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A person suddenly and unexpectedly disappears; no trace, no clues, nothing but the lingering mystery they leave behind. According to the FBI's National Crime Information Center, there are now 110,484 active missing persons cases in the U.S., 53% are juveniles under the age of 18. Most of us have heard of the high-profile cases, such as Natalee Holloway, Stacey Peterson, and Chandra Levy. But have you ever heard of Mae Catherine Rocker, Alexis Peterson or Thomas Jay Kerr? Probably not. They are just a few of the hundreds of thousands of people in this country who one day, simply Disappeared. Most missing person's stories have never been told...until now. Disappeared is an exciting series that investigates the disappearance of these victims, who are here one minute, gone the next. Each episode focuses on one victim's story, as told through the perspectives and actual voices of their closest friends and family and the investigators trying to solve the case. Through interviews with family, friends, police, and searchers, each episode recounts the actions, thoughts, circumstances and motivations that led to each person's disappearance. Experience the victim's final hours until they vanished. Watch interviews with experts, from psychologists to forensic specialists to psychics, who will offer new insights into what may have happened in each case, whether the person was a victim of foul play or a runaway. Disappeared will take you inside the world of the missing, where a person can vanish without a trace, investigators race against the clock to solve a mystery, and the victim's anguished family and friends are left to wonder what in the world could have happened.

Season 11

8 Episodes

27-year-old Gretchen Fleming was last seen in Parkersburg, West Virginia on December 3, 2022. She disappeared after leaving a local bar with an older man.
Oct 15 2023
17 year old Nathaniel Holmes was last seen in Westminster, Colorado on December 19, 2017. His mother dropped him off at school that morning, but he hasn�t been seen or heard from since.
Oct 08 2023
25-year-old Alexander Gumm was last seen in Kauai, Hawaii on February 23, 2018. He disappeared after traveling to the island as part of his spiritual quest to seek enlightenment.
Oct 01 2023
40 year old Sheena Gibbs was last seen in Chicago, Illinois on November 3, 2021. She disappeared after making plans to travel to Iowa to care for her mother who was hospitalized.
Sep 25 2023
On January 2, 2020, fifteen-year-old Kristen Galvan disappeared a month after she was rescued from a sex trafficking ring in Houston, Texas. As her mother desperately searches for her, she uncovers the dark and unforgiving world of human trafficking.
Sep 17 2023
Dahvonte Morgan, a family man from San Francisco, disappears in the mysterious town of Mt. Shasta, Calif.; as his family searches, it becomes clear the community is wary of outsiders and his girlfriend may know more than she shares.
Sep 10 2023
Dia Abrams owns several properties in the Idyllwild community of California, including a sprawling 116-acre ranch. But on June 6th, 2020, Dia tells her partner, Keith Harper, she will feed the horses and is never seen or heard from again.
Sep 03 2023
Vibrant 19-year-old Sydney West is accepted to her dream school for college. However, on the morning of September 30th, 2020, Sydney decides to visit the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and mysteriously vanishes into the fog.
Aug 27 2023

Season 10

8 Episodes

Nov 02 2022
Oct 26 2022
32 year old Kimberly Avila was last seen in Brownsville, Texas on May 13, 2017. She disappeared after being dropped off by her sister in downtown Brownsville, close to the Mexican border.
Oct 19 2022
When Dee Ann Warner, a successful businesswoman and mother disappears, her family initially suspects her husband. However, he insists that she just took-off and left herself.
Oct 05 2022
Jason Landry disappears on December 14, 2020, while driving from campus at Texas State University to his hometown of Missouri City for the holiday break. They find his car wrecked on the side of a country road, but no trace of Jason.
Sep 28 2022
Pepita Redhair, a 27-year-old Navajo woman, goes missing after her mother drops her off at her boyfriend's house in Albuquerque, N.M.; the family takes matters into their own hands to find her, even enlisting the help of a medicine man.
Sep 21 2022
Daniel Robinson arrives at his work site in the desert in Buckeye, Arizona, and reportedly acts strangely just before taking off in the middle of his shift, never to be seen again.
Sep 14 2022
26 year old Kirsten Brueggeman was last seen in Indianapolis, Indiana on January 2, 2021. At 2:00 am she was seen walking through the YMCA parking lot on North Shortridge Road. Kirsten hasn�t been seen or heard from since.
Sep 07 2022

Season 9

13 Episodes

Nancy Moyer disappears while her children are visiting their father; police look into Moyer's background, finding a surprisingly complicated life; then, a murder occurs nearby, prompting authorities to ask if the cases could be connected.
Jun 24 2018
When 70-year-old retired firefighter Michael Chambers goes missing, a bloody crime scene in his garage indicates foul play; then, authorities begin to believe that the crime scene may have been staged.
Jun 17 2018
Nineteen-year-old college sophomore Martin Roberts is a popular fraternity brother, then he goes missing, leaving behind a cryptic note; two years later, Roberts' family remains desperate to know what happened to him.
Jun 10 2018
Thirteen-year-old Tabitha Tuders vanishes while walking to her bus stop in Nashville, Tenn.; police think she's a runaway, but there are disturbing circumstances surrounding her disappearance, leaving her family desperate to find the truth.
Jun 03 2018
Ali Lowizter, 16, vanishes after getting off her school bus; the investigation stalls for two years until a tip comes in claiming Lowizter could have been trafficked, leading to a SWAT team raid on a house of prostitution.
May 27 2018
Military veteran Michael VanZandt disappears one night in Hermosa Beach, Calif.; police suspect a group of strangers may be involved, while VanZandt's loved ones are haunted by suspicions about his thrill seeking make-up.
May 20 2018
Holly Cantrell is seen on security video leaving the hospital where she works, but she never arrives home; while investigating Cantrell's disappearance, police learn she has been keeping secrets.
May 13 2018
In Greensboro, N.C., 19-year-old Tyarra Williams vanishes from the parking lot of her apartment complex; after receiving tips that Williams may have fallen prey to human trafficking, her grandfather embarks on a cross-country search for answers.
May 06 2018
When Sage Smith, a transgender teen in Charlottesville, Virginia goes missing, police identify a suspect. But the investigation turns up evidence that forces detectives to look closer into Sage's inner circle to see if there are answers.
Apr 29 2018
Stephanie Crane, aged 9, leaves a local bowling alley but never arrives home; years later, authorities hope that advances in evidence testing may finally solve the mystery.
Apr 22 2018
While on a Caribbean cruise, 23-year-old Amy Lynn Bradley vanishes from her family's cabin and is never seen again; over a decades-long struggle, her family embarks on countless grueling searches, stopping at nothing to find their beloved Amy.
Apr 15 2018
Logan Schiendelman vanishes, and authorities find his car abandoned; multiple tips claim seeing Logan, but searches turn up nothing; with no evidence of foul play, questions surface and police are forced to examine his family's controversial past.
Apr 08 2018
Ashley Summers is a fun-loving 14-year-old. When she vanishes on July 4th, her family is at a loss. The mystery deepens when the FBI connects her case to two other young women missing from her neighborhood. Ten years later, there's still no answer.
Apr 02 2018

Season 8

13 Episodes

Thirty-five-year-old Spokane mother of three, Deanne Hastings never returns home after a late night trip to the grocery store. Though she has a history of mental illness and has gone off the grid for days at a time in the past, her family says she�s always let them know she was leaving. When her fianc� tracks down her abandoned car and finds her purse and phone locked inside, he knows something is very wrong. And as Spokane detectives uncover more information about Deanne�s actions leading up to her disappearance, a slew of theories emerge
Jun 25 2017
Nineteen-year-old Angel Garcia spends the day riding his dirt bike around Hartford, Conn., but when he never makes it home, his close knit family is thrown into a panic. Angel�s friends tell police that he was chased by a mysterious SUV the night before he disappeared. When detectives learn that Angel had stolen the dirt bike he was riding, they wonder if he was taken out in revenge, or could he have fallen from a railroad bridge into the deep and dark Connecticut River? Finally, four months after he vanished, a clerk says she thinks she�s spotted Angel in a convenience store just 15 miles from his home. Could it really be the missing teen?
Jun 18 2017
Thirty-four-year-old Danielle Imbo and 35-year-old Richard Petrone vanish after leaving a night club on Philadelphia�s South Street. Their families are joined in the urgent search to find the missing couple as well as Richard�s missing truck. But soon, dead-ends and desperation lead to finger pointing and blame. Investigators in New Jersey and Pennsylvania � including the F.B.I. � work together to solve the perplexing mystery with sparse clues and increased speculation. Then, just when all hope seems lost, a call comes in promising potential resolution for a family that has been haunted for years by the painful case.
Jun 11 2017
Fifteen year old Kayla Berg was excited to move back to her hometown of Antigo, Wisconsin after spending the previous two months in Texas with her mother, Hope. While Texas hadn't worked out for the pair, Kayla was looking forward to seeing her father and brother, as well as all the friends she had left behind.Kayla returned on August 2nd, 2009, and immediately took advantage of the dwindling weeks of summer before she'd be returning to High School as a Junior.
Jun 03 2017
The case of 38-year-old Eric Franks, who vanished while preparing to move house with his long-lost high school girlfriend and the daughter they had together. However, he failed to called his mother after March 2011, leaving police struggling for answers as to his whereabouts.
May 27 2017
Eight year old Zachary Bernhardt disappears from his Florida home late at night. Suspicions swirl around his mom, but she denies any involvement and moves away. When another boy goes missing, new theories emerge.
May 20 2017
On route to the airport, nineteen-year-old Katelin Akens makes an unexpected stop at a Virginia shopping mall...and vanishes. Police investigate her loved ones at length and start to suspect that someone close to Katelin may know more than they're saying.
May 06 2017
After a night at home watching movies, 18-year-old Zoe Campos cannot be found by her family the next morning. As investigators pore through the teen's Facebook account, they discover she did not turn in early as her loved ones originally thought.
Apr 29 2017
20-year old Bear Diaz has diabetes, leaving him weak and vulnerable. When he vanishes in the night with his TV, backpack and cash, investigators must consider foul play. Then Skylar Tosic disappears, leaving people wondering if the cases are linked.
Apr 22 2017
A beautiful young woman moves to the United States for a new opportunity, but in a mere matter of weeks, she vanishes without a trace. Kidnapping survivor, Elizabeth Smart, joins in the search to find her in this mystery where the clues are sparse.
Apr 15 2017
Twenty-one year-old Kortne Stouffer vanishes from her bed one night following a couple of scuffles with neighbors and friends. Investigators pursue various leads, but the young beauty is nowhere to be found, and her family clings to an endless hope.
Apr 08 2017
When 17-year-old Macin Smith doesn't come home from school, his parents worry is he in danger? A note hidden in his wallet leaves his family troubled. And police attempt to piece together the puzzle, while his family vacillates between hope and despair.
Apr 01 2017
When a bible teaching mom goes missing from her family's farm, Missouri investigators must decipher a cryptic handwritten note. Was Lynn Messer a troubled soul or the victim of foul play? A walk in the woods uncovers a mysterious skull.
Mar 25 2017

Season 7

10 Episodes

Days after recent graduate Jennifer Kesse goes missing, her car is found abandoned near her home. Police search miles of terrain and interrogate dozens of suspects, yet a decade later her disappearance remains one of Florida's most baffling crimes.
Jun 05 2016
Waitress Brandy Hanna leaves work Friday afternoon for a weekend off. But Monday morning, when she doesn't show up for work, her mother is convinced Brandy is in trouble. Did she walk away from her rocky love life? Or was she the victim of a fatal crime?
Jun 05 2016
Robert Hoagland fails to pick up his wife at the airport, and his son tells investigators his Dad ran in to some shady men days earlier. Cameras show him buying a map the day he vanished. What made Robert Hoagland disappear?
May 29 2016
Former Harlem Globetrotter Rico Harris is driving from LA to Seattle and mysteriously vanishes. When his car is found abandoned in a remote area, investigators and his loved ones embark on a journey that grows more baffling as time passes.
May 22 2016
60-year old stonemason David Riemens, needs has one final meeting before driving to visit family. But he never returns home, and his truck is found abandoned. Desperate to find him, investigators look for clues, but David has vanished into thin air.
May 15 2016
Brian Histand, a 25-year-old BMX rider, was last seen wandering a field in southern Phoenix. As family and friends search, they learn of Brian's disconcerting behavior in his last few days. Have Brian's risky bike moves led to his state of confusion?
May 08 2016
Tammy Kingery disappears after leaving work sick. Her family finds a note saying she's gone for a walk from their home in the woods, but searches yield no signs. An investigation reveals secrets that lead to dark theories about the mother of three.
May 01 2016
College student Bryce Laspisa is driving to visit his parents, but something mysterious is troubling him. When his car is found crashed and abandoned in a remote California park, investigators and his family try to make sense of Bryce's baffling behavior.
Apr 24 2016
25 year-old artist Tiffany Daniels never makes it home from work. When her car is found abandoned in a Pensacola Beach parking lot, it sets off a desperate search for the missing young woman...and dark speculation about her disappearance.
Apr 17 2016
Jessica Heeringa is working the night shift at a gas station. When a customer arrives just before closing to find the store empty, investigators believe she's been abducted. It's a case that reveals Jessica's biggest secret and the many men who adored her.
Apr 10 2016

Season 6

15 Episodes

On July 7, 2007, 18-year old Jarrod Johnston walks away from his grandmother's home in Mississippi. His Dad sees similarities between his own sister's disappearance 25-years earlier and his son's. It becomes hard to hold out hope his son will ever return.
Apr 04 2013
When an exotic bird ranch in Loxahatchee, Florida is abandoned, leaving uncertain the fate of 700 valuable birds, a bizarre mystery unfolds. The search for the missing owners, 31 year-old Moses Lall and his 36 year-old Aunt Lila begins.
Apr 04 2013
Eighty-one year old Bob Harrod is overjoyed when he marries his childhood sweetheart after sixty years apart. But days before his new bride moves in, Bob vanishes. Police cannot locate him and soon find a strong motive for foul play: Bob is a millionaire.
Apr 04 2013
Tracy Ocasio is spending the night watching the Magic in the NBA playoffs in Orlando. A night of celebration turns tragic when Tracy disappears. Investigators begin to wonder if someone Tracy is familiar with holds the answers to her disappearance.
Mar 31 2013
Bob Wykell is no ordinary 66 year old retiree. He loves flashy cars and makes good money restoring and selling classic vehicles. In February,1996 Bob tells friends he is about to close on his dream car. Then he drives off and is never seen again.
Feb 04 2013
Mid-western TV news anchor Jodi Huisentruit fails to show up to work one morning and police are called to a disturbing scene at her apartment complex. An investigation into her disappearance uncovers troubling details that has a small community on guard.
Jan 28 2013
Lauria Bible attends a 16th birthday sleepover for her best friend Ashley Freeman in rural Oklahoma. That night, the house goes up in flames, and the girls mysteriously vanish. The clock is ticking to find the missing girls before it is too late.
Jan 21 2013
Backcountry ranger Randy Morgenson was the go to person if someone was lost or missing in Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park, until the day he vanishes. Colleagues search for him in dangerous terrain uncovering unsettling secrets. What happened to Randy?
Jan 14 2013
Twenty-four year old competitive runner Amy Wroe Bechtel goes for a run in the forest outside of Lander, Wyoming and vanishes without a trace. The investigation into her disappearance spans years and hundreds of square miles.
Jan 14 2013
Twenty-four year old aspiring actress, Satara Stratton disappears in Hollywood. In Tennessee, her mother Sharon Stratton is desperate to find her. She launches a search to find Satara that takes her deep into the seedy side of a star studded city.
Dec 24 2012
Hatice Corbacioglu went on a romantic trip with her fianc� but didn't contact anyone in weeks. Worried friends and family report her missing. When investigators unravel her fianc�'s dark secrets, they suspect he is involved with Hatice's disappearance.
Dec 17 2012
52-year-old Colleen Wood has found love and a new life in South Florida. Her wealthy boyfriend offers her the chance of a lifetime--- a round the world trip on his yacht. Then Colleen suddenly vanishes and the boyfriend is the only one who knows why.
Dec 10 2012
35 year-old Jesse Capen vanishes on a camping trip in Arizona's Superstition Mountains. While law enforcement searches the vast wilderness, his family finds a huge secret on his computer. His disappearance may have to do with the legend he is chasing.
Dec 03 2012
21-year-old Bethany Decker is a hard-working student, waitress, mother, and wife of a National Guardsman serving in Afghanistan. When she vanishes while pregnant with her second child, police discover her life was more complicated than anyone realized.
Nov 26 2012
When 25 year-old college grad, Mitrice Richardson, goes missing after being released from a remote sheriff's station at 12:30 AM, a heated battle for answers ensues. Multiple sightings have family and authorities divided on the young woman's whereabouts.
Nov 19 2012

Season 5

17 Episodes

When Arizona millionaire Billy McGrath disappears, his financial advisor alerts police. Friends share the concern when someone starts impersonating Billy through calls and emails. As police follow the clues, they uncover a shocking and twisted plot.
Apr 30 2012
Dana Pastori hoped to leave New Orleans and get custody of her daughters, but she never got the chance. It is not until Hurricane Katrina hits that anyone realizes Dana is missing. In the storm's aftermath, the truth about her disappearance is exposed.
Apr 23 2012
The last time Zebb Quinn was seen, he was leaving his work shift with an acquaintance in Asheville, North Carolina. Family members know the shy teenager's every move, but they are stunned when police find unusual evidence surrounding his disappearance.
Apr 16 2012
In the early hours of May 1st, 2010, Jersey City escort Shannan Gilbert goes missing on the affluent shores of Long Island. Police launch a search through the dense underbrush, and what they find hidden in the weeds will spark a gruesome investigation.
Apr 09 2012
Fourteen-year-old Chioma Gray disappears with an older man in 2007 and crosses the border into Mexico. For four years, her family wonders how she disappeared and if she's still alive. In October of 2011, they get the answers they've been waiting for.
Apr 02 2012
In 1998, Nineteen year old University of Albany student Suzy Lyall does not return to her dorm room after working the night shift at a computer store. When he parents are alerted, they begin a frantic search and a police launch an investigation. Although they have some leads, the trail eventually runs cold.
Mar 26 2012
Police believe Ben McDaniel disappeared during a dangerous underwater cave dive. But the best divers in the world search for his body and are convinced that he is not in the cave. Baffled, investigators start questioning the nature of his disappearance.
Mar 19 2012
Joey Lynn Ouffutt, mother of three children, vanishes after an argument with her on-and-off -again boyfriend. Is she holding a grudge or overwhelmed by motherhood and taking a break? A fiery tragedy leaves loved ones searching for answers.
Mar 12 2012
Clinton Nelson heads off to Louisiana to get to know his biological father and take a job in the oilfields. The 20 year-old is looking for a fresh start. But 6 months later, the bayou is combed for traces of a man who had been facing enormous pressure.
Mar 05 2012
In August 2010, 31-year-old ex-marine Noah Pippin left Michigan to report to the California National Guard. But Noah never shows up. Police trace his path to the forests of Montana, leaving Noah's parents to wonder why he is venturing into the wild.
Feb 27 2012
Margaret McEnroe disappears from her home, leaving behind her infant daughter alone in her crib. Local cops know Margaret as a hero firefighter, with a fiery temper but strong maternal instincts. How could this loving mother disappear without a trace?
Feb 20 2012
Allison Jackson-Foy vanishes after taking a cab from a local bar. The police suspect that she left of here own accord since she was fed up with her marriage. Her family, however, do not believe that Allison would willingly leave her children behind.
Feb 13 2012
Danice Day's father receives a phone call on January 12, 2002 that throws him into a panic. His daughter has gone missing in Monte Vista, Colorado. She is a recovering drug addict. Did the pressure of sobriety become too much, or has someone harmed her?
Feb 06 2012
Jackie Markham, a feisty trucking company manager, vanishes from her Florida home without a trace of violence. A boyfriend's tale suggesting she departed with a rival suitor appears to crumble - just as her purse is found near the lair of a serial killer
Jan 30 2012
When Terrance Williams goes missing, his family fears he may have been picked up for driving without a license. But when they find his car has been towed by a police officer with no record of an arrest, an investigation reveals a disturbing case since the police officer was the last witness in an eerily similar disappearance.
Jan 23 2012
Disappeared examines the case of Susan Walsh a single mother, stripper, and journalist. She leaves her son with her estranged husband and walks off to make a call. She never to returns. Friends suspect that she may have gotten back into drugs and alcohol shortly before her disappearance. Police suspect her investigative reporting on the sex industry may have had something to do with her disappearance.
Jan 16 2012
College freshman Ginni Wood drops out of contact with her mother while on a spring break road trip to visit her best friend Kelly Gaskins in Texas. The mystery deepens when investigators realize that Kelly and her boyfriend may be missing too.
Jan 09 2012

Season 4

14 Episodes

Jamie Fraley vanished from her North Carolina apartment with no signs of foul play. Detectives learn that her boyfriend's father developed an obsession with Jamie while his son was in prison, but a grim discovery changes the course of the investigation.
Jan 02 2012
Disappeared examines the case of wife and mother Tina McQuaig of Jacksonville, Florida, who disappeared after leaving her job at a pharmacy. Her car is discovered parked at a Wall-Mart. Police discover evidence of infidelity and after they discover a body focus their investigation on the man who the believe was her lover.
Dec 19 2011
Disappeared looks at the case of Lily Aramburo in Miami who vanished after leaving her fianc�'s condo wearing only a nightgown and carrying two bungee cords. Given Lily's history early investigators focus on drugs, but after several years pass a re-evaluation has focuses attention on Lily's fianc�.
Dec 12 2011
Disappeared examines the case of Brianna Maitland who was last seen leaving her dish-washing job at a hotel in Montgomery, Vermont. He car was later found mysterious parked partially inside an abandoned barn. Investigators speculate that her disappearance may be linked to two local drug dealers.
Dec 05 2011
Disappeared investigates the case of Tallahassee resident Jerry Michael Williams who vanished while going duck hunting on Lake Seminole. Search efforts discover no body. When his wife cashes in a large insurance policy and marries the man who sold her husband the insurance policy, police suspect foul play.
Nov 28 2011
Disappeared looks at the case of fifteen year-old Colleen Orsborn of Daytona Beach who vanished shortly after skipping school in order to go the the beach. The investigation to find her takes a dark turn when a witness links a serial killer to her disappearance.
Nov 21 2011
Disappeared looks at the case of Amber Gerweck who vanished after leaving her home in Michigan. He car is later discovered over 600 miles away in Georgia. As her parents search for her, she eventually turn up in Illinois suffering from a serious case of amnesia.
Nov 14 2011
Disappeared looks at the case of Fort Worth native Leah Peebles who disappeared in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When her father sets out to find her, he discovers that his daughter has been using drugs and has turned to prostitution. Undeterred be continues his efforts to find here.
Nov 07 2011
Disappeared investigates the case of former psychology student Alicia Amanda Stokes who disappeared from her Oakland apartment shortly after an argument with her brother. The police discover her car parked near a steep ravine. Investigators suspect that her brother is involved due to his suspicious behavior and history of drug abuse.
Oct 31 2011
Disappeared examines the case of housewife and mother Patricia Viola who vanished shortly before Valentine's Day after talking to her mother on the phone. Her family and investigators in Bogota, New Jersey, do not give up on the search even though there are few leads and clues.
Oct 24 2011
Disappeared examines the case of UMass Dartmouth student Charles Allen Jr. an avid tennis and online game player who disappeared shortly he was suppose to be picked up for a party. Suffering from a bipolar disorder, his last contact with his family and friends was marked by erratic behavior and paranoia. is last seen running shirtless who
Apr 25 2011
Disappeared examines the case of Virginia Tech junior Morgan Harrington who disappeared after leaving a Metallica concert. She was last seen hitchhiking some distance from the concert. After several leads go nowhere, investigators discover skeletal remains on a farm ten miles from the concert arena.
Apr 18 2011
Disappeared examines the case of Steven Koecher a clean-cut Mormon from Utah whose abandoned car was discovered just outside of Las Vegas in a well-to-do neighborhood. After publicizing the case reveals few leads, investigators look into a possible link to another missing person case and a long road trip Steven took sometime before his disappearance.
Apr 11 2011
Disappeared examines the case of Rachel Louise Cooke who vanished when after she went of for a morning job while visiting her parents in Georgetown, Texas. The police investigation focus on a white Camaro driven by two young men and a volatile ex-boyfriend, but the case goes cold. Eventually, a convicted murderer steps claiming to have information about the case.
Apr 04 2011

Season 3

13 Episodes

Disappeared examines the case of Patty Vaughn whose abandoned minivan was discovered 24 hours after she allegedly left the husband and her three children on Christmas Day.
Mar 28 2011
Disappeared examines the case of Brandy Hall a Florida firefighter and mother who vanished after leaving work early. Investigators fear the worst when her truck is found at the bottom of a pond.
Mar 21 2011
Disappeared looks at the case of Samantha Bonnell a rebellious teen who vanished after a night out with her friends. When her mother reports the case, she is given little help by the police.
Mar 14 2011
Disappeared looks at the 1992 case of Sherrill Levitt, Suzie Streeter and Stacy McCall who vanished from their house in Springfield, Missouri.
Mar 07 2011
Disappeared examines the case of Ray Gricar a Pennsylvania district attorney who vanishes after a short drive. The case gains national attention when a link is drawn to the Penn State child abuse scanda
Feb 28 2011
Disappeared examines the case of 23-year-old Leah Roberts who vanished after leaving her North Carolina home to do some soul searching on a cross-country trip.
Feb 21 2011
Disappeared looks at the case of Toni Lee Sharpless a nurse and mother with a bipolar disorder who vanished after a night out on the town.
Feb 14 2011
Disappeared looks at the case of Jeremy Alex who vanished from Northport, Maine shortly after making panicked claims that "bad guys" were after him.
Feb 07 2011
Disappeared looks at the case of eighteen year old Roxanne Paltauf who vanished from a Texas motel after having an argument with her boyfriend
Jan 31 2011
Disappeared looks at the case of Brian Barton a Seattle punk rock musician who quits his band, breaks up with his girlfriend, and vanishes.
Jan 24 2011
Molly Bish arrives at her lifeguard job and minutes later vanishes. Did she drown? or is the suspicious man in the white car to blame?
Jan 17 2011
After Patti Adkins leaves her shift and vanishes, Investigators learn of a mysterious relationship and piece together a troubling picture.
Jan 10 2011
The McStay family disappears from their San Diego home without a trace. Could they have intentionally walked away?
Jan 03 2011

Season 2

13 Episodes

A typical teenager living outside of Kansas City, Missouri who didn't return home from school one day.
Dec 27 2010
Thirty-three year old Jeramy Burt is heading over to his friend's house to discuss hunting plans when he is never heard of again.
Dec 20 2010
One morning in 2004, Tim breaks routine and doesn't attend morning prayers. Later, he calls work to say he'll be late but never appears.
Dec 13 2010
In 2009, Bobby and Sherilyn Jamison's truck is found abandoned on a dirt road in Oklahoma. They and their 6-year-old daughter are nowhere to be found.
Dec 06 2010
On January 2008, 45 year-old Chief Financial Officer, John Glasgow left his Little Rock home early morning and never made it to work.
Nov 29 2010
April Pitzer goes missing shortly after an encounter with a woman whom April had testified against in a drug trial a few years earlier.
Nov 22 2010
While out on a routine workout, Kristi Cornwell's phone conversation is cut short when she screams and begs not to be taken.
Nov 15 2010
Man vanishes from his new apartment and his parents life is turned upside down only to find he has been guarding a dark secret.
Nov 08 2010
Marina resort owners are no where to be found after meeting with their accountant when they discover money missing.
Nov 01 2010
No Exit 2x04
Tanya Rider goes missing after her shift at work and police zero in on her husband.
Oct 25 2010
Police receive a tip 6 years after a 28 year old woman disappears connecting an old colleague to it and another women's murder.
Oct 18 2010
After spending the day with her students, a high school teacher vanishes and a glove with male DNA is found in her yard.
Oct 11 2010
A 17 year old disappears after spending 3 days at the beach on her spring break vacation.
Oct 04 2010

Season 1

13 Episodes

When a lawyer disappears from a Colorado mountain town the local community are shocked, but investigators soon find secrets lurking beneath the town's idyllic veneer.
Mar 29 2010
A basketball player and his girlfriend vanish while sailing, and investigators try to find the only person who may have information - the man's brother.
Mar 22 2010
A series of dramatic events brings back into the limelight the case of a blues guitarist who vanished.
Mar 15 2010
When Rosemary Christiansen disappears, detectives investigate to see if her husband's new girlfriend has any information that might solve the mystery.
Mar 08 2010
Madalyn Murray O'Hair disappeared in 1995 with two members of her family and over a half-million dollars.
Mar 01 2010
A woman's car is found abandoned and investigators try to find out whether she has been abducted or she is on the run.
Feb 22 2010
The investigation into Billy Smolinski's disappearance after he discovered his girlfriend had cheated on him. Detectives try to find out if she is behind the mystery.
Feb 15 2010
A 21-year-old college student goes missing after her car swerves off the road 140 miles away from her dorm.
Feb 08 2010
Following the search for teenager Lee Cutler, who went missing one morning after seeing a friend. Investigators try to discover if he has joined the Israeli army.
Feb 01 2010
Investigating the disappearance of Michele Whitaker who vanished after hitching a ride from a truck stop.
Jan 25 2010
A 25-year-old woman disappears while out on a date with a friend from out of town; a suspected sexual predator is thought to be connected with the disappearance.
Jan 18 2010
The case of a mother-of-three who vanished, but as the case unfolds the community if shocked by the woman's secret past.
Jan 11 2010
Forensic officers investigate when a young woman who was about to start her dream job disappears.
Dec 01 2009