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Kendra Malley investigates the circumstances of catastrophic transport accidents involving numerous victims, and fights against the dark forces that hinder her investigations in order to find the truth.

Season 3

6 Episodes

Kendra and her team decides to go rogue in their quest to discover the true cause of the ferry's sinking.
Sep 06 2023
A diver's mysterious identity proves to be the key to Kendra's discovery that an ally has been sabotaging her investigation from the start.
Aug 30 2023
There is unexpected betrayal within the ranks, a possibly innocent man is arrested, and then a dead diver surfaces from the wreck.
Aug 23 2023
Kendra Malley and her team continue to investigate the ferry sinking. The Captain's story comes into question, when a recovered video shows a different turn of events below deck, than was first told by survivors.
Aug 16 2023
Having found signs of life on board the sunken vessel, the race for recovery continues along with gathering of evidence. Survivors start experiencing flashbacks.
Aug 09 2023
A night ferry crossing suddenly goes horribly wrong. Kendra Malley and her team are called in to investigate the sinking.
Aug 02 2023

Season 2

6 Episodes

Witness 2x06
As the case winds down, Kendra feels there's still a missing piece of the puzzle.
Dec 06 2021
Kendra and Agent Hunter find proof of a larger conspiracy; a confrontation leaves Kendra shaken.
Nov 29 2021
Kendra looks for connections between the victims; Max and Kendra hatch a plan with the FBI.
Nov 22 2021
Kendra shares information with her FBI counterpart; Kendra gets a big break in the case.
Nov 15 2021
Kendra learns about a mysterious passenger on the run after escaping from U.S. Marshals' custody.
Nov 08 2021
Runaway 2x01
Kendra Malley is called to the U.S. to investigate a high-speed train crash in rural Michigan.
Nov 01 2021

Season 1

6 Episodes

Kendra comes up with a plan to confront the Flight 716 conspirators and expose the cover up.
Aug 14 2019
An unlikely source has proof of a conspiracy to cover up the truth about the crash, and the team scramble to recover the black boxes.
Aug 07 2019
Kendra tries to make sense of conflicting evidence and is stunned by the betrayal of someone close to her, while AJ puts his life in danger.
Jul 31 2019
Madelyn's memories of the crash provide the team with a lead, and a new witness comes forward with disturbing information about Donovan.
Jul 24 2019
The team waits for a witness to regain consciousness; A submersible looks for Flight 716's final resting place.
Jul 17 2019
When TransOcean Flight 716 vanishes over the Atlantic Ocean with 256 people on board, crash investigator Kendra Malley is called in.
Jul 10 2019