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When a fatal accident occurs on board the International Space Station, a lone astronaut makes the heroic journey back to Earth, only to discover key pieces of her life�including her young daughter�have changed.

Season 1

8 Episodes

Jo is taken to an astronaut rehabilitation clinic, where the truth is revealed.
Mar 27 2024
Lost and alone in the woods, Jo desperately tries to reunite with her daughter.
Mar 20 2024
Magnus worries that Alice is living in a fantasy world.
Mar 13 2024
While on the run with Alice, Jo makes a chilling discovery. Bud threatens to exact his revenge on Henry.
Mar 06 2024
Jo�s life back home is not how she remembers it, and growing tension with Magnus adds to her feelings of alienation.
Feb 28 2024
The space agencies begin their investigation into the ISS collision. Jo struggles to reconnect with Magnus and Alice.
Feb 21 2024
Jo races to find a way back to Earth before her life support runs out. Henry is concerned about his experiment.
Feb 21 2024
A disaster on board the International Space Station becomes a fight for survival.
Feb 21 2024