Drops of God (2023)

Continuing / 7:00pm Apple TV+ 53 min.
Camille, the daughter of the recently deceased Alexandre L�ger, creator of the famous L�ger Wine Guide and emblematic figure in enology, who passed away in his Tokyo home. When she travels to Tokyo in the wake of her father's death, she learns that he left her the greatest collection of wine in the world. In order to claim this inheritance, however, she must compete against a brilliant young oenologist, Issei Tomine, who her father took under his wing and is referred to in L�ger�s will as his �spiritual son.�

Season 1

8 Episodes

Camille and Issei come to a realization.
Jun 02 2023
Lorenzo reveals why Luca wanted Camille to oversee the L�ger Wine Guide. Meanwhile, Camille and Issei fly to Paris for the third test.
May 26 2023
Legacy 1x06
Camille travels to Italy to solve the painting�s riddle, while Issei stays behind to confront his mother.
May 19 2023
Issei and Camille puzzle over the second test, which involves a 17th-century painting and mysterious one-word clue.
May 12 2023
Tensions between Camille and Issei escalate. Honoka reflects on her past after getting Hirokazu�s note.
May 05 2023
Duel 1x03
Issei gives a journalist stunning information about the competition. Camille thinks she�s found the first wine, but verifying it is risky.
Apr 28 2023
Despite her physical aversion to wine, Camille accepts her father�s challenge. Issei�s family complicates the test for him.
Apr 21 2023
Camille heads to Tokyo after receiving an unexpected call from her estranged father.
Apr 21 2023