Comedy Bang! Bang!

Ended Friday / 7:00pm IFC 30 min.
Based on Scott Aukerman’s popular podcast of the same name, COMEDY BANG! BANG! cleverly riffs on the well-known format of the late night talk show, infusing celebrity appearances and comedy sketches with a tinge of the surreal.

Season 5

20 Episodes

Scott receives some disturbing news that may mean the end of Comedy Bang! Bang! forever, but before the end, old chums Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and Fabrice Fabrice stop by to wish the gang goodbye.
Dec 02 2016
Reggie Watts returns to the show just in time to try to prevent a disaster; Weird Al has a surprising announcement; Adam Scott tries to give Scott some assistance.
Dec 02 2016
Scott is excited to spend Thanksgiving celebrating with the Comedy Bang! Bang! crew, but a group of outsiders could disrupt his plans; Mike Colter discloses a shocking revelation; teacher Joe Bongo discusses his extra-curricular activities.
Nov 18 2016
Malin Akerman reveals all her deep dark secrets; Slow Joey tries to juggle his new business venture with falling in love.
Nov 18 2016
Scott's estranged family visits; Ben Folds discusses his new start-up business; Weird Al shows his new sports documentary; world-traveler Martin Moreland visits.
Nov 11 2016
Weird Al and the gang cope with an untimely death of a friend; Allison Janney stops by the Comedy Bang! Bang! set to chat and play an exciting game.
Nov 11 2016
Scott and Weird Al throw a party that gets a little out of control; Krysten Ritter plays her favorite party game; author Gail Summercat gives tips to women in the workplace.
Nov 04 2016
When Scott leaves the show for a new opportunity, Jason Mantzoukas takes over as special substitute host and his first guest ends up being Scott; legendary soul singer Donny Gary.
Nov 04 2016
The studio prepares for a calm Halloween, but unbeknownst to Scott and the crew, they are being haunted by a ghoulish spirit; Gillian Jacobs gets a free cocktail; Scott shows off his latest film role.
Oct 28 2016
The crew is visited by some American heroes to try to bring the country back to its moral foundations; Kaley Cuoco finalizes her will; lifestyle coach Karen helps Scott style his inside.
Oct 28 2016
Zach Galifianakis, "Weird Al" and the Comedy Bang! Bang! crew look back at at their favorite memories of Scott.
Jul 01 2016
Kristen Schaal shows off her real voice; Paul Rust debuts his New No Nos.
Jul 01 2016
Nathan Fielder makes an appearance; Scott and "Weird Al" try their best to freak out Nathan Fielder.
Jun 24 2016
Joe Jonas demonstrates his unusual cellphone replacement; Scott arranges a memorial service for an old friend; Maxwell Keeper discusses his workplace; and a sneak peek at Scott's movie.
Jun 24 2016
Aubrey Plaza attempts to seduce Scott; and later, a stranger transports Scott and Weird Al to a different era in time. Also, an intrepid adventurer regales all with his sexual exploits.
Jun 17 2016
T-Pain, Scott and Weird Al collaborate on a song; and Melvin Alberts talks about being abducted by aliens. Later, Scott's scientific breakthrough allows him to get more stuff done; and Weird Al previews his new foodie-TV show.
Jun 17 2016
Tegan and Sara riff on their songwriting process, while Scott suspects there's something odd about the new intern. Also, the audience receives acting tips from a surprise guest.
Jun 10 2016
Tony Hale throws out the ceremonial first pitch, while Scott pranks the crew. Also, a preview of Scott's offbeat new game show, "You Made Your Bed, Now Lie in It."
Jun 10 2016
The Lonely Island shows off their new merchandise; Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland discuss their upcoming Broadway show.
Jun 03 2016
In the Season 5 premiere, Weird Al Yankovic signs on as band leader and guest Kevin Bacon leads a tour of Kevin Town. Also, a leprechaun hassles Scott.
Jun 03 2016

Season 4

40 Episodes

It's Christmas at Comedy Bang! Bang!, but global warming has turned the set into a beach. Josh Groban shows off his singing chops, and Scott falls in love.
Dec 10 2015
Kathryn Hahn stops by and swears like a sailor. John Lennon comes back from the dead and Scott teaches the skills you need to host a talk show.
Dec 03 2015
Adam Pally visits and talks about his holiday plans. Kid Cudi introduces his new character, who becomes an instant celebrity.
Dec 03 2015
Jake Johnson shares some dating tips and Scott debuts his new game show. The Comedy Bang! Bang! Studio is flipped upside down, and the gang must do the show hanging from the ceiling.
Nov 19 2015
Michelle Monaghan shows off her hog-wrestling skills, and Alan Thicke performs personalized theme songs for the gang. After Scott suddenly gets rich, he's visited by his long-lost brother Billy.
Nov 12 2015
David Krumholtz reviews Scott's hosting abilities, while Arthur Steinborn teaches the gang his memory technique. Scott and Cudi are visited by an avant-garde painter who wants to give the show a more artistic spin.
Nov 05 2015
Robert Kirkman shares his greatest fears. Scott and his crew get real spooky for Halloween as the Comedy Bang! Bang! set turns into a haunted house.
Oct 29 2015
Stephen Merchant talks about his rock collection; martial artist Dave Grigsby shows off his karate skills; Scott finds out a surprising secret about his parentage; Scott has to go through a series of life-threatening challenges.
Oct 22 2015
Judy Greer shows off her universal audition; the gang looks forward to an appearance by Tom Hanks; Kid Cudi is revealed to be a former hockey star and his rival shows up at the "Comedy Bang! Bang!" studio to challenge him to a rematch.
Oct 15 2015
Uzo Aduba shows off her stand-up and concerned citizen Tim Landers (Thomas Middleditch) explains his plan to get back at some pesky neighborhood kids. Meanwhile, future Scott and future Cudi take a time machine back to the present to save comedy from total destruction.
Oct 08 2015
Comedy Bang! Bang! tries to appeal to a female audience by hiring three co-hosts, but Cudi suspects something's not right. Weird Al plays a game of "Celebrity Weird Al Do's" while Cudi enlists the help of paranormal professionals.
Sep 10 2015
Scott’s personal possessions come to life and go on an epic adventure to reunite with him. Meanwhile, A$AP Rocky visits and shows off his awards, and Scott debuts the trailer to his new sports movie.
Sep 03 2015
Scott’s wants to wear an unconventional hat to accept his Lifetime Achievement Award, and the staff doesn’t have the heart to argue. Meanwhile, Randall Park plays “Title These Tunes” and Richard Bunn shows how he has written 140 novels with his “Bunn Process."
Aug 27 2015
After a last-minute guest drop-out, Scott signs a deal with the devil to get dream guest Ken Marino on the couch. Meanwhile, a famous Icelandic singer stops in to sing her country's new national anthem. Will Lou Ceepher take Scott’s soul to Hell forever, or can Scott wish his way out of this devilish predicament?
Aug 20 2015
After Scott’s editors threaten to go on strike, Scott decides to do the show all in ONE TAKE— no editing needed. Meanwhile, Tom Lennon shows how messy he can get and a famous Broadway director shares songs from his classic show.
Aug 13 2015
Scott and Kid Cudi try to catch a rat in the studio before their annual health inspection. Meanwhile, Mary Elizabeth Winstead celebrates her birthday, and inventor Ahmad Rashad al-Zarqawi shows us his new gadget. Guest stars: Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Horatio Sanz. Special guests: Steve Agee, Aaron Takahashi, Pam Murphy, Evan Kishiyama, Jonathan Tysor, Tom Gammill and Howard Kremer.
Aug 06 2015
Scott fires security guard Zeke and hires someone new to protect the show's belongings. Carly Rae Jepsen premieres a new song, and amusement park owner Tim Duncan explains his scariest ride, the "Samurai Scream."
Jul 30 2015
The Comedy Bang! Bang! crew takes off for summer vacation, leaving Scott and Kid Cudi to finish the season with a ragtag crew of misfits. Meanwhile, Brie Larson plays "What’s In Her Bag?" and orphan boy Fourvel (Bobby Moynihan) gives tips to stay out of the summer heat.
Jul 23 2015
When a wizard appears on-set, Scott agrees to help save his realm if they can perform in a magic show together. James Marsden acts with a real rabbit and discusses his good looks, and Mr. Celebrity shares Hollywood gossip. Scott and Cudi preview their new zombie movie.
Jul 16 2015
When Scott is assigned Kid Cudi as his new partner, the two of them must settle their differences and learn to work together. Michael Cera shows off his business cards, and German pretzel maker August Lindt shares his odd recommendations for vacation destinations.
Jul 09 2015
Scott receives a visit from a reporter writing about the fate of Reggie Watts. Scott remembers their last episode together, with guest Judd Apatow and a special appearance from Scott's daughters.
Jun 04 2015
Karen Gillan spills movie secrets, and small business owner George Groiny Melendez reveals his less than savory profession. Meanwhile, Scott is torn between his new writers and the comedy of yesteryear.
May 29 2015
Scott's secret identity is at risk when his friends win the Comedy Bang! Bang! "Interview a Fan" contest. Meanwhile, Thomas Middleditch proves he's an expert at accent work, and shaman Harmony Moonglass leads the group in a guided mediation.
May 22 2015
Michael Sheen teaches Scott about the birds and the bees, and entertainer Victor Diamond explains his various medical conditions. Meanwhile, Scott receives accolades for saving Wonky Cat, the world's weirdest cat.
May 15 2015
Scott is in danger of losing his job if he can't pass his big test, so he enlists a tutor for help. Meanwhile, Skylar Astin reveals his real age and Easy Listening DJ Forsythia reads dedications from her listeners.
May 08 2015
A physicist takes Scott, Reggie and the crew aboard his spaceship, but danger soon arises. Will Scott be able to interview Colin Hanks and celebrity stylist Trey Booth, or will the perils of space get to them first?
May 01 2015
Rapper Lil Jon shares his retirement plans and spokesperson Shandy Williams gives Scott a gift from her new hair extension line. Meanwhile, the Quizzler (Tom Green) is running loose in the studio and it's up to Scott and Reggie to solve his quizzles!
Apr 24 2015
Joel McHale talks about his unusual birth and a Hollywood actor dishes on his recent firing. Meanwhile, the show is being run by Scott's new machine, the Comedy Touch Touch 1000. Will a warning from the future be enough to help Scott save the show, or will machines take over forever? Guest stars: Joel McHale and James Adomian.
Apr 17 2015
Scott and Reggie try to spend their stunt budget leading to the most action-packed episode ever. Jack Black decides whether to play a famous song on the show. Vigilante J.W. Stillwater talks fan boats, gators and justice.
Apr 10 2015
Scott discovers he has feelings for his producer; Joseph Gordon-Levitt recruits Reggie for his production company; and a shock jock dishes truths about Taco Tuesday.
Apr 03 2015
It’s a drowsy day in the studio as the cast and crew keep dozing off. Reggie dreams of making music with Tears for Fears. Will Scott find the key to keeping everyone awake?
Mar 13 2015
Dax Shepard demonstrates the difference between comedic and dramatic acting, and professional gift guesser Bertram Jollymore shows off his talents on the couch. Meanwhile, to deal with rising rent costs, Scott and Reggie find a new roommate.
Mar 06 2015
Jesse Tyler Ferguson explains the great chemistry behind "Modern Family," and cyborg rights activist Nelz Hebber has some ideas for the future. Meanwhile, Scott tries to balance his family life with his career as a talk show host.
Feb 27 2015
Rapper Kid Cudi drops by to give Scott a lesson in the art of the prank phone call, and 6-year-old film critic Aiden Tomasetto shares his favorite movies. Reggie tries to mend his broken heart as a contestant on Scott’s new dating show.
Feb 20 2015
In this Valentine’s Day Special, Scott must help Reggie land the girl of his dreams. Scott has a shoot-out with guest Mark Duplass, and etiquette expert Miss Polite dispenses advice
Feb 13 2015
Simon Helberg has to prove he’s not an android. Scott and Reggie get whipped into shape by a cruel drill sergeant and are tasked with a dangerous mission of their own.
Feb 06 2015
After one too many pranks, Scott and Reggie are forced to switch show themes with the sports talk show hosts next door. Eddie George reveals the secret behind his greatest plays, and NFL Commissioner Wendell Gazell explains the changes he's making to the game.
Jan 30 2015
Rapper Schoolboy Q lets us know what it’s like to be "Man of the Year," and Aaron Neville (Horatio Sanz) explains his anti-violence campaign. Reggie is caught in a war between two musical groups vying for his attention.
Jan 23 2015
Maya Rudolph plays "Skirmish of the Sexes," and down on her luck businesswoman Claire Coulter (Maria Bamford) tries a new sales pitch. Also, Undercover Agent Aukerman has gone undercover to apprehend notorious bank robber, Reggie Watts.
Jan 16 2015
Ty Burrell shows Scott what the world looks like through his eyes, and craft services coordinator Fabrice Fabrice (Nick Kroll) performs spoken word poetry. Meanwhile, Scott premieres a clip of his exciting new detective drama.
Jan 09 2015

Season 3

20 Episodes

People take drastic measures to get the hottest holiday toy; The Lonely Island provides Christmas spirit.
Dec 19 2014
Scott tries to pull off the perfect episode with a scientist's invention.
Dec 12 2014
A goodbye to a cast member; a poet stops by to share his latest works.
Dec 05 2014
Kevin Smith helps Scott celebrate his birthday; Reggie tries to create a special episode for Scott; a college student with an attitude.
Nov 28 2014
Amber Tamblyn helps celebrate Thanksgiving; Reggie invites some of his favorite comics over for dinner; an orphan returns.
Nov 21 2014
The new "Comedy Bang! Bang!" secretary; Reggie stars in a new commercial; a visit from the aspiring Honorary Mayor of Hollywood.
Nov 14 2014
Scott debuts a new character; what's new with Reggie.
Nov 07 2014
Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips fame joins Scott as they are visited by the show's accountant, a creepy couple and the scariest of all: the ghost of Scott's former career.
Oct 31 2014
Activist Victor Ramos shamelessly plugs some community program he's heading; Steven Yeun shares his preparations for the inevitable zombie apocalypse; plus, there is compiled footage of Reggie's entire life.
Oct 24 2014
Ellie Kemper is the guest of Scott's dreams but he may blow his chance; feeling altruistic, Scott fixes a neglected school; Jesse Ventura has an important announcement.
Oct 17 2014
The discovery that Reggie's dad had a shot at the big-time; Scott goes back to the 1960's to try and change history; Josh Groban gives Scott some constructive criticism; a plate-spinning novelty act is hiding a game-changing secret.
Jul 10 2014
"Comedy Bang! Bang!" gets a talk show makeover; Reggie's favorite baseball team; Alison Brie reveals the secrets of her acting process; a German film director discusses his plans to make another film.
Jul 03 2014
"Comedy Bang! Bang!" gets a new boss; Tony Hawk gives crew members some advice; a personal tragedy in Scott's life.
Jun 26 2014
Scott and Reggie share their favorite moments from the show; Lizzy Caplan has an important question on her mind; a seedy photographer describes his process; Scott might be getting Catfished.
Jun 19 2014
A major disaster forces Scott and Reggie to conserve air in hopes of a last-minute rescue; Nick Offerman transfixes Scott with his mustache; a mysterious woman gives tips on how to be a friendly neighbor.
Jun 12 2014
A flash forward to the final episode; Zach Galifianakis makes his first appearance since his big accident; characters from past seasons come back to say goodbye; ongoing storylines get resolved; a surprise wedding.
Jun 05 2014
Fred Armisen and Scott are up for the same late night talk show hosting job; Reggie's ultimate fantasy is revealed.
May 29 2014
An inspector narrows down the suspects of a murder that occurred in the studio; Jenna Fischer shares a clip from her appearance on the British version of "Comedy Bang! Bang!"
May 22 2014
Craig Robinson has a question on his mind; Reggie is taken up to space to battle an alien race; Scott helps renovate homes; a comedy team hides a deadly secret.
May 15 2014
Patton Oswalt and Scott compete for the same acting role, while a turtle expert is going through an emotional breakdown. We find out Reggie’s real name and witness what unsuspecting bystanders do with an unprotected laptop.
May 08 2014

Season 2

20 Episodes

Zach Galifianakis joins Scott on the couch for a very special holiday moment. Scott learns an important lesson about the meaning of Christmas when the bonuses get lost. Plus, we find out about Grumplegus the elf and finally meet Scott's mom.
Dec 20 2013
In this special lost episode, we visit the show’s origins with guest Cobie Smulders. Also, a very charming magician drops by the set.
Dec 13 2013
Jason Schwartzman stops by the set for bring your kid to work day and helps Scott find the answer to one of this season’s most pressing questions. Scott takes a chance on a basketball career and we meet the world's worst boyfriend.
Dec 06 2013
Guest star Clark Gregg does a show-and-tell with props from his movies and Scott issues a warning to some badly behaved celebrities. We also find out about a controversial new holiday for naughty little boys.
Nov 29 2013
When Scott runs late for work, Reggie and guest Andy Dick explore the endless possibilities that one missed bus can make. A mysterious stranger has dire advice for Scott and his mechanic reveals the best location for underground comedy.
Nov 22 2013
Scott and Reggie welcome guest Jim Gaffigan to the show. Scott's slacker friend takes up residence on the set and everyone's favorite novelty furniture is back: Billy Big Mouth Bass!
Nov 15 2013
Guest Rashida Jones learns how to stay relaxed while monster truck driver Darryl Drummond announces his retirement. Plus, Scott helps a scorned spouse get closure.
Nov 08 2013
Jessica Alba drops by and meets some very interesting characters, including a visit from The King of Cards. Scott travels the country helping women with their sweater woes.
Nov 01 2013
Pee-wee Herman casts spells and saves Scott's life for Halloween; Reggie has a surprise costume of his own; Scott finds a killer from his past; Reggie Watts; Pee-wee Herman.
Oct 25 2013
Rainn Wilson joins Scott on the couch as Reggie discovers his new super power. Scott makes healthy dieting decisions and viewers vote on three adorable options for a new piece of taxidermy. Special Guest: Andy Daly
Oct 18 2013
Inspired by “I Dreamed A Dream,” Casey Wilson sings her heart out during this week’s musical extravaganza episode. We find out who lives below the studio and learn a valuable lesson about the importance of talking. Special Guest: Thomas Lennon and Paul F. Tomkins.
Sep 13 2013
Bill Hader stops by the set to chat with Scott. America's new favorite game show, SPIN 2 WIN, interrupts Comedy Bang! Bang! and Reggie joins via satellite from his extracurricular activity, chasing storms. Plus: watch what happens when Reggie eats a cheese puff. Special Guest: Jimmy Pardo and Bobby Moynihan.
Sep 06 2013
Scott gets tongue-tied during his interview with Sarah Silverman. The world’s fastest talker goes for the record. Scott reveals his secrets to getting camera ready. Plus: Is Little Ladder’s life in jeopardy? Special Guests: Adam DeVine and Joe Lo Truglio.
Aug 30 2013
Scott invites Andy Richter to the couch along with actor Mike Hanford. Later, Scott and Reggie visit the big apple to invest their money. Finally, we find out who stole Reggie’s bike. Special Guest: Michael Ian Black.
Aug 23 2013
Actors Gillian Jacobs and Jason Mantzoukas stop by Comedy Bang! Bang! in the midst of Scott and Reggie trying to answer cliffhangers throughout the episode. Does Reggie’s new girlfriend have a secret agenda? Will Scott seek revenge over his stolen sandwich? Who’s inside the mysterious coffin on set? Special Guests: Chris Hardwick, Adam Scott and Michaela Watkins.
Aug 16 2013
Scott welcomes actress Zoe Saldana to the set as she discusses – err spoils – her next movie. Reggie swaps places with a cop, and director “Garry Marshall” talks about his surprising new project. Special Guest: John Carroll Lynch.
Aug 09 2013
A Deputy Marshall’s (Bob Odenkirk) unexpected visit to the set puts a pin in Scott’s interview with guest David Cross. Later, a politician (Will Forte) stops by to set the record straight while an unlikely narrator chronicles all of this week's misadventures. Special Guests: Tim Meadows and “Weird Al” Yankovic.
Aug 02 2013
Host Scott Aukerman and musical cohort, Reggie Watts with guest stars Anna Kendrick and Ben Schwartz. Anna Kendrick time travels, Scott and Reggie preview their new movie, and the studio takes on a tropical twist when a Bahama Mama Maker is purchased. Plus: Are Scott and Reggie ready for parenthood?
Jul 26 2013
Scott's sick! An elite team is dispatched inside his body (Chris Meloni, Echo Kellum, Kulap Vilaysack) to fix him while he interviews Aziz Ansari and craft services coordinator Fabrice Fabrice (Nick Kroll). Scott teaches us an important lesson about bathroom hygiene and gets a little too friendly with Aziz and his bodyguard (Cedric Yarborough).
Jul 19 2013
Scott welcomes comedian Andy Samberg to the couch to discuss how to pick up girls and stay out of the doctor’s office. Later, renowned psychic Tan Fu (Jordan Peele) stops by, Reggie Watts enters a cybernetic computer world and Scott's rewarded for his unintentional appetite for prunes.
Jul 12 2013

Season 1

10 Episodes

Host Scott Aukerman welcomes guest "Weird Al" Yankovic, who smashes all musical conventions. Tenacious D stops by to play a new song. Scott and bandleader Reggie Watts use their new greenscreen technology, with disastrous results.The Potato Chip Woman visits to share the highlights of her incredible collection. Also, Reggie makes Scott a sandwich.
Aug 10 2012
Host Scott Aukerman welcomes television star Adam Scott to discuss his workout regimen, but they are interrupted by a surprise visit from a Magic Window. Andrew Lloyd Webber stops by to promote his latest theater project. Bandleader Reggie Watts has his feelings hurt and abandons the show in search of a better life. Scott hosts his guests in a round of his popular game, "What Are They Eating?"
Aug 03 2012
When his guest Elizabeth Banks says the word of the day, host Scott Aukerman is forced to take action. While Scott nervously interviews a famous critic who is reviewing the show, a teamster interrupts to invite bandleader Reggie Watts and Scott on a "mind vacation". Smooth Jazz legend Barry R drops in to perform. Scott hosts a round of his game "What Do These Initials Stand For?"
Jul 27 2012
Host Scott Aukerman invites guest Ed Helms to display his banjo prowess and make animal noises. Bob Ducca stops by to complain about his ailments. Bandleader Reggie Watts notices that the studio floor is covered with rat traps. All enjoy an energetic performance by the infamous daredevil Level Knevel. Scott hosts the game "Where Are They Going?"
Jul 20 2012
Host Scott Aukerman welcomes guest Paul Rudd, and discovers they both have a love of mime. The inventor of the adorable Crowpoke robot attempts to repair it when it breaks down. Huell Howser becomes fascinated by Scott, bandleader Reggie Watts, and everything else. A man who should be dead tells the harrowing tale of how he lost his arm. Scott leads his guests in the game "Ring it or Ding It".
Jul 13 2012
Host Scott Aukerman interviews Seth Rogen about his recent vacation. Scott uses his psychic powers to listen in on people's most private thoughts. The world's top child bird caller visits and performs. Bandleader Reggie Watts interrupts the show to paint a portrait of Scott. Scott leads everyone in the game "What's Their Ailment?"
Jul 06 2012
Michael Cera registers his regret about missing out on his dream role.
Jun 29 2012
A film student directs a segment with guest Jon Hamm. Also: a visit from a man who eats bicycles.
Jun 22 2012
Comic Amy Poehler discusses her hair and her feud with Mad Magazine.
Jun 15 2012
Comic Zach Galifianakis discusses his place in the pantheon of comic actors and talking dogs.
Jun 08 2012