Everyone Else Burns

Continuing / 7:00pm Channel 4 23 min.
It is an irreverent comedy set in a fictional Christian community and centred around a family headed by patriarch David. David, like his family is devoted to preparing for Armageddon and avoiding eternal damnation, although worldly temptations sometimes get in the way.

Season 1

6 Episodes

At an annual cross-church party, Aaron waits to be baptised. But his head is turned by one congregation carrying rainbow flags. Fiona and Rachel argue over university.
Feb 20 2023
David takes Aaron to a caravan for some father-son bonding, but there's no electricity and the only running water is leaking through the ceiling. Fiona hosts a girls' night.
Feb 13 2023
Fiona begins to harbour fantasies about Andrew, and her boredom with her marriage only gets worse when David reveals shows her a box containing his deepest, darkest secrets. At school, Aaron is encouraged to stop drawing non-believers being tortured in Hell, but David finds the new direction of his artwork challenging. Rachel turns to her parents for reassurance over her feelings for Joshua - but wishes she hadn't bothered.
Feb 06 2023
Rachel wonders if she can date without breaking the Order's rules, and makes a pious new friend whom she suspects knows a lot more about the outside world than she lets on. David struggles to get Fiona to pay attention to him, and decides to sit in on the church's teenage sex education class to get some romantic inspiration.
Jan 30 2023
David unearths his order's 1000-year-old rulebook, and demands his family follow it to the letter. Fiona starts her own business in defiance of the order's traditions, and Rachel tries to obtain a mobile phone. Aaron helps his dad to convert a non-believer, but his harrowing artwork of the apocalypse makes the wrong impression.
Jan 23 2023
David competes with a rival when a position of authority in the church opens up. Meanwhile, his 17-year-old daughter Rachel preaches the word of God around the city, until an encounter with a handsome boy changes her whole outlook.
Jan 23 2023