City Homicide

Ended Wednesday / 7:00pm Seven Network AU 60 min.
No greater honour will ever be bestowed upon an officer, than when they are entrusted with an investigation into the death of a human being. Seven's new series follows young Homicide Detectives Simon (Daniel MacPherson, Neighbours, Tripping Over), Duncan (Aaron Pedersen, Water Rats), Jennifer (Nadine Garner, Water Rats, Stingers) and Matt (Damien Richardson) as they try to deal with the reality of their jobs in their personal and professional lives. With the help of their Superintendent (Noni Hazlehurst, Better Homes and Gardens) and Senior Sergeant (Shane Bourne, Thank God You're Here, MDA) they go about trying to solve some of Melbourne's most brutal homicides. City Homicide: Their day begins when your day ends. This is City Homicide.

Season 5

8 Episodes

Ghosts 5x08
Homicide is called out to a hospice where a dying man wants to confess to murder. But by the time our cops arrive he's already dead. So was he telling the truth? Who are the victims of this long buried crime? The path of discovery gets muddy when it's revealed that the killer didn't die of natural causes. Someone didn't want these murders to surface. Waverley and Jarvis announce that the Attorney General Michael Lombardi is about to disband Homicide. In the emotional fallout, Rhys makes a sacrifice but is it too little, too late? Then, the investigation turns up an unlikely connection; Deep Throat is finally unmasked... but is it enough to save Homicide?
Mar 30 2011
Dane Majors' lawyer. The judge who presided over his trial. Both murdered. Were they killed for their part in Dane Majors' conviction? And could Nick Buchanan be the next target? When Nick fails to return to work, Jennifer takes her concerns to Stanley. A search of Nick's home reveals he may have met with foul play and as the body count grows, so do Jennifer's fears. The squad has been warned to leave Dane Majors alone — no matter what. But Jarvis uses every trick he knows to keep the pressure on Majors — with devastating consequences. Jennifer is determined to find Nick and pursues the killer to the horrifying end. Meanwhile, Waverley reaches out a helping hand to Rhys — but the opportunity of his career comes at a hefty price.
Mar 23 2011
The case that made Nick Buchanan's career has fallen apart. Dane Majors is now a free man and a murder that was laid to rest ten years ago has been re-opened. Who really did kill Tahnee Majors? The case that ruined Dane Majors' life will now see him walk out of prison. The revelation of planted evidence has re-opened a murder that was laid to rest ten years ago. Nick Buchanan sits on the sidelines while his comrades get cracking on this cold case. But Homicide isn't holding all the cards. Deep Throat is still leaking information to the Tribune newspaper, information that is about to blow this case wide open. Literally! The team are looking out for Nick by doing what they do best — working the case. But they're coming up against a hostile public, ruthless press, and the long-suffering loved ones of a murder victim. Will solving this case help Nick get back on the job, or drive him out of Homicide for good?
Mar 16 2011
Juliette Gardiner, investigative reporter, is brutally gunned down in a car park. Three people witnessed this attack: her killer, her source, and her ex-lover — Nick Buchanan. Juliette's death reveals Nick's connection to evidence fabrication in an old case. Dane Majors — Australian cricket legend — was charged and convicted of killing his wife. A star scalp for Nick, and a killer off the streets, or so he thought. A niggle of doubt grows into serious accusations when Nick suspects his former mentor of evidence tampering. With the media and the State's Attorney General clamouring for answers, Homicide might have to play dirty to catch the true culprit. Will the team go too far to protect one of their own or will Nick be forced to fall on his own sword?
Mar 09 2011
Homicide is drawn into the swingers scene when an unidentified woman is strangled and dumped. Elsewhere, Rhys and Allie go undercover at a seedy sex party, while Nick's romantic fling takes a dark turn.
Mar 02 2011
One prison officer shot dead, the other injured, and the crim they were escorting is now at large. As Homicide embarks on a killer manhunt, Nick gets close to a journalist with a hidden agenda. As Duncan and Nick interrogate the prisoners and prison staff for clues, the media step up the pressure on Homicide. A second murder brings to light a lethal drug syndicate responsible for multiple prison deaths. Have the players in this drug ring been driven to murder to conceal their web of corruption? As the manhunt intensifies, Nick meets Juliette Gardiner, a journalist covering the 10th anniversary of a high-profile homicide he solved as a young detective. The liaison soon becomes more than professional, but things get complicated when Juliette gets a tip-off to investigate Nick — could he be a corrupt cop?
Feb 23 2011
A young Muslim woman is found stabbed to death, but is her killer using religion as a justification or a scapegoat? Elsewhere, Rhys and Allie continue their relationship in defiance of Waverley.
Feb 16 2011
A worker found impaled on a forklift leads the detectives to investigate illegal activities on the waterfront. Then, Matt struggles to rise to what could be his last challenge in the job.
Feb 09 2011

Season 4

22 Episodes

The strangling murder of a porn king is streamed on his own porn site. He left behind a trail of bitter former porn stars, as well as moralists on missions to shut him down. Is his murder an act of irony, to humiliate this man as he humiliated the women he photographed? Or is there a porn-addicted stalker out there? As the themes of female empowerment and sexual politics play out through the case, a surprise romance in our crew threatens to destabilise Waverley’s relationship with her nephew.
Nov 24 2010
Jennifer makes a decision between a potential life with Nick and her career as the team investigates the savage murder of a beautiful young woman who can only be identified by the evidence lodged down her throat. They soon locate a Sugar Daddy who may have wanted too much in return for his generosity. Did greed end this woman’s life?
Nov 24 2010
Allie investigates when a charity worker in line to inherit several million dollars is brutally murdered. Was his death an extortion attempt gone wrong, a jilted lover, or something from his secret past? As the team try to track the killer they’re dragged back to an horrific crime committed nearly a quarter of a century before. And though sentences were handed down back then, Allie and Rhys investigate the possibility that someone is now exacting their own justice. Emotional ties affect the team as Stanley makes a risky move to protect his daughter and Allie lets her admiration for a victim affect her judgement.
Nov 17 2010
Three gunshots shatter the austere silence of the Magistrate’s court, killing a union standover man moments before he was to reveal his criminal accomplices. For Duncan, this case causes him to reach further back into his past than he ever dared venture. The victim’s lawyer, Grace Barlow, accuses his former union colleagues, all-too-aware of the fear tactics they’ve used in the past in their pursuit of equality. But when her innocence is challenged by an eye-witness’s accusation, the finger points back to her. Duncan’s blind belief in Grace’s innocence puzzles his colleagues, who assume his support relates to the colour of her skin. But for Duncan, there is a deeper connection that he must unearth.
Nov 10 2010
When a young woman is fatally mowed down by an out-of-control car, it's thought to be a tragic accident — the driver having apparently died behind the wheel. But as evidence suggest the driver was dead hours before the accident, Allie and Duncan find themselves investigating a mysterious double homicide. As the mystery deepens tensions rise between our own detectives. Even Duncan is starting to question Matt's leadership style. Rhys questions Allie's intense and almost punishing martial arts obsession and uncovers a secret from her past.
Nov 03 2010
While trying to figure out why a perfectly planned robbery resulted in the unnecessary death of a hostage, Rhys and Matt almost come to blows over how to nail the killer. Meanwhile, the murder of the wife of a jewellery store owner points to an inside job gone wrong, and while the team search for an employee on the run, they must also contend with Sergeant Pete Copeland, an armed robbery cop who is used to doing whatever he likes.
Oct 27 2010
Holed-up in a secret location, Detectives Jennifer Mapplethorpe and Nick Buchanan have been transformed into Trish and Wesley Claybourne, gun-runners for a terrorist organisation.
Oct 20 2010
Reunion 4x15
Jennifer and Nick are sent to investigate the murder of a young family, unaware they know the victims. Uncovering much more than mass murder, this investigation will shake the Homicide team to its very core. With national security at stake, Jennifer and Nick are ordered undercover by Federal Intelligence. During the course of this dangerous assignment, their relationship is reheated. Will they risk everything to pursue their feelings?
Oct 13 2010
Welcome to Beaconslea Retirement Home where residents can enjoy their twilight years in restful harmony. Or at least that's what the brochures would have you believe. The reality is far different — as demonstrated by the callous murder of one of their residents: tossed down a flight of stairs and kicked to death. To the surprise of our crew, this retirement home is anything but retiring, with sexual trysts, sworn enemies and family feuds creating multiple motivations for the brutal murder of a resident. While Matt is familiar with the realities of elderly living via his father, this is Allie's first glimpse of a depressing future. But will her connection to one of the residents soften her stance? Meanwhile, Jennifer and Nick are forced to deal with an unexpected reminder of their secret past.
Oct 06 2010
In the right place at the right time? Maybe not. Off duty, Rhys Levitt is a witness to a robbery and chases after one of the fleeing suspects. Things turn nasty when Rhys is attacked and bitten by the young thug. This slip-up could cost Rhys his career and maybe even his life.
Sep 29 2010
A K.O. turns into a D.O.A when up-and-coming boxer Curtis 'The Kid' Conlon suffers a blow in the ring that sends him to his death. Everyone wanted a chunk of The Kid's potential, so who would kill the golden goose? The team will have to adjust as a new Sergeant walks into Homicide. But this superior officer is no stranger to them. Matt Ryan has just gone up a step on the police ladder. His appointment is set to change the relationship between long-standing colleagues and mates.
Sep 22 2010
Pirates 4x11
Pirating DVDs isn't hurting anyone, right? Try telling that to the private detective murdered to stop him investigating a piracy ring. Using teenagers to sell the product keeps the kingpins of the trade well sheltered from the cops. Pulling the wool over their parents' eyes is one thing, but will these kids run into trouble trying to protect their bosses in the face of a murder investigation? Jennifer becomes close to two boys who've been making some extra cash by selling the latest releases. Can she keep them safe long enough to catch a killer?
Sep 15 2010
To be a talented head chef is to be a modern celebrity. Everyone wants to be you, wants to love you, wants to kill you. When a famous head chef gets the chop, Homicide is faced with his melted corpse and a smorgasbord of suspects. This was not murder in cold blood. It was an angry, passionate, hate-fueled act. This murderer knew their victim. But that doesn't narrow down the suspect pool; this star chef had a queue of people eager to take him down.
Sep 08 2010
The Hit 4x09
Disgraced former cop Gary Beck is shot dead at his mother's funeral, and Superintendent Terry Jarvis was there to watch it in living colour. To solve this case Duncan will have to work closely with Jarvis, but past antagonisms may compromise Jarvis' safety and Duncan's place in Homicide.
Sep 01 2010
A man driven wild by grief has chosen to take matters into his own hands. He will stop at nothing to see that Melbourne's streets are rid of the random violence that caused his son's death. How can our detectives stop a man who has nothing left to lose?
Aug 25 2010
When a suspected arsonist of an apartment block is brutally hanged, it seems an obvious act of retribution, an old-fashioned lynching. All the survivors wanted him dead. But which one did it? Or did they act in concert? And what if he wasn't the firebug? Did a furious lynch mob kill the wrong man?
Aug 18 2010
New Year's Eve. A time for celebrations. Resolutions. And big mistakes. A young woman vanishes after partying with her friends and now, 18 months later, skeletal remains of the missing girl are found. Is the killer a stalker, a sexual predator or a loved one? At the skeleton's discovery, Allie Kingston instantly makes the connection to the case doggedly pursued by her former mentor. Defying protocol she tells him about the find, earning her a dressing-down from her superiors. But the reprimand is worth it if it means solving the case. Can Allie succeed where her mentor failed?
Aug 11 2010
Ratters 4x05
The shocking death of coroner's driver Corey Mayer is compounded by the theft of the body he was transporting. Was his murder just collateral damage or was he the intended target? Motives are plentiful. Did a nursing home steal a body to cover-up the neglect of its patients? Could the body have been taken as part of a black market organ-trading ring? Or was Corey's vicious killing a direct consequence of his gambling debt — and the shameful crimes he committed to pay it off? The strict rules at the Morgue should prevent any tampering with the bodies. But Homicide have seen enough horror to know that people will do anything if the price is high enough. Nick Buchanan's natural scepticism means he refuses to accept evidence at face value and so he and Jennifer Mapplethorpe must bend the rules to pursue an unlikely killer.
Aug 04 2010
When two bodyguards fail to protect their charge the consequences are fatal. A double homicide, bringing down both the target and one of his protectors. The team must work fast before the remaining bodyguard takes the law into his own hands. Double-crossing criminals, South American coffee, the Witness Protection Program... and Superintendent Gary Beck. What's the connection? Finding the link is the only chance Homicide will have to solve this crime. But do they have enough information or is the killer's misdirection sending them on the wrong track?
Jul 28 2010
A young business woman is brutally raped and murdered in her own home. The prime suspect has a rock solid alibi and will leave the country in 48 hours never to return. Will DSS Claudia Leigh's psychological approach force him to come clean? Or will her mind games backfire in a way she never imagined?
Jul 21 2010
In a gripping two-hour murder mystery, a routine homicide investigation for the crew turns into a defence of one of their own, when Det. Simon Joyner is put in the frame for murder. A suburban drive-by shooting leads the detectives into the midst of a race war between a collection of rival activist groups. The suspect in an unsolved missing-child case comes to Nick when she finds herself being harrassed by the child's mother.
Jul 14 2010
In a gripping two-hour murder mystery, a routine homicide investigation for the crew turns into a defence of one of their own, when Det. Simon Joyner is put in the frame for murder. A suburban drive-by shooting leads the detectives into the midst of a race war between a collection of rival activist groups. The suspect in an unsolved missing-child case comes to Nick when she finds herself being harrassed by the child's mother.
Jul 14 2010

Season 3

18 Episodes

Your boyfriend disappears after receiving calls from a mystery woman; your bank account has been drained. Affair, right? Wrong. When Jacob Dennis unexpectedly turns up dead, his execution-style murder leads our team into the corrupt dealings of the local council where he worked. Digging deeper, Homicide uncover secrets that the council are desperate to conceal. A new housing estate for young families that may just have been built on contaminated soil. A cover-up that risks destroying countless lives. And a private investigator who may have been silenced for the proof he unearthed. Meanwhile, a simple mistake by Simon raises alarm bells for Waverley. Concerned for his wellbeing, she enlists Claudia Leigh's help to run a low-key enquiry. Will Simon's colleagues come to his defence or reveal their own fears for his stability?
Nov 25 2009
A couple is viciously attacked in their own home and their young son is the sole witness. Was this an unmotivated home invasion or something more complex?
Nov 18 2009
A bomb blast rips through an ATM destroying a crowded shopping strip and takes the lives of three innocents. Are they collateral damage in a heist gone wrong? Or has this messy act been designed with a specific target in mind? The victims are a Credit Union employee who made some bad financial calls, the wife of a crim and an unknown baby. Three unrelated strangers, resulting in an endless trail of suspects. Careless thieves are the obvious perps in these unnecessary deaths. But something isn't adding up, and the team struggles to deduce intent and motive. The bombing investigation must be put aside by Duncan and Matt when they are pulled onto another Homicide. A John Doe, brutally asphyxiated and stuffed into a bag. So badly decomposed that not even fingerprints can be found. Finding an identity for the victim is the first step but will this raise more questions than it answers?
Nov 11 2009
Tabitha Mailer tried everything to lose weight. Her latest effort was Easyshake — a quick fix that became a quick kill when she swallowed a laced dosage. Her violent and unnecessary death leads Homicide to a small Health Food Store with a big problem. Society has long preyed on the hopes and insecurities of overweight women, but what if your loved ones are making a profit from your pain? A con man has found a way to exploit the vulnerabilities of these women but has he stooped to murder to cover his tracks? Homicide's investigation soon expands to incorporate weight-loss groups, disgruntled employees and spurned women. With money and self-image at the heart of the case, there's sure to be passion behind the murder — but is it anger or love driving the killer?
Nov 04 2009
A deadly hit-and-run is initially dismissed as an accident. When a witness belatedly comes forward with new evidence, Homicide re-opens the case — and a can of worms — when it turns out the victim's employer is none other than the Police Union. But this won't be the only unexpected turn in this case. It's the revelation that the Union is being investigated by the Office of Professional Standards that really surprises our team, especially Bernice Waverley. To catch a killer, Waverley will have to face the man who led the charge in taking her down — Michael Mellor. But what is he hiding? Will Waverley be able to work alongside him — and in doing so, uncover the truth he's desperate to conceal?
Oct 28 2009
After a violent and professional shooting of a truck driver in broad daylight, Homicide are called in. Teaming up with Customs Agent Jack Ferguson, the crew confront hitmen, dodgy truck operators and reluctant witnesses to solve this crime.
Oct 21 2009
What initially seemed like unrelated disappearances has now landed in Homicide's lap after a potential connection is spotted by Missing Persons Detective Victoria Oakley. Digging deeper into the missing women's lives, Homicide uncovers conflicting evidence that could make or break the case.
Oct 14 2009
A 14-year-old maths genius plus a murdered maths tutor equals a complicated crime that has Homicide reaching for the textbooks. Mysterious equations scrawled across the victim's body pose a question that only the killer can answer.
Oct 07 2009
Homicide is running an investigation where they have to track corpses, suspects, and the lives of victims unknown. When they discover the identities of the victims, could it simply be a case of wrong place/wrong time?
Sep 30 2009
Diggers 3x09
An old Digger found dead. Was it a burglary gone wrong? When a second similar case occurs in the same suburb, Homicide is drawn into a local community harbouring secrets and lies.
Sep 23 2009
The squad investigates the discovery of a backpacker's body found in a discarded freezer, and relationships are tested when Detective Superintendent Bernice Waverley returns.
Sep 16 2009
When a disgraced jockey is found dead, Homicide infiltrates the racing world. Was the shame of cheating too much? Odds on where there's horseracing and illegal activities, there's Homicide's old foe Max McKenzie.
Sep 14 2009
Has Stanley Wolfe always been a good cop? Somehow this by the book Senior Sergeant is connected to the deaths of three people. The team want to stand by their Sarge but what isn’t he telling them? A double homicide. A husband shot dead. A wife using her last breath to relay an important clue. As the team work fast for a break, DSS Wolfe comes to realise he isn't entirely impartial. He knows the victims and the accused. Needing time to figure out his next move, Stanley enlists newest members Nick and Allie to do an under-the-table investigation, causing friction amongst the team. What information is Stanley covering up? What has he spent seventeen years trying to forget?
Sep 07 2009
Derek Hislop. A harmless, lonely guy willing to do anything for the right girl. So why would someone go to the extremes of torturing him to death… with a branding iron? What did he do for love and why did it cost him his life? Homicide is drawn into the dark world of sex-slave trading, where intimidation guarantees silence. When Derek's girlfriend is found beaten, bound and gagged, the team must break through the circle of fear to uncover the cruel hand behind the scenes. The return of journalist Kim Charlton causes tension between new guy DSC Nick Buchanan and Matt. Journos and cops have different motives when seeking the truth, and certainly different methods. Nick sides with Kim when she proposes a risky plan, but will her strategy put more lives in danger?
Aug 31 2009
A missing toddler. A despondent taskforce. A case handed over to Homicide when all hope is lost. This is no longer a lost babe they're searching for. This is now a murder investigation. A set of circumstances that seems to insist that we draw certain conclusions. We mustn't do that. We have to remain open to all possibilities. This is not Liverpool, in 1993. The details are uncanny. Two young boys are seen leading a toddler away. They want to play rough, see what happens, until it's all too late. A police force and the general public left with a terrible sense of déjà vu. The challenge for the team is sorting through the white lies, the pre-conceptions and a lack of reliable witnesses. No matter what, they can't and won't jump to conclusions. Even if this does feel like history repeating.
Aug 24 2009
A teen car booster is bashed, shot and dumped in an empty lot. Is it simply a case of him stealing the wrong car? When his associate is found with key evidence linked to a constable's murder, the team realise they could have more than a coincidence on their hands. While Homicide delves into a subculture of car boosting and vehicle re-birthing, they also face interference from Serious Crime's Detective Superintendent Gary Beck. He's a copper cleared of past corruption charges, but Matt's not convinced he's squeaky clean.
Aug 17 2009
There's new blood in the State Police's most distinguished department. Meet DSC Allie Kingston. A fast thinking, fast acting, no nonsense cop. But not everyone's impressed. A man is violently raped and stabbed to death. Clues lead to a dating agency he'd signed up with. Could one of these seeking singles be scoping out more than true love? Homicide's latest recruit will be put to the test as the team track a lonely-hearts killer. Going pace-for-pace with Simon, Allie hits the ground running. But when you act first and think later, you're bound to ruffle a few feathers.
Aug 10 2009
A regular day in Homicide. A murder. A crime scene. An investigation. Except that... Duncan Freeman is back. Walking into Homicide as if nothing had happened. Healed. Over the trauma of his attack. Or is he? A bottom-feeding paparazzo has been given his just desserts. Shot in the head. Point blank range. So what did he capture at the hotel he was staking out? And why is racing identity Max McKenzie so interested in getting his hands on the photos? The team are keeping one eye on the case, and one eye on Duncan Freeman. Their colleague, peer and friend is back on the job. And no one is happier about it than his crew. But how confident is Stanley that Duncan is ready to be back in Homicide? And who on the team will react to Dunnie's return in a way no one expected?
Aug 10 2009

Season 2

22 Episodes

Josh Waverley is missing. Never made it to soccer. Is he just off with mates, or is an unknown player making their final move? Bernice Waverley is about to be held accountable for her past. It will change her forever. A psychiatrist is stabbed to death at his practice. Who did it? A colleague, a patient, or was it a random act? Getting hard evidence against a likely suspect is proving tough for Simon and Matt. But their case will take a backseat as Stanley and Jarvis rally everyone to help with the hunt for Josh. Today the final pieces of a well thought out plan fall into place. Bernice Waverley will be held accountable for her past actions, and it will change her forever.
Mar 29 2009
Rage 2x21
Homicide is called in to investigate two murders where motive, witnesses and straight answers are proving hard to find. The only way to open these cases up is to hit the streets — they just have to knock on the right door.
Mar 22 2009
A credential investigator is viciously strangled, but by the time his body is found, all his paperwork has disappeared. What did he uncover at the hospital he was investigating?
Mar 15 2009
A university lecturer and his student lover skip town to start a new life. No one hears from them again, until the lecturer's body is found in a suburban cellar.
Mar 08 2009
When one of the team falls victim to a brutal assault, it is up to Homicide to work out who is responsible before they return to finish the job.
Mar 01 2009
When a homeless man is found bludgeoned to death, Homicide is faced with piecing together a life lived on the fringes. Was he a random target? Or was there more to him than just the clothes on his back? The case hits a raw nerve with Stanley — will it push him to reopen communications with ex-wife Linda?
Feb 22 2009
When a young man falls from an apartment balcony, his death leads Homicide to a new age religious Pastor and a prestigious law firm. With people in high places determined to cover up the truth, this case needs delicate handling. And the team's new Superintendent is anything but delicate.
Feb 15 2009
Junkie 2x15
A judge and a junkie overdose on the same night. Are they unrelated deaths? Or are these people from opposite ends of town more than perfect strangers? Homicide and the Drug Squad reluctantly reunite to find the connection between the two victims and solve their murders.
Feb 08 2009
A murder victim\'s body is found dumped in wasteland, with no evidence of her identity. Simon leads the team as they delve into the unknown life of Jane Doe. It will take every available hand to untangle this mystery.
Oct 20 2008
Homicide investigates a murder, but when the bludgeoned corpse turns out to be a missing Supreme Court juror from a high-profile case, the case leads them to a victim that is still very much alive.
Oct 13 2008
A photo. Soldiers in the Gulf. Friends fighting for the greater good. But were they? A secret left to die in the desert has followed them home. And now their loved ones are being murdered one by one.A woman is murdered baby-sitting in a park. Her death is linked to a similar killing weeks earlier. But it\'s not just a violent end that unites these victims; they share a link to a bloody past — a paramilitary operation gone wrong in Iraq some fifteen years ago.The team are looking for a swift, determined, faceless killer. And they\'re not the only ones. Armed vigilantes are taking on the role of judge, jury, and sentencer, in a case where one of Homicide\'s best may be in the firing line. Casualties of war are always inevitable.
Oct 06 2008
Three prostitutes. Brutally murdered. Their faces hacked down to blood and bone. This was Stanley Wolfe's case and he knew who the killer was. Maxwell Craven. Greedy for sex. A pathetic man who has to pay to receive and always wants more. But the evidence was too circumstantial, witnesses too unreliable. Craven walked free and out of the state. Now he's back, and one more girl's already dead. This time, Stanley won't let him get away.This case makes the team question Stanley's judgement. Their Sarge is too close to this one, and they know it.Matt receives unexpected bad news, and Jennifer and Emma offer their support. Who will Matt lean on?
Sep 29 2008
When a foreign student dies in the middle of an exam, Homicide delves into a world where speaking up can cost someone their life. Greedy universities milking the international cash cow. Opportunistic businessmen exploiting the hopes and dreams of young students. Rumours spreading like wildfire across campus. Competition for a shot at an Undercover training course creates tension within the team, particularly for Simon who wasn\'t nominated. And a feisty Federal Cop flying solo connects with Duncan, much to the intrigue of the rest of the team.
Sep 22 2008
1978. A young couple road-tripping to Byron Bay. But the highway leads them somewhere quiet, evil. 2008. When this cold case resurfaces a top cop commits suicide. A serial killer invites Duncan and Simon to play his sick game… who will win? A dried up dam reveals the key to a 30 year old mystery: the hacked and bound bones of two missing young lovers. A hippy couple who never reached their destination, families who never knew what happened to their loved ones. When Homicide investigates they discover holes in the case files and clues that were covered up.
Sep 15 2008
The Homicide team are forced to question their beliefs when a psychic accurately foresees, down to the smallest detail, the murder of a young dancer. But was this a mere vision, or was she involved in the capture and murder of the young woman? And events take an unexpected twist as the psychic herself is kidnapped.
Sep 08 2008
Golden 2x07
Some footballers get involved in a fight at a pub leaving one in a coma. When his life support is turned off it becomes a murder case as the squad try to find who landed the fatal blow.
Sep 01 2008
Reward 2x06
The discovery of a partially mummified body by a couple of kids leads the the reopening of an old kidnapping case. The kidnapping case in turn has ties to a old case of Sgt Sparkes and he gets in touch with his old partner.
Aug 25 2008
Jen becomes obsessed with the case of a man who killed his wife and daughter vowing to the wife's parents that she will find their bodies after he is acquitted of their murder.
Jul 28 2008
Taniwha 2x04
A woman is murdered on a beach in broad daylight and the detectives must try to work out what her traumatized children saw if anything as the killer comes after them.
Jul 21 2008
The Homicide squad are faced with a hostage situation, where they are the hostages. A desperate and dangerous man has stormed into headquarters and has taken half of the Homicide squad hostage. Stanley begins an intense negotiation, but will he be successful in getting everyone out unharmed?
Jul 14 2008
Homicide arrives at a high school where a teenage boy is found hanging in the girl's toilet. Did constant bullying lead to his suicide? Or is there something more sinister at play? What is the school community trying to hide? And is Detective Superintendent Bernice Waverley's son connected in any way to the case?
Jul 07 2008
The unit investigates a murder of a middle aged woman in a dark alley. While the investigations dig into her family history, Stanley is confronted with his own past.
Jun 30 2008

Season 1

14 Episodes

For Homicide it's the beginning of their toughest investigation yet when tonight’s murder mystery sparks an emotionally charged investigation when a dogfight between neighbours leads to the discovery of a buried secret.
Nov 19 2007
A race against time is ignited when one of Homicide's own takes a hit on a routine call. Meanwhile, Waverley places Jennifer in a sticky ethical dilemma that could make or break her career.
Nov 12 2007
How do you catch a killer if he is already in prison? And how hard should you try to find him when the victim appears just as evil? Homicide takes a personal toll on one of the squad. Meanwhile, Jennifer is cornered by a past acquaintance who threatens her reputation.
Nov 05 2007
The detectives are on the trail of a gang of armed robbers guilty of murder and a missing truckload of gold. The Armed Robbery Squad’s Detective Calabrese returns with Simon squarely in his sights, and Stanley and Jarvis face the ultimate betrayal.
Oct 29 2007
When an Iraqi boy is killed during a police pursuit, Stanley and Jennifer clash with their Federal counterparts to solve the case. Meanwhile, Duncan's future in the force is in doubt, with Jarvis determined to see him kicked out.
Oct 22 2007
When a family is slaughtered during dinner and their mansion is ransacked, the sole survivor is the eldest son and heir. Could he be a cold-hearted killer? Also, tensions rise for Simon with the return of a man, hell bent on making him crack.
Oct 15 2007
The Homicide squad are called in following a man killed by electric kamikaze. The case then takes an even more bizarre turn after the discovery of six urns, all filled with human ashes. Who was the deceased? A victim? Or a killer?
Oct 08 2007
Everyone becomes a suspect when a baby dies at his first birthday party. Meanwhile, Claire comes back with a problem and only Duncan can help her. But will he risk his career to do it?
Oct 01 2007
A sporting reunion of the University Eleven results in tragedy when they end up one man down, leaving Homicide to investigate the crime. But does the murderer have more killings planned?
Sep 24 2007
Young girls are targetted and watched through a high-tech security system, before they are located, taken and abused. One of these girls winds up the victim of an horrendous murder, her body dismembered, and the garbos becoming unknowing couriers. Can the homicide squad catch the killer before he strikes again?
Sep 17 2007
A mystery letter to a murderer's mother. A confession, or something else? Matt's crusade on behalf of a captured fugitive causes tension amongst the team.
Sep 10 2007
The detectives investigate an armed robber who was found dead in a crypt at the cemetery.
Sep 03 2007
The team continues work on the case, where they discover a link between the deaths of children from five separate incidents to an arsonist and murderer. (Episodes 1 & 2 were broadcast as a special movie-length pilot).
Aug 27 2007
In this pilot episode, the team investigates a suicide. While on the case, the team uncover links between the deaths of children from five separate incidents to a mystery arsonist and murderer. (Episodes 1 & 2 were broadcast as a special movie-length pilot).
Aug 27 2007