Delicious in Dungeon

Continuing / 7:00pm AT-X 26 min.
Dungeons, dragons� and delicious monster stew!? Adventurers foray into a cursed buried kingdom to save their friend, cooking up a storm along the way.

Season 1

24 Episodes

Jun 13 2024
Jun 06 2024
May 30 2024
May 23 2024
May 16 2024
May 09 2024
May 02 2024
Apr 25 2024
Apr 18 2024
Trapped in the dungeon, a concerned Senshi cooks up a nourishing meal for the famished crew � giving Marcille enough energy to come up with a plan.
Apr 11 2024
Back in an upper dungeon level, Kabru and crew wake up to find their supplies missing and are ambushed on their way back to the surface.
Apr 04 2024
Falin starts acting strange in the middle of the night, leading Laios and crew to a menacing figure who wants them gone.
Mar 28 2024
A desperate search within the dragon's stomach leads to a gruesome discovery, revealing that resurrection magic alone won't be enough to restore Falin.
Mar 21 2024
The crew finally faces the Red Dragon, but their grand strategy quickly unravels. With the beast's fury escalating, who will get the final bite?
Mar 14 2024
The crew avoid a stinging descent to the castle town, where the Red Dragon lurks. But to defeat it, they need a tight plan � and a morale-boosting meal.
Mar 07 2024
The smell of meat lures in uninvited guests � among them, a familiar face emerges. To move forward, they must work together to defeat the Undine.
Feb 29 2024
Marcille recalls when she first met Falin as young students. After a quick wash up, an inadvertent misstep lands her in deep water with an angry spirit.
Feb 22 2024
Something's fishy on this new dungeon level! The crew crosses a treacherous lake, encountering vicious seafood and fallen adventurers along the way.
Feb 15 2024
A starving Laios angers a mysterious elf while hunting for food in Living Paintings. Later, Chilchuck finds himself trapped with a crabby Mimic.
Feb 08 2024
As another group of adventurers discovers a treasure box, a swarm of bone-chilling ghosts chases Laios and his crew. Senshi, however, has a sweet plan.
Feb 01 2024
Reaching the third level of the dungeon, Senshi leads the crew to his secret vegetable garden. Later, they are accosted by a band of angry, desperate orcs.
Jan 25 2024
Laios and crew access a hidden area guarded by mysterious Living Armor, who appear to be protecting something potentially delicious.
Jan 18 2024
After waking up to a tantalizing smell, Marcille receives a lecture from Senshi on a balanced diet. The crew helps an adventurer poisoned by a basilisk.
Jan 11 2024
After a crushing loss, Laios, Marcille, and Chilchuck quickly reenter the dungeon to save Falin, but this time, they have a foolproof survival plan.
Jan 04 2024