Code 404

Continuing / 7:00pm Sky Comedy 30 min.
Set in the near future, Code 404 revolve around two Detective Inspectors, DI John Major and DI Roy Carver, who are the top crime fighting duo in the Unit. But when an undercover sting goes horribly wrong, Major is gunned down on the job and killed. How will the SIU function without Major? It doesn't have to. As an Ďasset' considered too valuable to lose, Major's body is fast-tracked into an experimental Artifical Intelligence project to bring him back from the dead. The only problem is, Major 2.0 may look like and sound like the original, but something has been lost in translation - quite a lot actually. His arrogant demeanour and gung-ho approach remain but his crimefighting instincts have completely deserted him. Somehow, Major's error-strewn hunches and Carver's scrambling to make good allows them to just about scrape by. But while the experiment might be hailed as a success, on the front line Roy Carver is left dealing with an increasingly deluded partner.

Season 3

6 Episodes

Time is running out as suspicions run wild within SIU. Now Carver must clear Major's name and put a stop to the killer before they enact their final revenge. But who can Carver trust? And who will outwit who in the final chapter of this deadly game?
Aug 18 2022
Finally, Chalmers, the former Police Commissioner who has plagued Major since the day he was reanimated, faces trial. While Major's busy testifying, Carver's running out of time to decipher the latest clue and save the killer's next target.
Aug 18 2022
After being kicked out of the lab by Parfit following the revelation that his A.I. has been compromised, Major is falling apart under the pressure. At the same time, there's a breakthrough in the serial killer case when a witness provides a shocking revelation.
Aug 11 2022
The body count rises, and Carver and McAllister have no choice but to follow the clues and play the killer's twisted game. Meanwhile, Major becomes increasingly disillusioned as he deals with Carver's rejection and an outside threat to his A.I.
Aug 11 2022
With a serial killer at large, Major and Carver call on the help of forensic psychologist Professor McAllister. Parfit worries about Major's AI updates.
Aug 04 2022
Under investigation and stuck on limited duties, tensions are high between Carver and AI partner Major, but when a fellow copper is killed, it's back to action.
Aug 04 2022

Season 2

6 Episodes

On the verge of full-blown systems failure, Major makes a desperate, last ditch effort to clear his dadís name. Carver believes heís got Clifford trapped, but the old cop isnít going down that easily.
Sep 29 2021
Majorís mood swings are getting out of hand. He and Carver are given the task of supplying Cleasby with a new identity under witness protection.
Sep 22 2021
After narrowly foiling a bomb plot, Carver and Major suspect it was just one member of a much larger organisation. Clifford Major continues to throw wrenches into the Chelsea Bridge case.
Sep 15 2021
Taken off the Chelsea Bridge case, Major and Carver are assigned an investigation into reports of a dangerous new drug used in an underground MMA fight ring.
Sep 08 2021
The re-emergence of a case from his past worries Major and it seems a simple firmware update will not help, while news from Kelly heightens his stress even more.
Sep 01 2021
It has been three weeks since Carver and Major took down the Juggler, but personal problems still hinder the pair's professional success.
Sep 01 2021

Season 1

6 Episodes

With Major's AI finally living up to the hype, Carver and Kelly come clean about their relationship. The team lies in wait to catch The Juggler.
Jun 03 2020
To Carver's bewilderment, Major reveals that he is going to move back in with Kelly. Parfit discovers disturbing information in the AI Ethics files.
May 27 2020
The pressure is on in the latest assignment and failure could mean it's shutdown for Major once and for all...
May 20 2020
After he and Carver are given a new assignment by Dennett, a suspicious Major prefers to stake out Kelly's work as he has a hunch she's been seeing someone else.
May 13 2020
Major screws up during an investigation and Carver wonders whether to turn him in. But when he learns of the consequences, he decides to cover for him.
May 06 2020
Top cop John Major is killed after a failed operation. But then the Met brings him back - as an AI prototype.
Apr 29 2020