Five Bedrooms

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Five Bedrooms tells the story of five different people at different times of their lives. They bond after they found themselves seated together at the singles table, at a wedding. After a few too many drinks, the solution to all of their problems seems to be buying a house together. A five bedroom house.

Season 4

8 Episodes

The house is officially disbanding, after four years of close contact. Right when they were on the brink of an elegant parting, Heather makes a choice that will plunge at least five lives into chaos.
Jun 18 2023
Liz is bearing the brunt of Harry's anger and grief. In an effort to rescue their friendship, she throws herself at the mercy of the last person on earth she would ask for help.
Jun 11 2023
After a spectacular indiscretion in his workplace, Harry's career is well and truly on the line. Facing a professional investigation, he is receiving strategic advice from Liz, whilst trying to hide the whole situation from his suspicious mother.
Jun 04 2023
Ben's turning 40 & the whole gang's headed to Simmo's block for a camping trip nobody will forget.
May 28 2023
Heather's newfound serenity is skewered when her graduation day devolves into chaos.
May 21 2023
In the midst of Manju's health crisis, Ainsley is stunned to learn from her stepmother, Cheryl, that her father, Desmond, has died very suddenly, leaving one hundred percent of his sizeable estate to his only daughter.
May 14 2023
A half-baked plan to become Manju's carer post-surgery proves to be Liz's undoing, when it leads to Stuart finding out about past indiscretions.
May 14 2023
Harry almost pulls o? the celebration of a lifetime at Manju's 70th - until Ainsley accidentally reveals last year's secret gayby negotiations, causing Manju to promptly declare war on her son.
May 14 2023

Season 3

8 Episodes

It's Ainsley and Simmo's wedding day, Ben is determined to be there for his best mate Simmo and the love of his life, Heather. Over the course of the day, truth bombs will detonate.
Jan 01 2022
Harry finds himself charged with organizing Ainsley's questionably-themed 'white-party' Hens, and Simmo's 'fire-on-the-land' Bucks.
Jan 01 2022
Heather's in a funk, hitting peak mediocrity, just tolerating Ben. Desperate for a circuit breaker, she accidentally sets Ainsley and Harry on a mission to get her back on the dating scene.
Jan 01 2022
Ainsley finds herself in a committed relationship for the first time. It's everything she's ever dreamed of, but grows suspicious that Simmo might propose and worries that things are moving too fast.
Jan 01 2022
Following her UK success, Liz is being wooed by the creme-de-la-creme of law firms, including the former boss, who brutally fired her. He now wants to hold a soiree in her honour to offer her partner.
Jan 01 2022
With her major exam looming, and rumours that a marriage proposal might be brewing... Heather's world is blown apart when she learns of Ben's betrayal.
Jan 01 2022
When Liz returns from her UK studies, Harry is reminded that while everyone around him has new opportunities or relationships to speak of, he's somehow found himself... at a complete standstill.
Jan 01 2022
With the entire house depending on him, Ben launches himself as a BnB accommodation provider. He's feeling the pressure, but he's rising like a boss, till his teen daughter crash lands at the house.
Jan 01 2022

Season 2

8 Episodes

One Way 2x08
The existence of the house is under threat when a housemate decides to move out and the gang discovers that replacing them is virtually impossible.
Aug 19 2021
Flailing in his open relationship, Harry leaves a string of deeply regrettable voicemail messages on his boyfriend's phone.
Aug 19 2021
When Ainsley innocently asks the house about their thoughts on private schools, all the fault lines are exposed...
Aug 19 2021
Heather tries to stay calm when she receives a workplace bullying complaint... but fails and blows up her entire career.
Aug 19 2021
High on love, Harry wants to bring his new man to his family's Diwali celebrations... and ends up causing a meltdown.
Aug 19 2021
In desperate need of surgery he can't afford, Ben weighs up his options... and decides to engage in some light insurance fraud.
Aug 19 2021
Ainsley's preparations for a gender-reveal party are derailed by the wrath of Lachlan's ex Mel.
Aug 19 2021
The gang's plan to buy their new house is upended when Liz runs into her ex-husband and his girlfriend.
Aug 19 2021

Season 1

8 Episodes

One Bid 1x08
Ainsley, Heather, Ben, Liz and Harry have decided to sell. The drunken joke turned reality is officially coming to an end. As the auction nears it's crescendo, where will the housemates be left standing.
Jul 03 2019
Following Heather's surprise party, the housemates try to put their differences aside for Mia's visit. What that didn't expect was the household to erupt with the most violent bout of food poisoning.
Jun 26 2019
Heather is turning 50 and to kick off the birthday festivities, Heather learns that her receptionist is dating Colin. Meanwhile, Liz drags Heather home against her will for Ainslie's birthday shin-dig.
Jun 19 2019
Liz begins to catch on to Heather and Ben's suspicious behavior and an unforeseen medical emergency rocks the worlds of our housemates. Harry embarks on another date with Policeman Pete.
Jun 12 2019
While Liz disappears to drown her sorrows, Harry develops a crush on his policeman neighbor Pete and Ben and Heather explore their unexpected chemistry.
Jun 05 2019
Living arrangement boundaries have been pushed just a little too far. Nudie strolls, hygiene complaints and a general lack of self awareness see everyone, bar Ainslie, ready to kick Ben out.
May 29 2019
As Ben, Ainsley, Harry and Liz kick off their housewarming celebrations, Heather doses herself up on a concoction to combat her urge to return home.
May 22 2019
It's the story of five unlikely allies in life, teaming up and buying a house. It's a grand social experiment with one glaring problem: they'll have to actually live with each other.
May 15 2019