Echo 3

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When brilliant scientist Amber Chesborough vanishes along the Colombia�Venezuela border, her brother and her husband � both elite U.S. Army commandos � struggle to find her amid a guerilla war, discovering that the woman they love might have a secret.

Season 1

10 Episodes

Heat 1x10
Violeta strikes back to save her country. The men must consider what happens if you rescue someone who doesn�t want saving.
Jan 13 2023
As night falls, Prince, Bambi, and their team set out across the border, fulfilling Bambi�s promise to knock the place over.
Jan 06 2023
Amber loses her grip on reality and faces execution. Out of options, Prince and Bambi arm up and recruit mercenaries for a historic raid.
Dec 30 2022
Prince and Bambi negotiate the hard way, crossing a line. Violetta probes the government�s possible involvement.
Dec 23 2022
Bambi receives a surprise visit from an old pal at the CIA. Prince has a change of heart. A daring plan is formulated to set up a prisoner exchange.
Dec 16 2022
Amber reaches her final destination at a Venezuelan black site. She�s told she will die there.
Dec 09 2022
Upriver 1x04
Bambi loses the guerilla�s trail and reacquaints himself with whiskey. Prince recovers from his wounds and starts putting the mess behind him.
Dec 02 2022
Prince uses his media savvy to pressure the American and Colombian governments to own the mission, setting off a chain reaction in the jungle.
Nov 23 2022
At the American embassy in Bogota, the men run into bureaucracy. They find an ally in a powerful banker and embark on an impromptu mission.
Nov 23 2022
Flyaway 1x01
In the aftermath of a joyous wedding gone awry, the bride goes missing in South America and the military men in her family vow to find her.
Nov 23 2022