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A legal drama set in the gritty arena of legal aid, focusing on Marcie Diggs, a star corporate lawyer who reconsiders her priorities after her beloved aunt commits suicide following a malicious prosecution. Landing at a legal aid office in Dartmouth, Marcie is driven by one thing � to never again allow innocent lives to be destroyed by the justice system.

Season 4

6 Episodes

Escalating conflict between Marcie and Vivian places the future of Marcie Diggs and Associates at risk. The Clawfords enact an endgame to neutralize Marcie's threat to their business.
Nov 16 2022
Marcie faces off against old friends and foes during her professional responsibility hearing. Doug and Ellery get a front-row seat to how the Clawfords deal with their enemies.
Nov 09 2022
Stakes run high when Marcie and the team bring a wrongful death suit against Goldenview Farms, a megafarm run by the ruthless Clawford family. Doug and Michelle re-tie the knot.
Nov 02 2022
The firm's case against a nun accused of abuse at Indian day schools unearths tragic elements of Doug's past. Conflict sparks between Marcie and the Clawfords over the death of a migrant worker.
Oct 26 2022
Marcie launches a search across the Atlantic provinces when a client goes missing. Vivian makes an offer to Doug that causes him to question his future at Marcie Diggs and Associates.
Oct 19 2022
Marcie's absence leaves a power vacuum at her firm. when Vivian jumps in, her actions threaten their case against a doctor accused of sterilizing patients, causing tensions to reach a boiling point.
Oct 12 2022

Season 3

8 Episodes

Marcie represents a sexual assault victim in a human rights case after the police botch the investigation. Velma, Avery, and Rev. Cliff Crawley, work together to right a 20-year-old wrong.
Nov 24 2021
Marcie helps a sexual assault victim whose investigation has been botched by the police.
Nov 17 2021
Marcie helps survivors and families of the victims of a church shooting. Reggie feels a professor is promoting misogyny.
Nov 10 2021
Marcie gets involved in a class-action suit against the province's birth alert policy, and Avery deals with the consequences of his past actions
Nov 03 2021
Marcie looks for investors in a new venture and catches the attention of tech-entrepreneur Vivian Jefferson.
Oct 27 2021
Marcie defends someone accused of killing a police officer in self-defense
Oct 20 2021
Marcie represents a woman facing life in prison, Colleen delas with a loud-mouthed client, and Doug's ex-wife re-enters his life.
Oct 13 2021
Marcie defends a Continuing Care Assistant charged during the COVID-19 pandemic. Doug and Iris race against time, fighting for an Indigenous unborn child to remain in the care of family.
Oct 06 2021

Season 2

6 Episodes

Marcie defends a woman charged with arson and hate crimes. Reggie mediates between Velma and Austin when they end up on opposite sides of a dispute. An altercation with a client's abusive boyfriend triggers Iris, threatening her future as a social worker.
Apr 01 2020
Marcie defends a hair salon owner who is charged in connection with the assault of a gang member. Colleen and Iris represent a couple with marital issues. A relationship with a former client puts Doug and Pam in the crosshairs of a misconduct complaint.
Apr 01 2020
Marcie defends trans woman, Tanya Ianova, when she is charged in a seafood stealing scheme masterminded by her boss/lover, Lonnie Thibedeau; only to learn her efforts to clear Tanya�s name may lead to her deportation.
Mar 25 2020
Marcie's previous client Willie MacIsaac is charged with the murder of his ex-wife Gloria. Doug fights for a nurse accused of stealing from his elderly patient in a coma. Reggie is bamboozled into teaching a law class.
Mar 18 2020
Marcie's patience is tested when an Indigenous girl accused of murder refuses a deal that will afford her a more lenient sentence. Iris butts heads with Reggie when he fails to notice a client being blatantly racist, and Pam has an unexpected scare.
Mar 11 2020
Marcie invokes the anger of her community when she takes on the case of a dismissed police officer who kills a local woman during a high-speed chase through the streets of North Preston. Pam fights for a single mother charged with prostitution and fraud � but when the prosecution digs deeper into her client's affairs, things take an unexpected turn.
Mar 04 2020

Season 1

6 Episodes

Marcie fights to help a mother regain custody of her infant son. Doug represents Colleen's former manny. Avery gets in the way of Marcie and Carson's rekindled relationship.
Apr 03 2019
Marcie's defence takes a turn. Doug represents Sam in a discrimination hearing. Colleen is accidentally outed.
Apr 03 2019
Marcie goes to extremes to protect her client after a �trial by media� kills his plea deal; Reggie�s divorce case pushes him to re-evaluate his own marriage; Doug becomes a pawn in Colleen and Gregor's political games; Marcie catches Carson in a lie.
Mar 27 2019
Marcie races to find her client after he's snatched off the street by law enforcement; Pam scrambles to track down a new home for her pregnant client after her arguments against an eviction leads to the building being condemned; Marcie's work-place dating advice to Leah falls on deaf ears.
Mar 20 2019
An activist lawyer jeopardizes the future of Marcie's musically gifted teen client in the name of �the greater good�; Doug's defence of a lawyer accused of defrauding his community of millions dredges up his past at the Eskasoni reserve; Marcie and Carson struggle to keep their jobs from coming between them.
Mar 13 2019
Marcie faces off against a former colleague in her defence of Willy, a working poor dad accused of drunk driving; Pam hits Colleen's bureaucratic red tape when she volunteers to represent a disinherited friend; Marcie struggles to overcome her anger at the pastor who she believes helped drive her aunt to suicide.
Mar 06 2019