breathing complex of engineering, history and secrets that could only exist in America's largest city.
Jun 04 2007
Explore the caves beneath the city of Budapest, Hungary.
May 21 2007
Snaking quarries, hidden catacombs and mushroom-harvesting tunnels lie beneath the city of Paris.
May 14 2007
Discovering what life was like during Nero's tyranny and Augustus' reforms; host Eric Geller.
May 07 2007
Go beneath the streets of Berlin and unearth the remains of the Nazi bunkers.
Apr 30 2007
Travel beneath the streets of Edinburgh and discover what has been forgotten, including the remains of body snatchers and outlaw distilleries.
Apr 23 2007
Journey beneath the streets of Istanbul and discover the hidden world left by the Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans.
Mar 02 2007