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The story of Livia Drusilla, from her early life as a na�ve young girl in the wake of Julius Caesar�s assassination, through her rise to become the emperor Augustus� wife, becoming Rome's most powerful and influential empress.

Season 2

8 Episodes

Control 2x08
Livia must reassert control of the family. News from Germany has devastating consequences.
Aug 13 2023
Curse 2x07
Livia is threatened on her way to a wedding and has to make a life-threatening decision.
Aug 13 2023
Freedom 2x06
Shocking news brings instability to Rome. Livia must make a dangerous choice.
Aug 06 2023
Gaius' plans for the succession shock Livia. Tiberius grows suspicious of Gaius.
Jul 30 2023
Exile 2x04
Livia's missed in Rome, and must deal with a threat to her sons and secure Gaius' forgiveness.
Jul 23 2023
Livia and Gemina come face to face with life-changing consequences. Drusus' military career is in danger.
Jul 16 2023
Wedding 2x02
Drusus and Antonina's wedding is threatened. Livia's marriage is tested.
Jul 09 2023
Livia and Gaius return to famine in Rome. Gaius starts a succession race.
Jul 09 2023

Season 1

8 Episodes

As Livia tells her sons about their role in her Mission, the truth behind her part in Marcellus' death threatens to come out.
Jun 04 2021
Treason 1x07
As Gaius' rivals taste blood in the water, Livia must outwit both them and her husband if the family is to be kept together.
Jun 04 2021
Livia has no choice but to eliminate Marcellus, who plans to kill her sons and exile her when he assumes Gaius' position.
May 28 2021
Plague 1x05
Gaius' illness causes a political crisis and reveals the weakness of Livia's position without him, a problem she must solve.
May 28 2021
Secrets 1x04
Livia's marriage to Gaius is compromised when she learns that she can't bear him any children.
May 21 2021
Family 1x03
Eleven years on, Livia is married to the powerful Gaius, and is pregnant again. Yet, she does not feel entirely secure.
May 21 2021
Rise 1x02
When an amnesty is declared, a pregnant Livia returns to Rome to rebuild her family fortunes and save her friend.
May 14 2021
Fall 1x01
Livia Drusilla loses everything in the Civil War as her father and husband find themselves defeated and forced into exile.
May 14 2021