Class of '09

Ended / 7:00pm Hulu 42 min.
Set in three distinct points in time, follow a class of FBI agents who grapple with immense changes as the U.S. criminal justice system is altered by artificial intelligence.

Season 1

8 Episodes

In the present, Tayo seizes control of the Bureau. In the future, the Class of �09 reunites in a final showdown with the system they created. In the past, the trainees graduate, wondering where they will all end up.
Jun 21 2023
At Quantico, the final tests before graduation are accompanied by a reveal of where the trainees will be posted.
Jun 14 2023
At Quantico, the Class of �09 must complete the impossible challenges of Hogan's Alley.
Jun 07 2023
In the past, as the Class of �09 grapple with the complex history of the Bureau. In the present, we see how his dreams of making amends for the Bureau's history are threatening that love story. In the future, the Class of �09 finally confront each other.
May 31 2023
At Quantico, the Class of �09 faces the meaning of taking a life. In the present, the Agents must thwart a terrorist attack and to save lives, they must take a life. In the future, we come face to face with their trauma.
May 24 2023
At Quantico, Poet faces a challenging driving course. In the present, Poet's undercover operation brings the FBI to a critical juncture, while Tayo hunts down a domestic terrorist cell. In the future, Poet investigates the scope of Tayo's power.
May 17 2023
At Quantico, the Class of '09 must pass a physical fitness test or face expulsion. The trainee most at risk is Tayo, and as we see him struggle in the past, in the present, he faces one of the most dangerous threats the Bureau has ever experienced. In the future, we see how these shocking events were behind the radical changes he's made to the Bureau.
May 10 2023
The Class of �09 meets for the first time at Quantico. In the present, Agent Poet concludes her most challenging undercover operation only to be plunged into another. In the future, with the Bureau radically changed, Poet�s career reaches a crisis point.
May 10 2023