Essex County

Ended / 7:00pm CBC 43 min.
The story of four disparate characters linked together through bloodlines. From old Uncle Lou, to young Lester, to Anne the country nurse and Ken, the stoic farmer, the four lead characters ebb and flow into each other�s lives, slowly weaving connections between them that ultimately save and redeem them. Based on the graphic novel by Jeff Lemire.

Season 1

5 Episodes

Anne visits her daughter at university, where old ambitions are reignited. Ken gets news that makes the future more settled. Lester realizes he is not alone in his grief. Lou searches for peace.
Apr 16 2023
Lester runs away from the farm, but Jimmy struggles to be there when Lester needs him most. Ken makes demands, so he can get on with his life. Cheered on by his old pals, Lou escapes his care home.
Apr 09 2023
When Lester tells his dad he wants to live with him, Jimmy starts to dream big and asks Anne for support. Lou destroys reminders of old heartbreaks and tells Anne the secret he has kept for decades.
Apr 02 2023
Ken doubts his ability to care for Lester. Lester develops a new bond with Jimmy. Lou resents his loss of independence and, against Anne's wishes, ventures into town with disastrous consequences.
Mar 26 2023
Eleven-year-old Lester grapples with his mother�s death and finds out his long-absent dad may be closer than he knew. Anne takes on caring for her estranged uncle Lou, who is haunted by his past.
Mar 19 2023