Evil Lives Here

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Each hour-long episode of this chilling psychological drama tells the harrowing, firsthand stories of living with a person who became a killer. Viewers will be put in the shoes of the loved one, who lived through this incredible experience �from first noticing that something is amiss, to interpreting all of the puzzling signs and clues, to eventually coming face-to-face with the horrible truth: that the person they loved, the person they trusted, has a very dark side.

Season 14

8 Episodes

Sara thinks he is a godly man, but she�ll go through hell to survive him.
Sep 24 2023
Teresa Holman spends much of her childhood wishing her father, Freddie Bowen, would die for the things he does to his family, but when presented with a chance to get her wish, the choice she makes will have unforeseen consequences and lead to tragedy.
Sep 17 2023
Ginger knows her sister Paige is trouble, as she feels entitled to her family's undivided attention and becomes a monster when she doesn't get it; over time, Ginger watches as Paige abuses and ultimately murders the person she cares for the most.
Sep 10 2023
When Terry Patzer hears what police discovered at Russell Tillis' house of horrors, memories of the nine years she spent married to him flood back; she can't explain how her former lover became so twisted, but she was right to be afraid.
Sep 03 2023
Vince Boston finds himself an unwitting accomplice to murder, and he realizes his father, Silas, has been killing for years; he embarks on a mission to get justice for his father's many victims, which may include Vince's mother.
Aug 27 2023
Christina Thomas trusts her brother, John White, the first time he comes dangerously close to killing a lady. When he murders another person, she forgives him. But when it happens again, she wonders why she trusted him in the first place and how she overlooked the warning indications that he was the devil in disguise.
Aug 20 2023
Tammy sees her mother�s evil side after learning the truth of her crimes.
Aug 13 2023
The Lisowski sisters fear their mom, but this Christmas is a nightmare.
Aug 06 2023

Season 13

10 Episodes

William Cosden Jr. coerced his much younger sisters, Karen and Susan, into keeping secrets about what he did; now the girls are adults, and with one facing death, they reunite to try to repair the trauma keeping those secrets caused them.
Apr 09 2023
Genie already knows Lee Cawthon is capable of horrible things when he forces her into a polygamous relationship; she plays along with his twisted demands, but doesn't realize that the consequences of letting him have his way might be worse.
Apr 02 2023
When a hole appears in the backyard, Delila Yang gets suspicious; she knows her mother, Karina, dug it and knows someone is missing, but Delila doesn't yet realize she must work with police to trap her mom and unearth her sinister secrets.
Mar 19 2023
When Michael O'Leary moves in with his brother, Marc, he doesn't realise that Marc has already fled the police in one state and committed crimes in another until police finally track them down, and suspect Michael of being Marc's accomplice.
Mar 12 2023
Margie Bult thinks her second husband is too good to be true from the start, but when she sees a fugitive on TV named Paul Steven Mack who resembles him, she vows to uncover the truth no matter the risk to herself.
Mar 05 2023
When Dianne Burns moves across the country to marry Mark Burns in prison, she holds no doubts of her fianc�'s wrongful conviction until after his release, when she begins to see signs of both his guilt and plans to resume his criminal behaviour.
Feb 26 2023
David Magnano and his stepsister, Jessica, know that Scott Magnano is dangerous; they know they would be safer if he were gone; what David doesn't know is how much he will regret not killing Scott when he has the chance.
Feb 19 2023
Eugene Borg knows that Satan has evil plans for his young son Tyler and spends the subsequent years battling the demons he believes plague his child; a shock comes that proves that he may have forever lost the war for his son's soul.
Feb 04 2023
For years, every time Gabi Blair walks past the freezer, she shudders at the thought of the horrors hidden inside; forced to keep secret her mother's crimes, she prays that someone will discover the truth before she becomes her mother's next victim.
Jan 29 2023
As a 5-year-old child, Lori Hodge does not understand what she sees when her father, Lyle Eugene Keidel, aka Gene Keidel, digs a hole in the yard in the middle of the night. But as she gets older and realizes the truth, she becomes a threat to her father. He will stop at nothing to keep his dark secrets.
Jan 22 2023

Season 12

6 Episodes

When police arrest Adam Pennylegion's stepbrother, Dustin Duthie, some people blame steroids, but Adam has noticed Dustin heading down a dark path for years.
Aug 07 2022
A husband pretends to save his wife from a horrifying, violent encounter.
Jul 31 2022
A woman�s willingness to believe a parolee has changed leads to tragedy.
Jul 24 2022
When Sarita Anderson begins feeling ill, she thinks it's just the flu at first. She never suspects that the man pretending to love and nurse her back to health is actually the monster responsible.
Jul 17 2022
When James Bergstrom's wife, Linda, begins to suspect that his bondage fetish is becoming something more sinister, she can't get anyone to believe her, but the more she learns about his behavior, the more she becomes determined to stop her husband.
Jul 10 2022
When George Yzaguirre kills himself in prison, he takes his secrets with him, and his ex-wife, Jennifer Meyer, is left to wonder how many of her memories might hold the keys to unsolved crimes and whether or not she will ever know the truth about him.
Jul 03 2022

Season 11

8 Episodes

Vernon Jensen is so afraid of his wife Vicki and her violent temper that he decides to divorce her. It isn't until he finally leaves that he discovers just how far she'll go to get revenge.
Apr 10 2022
When police tell Chris Matechen that his girlfriend, Alyssa Dayvault has confessed, he doesn't want to believe it because that means admitting that he has fallen for her lies and spent years blind to the horrific things she did right under his nose.
Apr 03 2022
When Steven Crittenden confesses to his brother, Bryant, and then swears him to secrecy, Bryant faces the toughest decision of his life: whether to keep the secret and risk letting a murderer get away with it, or tell the truth and betray his family.
Mar 27 2022
As a child, Benjamin Risha believes Tony Alamo when he preaches he is a prophet of God. Although, as Benjamin gets older and realizes that the prophet is a liar, he fears for his life, because he sees what happens to others who doubt Tony.
Mar 20 2022
After Ernest Christie dies, his son, Sam, calls police and tells them everything he witnessed as a child, including murder. He is finally rid of the secrets he carried for decades, and now may pay a price for helping his father get away with it all.
Mar 13 2022
From the moment Deborah Williamson meets her stepson, David Shafer, she knows there is something unsettling about him, but when her warnings about his frightening behavior go unheeded, the devastation he ultimately wreaks is beyond anything she imagines.
Mar 06 2022
When Amy Chessler calls 911 to report what her brother, Jesse Winnick, has confessed to, she doesn't know whether to believe him. Jesse's always been a liar, and Amy doesn't truly understand what he is capable of until she walks in and sees it for herself.
Feb 27 2022
The first time Alice Jenkins locks Jesse Eging in the closet as a child, he thinks it's only a game. But as Jesse's captivity grows longer and food becomes scarce, he realizes that if he and his siblings do not find a way to escape, they will surely die.
Feb 20 2022

Season 10

13 Episodes

Craig Lester Thrift brags about getting away with murder, but everyone thinks he is kidding. Robyn Barry knows Thrift better than anyone, and she begins to suspect he isn't joking. Someone needs to believe her before Thrift makes her his next victim.
Oct 17 2021
Christina Gaines goes on a date with Patrick Fowler, a supposed "perfect gentleman." She soon discovers Patrick's true nature and realizes she's been duped. Now that Christina is in his grasp, she must find a way to avoid becoming his next victim.
Oct 10 2021
When Matt Roth is just a boy, his stepfather brings him along on handyman jobs; he thinks he is just there to help his dad, but he doesn't realize he is walking into the scenes of brutal murders.
Oct 03 2021
Every time Cheri Tate calls the police on her husband Edward Allen Covington, they believe him over her. Then she leaves him, and he takes his revenge - but on others. She realizes in horror that he has done to them what he always wanted to do to her.
Sep 26 2021
Jennifer Winter accepts Cristobal Palacio's marriage proposal out of necessity. She believes that he understands that theirs is a marriage of convenience, not love. Then he makes her his prisoner, and she realizes escape will come at a terrible cost.
Sep 19 2021
When Deborah Brashers' father, Robert Brashers, returns from prison and reconnects with her, she instantly becomes a daddy's girl. But when he suddenly disappears again, Deborah is told that he is on the run from police because of a petty crime. This chase ends in a fatal standoff with police and Deborah learns the chilling truth about her father's secret double life.
Sep 12 2021
Cathy Mills is only a teenager when her fairytale marriage to Robert Walden turns into a nightmare. Still, it is not until she sees a police sketch of her husband that she realizes only she knows the true identity of the monster authorities are hunting.
Aug 29 2021
As a child, Daniel Rolle idolizes his father, Donald, and thinks his family is happy, but when things start to go wrong, he begins to realize that his father's growing rage and unrelenting cruelty are causing everyone to suffer. After a childhood spent wrestling with the conflicting emotions of both loving and fearing his own father, when Donald's rage ultimately leads to murder, Daniel finds himself with his father's life in his own hands.
Aug 22 2021
As children, Cindy Blust loved her younger sister, Camellia Brown, deeply, but she also saw cruelty and darkness in her that she couldn't ignore. As they got older, Cammy became increasingly angry, vengeful, and obsessive, blaming Cindy for all her problems, including the horrible crime she committed. Cindy is certain that her sister still blames her for her incarceration and wants revenge.
Aug 15 2021
When police arrest Melvin Ignatow for murder, his son Mike is sure he is innocent and that his dad's girlfriend is to blame instead. Melvin is acquitted but later confesses to the crime, and Mike must face the fact that his father has gotten away with murder.
Aug 08 2021
Teshana Singleton initially thinks her first boyfriend Cedric Ricks' obsession with her is flattering, but when his obsession turns evil, she begins to realize she's in danger. Cedric believes if he cannot have Teshana, no one can.
Aug 01 2021
When Christian Fuhr is sentenced to life in prison, Ammie Turos is willing to wait for him, completely convinced the man she loves could not possibly have also been a killer. She remains faithful to him for years, determined to somehow prove his innocence and that he has been wrongly convicted. Then she discovers that the accusations against him are all true, and her conviction is replaced by uncertainty whether her life had also been in danger all along, or if she had just been one woman in Christian's life whom he had not wanted to kill.
Jul 18 2021
Dylan Eason was sentenced to life without parole for the crime he committed in 2016, but to his father, Jon, that isn't punishment enough. Infamous in Colorado as the father who wanted the death penalty for his own son, Jon is wracked with guilt over the missteps that paved the way for the tragedy he endures daily. But while he freely admits that any father wishing for his own son's death is a horrible thing, he refuses to contemplate forgiveness - as far as he is concerned, the punishment should fit the crime, and his son deserves to die for what he has done.
Jul 11 2021

Season 9

8 Episodes

When Claire Throssell meets Darren Sykes, she interprets her soon-to-be husband's constant, overwhelming displays of attention and affection as signs of true love. She doesn't realize that Darren's grand gestures are his sinister way of luring her into a false sense of security so that he can control her. Finding herself trapped in the tightening grip of a monster and determined to plot her escape, Claire knows that Darren will stop at nothing to get what he wants, but she doesn't realize just how devastating his retribution will be until he finally takes his revenge.
Apr 04 2021
When Sonja Holt's fianc�, Stafford Shaw, starts staying out late, she initially believes his excuse that he is only working. But when signs begin to appear that he has been lying to her, he attempts to convince her otherwise. Determined to uncover the truth, Sonja never imagines just how far Stafford will go to keep anyone from finding out the truth about him, or the terrible price that will have to be paid when his secret lives finally start to collide.
Mar 28 2021
When she was a teenager, Sarah Garone was regularly targeted by an anonymous predator for almost a decade. Each time her mysterious assailant struck, Sarah ran to her stepfather, Gary Hardy. Each time, Gary responded with shock and concern, pretending to be her protector. Ever since she was a child, Sarah had occasionally had a gut feeling that something about Gary was creepy, but she could never put her finger on what it was, and no one else in her family seemed to feel the same way about him. She never imagined that the man she trusted to protect her from her attacker would ultimately be the one who was determined to hurt her.
Mar 21 2021
A killer's sister agonizes over whether to protect him or turn him in.
Mar 14 2021
A woman is astounded that she survived her ex-husband's despicable crimes.
Mar 07 2021
Sharon is amazed to be alive after learning about her ex's twisted crimes...
Feb 28 2021
After finding her name on a bullet, a woman fears her son has lethal plans...
Feb 21 2021
Some say Cameron Todd Willingham was wrongfully convicted, and the court put an innocent man to death. But Stacy Kuykendall knew Todd better than anyone, and she's convinced that he was a monster who was guilty as charged and deserved to die.
Feb 14 2021

Season 8

7 Episodes

When Wilda Gadd married Howard Willis, she dismissed the rumors about him. That is until she found herself wired up and risking her life to find the dismembered bodies of his victims. She discovered that his secret life was darker than any rumor.
Oct 25 2020
When Vickie Webb's son warned her the police might seek him out, she wasn't surprised. He had been a troublemaker for years, but she sensed this time was different. Vicki's love for her son will face the test when he is accused of the ultimate evil.
Oct 18 2020
Jessi Toronjo went to a sleepover in 1989 thinking her stepbrother, Jeffrey Pelley, was at his senior prom. She spent the next 13 years believing someone else committed the unspeakable crime of that weekend, only to discover she knew the killer all along.
Oct 04 2020
When Shirley Furgala helped her mother, Betty Lou Beets, drag a dead body to the yard and bury it, she knew her own life might be in danger if she refused to help. What Shirley didn't know was this wouldn't be the last time her mother would ask for help.
Sep 13 2020
Teri Knight spent weeks driving cross-country, desperately searching for the secret her ex-husband, Manuel Gehring, took to his grave. It took years before a stranger finally solved the mystery that haunted Teri ever since learning Manuel died in prison.
Sep 06 2020
As Christina Hildreth unwittingly helped Shawn Grate clean up his first crime scene, she didn't realize what she was doing. Once police were banging on her door while she was trapped with a madman, she understood the situation was more dire than she realized.
Aug 30 2020
When Terra Newell met her mother's new boyfriend, she sensed John Meehan was no good. Debra Newell never suspected her new man was secretly plotting to destroy her and her family. And Terra never imagined she would ultimately be forced to kill.
Aug 23 2020

Season 7

12 Episodes

Jack Owen Spillman starts collecting wolf memorabilia, and his sisters think it's an odd hobby; when they learn of horrific things he's done, they realize some people may have been right when they called him more animal than human.
Mar 22 2020
Richard and Ryan Girgis knew their father, Magdi, was not a particularly good father, but when their family is torn apart, the brothers feel they knew he was evil all along.
Mar 15 2020
It never occurred to Shirley Gaskins that the father she adored could be one of the most prolific serial killers in America, but the more people vanished without explanation, the harder it was to deny.
Mar 08 2020
Timothy Bass had gotten away with murder for decades, telling his wife, Gina, that he enjoyed working the night shift to make extra money; Gina believed him until she uncovered his secret and was left wondering what evil her husband had done.
Mar 01 2020
John Duck spends his entire life fearing the day his brother Kevin would finally kill someone, but when John discovers his brother is actually a murderer, he still isn't ready to face that Kevin had been born a killer.
Feb 23 2020
Edward Pehowic harbors dark secrets before he marries Robin Healey, and she'd catch only glimpses of her husband's dark side, but when she finally escapes from him, she realizes just how evil he is.
Feb 16 2020
It has been more than 25 years, yet Joyce Alexander is still terrified of her son, William Patrick Alexander; she fears he holds her responsible for his horrifying crime, and is convinced he is plotting his revenge from prison.
Feb 09 2020
Michele Ward is glad that her husband, Richard Daniel Starrett, doesn't mind her frequent trips to visit her parents; Michele could never guess the reason that he sends her away, is because his sick perversions are getting harder and harder to hide.
Jan 29 2020
Travis Spencer thinks that the cruel pranks played by his older brother, Timothy, were ultimately harmless; it turns out that older brother Timothy is using younger brother Travis as practice for a gruesome future.
Jan 26 2020
Joylynn Martinez sometimes wakes up and cannot remember what happened the night before; she thinks she must've had too much to drink, never suspecting that her husband, Robert Howard Bruce, was responsible, and that he was just getting started.
Jan 19 2020
On the day Robert Foust contemplated killing his son, Aaron, he saw it as the only way to prevent him from becoming a murderer. But instead, Robert chose to put himself and his son in God's hands. And God's plan would make him question everything.
Jan 12 2020
As a child, Corey Breininger's stepmother, Judith Hawkey, coerces him into doing something horrible; he keeps her deadly secret for years, too afraid to tell anyone the truth.
Jan 05 2020

Season 6

8 Episodes

When Elizabeth Flores was a child, her sister, Louise, tried to shield her from a horrible family secret; when Louise met David Turpin, that all changed.
Sep 01 2019
When Tim Kreider discovers proof that his son, Alec, was responsible for a horrific crime, he knows what the right thing to do is; his instincts as a father tell him something else.
Aug 25 2019
When Clare Bradburn's ex-husband, Ed, suddenly confesses to his crime after 26 years, she thinks she finally has justice, and that the nightmare she lived for decades would end; she never expects that her nightmare would continue.
Aug 18 2019
Ronald and Patty had always seen the signs that their older brother, Bernard Eugene Giles, had a darker side, but when Gene finally let loose the monster lurking inside, they couldn't help but wonder how things had gone so wrong.
Aug 11 2019
When James Henslee realizes he is the police's prime suspect, he can't believe it but he attempts to convince them that someone he had once looked up to was the one capable of murder.
Aug 04 2019
Pam Jacobs spends her childhood on the run from the law, but she has no idea her father, Charles Sinclair, is a wanted man until the day the FBI catches up with them.
Jul 28 2019
William Knorr's mother, Theresa, always threatened that if she ever went to jail for what she had done, she would take him down with her; after years spent helping her keep the horrors secret, he may go to jail with her.
Jul 21 2019
For 17 years, Kathy Swanson fears her son, Michael, will harm someone; she tries in vain to convince people that there is something different about Michael, then her worst nightmare comes true.
Jul 14 2019

Season 5

12 Episodes

When Alvin Bud Brown is arrested he tells an officer that he is just like Hannibal Lecter; to his wife, Jackie, the man she shared a bed with for years appeared to be gentle and loving until the Thanksgiving Day when she discovered the truth.
Apr 07 2019
Norma Hawkins grew in fear of her mother, Shirley Elizabeth Allen, and watched for years as her anger destroyed those closest to her, but when people started dying, Norma found the courage to turn her own mother into the police for murder.
Mar 31 2019
Aziza Kibibi, the daughter of "Fugees" music video director Aswad Ayinde, discusses how after suffering years of sexual abuse at the hands of her polygamist father, she was able to survive and finally escape to reveal the truth about him.
Mar 24 2019
Kat Harris and Marla Kreuger love Larry Harris each in her own way; they dismiss his dark obsession as childish and strange, but harmless; neither of them realize he is preparing to sacrifice innocent lives for his evil purpose.
Mar 10 2019
Robin Lindsey is rescued from her mother's violence and goes to live with her father, believing she has cheated death; at the time, she has no way of knowing that the man she looks to as her savior is hiding something even worse.
Feb 24 2019
Cindy Best's friends and family all think she's crazy when she tells them her suspicions about her husband, Karl Karlsen; regardless, Cindy is determined to take matters into her own hands and prove he's a killer.
Feb 17 2019
Felecia Collier almost kills Chester Turner but is relieved to hear he will survive; years later, that moment becomes the biggest regret of her life.
Feb 10 2019
Walter Stawicki always tries to protect his son, Ian, from evil, but Ian grows up to commit an unspeakable crime, making Walter realize he failed to protect his son and his community.
Jan 27 2019
Unlucky in love, Jamie Clark has high hopes after meeting Anthony Lord; by the time she learns about his perverted plans for her, she is already trapped.
Jan 20 2019
When Lori McLeod falls for a man claiming to be an FBI agent, she feels certain she will always be safe; now, as the end of her life draws near, Lori vows that the murderer who betrayed her family will never become a free man.
Jan 13 2019
When Joshua Hudnall goes off to war, he feels more at home than he ever did around his mother; while Joshua thinks he's escaped his mother's torment, she sets her sights on someone else and destroys their family from within.
Jan 06 2019
As a little girl, Karen Kuzma adores her older brother, then she sees changes in him she doesn't understand; it never occurs to her that he will become the most infamous serial killer in American history.
Jan 02 2019

Season 4

8 Episodes

Brooke Lehman is raised to believe Kevin Dunlap is her father; her mother, Stephanie, keeps the truth a secret, but neither of them realize that Dunlap is keeping far more deadly secrets of his own.
Oct 01 2018
Linda is overjoyed after finding out that family friend Gregory Scarpa is her biological father; when Scarpa's secrets come out, Linda realizes that being part of his family is not only dangerous, it is potentially deadly.
Sep 24 2018
When Brian Cargill divorced his wife, Kimberly, he thought it was the end of the worst time of his life. Instead, he found himself in a desperate battle to save his son, Jamie, from her deadly wrath.
Sep 17 2018
When Reginald Brooks begins acting strangely, Beverly Stephens worries that her husband's bizarre behavior is a warning sign that something wasn't right, but never suspected there was a killer lurking inside him.
Sep 10 2018
Charles Sexton believes his father, Eddie, is God; he and his siblings are loyal disciples until the family descends into madness, and Sexton finds out that crossing his parents means death.
Sep 03 2018
As a young boy, Michael Blanco sees his mother do violent things straight out of the movies; he never once doubts she did them to keep their family safe until the day he learned the truth.
Aug 27 2018
Linda Wittmier and Terry-Jo Howard fall in love with James Michael Randall; both of them discover the monster lurking inside him without ever realizing how lucky they were to survive his twisted desire to kill.
Aug 20 2018
Jill Garrison thinks her second chance at love will last forever; when her town is best by a killer, she fails to realize she has invited him into her home.
Aug 13 2018

Season 3

12 Episodes

Karen strikes a deal to get her brother, Richard, out of her life, not knowing he will begin targeting his new wife, Vernetta; neither woman realizes how devastating Richard's impact will be on both of their lives.
Apr 08 2018
Melissa Moore loved being daddy's little girl, and to her, her father, Keith Jesperson, could do no wrong; but as she got older, that admiration was replaced by fear, and then by the horror of learning how close she had come to being his next victim.
Mar 18 2018
As children, Betty and Ulayla adored their little brother Johnny and tried to protect him; as they got older, Johnny did strange things, but they never believed he was capable of pure evil until he confessed a horrible secret.
Mar 11 2018
Estephania LeBaron is raised to believe that her father and brothers are holy men who are justified in doing terrible things in God's name, then she begins to question everything when faced with having to do the same terrible things herself.
Mar 04 2018
When Walt Chavis joins the police force, he is prepared to risk his life, but he never imagines the greatest threat will come in the form of his own brother or that he will be forced to choose between his duty and his family.
Feb 25 2018
Actor Thom Bierdz brings his troubled younger brother, Troy, out to Los Angeles to help set him straight; Bierdz turns out to be wrong about being able to help his brother and pays with the life of a loved one.
Feb 18 2018
Melissa Holland begins to realize she's in mortal danger after marrying her high school sweetheart, Michael Overstreet.
Feb 11 2018
Shelly Lietz has been afraid of her son ever since he was four years old, and her fear intensifies and grows more crippling as he gets older and more violent, turning her into a prisoner in her own home.
Jan 28 2018
Teenager Cindy Taylor's world is shattered by the sudden death of her father; while police say he died of a heart attack, Taylor will discover the cause of her father's death is just one of the deadly secrets her mother had been hiding from her.
Jan 21 2018
When Debra Davis's husband excoriates her for refusing to experiment sexually, she thought there was something wrong with her, never suspecting her husband's perversions are signs of something evil deep inside him.
Jan 14 2018
Years after discovering the horrifying truth, Cindy is still haunted by memories of the night she decided not to kill her husband, Bobby, in his sleep.
Jan 07 2018
When Gwen Bailey marries Norman Starnes, she counts herself lucky to land the most eligible bachelor in town; years later, she realizes she never really knew him at all and becomes his unwilling accomplice.
Jan 01 2018

Season 2

10 Episodes

Lindsay Wrinkles knew her father had a short temper but never expected to be on the run from him.
Mar 19 2017
At a police station, Susan Hamlin confesses she belongs to a cult and plans to kill her husband.
Mar 12 2017
Alice Swafford was always envious of the perfect life her childhood neighbor, William Jennings Choyce, and his family seemed to have. But after she married him, she slowly realized that nothing under the surface was as perfect as it seemed.
Mar 05 2017
Sean Lewis isn't surprised to hear his brother, Patrick, has been arrested again. But this time, Sean learns that every time he had helped his brother get out of some jam he was unwittingly helping a monster continue living a secret double life.
Feb 26 2017
Tiffany Shore grows up knowing her father is evil but keeps his secrets, then she escapes only to be devastated by the discovery that he has committed acts far more heinous than she could have ever imagined.
Feb 19 2017
Dennis Ryan grows up believing his father's violent teachings will prepare him to save the lives of everyone in their farmhouse, then the teenager discovers the horrible truth.
Feb 12 2017
Sherry Shafer never had a good relationship with her younger brother, Brian Britton, but she never expected to lose everything because of him; today, all she has left is the fear that one day he will return to finish what he started 26 years ago.
Jan 22 2017
Wallace Jeffs comes to realize that his half-brother, FLDS leader Warren Jeffs, is not what he appears to be.
Jan 15 2017
As a boy, Eric Witte's father taught him to protect his family. But as his father grows increasingly violent, Eric realizes that he is the evil his family needs protection from.
Jan 08 2017
George and Margaret Keller never suspected that the man terrorizing their city could be a member of their own family. As it dawns on them that their son is hiding a sinister secret, they must decide whether or not to turn him in.
Jan 01 2017

Season 1

6 Episodes

Sheila Janutolo dreaded being alone with her husband Jim Cruz and over the years, she had learned to fear him and his violent temper. But when she got a call that he�d been arrested for a ghastly crime, she was certain police had the wrong man.
Feb 28 2016
When 17-year-old Bernadette's boyfriend, Brian Sugrim, told her he had murdered someone, she didn't believe him until years later.
Feb 21 2016
Kevin Currie is a devout follower of spiritual leader Jeffrey Lundgren, then he comes to realize Lundgren is really a devil in disguise who has hatched an evil plan.
Feb 14 2016
Cathy thought she had found the man of her dreams in Peter Tobin; but by the time she uncovers his dark secret, it was too late.
Jan 31 2016
Danyall White describes how her brother, Richard, tells increasingly violent stories until she comes to realize he is keeping a monstrous secret.
Jan 24 2016
While Ron Hawkins and Candace Sims know their son, Robbie, is different, they are shocked when he commits a crime that shakes the country.
Jan 17 2016