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As widespread power outages cause chaos and threaten lives across the country, the COBRA committee comprised of the UK�s leading experts and politicians, gathers to find a way to turn the lights back on.

Season 3

6 Episodes

Dan breaks into Archie's home, demanding Robert resign from his post or he will use the weapon.
Nov 16 2023
The government frantically search for a stolen weapon. Dan and his mercenaries demand to be paid a ransom, or the weapon will be used.
Nov 09 2023
The government face scrutiny for legislating an aggressive anti-protest bill, leading to police forces going on an unofficial strike.
Nov 02 2023
Knowing his daughter is alive, Sutherland begins to deal with the aftermath of the sinkhole and abduction of Princess Yadira.
Oct 26 2023
Following the sinkhole collapse, Robert and Rachel travel to the site in the hope that Ellie is still alive. Underground, Ellie makes a shocking discovery.
Oct 19 2023
Robert and Anna return to COBRA to devise a strategy against members of an environmental protest group who have block a railway tunnel.
Oct 12 2023

Season 2

6 Episodes

Reeling from the events in Kent, the COBRA team are briefed by Eleanor on the nature of a sophisticated malware which has infected the UK�s critical infrastructure. An urgent response is needed if they are to avoid total calamity, but with Anna gone and dissent rising amongst the ranks, Robert grapples to make the right decision
Nov 19 2021
Rachel Sutherland is dismayed by the fresh media assault on her reputation, but Robert is distracted - for somehow, Firestorm is back, and spreading misinformation about the water supply. Anna and Eleanor placate the seething PM, but when reports of new cyber attack chimes with Archie�s theory that a proxy war is underway, he demands they hit back at Russian and Chinese targets.
Nov 12 2021
Following the latest shocking discovery, the team scramble to understand what it means. It�s clearly a message, but who is the sender? Meanwhile, Francine�s TV attack on Lord Singer is met with delight by Labour leader Chris Edwards. It is also seized upon by online presence Firestorm, to Francine�s discomfort.
Nov 05 2021
COBRA is assembled when fresh disaster strikes - a breach at Dover port means an insidious threat may be in play. As Sutherland is briefed by his team, the mission is set; intercept any trucks which made it through the breach, whilst avoiding mass panic.
Oct 29 2021
As the cyber-attack continues to jam communications, the Prime Minister convenes an emergency COBRA meeting following the devastation in Kent.
Oct 22 2021
COBRA responds to a volatile situation in Kent, while an unseen enemy strikes from the shadows.
Oct 15 2021

Season 1

6 Episodes

As anarchy explodes on the streets and the nation is rocked with night upon night of rioting, Fraser and his team reach the endgame in their mission to get the lights switched back on in the Red Zone. Meanwhile, with his personal life imploding, Sutherland is forced to fight for his political life as Archie finally fires his first shots�
Feb 14 2020
With the nation sliding further and further towards anarchy, Rachel faces difficult questions about Ellie. Meanwhile, Fraser says goodbye to his father and grows closer to Francine. And as the influence of �People�s Justice� grows ever-powerful, Sutherland is forced to consider more extreme measures to retain control of the country.
Feb 14 2020
As questions are asked about Sutherland�s knowledge of his daughter�s involvement in her friend�s death, Anna seeks the help of Eleanor in handling the new revelations about Edin. Meanwhile, a new threat rears its head as public sentiment grows more turbulent.
Feb 07 2020
As the country continues to face darkness, Sutherland, Anna, Fraser and their teams pay a visit to the worst affected area in Northumberland to see the situation on the ground. But with the Prime Minister away, Archie�s incendiary comments on the dark underbelly of public mood threatens to cause more problems for everyone.
Jan 31 2020
With the nation in the full grip of the crisis and experiencing the worst blackout in the history of the UK, Sutherland and his team are forced to work around the clock to restore power. Meanwhile Anna reconnects with Edin, but this dalliance with her past love becomes more dangerous than she anticipates.
Jan 24 2020
As the possibility of a solar storm affecting the UK mounts, the Prime Minister Robert Sutherland, his chief of Staff Anna Marshall, the Head of the Civil Contingencies Secretariat Fraser Walker and the Home Secretary Archie Glover-Morgan assemble the emergency committee �COBRA� in an effort to combat the situation.
Jan 17 2020