Corner Gas

Ended Monday / 7:00pm CTV CA 25 min.
Forty kilometres from nowhere and way beyond normal is Corner Gas, an ensemble comedy series about a bunch of nobodies who get up to a whole lot of nothing in the fictional prairie town of Dog River, Saskatchewan. Starring Saskatchewan native and Gemini nominee Brent Butt, Corner Gas is a roadside service station that also shares its name with CTV’s first original narrative comedy series. Corner Gas focuses on the life (or lack thereof) of Brent LeRoy, proprietor of a gas station that is the only stop for miles around and a hub of action on the Prairies. As LeRoy, Canadian Comedy Award winner and series creator Brent Butt returns to his native province to portray the life he would have led had he gotten a real job: pumping gas in a small prairie town. Set in the Saskatchewan town of Dog River, Corner Gas follows the lives of the town's residents: Brent, the owner of the titular establishment, his parents Oscar and Emma, his assistant Wanda, his friend Hank, restaurant owner Lacey, and local police officers Davis and Karen. Known for its sly sense of humour, sharp writing, and especially notable for being authentic (actor/writer Brent Butt grew up in small-town Saskatchewan), Corner Gas was eventually brought to a close after its sixth season to allow the show to go out at the top of its game (a move which the cast and crew supported). Another notable aspect about the series is its wide range of cameos: from two Canadian prime ministers, two premiers of Saskatchewan and one mayor of Regina to Stanley Cup. It seems like Dog River is the most popular place in the country.

Season 6

19 Episodes

In the sensational, not-to-be-missed, top-secret final episode, Brent's mysterious disappearance every Wednesday night has the whole town talking. When it is discovered he has been pursuing a lifelong dream, the gang is forced to cope with the news. After six unforgettable seasons, how will Canada's favourite comedy series come to an end?
Apr 13 2009
A windstorm changes the name of The Ruby; Wanda requires equal rights at work, leaving Brent with more problems than he'd expected; the results of a jam contest leave Oscar concerned about Emma.
Apr 06 2009
When Emma inadvertently finds herself a substitute teacher at the elementary school she asks Karen and Wanda to talk to the kids about their careers, causing tension to erupt. Lacey's attempt to make the Ruby more birthday friendly goes too far. Meanwhile, Brent and Hank panic after they suspect Oscar has eaten a thirty-year-old snack cake.
Mar 30 2009
Brent and Hank decide to take a trip down memory lane stealing crab apples from a neighbour’s yard that gets Hank in trouble. No one wants Oscar on their charades team, until he proves his skills. Davis and Wanda find reasons to write angry complaint letters to companies in hopes of getting free stuff.
Mar 23 2009
Jealous of Hank's new toy robot, Davis places an order online but is surprised when his robot arrives. Despite Emma’s warning, Lacey's quest to expand Brent's culinary horizons and turn Brent into a food critic from hell. Wanda suits up to help Oscar combat a beehive.
Mar 16 2009
Wanda's new way of getting around town brings a European flair to Dog River much to Brent's inconvenience. Lacey tricks Karen and Davis into helping her move. Meanwhile, Hank's new greeting puts him in an awkward situation with Emma and annoys Oscar.
Mar 09 2009
Emma keeps a watchful eye on the citizens of Dog River to ensure the town reigns supreme over Wullerton ('spit') in "Turn Off Your TV Week". Lacey and Oscar find a profitable way to break the rules and Karen and Davis hit the radio airwaves to help everyone cope. Brent finds a creative way to get through a week of no TV with the help of Hank and Wanda.
Mar 02 2009
Davis gets a lesson in sensitivity after Karen is offended by his blond jokes. Brent and Lacey try to convince Hank that superstitions are fake and Wanda takes on Emma's identity at the Rec Plex realizing that becoming Emma Leroy isn't as easy as she thought.
Feb 16 2009
When it is announced that Dog River Days has been canceled, Lacey enlists the help of Davis and Hank to save them. Emma asks Oscar to get rid of the stray cats in her garden, but the task proves more difficult than Oscar thought, and gives Karen a new reputation. Brent fakes an injury in Corner Gas to teach Wanda a lesson.
Feb 09 2009
Brent and Hank are on the outs after a trip to see their favorite comic book writer goes awry. Lacey's generous donations to the thrift store make the perfect gifts for Karen to celebrate her recent promotion. Oscar and Emma's new home alarm system causes more emergencies than Davis bargained for.
Feb 02 2009
Brent signs up for guitar lessons, causing Oscar to relive some unpleasant parts of his childhood; Wanda becomes a reporter for The Howler, writing under a pseudonym so she can really speak her mind; Hank follows Karen's workout plan, then tries to prove that he's stronger than Emma.
Jan 26 2009
Brent has trouble proving to Lacey and Hank that he's a true Roughriders fan. Davis enlightens Wanda to the unwritten rules of mixed CDs, while Karen volunteers to read books at the seniors' home and has some unlikely fans in Oscar and Emma.
Jan 19 2009
Hank, Karen and Wanda's willpower is put to the test when they try to make each other break their new year's resolutions. Davis tries to get out of making coffee at the police station and Brent and Emma teach Oscar a thing or two about being a Canadian citizen.
Jan 12 2009
When Oscar and Emma invite Lacey to their hot tub party, she is excited to finally be included until she finds out that she's the only person to accept; Davis introduces a new mascot to promote DRPD; Hank suddenly becomes homeless, leaving Brent to wonder where he's spending his evenings.
Nov 24 2008
When Karen forgets to pay for a muffin, she finds out what it's like to be on the wrong side of the law; Hank changes his email password, forcing Wanda to try to get inside his head in order to figure out what the new password is; Brent takes to the kitchen to prove that he can cook dinner as well as eat it.
Nov 17 2008
Hank’s mockery of Brent’s air conditioner temperature lands him in hot water at Corner Gas. Karen and Davis win a meat draw but trouble starts when they have no where to store it and trust Oscar and Emma with their stash. Lacey and Wanda unleash their maternal instincts on an unwanted pet left at the Ruby.
Nov 10 2008
Brent thinks the self-serve option at Corner Gas will make his life easier, until he discovers his customers are enjoying it a little too much. On the other hand, Lacey’s Ruby buffet has her customers working overtime. Wanda’s quest to reclaim her title as Rumour Queen proves disastrous for Karen and Emma, while Hank’s old laptop becomes a hot potato when he tries to sell it to either Oscar or Davis.
Oct 27 2008
Davis’ decision to take on Brent and Lacey as the sponsors for his soccer team lands him in hot water with the players’ parents. Meanwhile, Karen is spooked out of the police cruiser driver’s seat and enlists Hank’s help getting around town. And when an old tape of Wanda doing television projects for a college broadcast course winds up in Oscar and Emma’s hands, it’s all fun and games until Oscar and Emma find out the last laugh is on them.
Oct 20 2008
When Brent enters a reluctant Lacey into an eating contest, it tarnishes his reputation and results in a very offended Davis. At the Leroys’, Emma’s new MP3 player allows Oscar to get away with a bit too much. Karen’s auctioneering experience pits Hank and Wanda in a battle of vehicles.
Oct 13 2008

Season 5

19 Episodes

In the final 30 minutes before Brent turns 40, Wanda tries to pull off a fireworks display for the occasion that goes terribly wrong. Lacey and Emma disagree over just who should be baking Brent's birthday cake, and Brent is dismayed to discover that his special bottle of scotch has gone missing.
Apr 21 2008
Oscar has a new get-rich-quick plan that might actually work... until Emma finds out about it. Davis borrows Brent's car, but won't say why he needs it. Lacey bids in a silent auction and wins Hank's services as a prize that turns out to be more work than she bargained for.
Apr 14 2008
Karen and Davis discover the secret of Emma's cleaning habits, and use it to their advantage. Hank discovers the underside of life. Brent donates some money to Dog River to create a legacy, which causes Oscar to start a legacy of his own.
Apr 07 2008
Hank has to resort to bribery to get Brent and Davis to see the latest hit movie with him. Oscar puts in a sidewalk in front of his house, and then forces Karen to guard it. Lacey joins the local women's club against her better judgment.
Mar 31 2008
Karen and Davis resort to bribery to find out what they're getting for Christmas. Lacey begins to doubt Wanda's friendship. Hank decides to practice Daylight Savings Time in Saskatchewan, even though the rest of the province doesn't.
Mar 17 2008
Everything is in the pink for Hank, but Brent and Wanda see things a different way than Hank does. Lacey creates Dog River Dollars, and then becomes suspicious that they are being counterfeited. Karen tries to get Davis to think for himself.
Mar 10 2008
Hank and Davis run afoul of Emma in her new job promoting a call center. Wanda finds a morbid new hobby, and when Oscar finds out about it, he joins her. Karen and Brent become suspicious of a mysterious box in Lacey's house.
Feb 18 2008
Brent gets tired of hearing Oscar using the same name for everyone, and decides to use what he thinks is a fool-proof way to put a stop to it. Lacey finds out some not-so-nice things about her future when she visits a psychic. Davis finds that it is possible to scare yourself silly, while Wanda and Emma have some difficulties organizing a party.
Feb 11 2008
Top Gum 5x11
Hank starts up a new business, and gets some unwanted help from Oscar, but it's Karen's help that really make things take off. Brent tries something new, but finds only embarrassment. Lacey and Davis play the real estate market, until Davis decides that play time is over.
Feb 04 2008
When Lacey starts up an 'Employee of the Month' program at The Ruby, Wanda tries to get Brent to do the same, but finds that she has some hurdles to jump before she gets the appreciation she feels she deserves. Hank's new hobby is knitting, much to Emma's dismay. Oscar also has a new hobby: writing for The Howler, and Karen and Davis have to keep him out of trouble.
Jan 28 2008
Oscar is on a mission to get rid of an errant mouse that has found its way into Corner Gas, but Davis has a soft spot for the little rodent. Wanda hurts her back, and both Emma and Karen try to help her, but aren't very successful. Lacey spoils things for Brent and Hank when they come up with a new game.
Jan 21 2008
Brent is surprised to meet a member of the Leroy clan that he didn't even know existed. Wanda finds that she needs some help from an unexpected source in order to prove her abilities in math. Lacey makes some additions to the menu at The Ruby, much to Davis's delight.
Jan 14 2008
Oscar becomes a school bus driver, and sets so many rules that the kids aren't the only ones having trouble keeping them straight. Hank talks Lacey into letting him advertise The Ruby; Wanda gets hooked on a new energy drink.
Nov 19 2007
Dog River has a sister-town in Japan, and Emma and Karen have to find an appropriate present to send after receiving and losing a gift from them. Lacey wants to make Corner Gas and The Ruby 'green' and drags a reluctant Brent into her plans. Wanda fills in as bartender at the Hotel, and starts doling out advice that no one wants.
Nov 12 2007
Wash Me 5x05
Wanda’s happy when her latest crush gives her his number. But her love life soon hinges on whether Hank washes his truck or not. Meanwhile, Brent starts to question his sense of smell in the presence of Oscar and Emma, and Lacey gives the Ruby an artistic touch-up courtesy of Karen, whose drawings seem to appeal to everyone but Davis.
Oct 29 2007
Hank tries to freak out the people of Dog River but the result of his prank is a crop circle he didn’t create. Davis is intrigued by this possible visit by aliens but only Karen knows the whole story. The Leroy home gets a paint job driving Oscar out of the house and causing Emma to question her sanity. An accidental wardrobe change by Brent piques Lacey’s interest. And Wanda takes it upon herself to play matchmaker for Lacey.
Oct 22 2007
Lacey thinks golfing with Brent and Hank will be all fun and games until a warning by Brent creates a competitive triangle. Oscar and Emma’s new bed causes Emma to question her dreams. Meanwhile Oscar is just happy with position nine. Karen is appalled when Davis accepts a free meal from Wanda in exchange for services un-rendered.
Oct 15 2007
Hank's comments on Karen's eating habits prompt her to join a spin class at the local gym, and she's shocked to find out who the teacher is. Lacey gets involved in a "Ladies of Dog River" charity calendar, but is shocked to find out just what she has to do to be "Miss April". Wanda buys a new phone for Corner Gas, but won't let anyone use it until it's fully charged, but then it goes missing.
Oct 08 2007
Oscar's complaints about the lack of Dog River-oriented cable programming bring results, and Brent is chosen to select one show created and filmed in town. Brent takes advantage of the bribes he's getting while thinking about the shows. Wanda, Lacey and Emma can't agree on what type of show they want, while Hank finds himself the unsuspecting suspect in Davis and Karen's police show.
Sep 24 2007

Season 4

19 Episodes

Hank has another great idea on how Dog River can increase its tourism, and this one actually works, but has far-reaching consequences. Dog River's sudden fame causes an up-swing in business for both Brent and Lacey, and Wanda finds a new talent that she never knew she had: reporting the news, while Davis takes on some duties as a personal body guard for the movers and shakers of Dog River.
Mar 12 2007
Things get complicated when Emma forces Oscar and Brent to take Davis along with them on their annual camping trip. Hank's having a first-ever 'good hair day' and tries his best to hold on to more than just the feeling. Lacey and Wanda argue over whose job is more difficult, which leads them to a switch to settle the argument.
Mar 05 2007
After breaking his glasses and then suffering through endless taunting by Wanda, Brent bites the bullet and tries out laser eye surgery. Hank displays an unusual talent for writing slogans, and Davis and Karen decide to use one on the Dog River Police cruiser, which causes Oscar to take matters into his own hands to remedy the situation.
Feb 26 2007
Wanda has a terrible, terrible accident... she breaks Emma's famous Potato Bowl, and has to replace it or suffer Emma's wrath; Hank tries to improve his story-telling skills by mocking Brent and Lacey, while Oscar, Karen and Davis start a new, secret club.
Feb 19 2007
Karen and Lacey move their friendship up a notch by no longer asking when they borrow things from each other; Oscar, Emma and Wanda decide that Brent needs to expand his horizons, movie-wise, so they prepare to show him his first horror flick; Hank decides that he needs to have the contents of his truck with him at all times, and comes up with a novel solution.
Feb 12 2007
When Davis buys a classic table hockey game and sets it up at the DRPD, he finds that he's set events in motion that lead to the ultimate showdown... the Summit Series between Karen and Brent. The whole town takes sides in the tournament, and Hank decides that he now wants Karen as his role-model, after watching both her and Brent train. Lacey joins a new club and nominates Emma for some long-overdue recognition.
Feb 05 2007
Everyone needs some extra cash: Oscar tries to supplement his income by becoming Dog River's official census taker, but Hank already has that job. Finding that their abilities are equal, Fitzy makes them both census takers, and they come up with some unusual methods for counting the denizens of Dog River. Wanda attempts to sell meal replacement bars, with Brent as her underling, but finds that the profits are being eaten up. Lacey misunderstands a situation, and thinks that Karen and Davis are 'involved' with more than just their jobs.
Jan 29 2007
Brent neglects to get Emma a present for Mother's Day, causing her to see red. To make matters worse, Hank shows up with a present, creating a rivalry in Emma's mind. Oscar takes full advantage of the situation when he realizes that he can get away with anything, due to Emma's distraction. Lacey and Davis try to out-embarrass each other, while Karen and Wanda have some trouble putting together their purchase from a Swedish Superstore.
Jan 22 2007
Emma takes up sewing and immediately realizes that she needs a quiet place, away from Oscar, where she can sew in peace. She decides to turn Brent's old room into a sewing haven, and Hank helps by taking Brent's old toys out of the way. When Brent finds out, jealousy rears its ugly head. Oscar doesn't like the fact that Emma has him on an allowance and decides to make money on his own by selling cookies. Karen strikes an uneasy bargain with Oscar as his partner, but she has ulterior motives. Davis learns what it's like to be discriminated against when he tries to order food from the Kids' Menu at The Ruby, while Wanda tries to ingratiate herself to both Corner Gas customers and the townsfolk of Dog River by being more 'down home.'
Nov 27 2006
When both Wanda and Davis sign up for piano lessons with Emma, Wanda's competitive drive kicks into high gear and drives everyone crazy. Oscar is upset about the new air pump at Corner Gas, and he's not the only one... the whole town is up in arms over it. Lacey breaks her arm and learns all about Hank's three stages of injuries; meanwhile, Karen is trying to escape some painful cast-signing memories and so avoids signing Lacey's cast.
Nov 20 2006
Lacey finally gets one-up on Brent when he becomes the outsider after learning that, according to the new Dog River global positioning unit, Corner Gas isn't actually inside Dog River. Hank gets a new job as the town's garbage man, but he's a little too 'into' it for Oscar and Emma's liking. Karen tries to help Davis with the ins and outs of practical joking when she discovers that he just doesn't understand either part of the term.
Nov 13 2006
In an effort to get Hank to shut up, Wanda and Brent convince him that the internet is the way to go, so that he can fully express all his thoughts. Things get difficult for Brent when he tries to keep everyone up to date on what's happening in Hank's blog, and finds that 'cheat sheets' are just so last century. Lacey is upset over the success of her friend and the food at The Ruby begins to suffer when Lacey feels that she just can't do anything right. Emma, in an effort to cheer Lacey up, invites Lacey to a BBQ, where a cut-throat game of horseshoes takes place. Wanda tries to help Davis save money on his taxes, but things don't go quite as planned.
Nov 06 2006
After almost dying, Hank decides to follow his dreams and become a rodeo clown. Karen has to give a speech on eyewitness testimony in front of an audience, and seeks help from Wanda. Oscar is tired of being Emma's bridge partner, so Lacey steps in, not realizing what that entails.
Oct 30 2006
Karen tries to raise money for charity and comes up with an interesting way to do it: she locks Davis in a cell until she reaches her goal. Hank, trying to help, keeps Davis company. Brent doesn't like Lacey's idea to give Corner Gas a new look; Wanda insists on fixing Oscar and Emma's toilet, even though she doesn't really know how.
Oct 23 2006
Hank and Brent begin some demolition work on a local barn, but things take a turn for the worse when Oscar offers his help. Davis, looking for some local fame, hires Wanda to shadow him and capture him "in action". Lacey gives Emma a manicure, but it doesn't take.
Oct 16 2006
Brent and Lacey are shadowed in their jobs by a couple of high school students, but only teach the kids how ~not~ to do things. Hank is now the proud owner of a fondue pot, which upsets Davis. Emma is also upset by the recent divorce of a friend, and she vows to be nicer to Oscar, upsetting someone else in town.
Oct 09 2006
Oscar and Emma enter the digital world with a new thermometer, but trying to agree on the right temperature raises the heat around their house, and even drags Hank into their argument. Lacey disobeys a road sign and feels Karen's wrath over it; a new security height sticker on the door of Corner Gas gives Brent a new mission in life.
Oct 02 2006
Brent is being impersonated by a morning radio show DJ, and feels it necessary to prove to everyone that it's not really him talking. Lacey's new delivery service takes off a little more quickly than she'd hoped, and Karen and Davis find out that "work to rule" actually involves "work".
Sep 25 2006
Emma is upset when she finds out that Karen made Brent an offer he couldn't refuse, while Brent is more than happy and tells everyone in town; Hank doesn't follow through on a promise to Lacey, causing her to turn to Wanda for help, but Wanda takes her new role just a little too seriously; and Davis tries every way he can think of to get Oscar to fix his car, but Oscar's fallen in with an unruly crowd, and no longer respects authority.
Sep 18 2006

Season 3

19 Episodes

Lacey wants to buy a new car, and asks for Brent's help, relying on his specialized knowledge gained from his job; unfortunately she only learns what not to do. Oscar looks to Wanda for advice on what to get Emma as an anniversary gift; unfortunately he only learns what not to buy... the next time. Karen and Davis, tired of the 'cop in the donut shop' stereotypes, try out some new and unusual snacks.
Mar 20 2006
The children's park in Dog River is going to the dogs, making it unsafe for the kids. Brent comes up with the idea of having a jelly bean jar contest, which everyone likes, until the jelly beans cause strife in the community. Davis relives some of his favourite movies when a convoy of truckers comes through Dog River. Hank joins a new club, which requires him to tell one little lie, which then leads to more and more lies; he somehow manages to involve Wanda into his web of deceit.
Mar 13 2006
The automatic door at Corner Gas is broken, and Brent wants only the best to fix it. The repairman is successful, but Brent finds that success can be fleeting. Wanda, meanwhile, is out star-gazing, and tries to keep her new telescope safe; she becomes a little paranoid in her efforts. Oscar and Emma take up camping, and annoy everyone with their choice of camp grounds.
Mar 06 2006
Karen gets stuck in the middle when Brent and Lacey fight it out to see who is the best at getting people to open up to them. Both Wanda's credit rating and her ego take a beating when she's denied a credit card that Hank is approved for. Oscar helps Davis get into shape, but Oscar's standards, like much else in his life, are somewhat out of date.
Feb 27 2006
It's Dog River's centennial birthday, and Hank wants to honour the town by recreating it in Lego. His quest for artistic perfection causes him to take some drastic steps when he runs out of Legos for his scale-model. Wanda has a birthday as well, and doesn't want anyone to celebrate it. And Karen becomes the town laughing-stock when people find out that she was involved in a sport that no one had ever heard of before.
Feb 20 2006
A friend of Lacey's visits Dog River and shocks the town with her behaviour. Lacey, using her past experience as a measuring stick, decides that this is just another case of Dog River not accepting outsiders; Hank devises a plan that will settle matters. At Corner Gas, Brent and Wanda try to stop the points card program from going out of control, while Davis considers just how good, or bad, Karen is at undercover work.
Jan 30 2006
Emma has a traditional Christmas planned, and Brent is less than enthusiastic about it. Lacey decides to go back to Toronto for Christmas, but bad weather causes some detours in her travel plans; she eventually gets home, but not in the way she expected. Hank gets into the spirit of the season by organizing a gift drive for the unappreciative needy; Wanda is on a gift drive of her own, searching for this year's hot toy.
Dec 12 2005
Lacey starts a newsletter for The Ruby, and has Brent draw the pictures for it. Some people don't like how he's portraying them, taking it personally. Brent tries to fix things by drawing more cartoons, which only makes things worse. Hank has an idea on how Lacey can increase her tips, but takes his business elsewhere when he's not given a piece of the action. And Oscar's lifelong dream comes true, making Emma's life anything but a dream.
Dec 05 2005
Brent feels that his rapidly thinning hair is the town joke, and seeks help from Lacey. True to her nature, Lacey only makes things worse for him. Wanda gets a lamp at an estate auction that causes strife at Corner Gas; Hank tries to fix appliances and Lacey's magic ways impress Oscar.
Nov 28 2005
Karen is supposed to create a colouring book on bicycle safety, but she has a few problems: she can't draw and she can't write. Brent and Wanda offer to help, but the two of them end up butting creative heads. Hank finds out that he's not a Virgo like he always thought, and has to change his personality to fit his new horoscope traits. Oscar and Davis get a new outlook on life from the top of the LeRoy home.
Nov 21 2005
Everyone in town is laughing at Brent's old-fashioned camera, so Brent goes digital in order to get some respect. But he forgets the important rule that if you want respect, you've got to read the owner's manual. Dog River has a trivia contest at the hotel, and crowns an unlikely winner; and Oscar's hatred of garden gnomes becomes an issue when one of them seems to have a life of its own.
Nov 14 2005
Brent and Hank rediscover their old tree house, only to find that it's been taken over by a new group of kids. Deciding that they want it back, Brent and Hank sink to new lows in their fight to reclaim a piece of their lost childhood. Elsewhere, Wanda escapes police custody; Lacey takes up a new sport; and Oscar has problems in affairs of the heart.
Nov 07 2005
Fun Run 3x07
Lacey starts a running club in order to train for a Fun Run. Brent becomes a driving force in the club once he joins up. Oscar gets handicap plates for his car, and finds that it changes the way he's treated. Hank gets a job as crossing guard, and takes it very seriously.
Oct 31 2005
Brent's yearly vacation from Corner Gas has Lacey worried, causing her to interrupt his time away from his world-worries; Karen tries to help Davis be a better pot-luck participant; Oscar takes a ride on the technology super-highway.
Oct 24 2005
Hank believes a dog that helped him is The Littlest Hobo of TV fame, and sets about to prove it, but is constantly outwitted. Brent has problems deciding on what the travel mugs for Corner Gas and The Ruby should look like and thinks that he's being outwitted. Karen and Davis feel their position is threatened when some firefighters arrive in Dog River.
Oct 17 2005
Brent wants Oscar and Emma to write their wills, which raises their suspicions; they want to ensure that he suffers before he gets anything that they might leave him. The Dog Riverites like the 'drinking and driving' checks more than Karen or Davis expected. And Lacey has a new bulletin board at The Ruby.
Oct 10 2005
Brent and Emma make a deal to quit their bad habits; Emma takes up a new hobby to help her get over her withdrawal and things go downhill from there. Davis and Karen's ride-along program proves more popular than they'd expected. Hank becomes a slave to his electronic organizer.
Oct 03 2005
Hank begins having psychic dreams; Wanda and Brent mock him until one of his dreams turns Wanda into a believer. Lacey learns how not to fix a pothole; while Davis and Karen learn where not to put their keys.
Sep 26 2005
Wanda wears a skirt to work and notices that Brent is acting differently; but is it the clothes, or something else? Oscar and Hank play at investing in the stock markets; Emma lends a helping hand to Lacey and later regrets it; Karen and Davis try to manipulate each other.
Sep 19 2005

Season 2

18 Episodes

Lacey has just about had it when she finds out about yet another local function that no one invited her to - the Harvest Dance. Is it time for her to stop trying to fit in to Dog River? Meanwhile, Hank falls for a highway worker named Heather. But theirs becomes a forbidden love when the people of Dog River discover something about Heather they just can't accept. Finally Brent and Oscar scramble for reasons not to eat Emma's dreaded jelly salad.
Mar 28 2005
With a little help from Oscar, a friendly slow-pitch game in the local beer league gets a lot less friendly. Armed with an array of secret pitches, Brent is ready to lob his team to victory. But the team could be disqualified if 10th member Lacey doesn't make it to the diamond in time. Meanwhile Davis and Karen are only too happy to turn a blind eye to drinking on the team's bench, but they have a harder time ignoring an act of vandalism.
Mar 21 2005
A big airshow is on nearby and the people of Dog River are very excited. But Lacey's breach of airshow protocol has many in town upset. Thankfully with the help of the Snowbirds, Lacey almost manages to make things right. Meanwhile, business at Brent's gas station hits an unexpected snag while Hank's new corn stand scheme exceeds all expectations. And after a rash of vandalism, Karen and Davis take to the streets on bikes to do some face-to-face community policing. But Karen is oddly reluctant.
Mar 14 2005
Brent, Hank and Wanda resurrect their old high school rock band Thunderface. The local bar owner is thrilled but not for the reasons the band thinks. Meanwhile Davis takes an unusual interest in Oscar's claim that a famous country and western singer stole his song. And civic-minded Lacey uncovers the dark secret behind Dog River's name.
Feb 21 2005
Lacey gets the job of convincing a good-looking young doctor to set up shop in town. But Lacey and the rest of Dog River get less than they bargained for when the doctor arrives. Then Hank has to find a place to crash while his house is getting fixed, setting off a chain reaction of house swapping as people try to avoid living with him. Finally Brent is annoyed when he inadvertently winds up with what might be a counterfeit 100 dollar bill only to find it has a positive affect on his life.
Feb 14 2005
Lacey brings nice wine to dinner at the Leroy home. Unfortunately for Oscar and Emma it opens a door to the wine world that never should have been opened. Meanwhile Hank's life is turned upside down when he wins the lottery. And despite warnings from Brent and Wanda, Karen makes the mistake of talking Davis into getting new shoes.
Feb 07 2005
Hank is asked to be Dog River's goodwill ambassador and show an American tourist around. Turns out Hank isn't the best choice and Brent is called in to clean up. Then a new ATM machine at the liquor store draws a loyal following, leaving Lacey to wonder where all her customers have gone. And in an effort to learn French, Karen tries to immerse herself in Dog River's rich but non-existent francophone community.
Jan 24 2005
The Leroy family has long been a proud and ineffective curling dynasty but this year a schism in the ranks has Brent and Oscar skipping different rinks. Then when a local senior's hip replacement creates a shortage of female curlers, Lacey finds herself the hottest rookie prospect in the league. Meanwhile Karen is put in charge of safeguarding the famed curling trophy - the Clavet Cup - which turns out to be harder than she thought.
Jan 17 2005
Mosquitoes hit the town hard and only Hank seems unaffected. Lacey finally gets a chance to participate in a genuine Dog River activity by contributing to the town's less than impressive time capsule. And Oscar goes back to work at Corner Gas which irritates Wanda, puzzles Emma and sends Brent running to the Ruby, where Lacey's new serve-yourself coffee carafes prove troublesome.
Dec 14 2004
At bingo night, Wanda steps in after the regular bingo caller takes a tumble. She's a hit with everyone except Emma who takes drastic steps to restore her winning streak. Meanwhile Lacey learns that her good old-fashioned home cooking can't compete with the chemically-preserved "road cookies" Brent sells at Corner Gas. And, Karen is temporarily suspended from the police force and spends her days hanging out with Brent leaving Hank to wonder what his role is.
Dec 07 2004
When Brent installs a security camera at Corner Gas, he isn't prepared for the private moments caught on tape. Two unlikely conspirators hatch a plan to deal with the camera, and Hank sees the chance to fulfill a lifelong dream when Davis gets a new stun gun. Meanwhile Oscar and Emma's romantic getaway to a fancy resort convinces them there's no place like home.
Nov 23 2004
Lacey learns what it means to be a victim of success when she invents a new sandwich that becomes a little too popular. Then a spike in traffic convinces the town's mayor to install a traffic light. To pay for it he orders Karen and Davis to crack down on jaywalkers. Hank and Oscar engage in civil disobedience as Brent tries to broker a deal with the pro-traffic light faction to bring peace back to the street of Dog River. Finally, Wanda is excited to get a tattoo until Emma offers to help her design it.
Nov 16 2004
Brent enters into the final stage of manhood by buying a big-screen television. He knows this sort of thing can attract a lot of envy, so he's surprised to find he's suddenly the object of pity among his friends. Then Lacey makes the mistake of buying some handmade jewelry from Wanda, realizing you can put a price on friendship. And Oscar and Emma engage in a battle of petty revenge after Oscar criticizes Emma for never putting the lid back on the sugar bowl.
Nov 09 2004
With some grunt work ahead at his cousin's farm, Hank is desperate to call in a favour from Brent to help him. The only problem is Brent doesn't owe him any favours and Brent's going to make sure it stays that way. Brent even enlists Lacey's help, only to find out that in a favour war, you have to choose your allies carefully. Meanwhile Karen drives everybody crazy with her new hacky-sack and Oscar is thrilled when he finds a perfectly good pair of pants in the ditch.
Nov 02 2004
Lacey's birthday party is ruined when her deepest fear reveals itself. But then it turns out everyone in town has their own unique fears. Everyone that is except Wanda. So Brent and Hank make it their mission to figure out what freaks her out. Meanwhile, Oscar tries to prove to Emma that he can cook which unexpectedly leads to illicit meetings with Karen. And Hank and Lacey both prove to be pretty bad liars.
Oct 26 2004
Davis regains his sense of smell in a freak but fortuitous accident. It's a beautiful new world, until the smell of his fellow officer proves too much. Meanwhile Brent realizes just how little he knows about his fellow Dog Riverites and scrabble champ Lacey is challenged by an unlikely some would say inarticulate wordsmith.
Oct 19 2004
Brent is shocked to find out his parents never married. But things are set straight when Oscar and Emma are talked into a splashy nuptial ceremony by an unlikely wedding planner. Meanwhile Hank disputes Brent's ownership of a Darryl Sittler rookie card he claims he won when they were kids. And Lacey makes it her personal mission to help Oscar with an embarrassing problem he's not aware that he has.
Oct 12 2004
Brent and Lacey try to figure out their relationship; Emma's on the warpath
Oct 05 2004

Season 1

13 Episodes

On their way to the Grey Cup in Regina, the gang from Dog River hit a few snags. Emma and Wanda get physical with a cashier while shopping at their favorite store. Oscar and Hank visit Oscar's crazy old buddy who's not quite the partier he used to be. Karen and Davis try to buy tickets from a scalper. Lacey discovers that getting roadside assistance isn't that simple when you're traveling with a guy who runs a gas station. Meanwhile Brent realizes there may be more to his relationship with Lacey than he thought
Apr 28 2004
As they kick off their season against a rival team from Stonewood, the local Dog River hockey team finds itself at a crossroads. Brent is a great goalie and is being taken for granted by his teammates, so when an offer from the rival team comes his way, he has to seriously consider his options. Meanwhile the other players are having trouble scoring and might need to take some advice from an unlikely hockey expert. Then team super-fan Emma learns the hard way that you should never mix cars, your husband and a hammer on game night.
Apr 21 2004
To drum up business, Brent gets a sign to put up catchy slogans outside the gas station and coffee shop, but Lacey isn't crazy about his pithy catch phrases. Meanwhile Brent and Emma worry about Oscar's memory after Oscar keeps misplacing his can of Alphagetti. And on a fishing trip, Karen doesn't sleep with Hank.
Mar 31 2004
Lacey asks Brent to join her book club and helps him humiliate an annoying comedian from out-of-town.
Mar 24 2004
As Oscar becomes obsessed with the new 'Claw' game at the bar, Lacey tries to deal with rats in the field behind the restaurant AND being rejected by the Dog River Chamber of Commerce. Meanwhile, Davis and Brent try to one-up each other by buying smaller and smaller cell phones.
Mar 17 2004
Brent tries to prove his prodigal cousin is a dork while Dog River puts on its annual talent show.
Mar 10 2004
Hank and Oscar try to protect Lacey from her ex-fiancé while the Dog River police track down a fugitive.
Mar 03 2004
Hank wants to attract more people to Dog River by building a World's Biggest something and roping Brent into it while Oscar thinks Lacey has a crush on him.
Feb 25 2004
While Karen the cop tries to break a cold case involving graffiti on the local water tower, Brent and Lacey have their hands full trying to revamp the bathrooms shared by the gas station and restaurant.
Feb 18 2004
Oh Baby 1x04
When Wanda needs to go to the dentist in Saskatoon she gets Brent to baby-sit her son Tanner who is quite the problem child. While Brent baby-sits the rest of the town place bets on what will happen to him first.
Feb 11 2004
Lacey offers free Pilates classes to the people of Dog River but the town is strangely hostile to the idea. Then Brent and Hank's fashion worlds collide; Dog River's not big enough for two sharp-dressed men, so Hank comes up with a way of making sure they never steal each other's fashion thunder again. Meanwhile, Brent's dad Oscar takes steps to avoid being buried in a cheap looking coffin
Feb 04 2004
Tax Man 1x02
A tax man arrives to investigate Oscar about fuel tax irregularities. Oscar plots with Hank to avoid paying any extra taxes. Davis sulks about no longer getting free coffee at the Ruby and decides to lash out by writing all sorts of parking tickets.
Jan 29 2004
Dog River, Saskatchewan is a town where not much happens and the locals like it that way. So, when Brent Leroy starts renting videos at his corner gas station and a big city girl from Toronto moves in to run the coffee shop next door it's either a sign of the apocalypse or a chance for Dog River to finally have a decent cup of coffee.
Jan 22 2004