Ended Monday / 7:00pm BBC Three UK 30 min.
This fish-out-of-water comedy revolves around the education of an innocent being who is seeing and experiencing the world for the first time. The first successful human clone, intended to be a prototype super soldier who will eventually replace Britain's volunteer army, doesn't turn out quite as planned. In fact, the clone is more likely to hug someone than shoot them.

Season 1

6 Episodes

A mysterious American arrives in the village and shows an unhealthy interest in Victor and Clone. Victor gets closer to his goal of fixing Clone, while Colonel Black gets closer to figuring out where the men are hiding. By the end of this episode, everything viewers think they know about the characters is turned on its head...
Dec 22 2008
Dude 1x05
Victor constructs a cortical remapping device to fix Clone based on the information he learned about Rose's brain. Victor also deals with something he learned during Rose's brain scan she seems to be in love with him. Meanwhile, Clone learns about the concept of being "cool".
Dec 15 2008
Clone learns about money and all the things you can buy with it. Victor, meanwhile, tries to convince Rose she has early onset Alzheimer's in an attempt to get a map of her brain that will help fix Clone. And Ian discovers Colonel Black has put a camera in his eye.
Dec 08 2008
Clone learns about "The Line" what is and isn't appropriate to say in public. Meanwhile, Colonel Black steps up his efforts to find his lost assets by using Victor's lab assistant, Ian. The Colonel also starts killing various people around the world he believes may be linked to Victor and the clone.
Dec 01 2008
Albert 1x02
Victor and the clone hide out in a small village in the Lake District. Victor meets a woman named Rose who he thinks might be able to help fix the Clone. Now all he needs is a little bit of her brain. Meanwhile, the clone gets a name in an effort to blend in.
Nov 24 2008
Alive 1x01
Dr Victor Blenkinsop, a brilliant government scientist, unveils the first human clone. Intended to be a prototype super soldier, the experiment goes horribly wrong. In an attempt to redeem himself, the doctor escapes with his creation vowing to fix him before the government finds them and kills them.
Nov 17 2008